When it happened, Starscream was the first it effected. It was during the worse, or best, possible moment. During a heated argument with Megatron. Neck-and-neck with the Overlord, the two were mere inches from slagging each other, somehow Starscream had managed up enough common sense to stay out of Megatron's reach this time, the Overlord appeared to be having a bit of trouble getting a hold on the dodgy little Seeker. And the Seeker was far too shift to try and shoot without damaging something, or someone else.

Seems Megatron brought enough common sense not to fire blindly. Probably from the decreasing number of able Soldiers when he did so.

So it made heads tilt when suddenly, the Seeker stopped dodging - which he had been doing a fairly good job at - and allowed enough time for the gun-former to grab him by the shoulder vent. Starscream looked a bit put off for a moment, before rubbing his neck for some reason. He completely ignored the glaring optics of the silver mech holding him off the ground by a vent. The fact he wasn't already groveling after being caught was concerning enough. The fact he'd let himself be caught was...well...not unexpected entirely but...still.

That's when it happened. Everyone in the room stared at the Seeker when he made a strange, high pitched sound. Like a mix between a chirp and the sound of rubber against metal. A squeaking sound, his wings twitched in exact timing to the sound, a mask of confusion his faceplate. Silence reined for a mere moment before the sound erupted again. Again, wings flicking upwards with the sound, and the confusion grew.

On the bright side - for the Seeker - Megatron had paused to stare confusedly at the Seeker, who kept making those small, squeaking chirping sounds, that for some reason sounded a lot like the sound a Sparkling would make. Which only made him more confused, as the Seeker continued to do it. Once, twice, three timed and he was utterly lost in a sea of confusion. He cold understand the Seeker accidentally making that sound when afraid, or startled, but when he seemed completely unaffected by anything? And over and over again? The slag?

Another sound, and Megatron shook his head, snapping out of his haze to glare at the Seeker.

"Starscream." The Seeker looked at him with a firmly closed mouth, and wide optics, filled with confusion. Or shock. Possibly both. The silver mech faltered a bit, but quickly shook the effect off. "Stop making that sound." He narrowed his optics at the Seeker dangling from his hand by a vent. "Now." Starscream, on his part, looked terrified. He stiffened slightly, halting all function in certain tubes inside of his body. Vital tubes.

Megatron looked at him curiously, before dropping the Seeker on his aft and turning to walk out the room. He heard the whirring of overworking, stalled systems when the Seeker stopped..."holding his breath", and shook his head slightly as the throne room door slid aside. He got one foot out the door before...


With a twitch, he practically skipped a step to get out faster, and started to stomp down the hallways. Slagging Jet. Why are models made for War able to look, and sound, so slagging adorable. The Warlord swore the next mech to cross his path making such a sound, would not be as lucky as his wretched SIC.

Starscream slowly got up, still confused, everyone staring at him. He paused for a moment, the sound didn't come. With a smile he opened his mouth to speak.



With a growl the Seeker marched out the room, heading towards the med-bay. A few giggling mechs fallowing after out of curiosity to this new development.

Authors Note: ...I don't know. I wrote this last night when I was fatigue high. It's silly. Has other chapters to it too. A few more Decepticons, and even Autobots may be effected~ ;D Let's see what happens~

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