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Ciel waited impatiently for his father to park the car, and it took all of his willpower to not bound out of the car towards the hospital doors. Somewhere, Sebastian was waiting for him, and after Ciel's father left, the two of them would go to the doctor's house for the weekend. Ciel smiled, remembering the phone conversation he'd had with the older man the night before.

Sebastian had worked it out so that the hospital staff believed that he was again going to the Phantomhive residence for Ciel's treatments, and Ciel's parents believed that he was staying at the hospital. All in all, it was a good plan, and Ciel was relieved that the weekend was finally here.

When they reached the desired floor, Sebastian was standing outside the office waiting for them. He smiled kindly and walked towards them before Vincent could lead Ciel any further down the hall. "We're going to head over to radiology before I let you settle down," Sebastian said to Ciel in form of greeting. "The tech has a prior appointment and needs to leave as soon as he's able, so I want you to get a MRI before they close down the radiology lab for the weekend." It was a good lie, Sebastian thought. He didn't need Ciel coming into his office for Mey-rin or Bard to see him and question the story Sebastian had prepared.

Ciel nodded. "Okay. Let's go, then." He turned towards his dad and gave him a smile. "I'll see you on Sunday."

"Yes. Have fun, and don't cause too much trouble," Vincent said jokingly with a smile. He knew that Ciel was well-mannered and rarely was the source of too much trouble. He shook Sebastian's hand goodbye and, with a wave, he was down the hallway and heading towards the elevator.

Ciel's heart beat loud and fast, and he wondered if Sebastian could hear it. He could feel his cheeks burning, and he carefully kept his gaze from Sebastian. He didn't need the older man teasing him, although he was sure that Sebastian knew he was blushing. "Um, hi."

"Ready?" Sebastian said simply as he retrieved his bag from around a corner, having hidden it from Vincent's sight. "I parked in the Emergency Room parking lot on the other side of the main building. I figured that it's less likely that we'll be seen by anyone there who would recognize us." The faculty of Sebastian's building parked close and in the area designated for that building. They would not bother parking so far away when they would only have a long walk ahead of them, nor would there be a chance of Vincent spotting them as he left.

"Sounds like a smart idea." Ciel's grip tightened on his bag while his other hand held onto Sebastian's sleeve so that he could follow the older man without running into anything, since he had managed to convince his parents that he would be just fine without Seb's help. As much as he loved Seb, it would only be a nuisance if he had come along, as well. Plus, he could tell that Sebastian wasn't too keen on having the animal around him.

Soon, the two of them were inside the elevator, and Ciel seized the opportunity and leaned against the doctor. "I could hardly wait for today to come," he confessed somewhat shyly.

An arm pulled Ciel closer, and Sebastian swooped down to claim a deep kiss. It was over as soon as the elevator dinged, and the doors opened to reveal the two men looking proper despite the want that was flowing rapidly through their bodies. Sebastian stepped out, finding it important that they got to his car in record time.

"Come on," he called out to Ciel, who picked up the pace next to him. Sebastian didn't mean to rush the boy, but it was all for the better. The sooner they got to his car, the sooner the risk of being caught ended. There was still the possibility that Bard or Mey-rin had snuck out to grab dinner at the cafeteria without Sebastian's knowledge. It would ruin everything if Sebastian and Ciel were caught now.

Ciel seemed to understand the sense of urgency, and he quickened his pace. Adrenaline flooded his veins as his excitement and apprehension mounted. Luckily, they managed to make it to the Emergency Room parking lot without detection, but it wasn't until they were both safely inside of Sebastian's car that they allowed themselves to relax.

Ciel smiled at the older man. "I think we're home free now." He settled his bag by his feet; it was a backpack in which he had packed the necessary items that he usually took with him to the hospital, save for his iPod. He had decided that he wouldn't need it this weekend and had left it lying on his dresser back home.

The car started and Sebastian took off, maneuvering through the parking lot and merging onto the main road. Due to convenience, he had bought a small flat in one of the suburbs that surrounded the hospital. It made the commute time short and allowed him to sleep in just a bit longer in the mornings.

"We should be safe now, and it won't take us long before we get to my place. I don't live too far away," Sebastian explained as he came to a stop at a red light.

Ciel bit his lip in an effort to keep his grin from widening. He was really anxious by now, and he wished that they could just hurry up and get there. He carefully reached a hand out and managed to find Sebastian's leg, and he rested his hand there. "So what are the plans for today?"

The warmth of Ciel's hand was comforting, and Sebastian found himself smirking. It was nice to have the boy touching him so freely. "I'm not too sure. I thought we'd play it by ear, unless you have something particular in mind." The amusement was clear in Sebastian's voice, and he reached down with his right hand to grasp onto Ciel's, threading their fingers together.

Lightly squeezing his hand, Ciel pursed his lips. "I'm not sure," he said slowly. Truth be told, he was eager to be held in Sebastian's arms and touch each other, but admitting that to the doctor was embarrassing. Still, he couldn't help but flush slightly at the thought, and he quickly turned his head to stare vacantly out the window.

Soon enough Sebastian was pulling into the drive of his small two bedroom house. It was modest but nicely presented through the curb appeal, thanks to having spent a good penny on a professional landscaper. The car was put into park, and he patted Ciel on the thigh and smiled down at him.

