Arthur sighed, his eyes a brilliant green, were dulled and far more weary than normally, "I'm sorry, but I have no choice," he looked to the woman, "I have to introduce you to the other countries." He ran a hand through his ash-blonde hair, sticking up in a messy array, in an attempt smooth it down.

The brunette sitting adjacent from him just chuckled, urging him to continue, "It's not a laughing matter Diana!" His prominent brows furrowed in frustration, "Norway found out about you, he plans on telling the others at the meeting tomorrow."

Diana shrugged, "You act as if anyone will believe you, the world is full of skeptics."

The blonde contemplated this, "Even so, they will believe after it has sunk in, every country has at least one magic territory, whether they know it or not, there will be some who try to claim you."

Diana stood, her emerald eyes burning with fury, "I belong to noone, it does not matter if I am the personification of Magic and all associated with it*, I belong to no one but myself."

Arthur watched momentarily as she paced back and forth, long onyx hair swinging behind her, "I know…" he trailed off, eyes still transfixed on her lithe form, "but others don't."

"If you are speaking of the Russian, he is no problem, but I refuse to be involved with the childishness of the world."

The man nodded silently, eyes now focused on his hands clenched in his lap, "I'm not sure I want to share you," he finally admitted, making her stop and look at him, "I mean- for so long, I've been the only one you've known, the only one to really talk to magic about, I don't want all the others to take you away from me."

Diana came closer to the man, her eyes understanding, she knelt in front of him, taking his large hands in hers, " I will never forget you England, you will forever hold a place in my heart," she stood swiftly, "Now let's go make a cup." She pulled the Englishman after her ignoring his protests and stammers.

'Yes,' she thought to herself, smiling back at Arthur, 'Soon the world would know of magic and learn it was not something to take lightly.'

*Basically, "Diana" is the personification of Magic and she represents, not only the territories like Hogwarts and Diagon Alley but also magical creatures. (Since there is only one "Magic" only England and Norway know.)