Bella P.O.V

My childhood hadn't been very good. My mom left my dad when I was 4 and my dad took that anger out on me. By hitting me on a daily basis for no good reason. It only got worse as I grew up.

I grew up in Forks, Washington. It's a small rainy town.

When I turned 18 I used college as an excuse to get away from my dad. When I told him I'm going to leave he beat me like there was no tomorrow. I could barely move so I got hospitalized. That's when I told my doctors what my dad did. He got sentenced to jail for life with no bail. After that I didn't have to live my life in fear anymore I could actually start to live life.

After I fully recovered I went to Seattle for college. I majored n writing.

I became a book editor after collage. Being an editor allows me to have a very flexible schedule, which gives me a lot of free time; too much free time. So every day I go to Twilight daycare; my friend Angela Weber owns it, so she lets my go and help a couple of hours a day.

I get paid for both my jobs. So money is not a problem. That allows me to have a nice condo in a very safe and nice neighborhood, good clothes, and good food.

Although my childhood sucked I still love my life and I wouldn't change a thing. I'm 24 and loving life.

Edward p.o.v

I got married when I was 21 to Tanya. We had our baby girl; Emily, when we were 23. Now I'm 25 and a single parent.

I'm a single parent because about 5 months after Emily was born Tanya was on her way to work and got in a car crash. She died on the spot. So I was left with Emily.

It's been 2 years since her death. I'm ready to move on with my life, I know that's what Tanya would want. I'm not looking to replace her; never, She was my first love I can't replace that. But I know there is someone out there for me I can feel it.

"Daddy, let go I miss Bewa." My little angel said.

Bella works at Emily's daycare. Emily Has loved Bella since she started going to daycare 6 months ago. She has called Bella her best friend since her first day. I haven't met Bella yet but my daughter decided I would meet her today.

"Ok, princess lets got." I said as I picked her up and put her in her car seat.

We got there in 10 minuets. Emily ran into the playroom and come out holding the hand of whom I assume is Bella. She was about 5'4, had long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes.

"Daddy, Bella." Emily said happily.

I extended my hand out to Bella to shake and said, "I'm Edward Cullen. It's so nice to finally meet you, Emily has told me a lot about you." She shook my hand and the contact sent an electric current through my body. I hadn't felt that in years, so I knew it's special; but I chose to ignore it.

"Bella Swan. Its nice to meet you too." She said smiling sweetly. Her smile was beautiful.

"Well, I have to go to work. I'll see you later." I told her, as I leaned to give Emily a kiss."

Bella p.o.v

Emily is like my shadow; she follows me everywhere I go in the daycare. I honestly don't mind it though it's adorable.

Emily always talks about her dad; but I've noticed she never mentions her mother so I don't know if there is a mom in the picture.

Emily actually introduced me to her father today. I have to say he is very handsome and polite. When I shook his hand I felt a spark run through my body. I've never felt it before so I knew it was special but I didn't know what to make out of it.

The day passed fairly quickly. I would be closing the daycare today so I was just waiting for everyone to leave.

The daycare phone started to ring.

"Twilight Daycare. How can I help you?" I answered.

"Hey, my daughter is there, Emily." I knew it was Edward because I recognized his voice right away.

"Hey, Edward it's Bella." I said.

"Bella, I was wondering how long is the daycare open?" Edward asked.

"7." I replied.

"I can't leave work till 8 and I have no one to pick Emily up."

'That's fine Edward. I'll stay with her till you come. I said honestly. I really didn't mind staying long for her. Emily is a really sweet kid, although I didn't see her outside the daycare, I can still say I love her.

"I don't want to burden you with that. Are you sure?"

"Absolutely Edward. I love Emily and I'm actually excited to spend more time with her." I told Edward.

"Ok, thank you so much. Bye." He said.

"Bye." I replayed before hanging up.

I spent the next hour with Emily. We played games and had dinner together. Around 8:15 we saw Edward walk in.

"Daddy!" Emily squealed.

"Hey Princess." He replied sweetly.

"Me had fun wif Bewa." She said happily.

"Really, that great."

Emily walked away from him and back to the table we were at. Edward followed.

"Hey Bella, thank you so much." He said.

"Oh, it was no problem at all. In fact I'm more then willing to watch her next time you run late." I said honestly.

"I really appreciate it. I will definitely keep that in mind."

After that we just watched Emily play for a few minuets.

"She's a really beautiful and sweet girl, Edward." I said out of the blue. "You and you wife must be really proud."

"Thanks, and yes I am proud. I'm sure my wife would have been too, if she were alive." He said the last part quietly.

When he said that I looked at his left hand and noticed there is no ring.

"Oh, Edward I'm so sorry. I had no idea." I said apologetically.

"No, don't worry its been 2 years I'm over it. I wont ever forget her but I'm ready to move on."

After that they left home. I cleaned and locked up before leaving.

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