"We're here," Sebastian said, feeling his own excitement for the weekend begin to grow.

For just a moment, Ciel felt the stirrings of panic deep within him, and he wondered what the hell he was doing, staying at an older man's house for a few days without his parents' consent. He closed his eyes and willed the fear to go away. He would not ruin this weekend by having anxiety attacks. Taking a deep breath, he turned to Sebastian with a smile. "Shall we go inside, then?"

"We shall." Sebastian moved around the car and helped Ciel out before gathering their bags. He then took Ciel's hand and led him carefully up the drive. The stairs to the door were taken slowly, and it was only once they were at the door that Sebastian released Ciel in order to open the door to his home.

It was silly, but Sebastian was nervous as to what Ciel would think of his house. Ciel could not see, but the boy's opinion meant so much despite that. Sebastian held the door open and helped Ciel inside and closed the door with a snap behind him.

Ciel stood there with an uncertain look on his face. Having never been to Sebastian's house before, he had no idea what the layout of the rooms were. He was grateful that he had at least brought his cane. That would be of some use to him, and Ciel was sure that Sebastian would be willing to walk him through the place so he could become acquainted with his surroundings.

"Maybe a tour of your house is in order first," Ciel suggested, stretching out a hand to find the older man. After having gone a week without being able to touch him, Ciel couldn't get enough of the older man.

The hand was caught quickly, and Sebastian pulled Ciel to himself. "A tour would probably be helpful, although I do enjoy having you cling to me," Sebastian teased and kissed Ciel lightly on the lips.

Ciel grinned. "I think you'd get tired of having to lead me around all the time, but I wouldn't complain." He frowned thoughtfully and cocked his head. "Although when we first met and discovered that you had the same name as my dog, didn't you say that I would soon have you sitting, begging, and coming like a dog?" A mischievous smirk played on his lips, and his eyes glittered deviously.

"I believe I did." Sebastian smirked and pressed closer to Ciel. "You sure have me coming a lot." The statement was rather crude, but he didn't care much. He enjoyed being able to speak in such a way with Ciel without having the boy draw back out of fear of the situation. It was amazing to see the sudden improvement in the boy. He was no longer a scared kitten, but finally becoming the man he really was.

"I guess I do." The comment slipped from his lips before he could stop it, and Ciel's cheeks reddened as he ducked his head. There had been a time before when he wouldn't have known what Sebastian was really implying, but ever since he had researched sex, he'd discovered several things he'd never known before. But just because he had the information didn't mean that he was any less embarrassed, and it didn't help that now Sebastian might be able to guess that Ciel was more knowledgeable about the subject.

Sebastian could only smile. "Indeed, although I quite enjoy it." He really couldn't help himself. Ciel looked far too desirable with a dusting of a blush upon his cheeks. The boy really was too irresistible.

"I do, too." Ciel replied then buried his face in the doctor's chest. He really needed to get his thoughts under control lest he say something even more embarrassing. "Sorry. I keep sticking my foot in my mouth today." And it's all because of you, Ciel thought.

"No worries, but I do think we should get to that tour before we get side tracked and I end up ravishing you here in the entry," Sebastian said, and pulled Ciel away while still keeping a tight hold of his hand. There would be plenty of time for more sensual activities later in the day. For now, it was best to get Ciel comfortable with his new surroundings.

"Okay." For the next few minutes, Ciel listened carefully while Sebastian explained where everything was. He counted steps, measuring the distance between certain things. He had no doubt that he would end up running into something at least once, but he still did that at home sometimes, especially if someone had moved an object and hadn't told him.

"Sounds like you've got a nice house," Ciel said after the tour had ended back in the living room. Cautiously, he made his way to the couch and sat down.

"It's nice enough." Sebastian joined Ciel and reclined back for a moment to rest before getting a start on dinner. He had decided to prepare a simple fettucini alfredo with beef tips, alongside some sauteed fresh green beans. Hopefully Ciel would enjoy it despite not being overly unhealthy.

Leaning against Sebastian, Ciel let out a contented sigh. The atmosphere here was so much more relaxed than at the hospital, and it was made even better since there was little risk of them being caught. Turning his head slightly, he brushed his lips against the red-eyed man's neck. "Thank you for inviting me."

"Thank you for coming." Sebastian leaned down and kissed Ciel on the cheek. He could feel the heat of the blush against his lips, but that made it all the more enjoyable to Sebastian. This was Ciel, and the innocent embarrassment was a part of him and it endeared him to Sebastian. He could already tell that this would be a good weekend.

The rest of the day passed by rather quickly and smoothly. The two of them enjoyed themselves as they talked and laughed and teased, getting to know each other better. Ciel discovered how good of a chef Sebastian really was, and he couldn't help but rave about the doctor's cooking.

After dinner, they curled up together on the couch, slow kisses and soft touches being exchanged amid conversation. Now it was nearing 9:30, and Ciel could feel drowsiness begin to fall over him. He'd hardly been able to sleep the night before due to excitement about going to Sebastian's. He'd finally fallen asleep around two in the morning, and then had woken up almost five hours later. Ciel was reluctant to admit he was tired, however; he was having too much fun being with Sebastian.

