Red Alert let out long, exhale of air, as he leaned back in his chair. Optics focused, drearily, on the numerous monitors before him. Flickering the sky blue orbs slightly, he inclined his helm to the right, focusing as best his current state of fatigue would allow on the red blur to his side. Inferno – aka; the red blur – glanced over to the rather tired-looking Lamborghini, and opened his mouth to voice his concerned to the smaller mech; he found his voice beaten.

"I'm bored."

Inferno paused, mouth agape. After a moment, his jaw shut with an audible snap, and he tilted his head ever slightly to the left, right optic ridge rising slightly. "Uhm...wha? Yer bored?" Red Alert gave him a mildly irritated look, and nodded his head in a jerking motion. Inferno frowned, he could relate to the feeling. The Decepticons have been rather quiet as of late, but still...Red Alert rarely ever voiced his boredom, even when it was noticeably obvious just how bored he was.

"Do yah want tah...tahke a bre-" Red Alert waved his hand at the Firetruck, cutting him off before he could even begin. "Nope. I'm bored, but not willing to leave my post. Most certainly not." He let out a mock-sigh, and leaned back against his chair, propping his feet against the monitor keys. Looking at him now, Inferno notice a slight resemblance between the Security Director and the Ark's beloved red twin prankster, Sideswipe.

When those sky blue optics glanced back at him, the image swiped itself clean out of his processor. "What?" Inferno shrugged, and turned to look back to the screens. A moment of silence passed, before; "I'm starting to wish something would happen. Anything." Inferno grumbled mildly, optics narrowing slightly in irritation at the monitor, currently displaying an image of Cliffjumper arguing with Ironhide about...something. Probably something trivial and unimportant, a distraction for the two to pass time on. "You're not the only one-" Red jerked, and coughed lightly. Inferno quickly whipped around, face twisted in concern as he made to rush to his friends aid.

Red cleared his throat, shaking his hand. "M'fine. somethin' makin' my throat...itch." He made a gagging sound, and rubbed at his throat. With a frown, Inferno stared at the smaller bot for a minute, before glancing back to the screen. Another moment of silence passed, and everything seemed fine. Inferno watched with boredom as Ironhide and Cliffjumper argued, it eventually seemed to wear down, the two turned and stomped off.


Inferno stiffened slightly, optics widened oh-so slightly. That sound...that adorably soft, chirp-like had come from behind. From Red Alert's direction. But surely Red hadn't been the source. Right? Inferno listened for a few minutes, when it did not come again, he shrugged it off as something unimportant and glanced at a screen as Mirage walked past it. Turning invisible halfway through the feed. Red Alert growled; "Slag, Mirage! I've told him a thousand times not to go invisible in the base." Normally Red would let it slip, or comm the mech to lecture him. Inferno was somewhat shocked to see him standing up, and turning to march towards the door.

"Red?" Slam "...Ah'll jus'...take over fer both us then..."

The Lamborghini stomped down the hall, optics narrowed. He really didn't know why he was going to personally hunt down the spy and scold him, perhaps lack of anything better to do. Perhaps he had finally got fed up with his orders being ignored, especially sense Mirage just happened to be in front of a camera during every "invisible episode" in the Ark. Walking right past the camera, activating his heat radar as the camera motioned to keep fallow and keep him on screen.

It didn't take him long to spot the mass of heat shifting from one leg to the other down the hall, arms folded, back against the wall. Red Alert didn't say a word, as he reached out the grabbed the unsuspecting blue and white mech by a seam in his helm. "What the-?" The noble flailed a bit, confused, and focused on the Lamborghini dragging him down the hall. "Red? How did you-" "Heat sensors."

Mirage made a sound of understanding, then a sound of distress when Red Alert jerked him along, releasing his helm to snag him by the arm. "Where-" "I'm taking you to Prowl." Mirage gaped, and struggled a bit. "What? Why?" Red Alert seemed to have an iron grip, fingers not budging a mete as Mirage tried to pry them off. "I've told you plenty of times, Mirage; 'Do not go invisible in the Ark'. You realize how many safety risks you offer when you do so? Well, I'm tired of being ignored. And of letting bots walk all over me."

Mirage muttered something, as he began to struggle again.

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