For some reason, I was unable to publish under the Mario category, so I had to ask Tiana Koopa to publish this story. But I recently found out that whatever glitch that was preventing my Mario stories from being published is gone, so I republished this under my name, and you can expect my future Mario publications to come under my name:)

(Disclaimer: I do not own Bowser, Lakitu, or the Koopalings, or the Mario Party series, which is the source of inspiration for Bowser's punishments).

Mr. Jugem the Lakitu was doing his job as administrator at Mushroom Kingdom Academy by hovering around the campus at lunchtime, looking for students to get in trouble. His favorite targets were, of course, the Koopalings.

Mr. Jugem floated around the lunch line at the cafeteria, where he saw Ludwig piling his lunch tray with French fries and chocolate chip cookies. Mr. Jugem took a pair of tongs, selected a piece of broccoli, and placed it onto Ludwig's tray.

"Try a veggie for once, Mister Koopa."

Yeah, right, Ludwig thought. He threw the vegetable away as soon as Mr. Jugem was out of sight.

Roy had been bullying a nerdy-looking Toad for his lunch money, but as soon as he saw Mr. Jugem in the schoolyard he quickly straightened up, undid the Toad's wedgie and gave him his lunch money back.

"No public displays of affection, Mr. Koopa," Mr. Jugem said to Larry, who had been kissing a girl whose skirt he had been trying to get into for the past week. "If I see you doing that during school hours one more time, Mr. Koopa, you will receive a Saturday detention.

Shit, Larry thought, but he didn't dare say it out loud, for Morton had gotten several demerits for cussing from being forced by Mr. Jugem to read books that he didn't like.

Iggy and Lemmy were fighting over a piece of pizza next to a trash can.

"So, we're having pizza today," Mr. Jugem said. Each of the twins had satisfied himself by then with half of the piece of pizza.

"Yep", said Lemmy with his mouth full.

"I thought you had already finished your pizza. You haven't been begging other students for pizza, have you?"

"No," said Iggy.

"We didn't get it out of the trash either," said Lemmy.

"We found it on the ground," said Iggy.

"And are you supposed to be eating food off the ground, Mr. Koopa?"


"Would your father be pleased that you were eating off the ground?"

"King Dad doesn't have to know," said Lemmy.

"Please don't tell King Dad!" shouted Iggy. "If you tell him, he will lock us in the dungeon and make us play Dizzy Rotisserie!"

"That's when he puts us in a cage, spins us around until we get really dizzy, and if we don't make it out of the dungeon on time, we get roasted!" said Lemmy.

"Roasted, huh?" Mr. Jugem shook his head. He hovered on over to the office, where he saw Wendy receiving a prize she had won at yesterday's Wednesday prize drawing.

Wendy's wide eyes narrowed when she saw the picture frame, thinly disguised by a transparent pink wrapper, that she had won.

"Here's a hint: you can hang it up on the wall-" said the lady Paratroopa who handed it to her.

"That's it? A stupid lousy picture frame? I WANTED THE ICE CREAM COUPON!"

Wendy threw the picture frame in rage, injuring the Paratroopa's hand.

"But sweetie, somebody else won the ice cream coupon!"

"I DON'T CARE! I WANT IT I WANT IT!" Wendy got on the floor and banged her fists up and down.

The Paratroopa sighed. "Here, you can have the ice cream coupon, and the student who won the ice cream coupon can have your picture frame."

"Thank you," Wendy said, her temper tantrum suddenly over.

Wendy pranced outside, ready to trade in her ice cream coupon at the cafeteria. Mr. Jugem approached her seemingly out of thin air.

"I saw what you did in the office, Miss Koopa. You don't deserve that coupon. Throw it away, right now."

"What? NO!"

Mr. Jugem fought the coupon away from Wendy, ripped it in half, and threw it away. "And you're also receiving lunch detention for a week for what you did to that poor lady in the office. And I'm calling your father."


She started sobbing for real. "L-last time I got in trouble King D-d-addy t-t-took my allowance away, l-locked me in my room, and p-p-put me in the dungeon to play Scaldin' Cauldron…"

"Scaldin' Cauldron?" Mr. Jugem asked. It did not sound like an appropriate punishment, even for a child as bratty as Wendy.

"That's when he has me hide in one of three cauldrons, and then they get shuffled, and then he breathes fire on one of the cauldrons!"

"You don't look like you've been burnt…"

"Koopas are resistant to being burnt. But the fire still hurts… A-and then he made me play Rain of Fire… That's when-"

Mr. Jugem was not interested in hearing what Rain of Fire was about. He had heard enough. King Bowser Koopa was obviously an abusive parent. No wonder his children acted out! Obviously, something had to be done…