A gentle hand rubbed sensual circles at Ciel's hip, and Sebastian buried his face into Ciel's hair, breathing in the sweet scent. It was soothing just laying on the couch like this. The television was turned off, and the only light came from the warm glow of a lamp sitting in the corner. Sebastian almost dared to call it romantic, and the only way it could get better was if it were winter and they were snuggled under a thick blanket by the fire.

Ciel's eyes were closed as he relaxed. Lying here in Sebastian's arms was soothing, and he couldn't remember the last time he had felt comfortable and at ease. With a soft sigh, he snuggled closer to Sebastian and laid his head in the crook of the older man's neck. His tongue flicked out slightly to lick at the skin there, before Ciel wondered if that action had ruined the peaceful moment.

The action caused a shiver to run through Sebastian's body, sending pleasant tingles to prickle his skin. Garnet eyes turned to looked down at Ciel, a small smile playing across Sebastian's lips. "What do you think you're doing?" He asked, almost teasingly.

A pretty blush swept across Ciel's face. "Tasting you?" He offered slowly, feeling as though it were a weak attempt at explaining himself.

"And what do I taste like?" Sebastian continued to watch the boy with keen eyes. What he wouldn't do to have that tongue and mouth on him once more. It was almost heavenly.

"You taste almost like dark chocolate," Ciel decided before sampling another small patch of skin. "Which is good, because I like chocolate."

Sebastian smirk. "Well in that case, sample away." His neck was exposed for better access, and he waited for Ciel to take the invitation. Hands splayed across Ciel's back and pulled the boy closer as Sebastian moved them so that he laid across the length of the couch with Ciel on top of him.

A pink tongue once again licked carefully at the soft skin, and Ciel eagerly pressed closer to the doctor. He trailed his tongue across Sebastian's chin to his lips, where it invaded the older man's mouth. Moaning softly into the kiss, his hands gripped Sebastian's shirt as if to keep him there.

Someone seemed rather eager, and it surprised Sebastian at how bold Ciel was becoming. He was no longer the shy boy that had walked into Sebastian's office so long ago, but instead he was becoming the confident man that Ciel was meant to be. It made Sebastian smile and press into the kiss, loving the feel of those tempting lips.

"I love it when you're like this," Sebastian said, pulling back to look at Ciel's clear blue eyes. It was often hard to believe that Ciel was indeed blind when his eyes seemed so alight with life.

Pink tinged Ciel's cheeks, but he refused to avert his gaze. "I'm just more confident, I guess." He gave a peck to Sebastian's lips and smiled before burying his face in the older man's neck. A tongue once again licked at his neck, and Ciel shifted slightly to get into a more comfortable position. Or so he wanted Sebastian to think, when in reality, he had done it on purpose. Ciel bit his lip, trying to hold back a smirk.

"Why don't you show me just how confident you have gotten," Sebastian challenged, lying back and dropping his hands from Ciel's body. He would let the boy have his free rein and Sebastian would see just how far his little lover was willing to go. This would be interesting, he mused, a smirk stretching upon his handsome face.

Ciel chewed on the inside of his lip for a few seconds, then nodded. "Okay." Leaning down, he connected their lips and pushed his tongue into Sebastian's mouth. Fingers began to undo the older man's shirt, pushing the buttons from the small holes before exploring the skin that had been hidden underneath.

As Ciel kissed him, Sebastian allowed the younger male to set the pace. He enjoyed the tentative feel of warm fingers upon his chest, sliding and scraping in all the right ways. Ciel had come a long way, and it was evident that he was no longer the innocent child he had once pretended to be. There was no longer hesitation in his touch, nor in his kiss. Confidence was there, and it made Sebastian moan as a slick tongue pushed inside his mouth, deepening the kiss.

Due to Ciel's wiggling from a few moments before, it took only a little finagling to press their cocks together, and Ciel let out a pleased moan. His lips trailed down the column of Sebastian's neck to his ear, and he licked and sucked at the skin there, forming small purple bruises. Fingertips danced lightly across Sebastian's chest, only stopping to rub a hardened nub before continuing on.

It was hard not to grab at Ciel's ass and press the younger man's body firmer into Sebastian's own. "You really know how to roll your hips," Sebastian commented, thrusting his own hips up and gasping at every pleasurable contact.

A pleased smile and slight blush were Ciel's only response, and he buried his face in the crook of the doctor's neck. He inhaled the scent of old spice, the fragrance filling his senses. He was content for a time to just lie there, almost lazily rolling his hips down. His lips pressed a kiss behind Sebastian's ear, then he dragged his teeth gently down the earlobe.

Ciel knew what he could do next, but despite his bravado, he was still a little anxious. He'd been fine the last time, but who was to say that the memories wouldn't come rushing back at him full force this time? A slight frown crossed Ciel's face. No, he couldn't dwell on the past. He'd told Sebastian that he'd gained confidence, and now he had to prove those words were true. He couldn't be Faust anymore. So with a deep breath, Ciel's hand slid down past Sebastian's waistband to palm his hardening erection.

