Dib, as usual, immediately suspected he was planning something when he didn't come to school two weeks before seventh grade graduation. But as those final two weeks passed, Dib decided to spy on him once again from his own home just in case. What he found there still shocked him to this day. His usual home/base/thing was gone, almost as if he never came at all. Of course, he went to Gaz and talked about it endlessly and it wasn't until Gaz's final outburst when Dib was in eighth grade that Dib finally stopped talking about him and moved on to other myths and paranormal activities. But one final vexing question still reigned his mind, and Gaz's too surprsingly: where did Zim go?

After about five minutes of honking the horn, Dib finally had enough and rushed back inside his house. Today is his first day of tenth grade (which means, for those of you who couldn't comprehend, he is a sophomore) and Gaz's first day of high school (which means she is a freshman) and he didn't want to waste first period because Gaz wasn't used to waking up at five-fricken'-thirty in the morning.

"Gaz!" he screamed up the stairs. He got no answer. "Gaz! Come on! It's time for school!" Still no answer. Groaning and mumbling, Dib ran up the stairs and, without thinking, burst through Gaz's bedroom door to wake up his sister. "GAZ! IT'S SIX FIFTEEN IN THE MORNING! WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" That was when he realized his huge mistake. Gaz, after waking up by his scream, growled at Dib and snapped her fingers. Her age-old stuffed monsters rose from their positions and charged at Dib. Dib screamed and ran for it, but the monsters caught up to him and started beating him up while Gaz casually walked to the bathroom to take a shower. About ten minutes later, Gaz walked out, grabbed a piece of toast and her bag, and screamed upstairs to Dib, "DIB! COME ON! WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" Finally getting free of the monsters, Dib ran downstairs in pure annoyance, made sure he had his car keys in his pocket, and went after Gaz to go to school.

While he was driving, Dib again took note of how both he and his little sister had changed over only three years since seventh grade. Dib's extra thing of hair had grown, so he often needs to keep it in a ponytail. He still wears a dark blue shirt, but this time it has a frowny-face on it instead of a neutral-face like he used to wear. Other than that, everything else he wore was black (except his underwear). Needless to say, he didn't change all that much. Gaz, however, was a different story entirely. Instead of having completely purple hair, she let it grow, now only letting her hair be purple at the ends. The rest of her hair was dark blonde, which actually made for a pretty nice combo of hair colors. Instead of wearing completely black, she wore a white t-shirt with a fitted purple top and a regular black jacket. What worried Dib the most was how short her black shorts were. He knew that really short shorts were in nowadays but he still couldn't help but worry (like any other brother who cared about his sister would).

By the time they got to school (now known as Hi-Skool), the last bell had already rang, and when Dib made it to his first class of the year, he groaned in annoyance. Why? Because he left his bag at home by pure stupid forgetfulness.

After school...

Dib had already received two wedgies, five gumball 'incidents' in his locker, and ten spitballs to the head (that last one was a new record, he counted). After getting the last spitball out of his hair, he rushed to the car to find Gaz already in the car glaring at him, as if saying, 'Where were you?' Ignoring her glare, Dib got his car keys out of his pocket, started the car, and drove home with his sister in complete silence. When they got home, Dib groaned and complained about how much more horrible Hi-Skool had gotten since last year. Gaz ignored him, as usual. Dib stopped complaining once actually and asked,

"So, Gaz, how was your first day of Hi-Skool?" Gaz shrugged and replied,

"Boring." Dib nodded and went to his bedroom. The first day of Hi-Skool was always exhausting, and he knew, out of pure experience, that Gaz was going to her room exactly fifteen minutes after he does. In fact, Dib was so tired that day that he didn't even bother to check his computer or security systems for any new signs of activity.

Midnight, exactly...

A purple ship came and landed smoothly into a clearing between two houses. Careful and silent, two beings came out of the ship and waited for it to prepare itself as a human home, just like it did five years ago. One of the beings, small and silver, started playing with a toy moose while the other, a lot taller and with green skin, checked some last-minute preparations before turning to the small, silver being and whispering,

"Now, GIR, this time it's serious. During our time re-learning all of the Armada invasion's tactics and ideas, I think we're finally ready to try to take over Earth once more." The one known as GIR stopped playing with the moose and asked the green one,

"But, Master, what about..." But he didn't get to finish asking his question, for the green one stepped inside of the disguise machine and came out in a whole new disguise. He still had green skin, but his black wig looked a lot more natural this time. His human eye contacts now had red-ish blue pupils, instead of fake blue ones. He also wore a black t-shirt with a pink jacket that had the symbol of the Irken army on the back. Instead of black tights, he had black pants and boots, but he still had black gloves.

Once GIR was disguised as, unbelievably, the same green dog since they first arrived five years ago, the ship began and finished its final preparations on the human home/base, this time looking a whole lot believable than it used to five years ago. Both master and robot stepped inside, but before they did, the green one got a glimpse of a girl across the street. She was reading a book, a simple chore, but it seemd to convey her beauty all the more. She had dark blonde hair with purple tips at the end. She also wore a black tank top and very short black shorts (a little more skin than he could bear, but no matter). Immediately, his squeedily-spooch did a somersault at the sight of her. But he shook that feeling away and instead put an objective on his mind: Find out who that girl is.