Author's note: Howdy! Well, here's my first attempt at writing Friendship Is Magic fanfiction. XD Being a brony is fun. Am I still a brony, even though I'm a girl? Meh, let's say I am.

(EDIT: I am no longer a brony, nor a pegasister. XP Instead, just call me a fan of the show. They don't mean the same thing in my eyes.)

Anyway, the first chapter is a flashback to something we never saw. The other chapters will be set in the present day. Also, the title of the fic is a pun. :P Try to figure it out.

This chapter came out rather short, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Lol.

Also, yes, this is femslash. Yuri. Shoujo-ai. It's very popular among bronies. Don't like it? Well, no one's forcing you to read it. :P

EDIT: All details in the fic that contrasted with season 2 have been fixed. If this happens again in the future, details will be fixed accordingly.

Chapter One: Hidden In The Past

Applejack continued to pull the lifeless Fluttershy by her pink tail, determined never to stop pulling until they, at least, caught up with the rest of their friends higher up the mountain. The pegasus pony, utterly terrified of something or other, was lying flat on her back, stiff as a board, and was acting as dead weight. It wasn't as if the earth pony minded too much, though. She understood that Fluttershy was easily frightened and, unlike Rainbow Dash, was willing to do something to help her.

Speaking of Rainbow Dash, Applejack did find it quite strange that Fluttershy was afraid of heights, since she had wings. Heck, if she had wings, she'd be using them to their full potential, just like Rainbow Dash did all the time. She wasn't about to leave Fluttershy stranded, though. She understood that everypony had their own fears. Just as it was possible for an earth pony to be afraid of things on the ground and for a unicorn to be afraid of objects moving on their own, it was possible for a pegasus pony to be afraid of heights.

It also didn't help that the dragon at the top of the mountain kept snoring every so often. With Fluttershy being scared of her own shadow, it was no wonder that the rumbling snoring was rendering her motionless with fear.

Stopping, Applejack panted, already tired from dragging Fluttershy this far, and glanced at the pegasus pony. She was still lying flat on her back, but her eyes were no longer wide with fright. Applejack took this as a good sign and smiled.

"Hey, sugar cube..." she said, "dya think you can walk now? I'm getting kinda tired, tryin to pull ya."

"Oh..." Fluttershy mumbled, "sorry..." She slowly tried to push herself up. "I think I can walk now..."

"Oh, good." Applejack shook Fluttershy's tail off her head.

Fluttershy finally stood up, trying her best to smile. "Thank you, Applejack..."

"T'ain't no problem, sugar cube. Now, come on. Let's head up the mountain."

Fluttershy suddenly looked scared again. "Oh... o-okay..."

They began walking at a slow pace, Applejack making sure not to speed up and make Fluttershy feel like she was abandoning her. She did somewhat think that either Rarity or Rainbow Dash should have been the one to take Fluttershy a different way up the mountain, since they were the elements of generosity and loyalty, but she wasn't complaining, really. She liked the pegasus pony. She was very cute, what with her fear of anything and everything, very sweet and very gentle. She would never hurt a fly.

She was very different from the group's other pegasus pony, Rainbow Dash. That girl was brash, tactless and somewhat narcissistic. Rarity shared that narcissism, but was a girly girl, always more concerned with her appearance than anything else. Twilight Sparkle was really intelligent, very into books and a bit uptight. Pinkie Pie was random, loud and playful. She loved them all dearly, but it would be difficult to tolerate just one on their own.

It was different with Fluttershy, though. Whereas Rainbow Dash got impatient and frustrated with the pegasus pony, Twilight Sparkle got pushy and insistent with her and the rest somewhat ignored her, she felt oddly calm, collected and patient around her.

"At this rate, we'll get there a mite faster than we would if I was draggin ya.'


"I gotta tell ya, though... it's mighty refreshing, going for a hike up this mountain."


"Yep. Having lived all my life on Sweet Apple Acres, I ain't never been up here before. O' course, it's not like I'm complainin or nothing. I do love buckin apples, don't ya know?"


"Heck, it's my cutie mark and I'm gosh-darn proud of it. In fact, my special talent has always been apple-bucking. Dunno why it took me so long in my childhood to realise it."

"I-I see..."

"It's like you, Fluttershy. Just like how my special talent is apple-bucking, yours is dealing with critters. It's why ya got butterflies on your flank."

"Yes, but..."

"Oh, I know you're scared. I understand that... but we got a job to do and it requires your help. If we make sure to get it done as fast as possible, will ya help?"


"See, you are the element of kindness... and you're the only one in our group who's good at dealin with animals."


Applejack smiled at Fluttershy. "Come on. I know you can do it. You'll have my full support behind ya when ya talk to that dragon."