Sebastian gasped, and his eyes snapped open. "Ciel," he breathed, watching as the boy worked his cock, pre-cum beading at the tip. Honestly, he had not expected Ciel to dare touch him in such a way. It had happened once, but Sebastian had told himself not to expect it to happen again anytime soon. But here he lay, Ciel's hand firmly wrapped around his aching arousal. It felt so damn good, but Sebastian held himself in check, making sure he didn't thrust too enthusiastically into the hand, lest he scare Ciel away.

Ciel was pleased with the small sounds that Sebastian was making. From information he'd gleaned while researching and the experience he'd had with the red-eyed male, he had a pretty good idea of what to do. Ciel had actually wanted to test it on himself, but his dad had almost walked in on him, so Ciel had quickly done away with that thought.

His finger dipped into the slit, smearing the pre-cum around, then slid his hand down the length. He nipped at Sebastian's lips before kissing him again, and he took one of his balls in his hand, fondling and rolling it gently around.

"Y-you've gone and...turned into a little i-imp." Sebastian could see the mischief within Ciel's eyes, and wondered just what was up the boy's sleeves. It was obvious that Ciel had picked up a few tricks, but Sebastian didn't bother asking him where. Such things could wait. For now Sebastian was too enthralled in the feel of Ciel's hands on his cock and balls.

Ciel grinned. "Maybe I have." Tracing the vein on the underside, he tilted his head thoughtfully. "Do you like it?" While Sebastian sounded as though he were enjoying it, Ciel couldn't see his expression to know for sure. He held his breath, awaiting to hear the verdict of whether his research had paid off or not.

"That would be putting it l-lightly," Sebastian stuttered, feeling silly for letting himself fall apart so easily. Just the thought that this was Ciel doing such sinful things to his body was driving him insane with the want for more. He didn't even think saying he liked it would justify it, perhaps even love would fall short. "More." It was a whisper. No louder than a shuttering sigh.

Ciel's hand picked up the pace, the pre-cum helping to allow his fingers to slide smoothly over the heated flesh. His thumb swirled around the head, and Ciel leaned down to press his lips to Sebastian's neck. Teeth soon joined in, nipping playfully but not enough to break the skin. "I'm glad you like it," Ciel whispered, breath hot against the doctor's ear.

A hard bite was given and Sebastian was groaning and shifting his body up into Ciel's. It felt almost odd to be pressed another body, so prone and submissive. There was never a time that Sebastian thought that he would find enjoyment with control being taken from him, but giving Ciel the reigns seemed to be a bigger turn on than Sebastian had ever thought.

"Do you like it?" Sebastian questioned back, a single garnet eye peaking out to look down at the younger male.

"Yes," Ciel replied. Though there might have been a time before when he would be hesitant to answer, he had answered quickly, and with only a small blush dusting his cheeks. He was indeed growing up, and he enjoyed these times of exploration with Sebastian. He trusted the older male, knowing that Sebastian would stop if Ciel asked him to.

A thought came to Ciel, and he paused, chewing on his lip as he debated his next move. Then slowly, he began to kiss his way down Sebastian's neck and chest, only stopping when he reached the waistband of his pants. Slim fingers toyed with them before pushing them down Sebastian's hips, freeing his erection.

Ciel's expression was one of concentration, and he curled his hand around the hardened length and gave it a quick pump. A moan reached his ears, and he allowed a smile to slip onto his lips. He stroked him a few more times before carefully bending over and flicking his tongue over the tip of Sebastian's cock.

"God yes," Sebastian gasped, hips lifting up against his will. How long had it been since someone had serviced him in such a way? Far too long. To have Ciel's tongue upon the tip of his weeping head was something wholly erotic. He could not resist looking down at Ciel's face, eyes half lidded and tongue intent on it's task. The sight alone was enough to encourage more pre-cum to bead and fall from the tip of Sebastian's cock and onto Ciel's tongue.

It took everything Ciel had to not gag at the taste of the bitter pre-cum. Add to that Sebastian's hips thrusting upwards, and Ciel had a difficult time. Finally, he managed to hold down the older man's hips and began to concentrate on pleasuring him. Since this was Ciel's first time giving someone a blow-job, he felt awkward and unsure, and his mind kept going back to what he had learned. His tongue licked up the underside before digging slightly into the slit, and he grimaced a bit at the taste.

A mumbled 'sorry' spilled from Sebastian's throat between inaudible grunts and pleas for more. He hips struggled to stay still for the younger man, it having been too long to recount the last time he had to practice such control. Sebastian's hand did not require such delicate movements of his hips, Ciel was another case entirely. "Ah.. S-so good-" Another gasp, and another twitch of his hips. How easy it would be to just fuck that exquisite mouth, to forget all need to take things slow. Perhaps it was a true testament to Sebastian's affection for the boy that he did not go through with his less than holy thoughts.

Ciel slowly lowered his head, taking Sebastian's cock even more into his mouth. He wrapped his tongue around it and sucked hard. A pleased moan filtered through the air, and Ciel glanced up at Sebastian, who was obviously enjoying himself. That spurred Ciel on, and he dipped his head again so he could continue to hear those sounds.

