Spike rushed to a phone and dialed 911, panting, he held up the phone to his ear.

"Hello?" said the nurse.

"Nurse! I want you to come in immediatly... QUICKLY! My fiancee's dying and I think she just fainted when I was about to give her a kiss." panted an anxious Spike.

"Alright... we'll come in as fast as a jack rabbit..."

Before the nurse could even finish, Spike instantly hung up panting. He was sweating with a bad cold. He felt like he was going to faint too or have a heart attack. He held onto his heart and sighed in relief.

Inside the ambulance, Spike knelt before Julia and shook her chest.

"Julia... JULIA!" he shouted.

Julia slowly opened her eyes.

"Julia are you..."

"Where am I?" moaned Julia.

"You're in the ambulance... going to the hospital. You'll be alright, right love?"

Julia shook in small ways, hoping that she would die and go to heaven. Spike prayed in his mind as hard as he could to get her to stay alive.

At the hospital, the nurses pushed Julia's bed into a room and started to strap machines everywhere in her body, her heart and everything to make sure she was O.K. The heart rate on the machine was bouncing up and down in which Spike didn't know if she was dying or not, but the lines lowered in small ways. Spike dashed into the emergency room and panted hardly, he could not bear to look at Julia die so he quickly shielded his eyes with his hands.

"We've got to take care of her... fast." said the nurses as they tried everything they could to keep her alive, but that just made her heart rate have zero and the machine beeped.

Spike thought he heard something all the way here and instantly rushed into the room service.

"Nurses! Is she O.K.?" Spike panted, and he gasped when he saw the heart rate which meant Julia was gone.

"JULIA!" he yelled as he quickly ran to her.


Spike was on the verge of tears, he thought that Julia would never die in a long time or since girls live longer, he thought he would die first. He dropped his head on his chest and cried softly.

After the funeral, Spike came to Julia's grave and petted it.

"I'm going to give you something, Julia." he sighed.

Spike planted a flower in her grave and got teary-eyed again.

"This is for sharing your life with me; so I'll share it back."

Spike kissed the grave and then wandered home.

There's one thing [3x]
A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose
There's no other flower in my heart that grows
A rose is a rose
A rose is a rose
My flower
My rose, my flower
Growing, growing, growing, baby

Yes you are

Author's Note: O.K. this is the ending of the chapter. I hope everyone enjoyed it. And sorry for it being so short... my fault. Please read some of my other Cowboy Bebop stories if you want longer. They're more of what I'd make the series look like if it were still airing today. And sorry, I had a quick time with the chapters, but I have homework to do tonight so everyone, have a good night!:)