Fluttershy froze on the spot, shaking. "But... B-But... I..."

Applejack also stopped, turning to face Fluttershy in concern. "Sugar cube? You okay?"

"I... I..."

"What's wrong?"

"I can't... can't..."

"Aww, sugar cube... whatever it is you're afraid of, you're gonna have to push it aside for now. I don't wanna push ya, but we need to get up the mountain." Fluttershy didn't move. "Fluttershy?"


"It's just one dragon. You can handle one dragon... and don't worry about the height. I'll be right beside ya the whole time. I won't let ya fall."

Fluttershy made a squeaking noise. "H-How big will this... one dragon be?"

Applejack blinked as she considered this. "Well, gosh-darn... I sure as hay don't know. Probably about the size of an Ursa Minor, if it were standin on its hind legs. Maybe bigger."

"U-Ursa... M-Minor?"

Fluttershy was silent for a few moments, before screaming and falling to the floor. She curled into a fetal position and shuddered violently.

"Sugar cube!" Applejack rushed over and fell down beside her. "Sugar cube, are you okay?" Fluttershy only mumbled in response. "Aww, sugar cube..." Applejack threw her front legs around Fluttershy, cuddling her close to comfort her. "It's alright. I'm here. Shhh... It's okay." Feeling the shuddering slow down slightly, she nuzzled the pegasus pony's face. "It's okay..."

They lay like that for a while, while Fluttershy slowly stopped shuddering. Applejack wasn't sure when, but, somewhere along the line, her heart began to pound with admiration and affection for the pegasus pony. Fluttershy was trying so hard to be brave, but everypony had their weaknesses. Heck, her own weakness was her stubborn pride, but, since she'd managed to overcome that, she was certain that Fluttershy would overcome hers, too. It didn't mean that their flaws disappeared, because she was still a stubborn mule sometimes, it just meant that they didn't rule their lives anymore.

Besides this, it felt oddly right to be cuddling up to Fluttershy like this. She couldn't explain the fluttery feeling inside her chest, but she knew that it felt wonderful, almost as if her front legs belonged around Fluttershy. Unable to resist an affectionate smile, she gave the pegasus pony another nuzzle.


"Time to get up now, sugar cube. We still got a lot of hiking to do."

She actually didn't want to let go, instead desiring to stay cuddled up like that forever, but she knew that their other friends were waiting for them. Not to mention, they had an important mission from Princess Celestia to carry out.

Fluttershy blinked, then blushed. "Oh, right... sorry..."

"T'ain't no problem." Applejack lifted herself off Fluttershy, while the pegasus pony pushed herself to her feet. "We ready to go now?"

Fluttershy beamed. "Oh, yes. Thank you, Applejack."

"My pleasure." She turned around. "Now, let's shake a tail hair and get up to where our friends are."


The two began walking and Applejack was finally content that Fluttershy was making progress. She could still feel the tingling on her skin and the fluttering in her chest, but she brushed it aside. This was no time to be dwelling on strange new feelings, after all. Instead, she decided to strike a conversation about something other than the task ahead, so as not to scare Fluttershy again.

"So... how do ya think Spike's gettin on with your little critter friends?"

"Oh... well... I don't know... I'm sure Spike's very capable..."


"But... um... Angel Bunny can be a bit... well..."

"A bit what?"

"Um... difficult? Especially with ponies he doesn't know very well."

Applejack chuckled. "Oh, I see."

"But... I don't think I'd, um..."

"Don't think ya'd what?"

"Um... I don't mean to sound rude toward the other ponies in Ponyville, but... I don't think I'd rather have anypony else watching over the animals."

"That so? Well, I reckon ya got a good head on ya there, Fluttershy."

"Oh! You think so?"

"Sure as sugar do!"

"Well, thank you, Applejack. I appreciate that."

"Sure thing!"

"Oh, I hope Angel isn't misbehaving too much..."

"Aww, don't worry. I'm sure Spike can handle his little self, so don't you worry none."

"Well... okay."

Suddenly, a loud snore erupted from the top of the mountain. Applejack heard Fluttershy shriek, before a sudden thud met her ears. She spun around, only to see that Fluttershy was, once again, on her back, stiff as a board and eyes wide in fright.

Applejack sighed. "Here we go again..." She paused to study the situation, trying to figure out how best to get the pegasus pony back on her hooves, when she figured that she'd probably only fall over in fear again. She sighed for the second time. "Aww, forget it." Lying down, and facing her body away from Fluttershy, she picked up the pink tail with her teeth and again tied it around her head with her front hooves. Once it was secure, she stood up. "Alrighty, then. Off we go!" She began dragging her the rest of the way.