The coil of heat twisted and turned in the pit of Sebastian's stomach, a telling sign of his quickly approaching orgasm. It was a split moment decision. A hard suck from Ciel had Sebastian's hands pushing into the younger man's shoulders, forcing his back with great reluctance. He did not want to chance Ciel having an adverse reaction to Sebastian coming into his mouth. It was not a chance that he was willing to take.

"F-finish me off with your hand..," Sebastian explained. "I don't think you want me coming in your mouth just yet." The words were meant to sooth, not wanting Ciel to think he might have done something wrong with how suddenly Sebastian had rejected his actions.

Ciel nodded hesitantly and pulled away completely. A trembling hand took the place of his mouth, and fingers stroked the hard length. He traced the vein, then swirled his thumb over the head. Pre-cum dribbled from the slit and coated the cock, enabling Ciel's hand to move with less resistance.

It took an embarrassing four strokes before Sebastian was coming onto Ciel's hand. In his defense he would blame it on his years without blow-jobs. He came with a cry, hoarse and choking, before falling back onto the couch in a sated heap. Garnet eyes were tightly shut and quick breaths puffed past parted lips. Sebastian was still trying to come down from the high, his sweat already cooling on his heated body.

Sightless blue eyes were wide as they stared at his hands. He swallowed hard, unable to believe what he had done. Truth be told, he had enjoyed giving pleasure to Sebastian, and he realized that he would do it again if the opportunity arose. Lifting a shaking hand to his face, he was reminded of the liquid covering his fingers. He blinked, unsure as to what to do now. "Sebastian?" He called out softly, realizing that the older man hadn't spoken or moved in a few minutes. "Are you okay?" He added as an afterthought.

A few grumbles left Sebastian before his eyes opened and regarded the boy before him. "I'm pretty damn wonderful," he said, smile in place. Red eyes took notice of Ciel's messy hands and Sebastian fumbled for a throw that had been pushed to the floor. He passed it over to Ciel to clean himself, the blanket could easily be thrown in the wash later.

Ciel quickly wiped his hands clean and dropped the blanket back onto the floor before lying down to snuggle with Sebastian. He jerked a little when some of the cum that had splattered on Sebastian seeped onto his clothes. "I guess I should have given you the towel, too," he mumbled as he made a face. He still curled up beside the doctor, not seeing the point in pulling away since his clothes were already slightly stained.

"It's fine. We'll put everything in the wash before we head to bed tonight," Sebastian chuckled and pulled Ciel closer, enjoying the heat he provided. "But I don't think my legs are willing to hold my weight just yet." A few more laughs slipped past Sebastian. With a quirk of a smile he leaned down and kissed Ciel on the head, inhaling the sweet sent of shampoo and a smell that was distinctly Ciel.

A light red dusted Ciel's cheeks, and he looked down. "Did you like it?" He questioned shyly, his index finger drawing tiny circles on Sebastian's chest.

Another kiss was given, this time to the top of Ciel's ear. "I loved it." Sebastian hummed pleasantly, body happy and sluggish. "Couldn't have asked for anything better." It was perhaps a slight white lie. In Sebastian's many years he had had numerous blow-jobs, most better than what Ciel had just given him. Still, Ciel's innocent way of approaching the task had been hotter than anything Sebastian had encountered in his many years. That alone made it a truly wonderful experience.

A pleased smile slipped onto Ciel's face, and he buried his face in Sebastian's neck. "I'm glad," he whispered, tongue flicking out to lick at the sweaty skin. A slight throbbing between his legs had Ciel blushing. Of course, how had he forgotten that he still had a small erection? Wrinkling his nose, he tried to will it away, and a small growl of frustration fell from his lips.

The sudden discomfort did not go unnoticed by Sebastian. He trailed his eyes down the long line of Ciel's body and noticed the slight problem that they young male sported. "I suppose it wouldn't be proper to not return the favor," Sebastian said, smile planted wickedly on his smug face.

Ciel shivered at the tone, his mouth suddenly dry as he tried to reply. Memories of other times that Sebastian had taken care of his problem flashed through his mind, and he found himself yearning for the doctor's touch. "Would you?" He spoke quietly, cheeks tinted pink.

Sebastian assessed Ciel for a moment, looking up and down his body and then back up to the man's blue eyes. "I would," he confirmed, smiling and looked ready to devour Ciel. "How would you have me take care of you?" A firm hand trailed down Ciel's back and cupped around a plump and firm buttocks.

Pausing, Ciel considered his choices. Should he stick to what he was comfortable with, that being Sebastian's hand, or should he push himself to try something different? He chewed on his lower lip before pressing a kiss to Sebastian's lips. "I trust you," he said simply. "You can use your mouth, if you'd like."

"I'd love nothing more." Ciel was pushed back on the couch, pressed against cushions and scattered pillows. Above him Sebastian loomed looking ready to feast upon the delicious meal below him. A curved smile twisted his lips as he leaned down and savored his prize.

The Phantomhive house was quiet as Rachel and Vincent readied themselves for bed. It had been a long day for both of them, and with Ciel gone at the hospital, they found the time dragging even more as they worried about how the treatments were going and how Ciel was reacting to them. Granted, he'd been doing much better than when he'd first begun receiving them, but they were still entitled to worry over him.

"It doesn't seem the same here without Ciel," Rachel sighed as she took a brush and began to pull it through her hair. "Even though he sometimes just sits and listens to his stories, it's comforting to have him around. I always worry that something will happen to him while we're not around."

Vincent gave and small smile and settled the comforting weight of his hand upon his wife shoulder. "You worry too much. He's a big boy and knows how to take care of himself," he whispered and moved in closer to Rachel. "Beside I do enjoy having you all to myself." A squeal left Rachel's lips as he snatched her around the waist and peppered tender kisses along her jaw and neck.

Rachel laughed, feeling like a teenage girl once more. "I know you do," she teased with a raised eyebrow then sobered. "But seriously, I've been getting this feeling about Ciel. That there's something he's not telling us. Call it a mother's instinct, but usually, I am right about these kinds of things. Not to mention, there are a few things I've found or that he's said that have made me think twice."

With an inquisitive raise of his brow, Vincent turned to fully look at his wife. "He's a young man, I'm sure there are tons of things he's not comfortable with discussing with us. That doesn't mean there is any reason to worry." Still, despite his own words, he could not shake off a similar feeling. Try as he might, Vincent knew what Rachel was referring to but hoped it to be nothing more than his son's odd ways.

Shaking her head slowly, Rachel bit her lip. "I found a pair of his pajamas underneath his bed a while ago. They were stained with cum, Vincent. I don't know what to think, especially since the last time I recall him wearing them was when Sebastian had been here for the home visit."

A booming laugh snapped through the house, although it was laced with uncertainty. "He's a young man, Rachel. You're going to find things like that, and I'm sure he wore them after Dr. Michaelis' visit as well. You can't possibly remember what he wore every night to bed, and it's not unheard of for Ciel to rewear things before you get your hands on them to clean." Vincent continued trying to reassure his wife.

There were some things he wasn't willing to acknowledge because they made little sense, nor did he wish them to be true. There always had to be more reasonable explanation. Besides, Ciel would not be acting as happy and normal as he had been in the past few months if his doctor had been harassing him in any sexual way. Vincent remembered how Ciel had been when the boy had come back to them, and this was nothing close to comparing to that time.

Hands on her hips, Rachel glowered at Vincent. "This isn't a laughing matter, Vincent. I'm worried. He's been spacing out more often, he doesn't seem bothered when you and I flirt. Surely you've noticed his peculiar behavior, too."

"Isn't it a good thing that he's becoming more relaxed?" Vincent tried to hold onto his smile, but his wife's rage was beginning to make him wary.

"Yes, I suppose it is a good thing, and maybe I am worried for nothing." The woman's shoulders slumped, and she ran a hand over her face. "Instead of being withdrawn, he's opening up more, except for the times when he has his head in the clouds for some unknown reason. I was teasing him a few days ago about being lovesick because that's the way he's acting." Here she paused, blue eyes widening. "Could he have met someone at the hospital? Another patient?"

Vincent shrugged. "It could be. He may be blind, but his hormones are working just fine." Another laugh was half swallowed by the look on his wife's face. "I haven't heard mention of anyone he might fancy, but I wouldn't throw the possibility out. Check his phone, maybe he's called her." It was an off handed suggestion, and one that Vincent felt guilty over giving. He had never been one to snoop into his son's private affairs, but if it would calm his wife's worry, then little harm done.

Rachel nodded and hurried to Ciel's room. Scanning the room, she didn't find the phone, but she located his iPod on the dresser. Her lips pursed in thought, and on a hunch, she grabbed it and began to flip through it. There were some stories on it, and she didn't recognize any of the names as ones that Ciel had mentioned. Rachel pulled one up and stuck an earbud in to listen. She nearly dropped the iPod when the story began where Ciel had left off, with the two main male characters having sex. "Vincent!" She fairly shrieked. "Have you seen this?"

The tone of his wife's voice had Vincent swinging around and looking at Rachel with wide eyes. "What is it?" He asked, not sure if he even wanted to know. Rachel had gone white, paper white, and that only sped Vincent's heart to a worrisome rate. This, whatever this may be, was not going to be good.

With trembling fingers, Rachel wordlessly handed her husband the other earbud, watching his expression change as he listened. Finally, she could stand no more and quickly stopped the book. She pressed a hand to her mouth and spoke in a strangled whisper, "Dear God... What is going on?"

For once Vincent was speechless. He couldn't bring himself to believe what he had heard and almost had replayed it just to confirm what he was hearing. It was one thing to find his son listening to porn, but another thing entirely to hear the homosexual content of the audio.

"This is..." he stopped, grappling at words and finding nothing to even begin to voice his shock. Silence reigned, and both parents merely stared at one another.

"I never expected this," Rachel finally said, shaking her head. "Ciel, listening to this? He would have been the last person I expected it from, especially with what he had gone through all those years ago." She paused. "Could that have something to do with it, though?"

There was a pause as Vincent thought, his head shaking slowly from side to side. "Maybe he downloaded them by mistake? I still don't understand how he works that thing as it is when he can't see the screen." Denial was a safe route, warm and comforting. It kept the nasty truths at bay and allowed for a sense of calm.

"I don't think that's the case. Otherwise, the story wouldn't be half over. But why is he listening to this?" That was the million dollar question, and Rachel wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer or not. "Maybe he's trying to come to terms with the rapes. I know that we didn't exactly explain what had happened, but I know he remembers it vividly, if the nightmares are any indication. So maybe he was just trying to understand a bit more." It was a rather weak argument in Rachel's eyes, but she didn't want to admit what she thought the real reason was.

"But if it was bothering him enough to go this route for help, then what reasoning would he have for being as cheerful as he's been this past month? Ciel's hardly the type to put on false faces and hide his feelings well," Vincent countered half a second before regretting his words. It wasn't something a parent wanted to think about, and he surely wasn't an exception. There was something more to this that was poking at the back of his mind, but he refused to let it be known.

"I don't know. This isn't like Ciel at all. While I'm glad that he's finally coming out of his shell, I just wish I knew what, or who, was causing it. It obviously isn't us, since he's been home with us for a while now, and the change has happened recently." Rachel's brow furrowed as she concentrated on when she first noticed the change. "This has been slowly building ever since he began to be treated by Sebastian. I remember when he first started spending the night at the hospital. He hated it and begged to stay home. Then the next week, he couldn't wait to get there." She trailed off, allowing her mind to work.

There was a moment of silence. Vincent was frowning deeply, brows knitted in thought. "Perhaps there is someone, another patient, that Ciel's grown friendly with. Maybe this person is influencing this." He gestured to the iPod, treating it like an unwanted item as he threw it down on Ciel's bed.

"Highly possible. Ciel's vulnerable, Vincent. What if this person is threatening him in some way? If Ciel believes that he'll be tortured the way he was when he was ten, I don't doubt that Ciel will do whatever he's told." Rachel's eyes filled with tears. "Have you noticed anything?"

The worry was quickly waved aside. "No, that isn't it. Ciel's happy. Happier than he has been in a long while. Whatever if going on is have a positive effect on him, so I can't believe that it's initially bad." Vincent looked at his wife, trying to calm her down and ease some of her worry. There was really no need to worry that someone was threatening or hurting Ciel, the signs did not point nor even hint at it. What ever was going on was doing their son some good.

"Whoever this is, Ciel's careful not to say anything. He hardly talks about anyone from the hospital. He's only mentioned Mey-rin and Sebastian." The woman froze, her mouth opening in a small 'o' shape. "Mey-rin?"

"I'm afraid not if we are to go by what he's listening to." Once more Vincent motioned towards the iPod which laid innocently on Ciel's bed. "This mystery person is most probably male, if I had to guess."

Rachel was silent for a time before slowly replying, "Then would it be Sebastian? He's the only male that Ciel has made mention of. And whenever he does talk about him, he only has good things to say. But then again, so far I only have good things to say about the man, too." Rachel sighed and rubbed her forehead. "Maybe Ciel just has a crush on Sebastian, and it will fade away. I mean, there's no clues that Sebastian returns his feelings, and there's no way a doctor of Sebastian's standing would risk his career to have a relationship with a patient. Right?" She looked hopefully at her husband.

Although Rachel had a point, Vincent could jump to the same conclusion. "There could be someone Ciel doesn't want us to know about. If he's hiding this from us, then he wouldn't let slip that there is someone else in his life. Ciel's smart, and he knows better than to get himself involved with an older man like Sebastian, especially his own doctor." Vincent shook his head, ignoring small pieces of possible evidence that would say differently.

"Vincent, you know something else. I haven't been married to you for years to not know when you're hiding something. I can see it in your eyes." There was a fearful tone to Rachel's voice, and she grasped her husband's shoulders. "For God's sake, just tell me what is going on with my son!" She was nearly hysterical with worry and anxiousness, and she choked back a sob as she wondered what in the world her innocent son had gotten himself into.

It seemed that Ciel wasn't the only one affected by the kidnapping. Rachel had her own fair share of nightmares and panic attacks in the years that had followed the traumatic event. It was times like now when Vincent was reminded of how his wife had been affected. "I know only as much as you," he hedged.

"Don't lie to me, Vincent," she begged, resting her head against his chest. "What else do you know? He's my son, and I couldn't protect him last time. I want to help him this time, as much as I can. So please tell me."

Vincent bit at his lips, weighing his options and debating the best course of action. A shadow of a memory, dimmed by too much time and insignificance, danced just within Vincent's reach, and he was forced to acknowledge it. It was a single moment, an image of Ciel's phone and a sent call lasting for longer than what should have been appropriate. The name 'Sebastian' stood out like a flashing red sign, angry and foreboding. He swallowed hard and looked down at his wife, her eyes swollen from unshed tears and worry.

"Why don't we just call the hospital?" Vincent's voice was careful and intentional. "Talk to Ciel. It'll ease your mind for now, and we can all talk about this with calm minds when he gets home."

Rachel slowly nodded. That hadn't been what she wanted to hear, but she would take what was offered. Maybe this would help her concern. After all, they were probably overthinking this situation and jumping to conclusions. Following her husband as he walked to the kitchen, she tried to calm herself down. It did no good for her to be hysterical.

She watched as Vincent dialed the number, and she held her breath as they waited for someone to answer.

"Neurology," Vincent mumbled into the phone when the receptionist asked to where he'd like to be directed to. There was a click, and then three rings before a lady's voice filtered over the speakers. It was vaguely familiar, and Vincent knew it was the quiet nurse; Mey-rin was her name. "Mey-rin, this is Mr. Phantomhive. Ciel's father. I was wondering if I could speak to him for a moment. It's somewhat urgent."

"Ciel Phantomhive?" Mey-rin squeaked, sounding confused. "Um, Mr. Phantomhive, Dr. Michaelis had told us that he was doing another house call visit this weekend," she added slowly.

Mouth suddenly dry, Vincent chanced a look towards his wife, wondering if she could overhear the conversation. "No, no. Not this weekend he isn't." He tried to stay vague and calm, a facade for his wife when inside he was closing in on panic.

"Oh." There was a pause as the nurse struggled to understand the new information she'd received. "Maybe he meant next weekend? Did you bring Ciel to the hospital today?"

"Yes." It was hesitant. Vincent did not like how things were sounding, and they didn't seem to be getting any better anytime soon. "I did personally."

"Vincent?" Rachel asked quietly. She didn't like the way her husband was acting, and it only served to make her even more nervous. "Vincent, what's going on?" He didn't reply, just held up a finger as he continued to listen.

"Um, well, neither Dr. Michaelis nor Ciel are here, Mr. Phantomhive," Mey-rin spoke. "I haven't seen Dr. Michaelis at all today, and no one here saw Ciel, either. I'm sorry I don't have anything more to tell you."

There was a moment of hesitation. Vincent not knowing where to proceed from this point. His mouth had gone dry, and his heart sped in a heavy thump, thump all the way up his throat. Licking his lips, he held his gaze straight, not daring to look upon his wife. Rachel, he knew, would see the swelling panic in his eyes, even if Vincent knew she could see the concern and worry stiffening his back and shoulder.

"Would you happen to have Dr. Michaelis' personal phone number? It's imperative that I get a hold of him." It was a quick whisper of words, but they were loud to Vincent's ears, and he knew that Rachel would hear them perfectly; the meaning behind them not going unseen by her.

Rachel's hand flew to cover her mouth, stifling a gasp of horror. Something was terribly wrong. Vincent didn't have to tell her directly for her to know that. She hovered close to her husband and kept quiet, hoping to be able to overhear what was being said on the other line.

"Y-yes, I have it," Mey-rin stammered as she quickly located the doctor's number. She recited it to Vincent, who wrote it down on a piece of paper. "I-is there anything else I can do for you?"

"No... Thank you." And Vincent hung up. He licked his lips and looked down at his wife. He thought of what to tell her, anything to gloss over just how bad everything looked about now. "I need to call Dr. Michaelis. Mey-rin wasn't able to be much help," he finally said, giving a forced smile.

"Vincent, why did you ask for his phone number? Shouldn't he be there at the hospital?" The woman questioned, her eyes showing fear more and more every second that ticked by.

Another pause, and another quick moment of thinking before Vincent spoke. "He's not in his office at the moment. This is the quickest way," he said, and began to dial the number.

Sebastian tossed Ciel gently on the bed, a smile tickling his lips as he did so. His arms reached above his head in a great stretch, and a yawn escaped his mouth. "I don't think I've been this tired in a long while," he said. The blankets were turned down, and Sebastian held them up for Ciel to shimmy down into the soft warmth.

Ciel eagerly curled up into a little ball, making sure to leave enough room for Sebastian. A blush spread across his cheeks as he recalled the last time they had slept in the same bed, even though it had been unintended and a bit more innocent than the present time. "I don't think I'll have a problem falling asleep tonight," he murmured.

"Good." Sebastian pulled Ciel tight against his chest and placed a kiss to the crown of his head. "And pleasant dreams I hope?"

"I hope so," Ciel replied. "I don't want nightmares. I don't want you to see how bad they can get." While Sebastian had seen the panic attacks, the nightmares were a whole other story. They were so realistic that Ciel often had difficulty discerning whether he was safe or not. He also tended to lash out at anyone who came too close, and he didn't want to hurt Sebastian.

Another kiss was placed to Ciel's head, all tender and comfort. "I'll be right here. You have nothing to fear." Sebastian's arms clung protectively to the slim young man next to him, hoping to be able to banish the dark frightening ilk that crept and stalked amongst Ciel's dreams.

A smile graced Ciel's lips as he slid his arms around the older man and snuggled closer, resting his head on Sebastian's chest. "I know," he whispered sleepily. "You'll chase them all away for me."

"Every last one of them." The clicking of a clock was a distant hum as Sebastian watched Ciel's breaths even out to match the constant tick-tock. His hands played with the thin hair at the nape of the boy's neck. Everything was calm and soothing, and Sebastian was peacefully sated. Even as the shrill bleeps of his cell rang through the house, he couldn't bother relinquishing himself from the comforting warmth of his bed and lover.

With one last kiss, Sebastian succumbed to sleep, allowing nothing but good dreams and well wishes to swallow the both of them until morning.