The whole gymnasium was so white and silver, that Dib actually thought he was at the North Pole. Fake white snowflakes with glitter-glued silver trimming hung from the ceiling. The DJ and his station was white with silver and fake snow all over it. The DJ didn't look too happy about this arrangement and Dib couldn't blame him. If there was one thing that hadn't changed, it was the popular couples. Tyler Klein is still going with Malin Viteri, the leader of the skool dance squad. Other football players and tennis players went out with various other athletes and teen models, while the nerds and outcasts went by themselves or with other nerds and outcasts. Chis had only one friend, an emo girl named Frid Haugen who, Dib had to admit, her name went very well with her character. After Chis excitedly introduced the two (although the two had met before), Dib and Chis decided to dance for a bit. But Dib wasn't focusing on dancing. Instead, he was looking around worriedly for his little sister. Suddenly, there was huge excitement as a black limosine with green stripes on the side pulled up next to the gym. The popular kids went to go see who had the awesome ride, and saw that it was Zim, with Dib's little sister Gaz. Zim waved to them all and complimented the football players on what a great homecoming game they played, while Gaz complimented Malin on her skinny and short homecoming dress. Both instantly became popular and were accepted into the middle of the dance floor with the rest of the student body.

"Isn't that your sister, Dib?" Chis asked. Dib could only nod while he stood and stared in shock.

It was like a fairytale. And for Gaz to say this is really rare. The popular kids accepted them as soon as she and Zim pulled up in his limo, Zim didn't leave her sight once, and even better, Dib was nowhere to be seen. Dib, however, saw them, and actually squeezed his way through the crowd to get to them. When he did, he screamed at them (for the music was so loud, you couldn't hear yourself think). He screamed at Gaz,

"ARE YOU INSANE, GAZ? THAT'S ZIM! AN ALIEN! AND ALIENS ARE HORRIBLE BEINGS!" Gaz, who unfortunately heard this, screamed back, "JUST BECAUSE ZIM ISN'T HUMAN, YOU DON'T LIKE HIM. IS THAT THE DEAL?" Zim also heard this and screamed at Dib, "AN ALIEN CAN HAVE FUN TOO, DON'T YOU KNOW THAT?" Dib couldn't stand it anymore. He dragged Gaz out of the gym, which gave Zim the perfect cue to infect the drinks. He calmly walked over to the drink table, and dropped a pill in each punch bowl without anyone even looking.

Outside, Dib was desperately trying to convince Gaz that going out with Zim was a horrible idea. "He's not a good being. You know his motives, Gaz." "There are tons of other kids who aren't good and have bad motives too." "Stop taking everything I say so jokingly! I'm serious!" "So am I!" "I told you to stay away from him!" "Yeah, no. I don't listen to anybody but myself. You know that, Dib." "But you promised!" "I only grunted. That wasn't a yes." "Nor was it a no! Whose side are you on, anyway sis? Earth, or Zim?" "Neither." "Come on Gaz, he's just bad. Don't you get it?" "Yes, I get it Dib. That's why I'm going to homecoming with him." "He's just going to break your heart." "You don't know that." "Yes I do. He's smarter than he used to be, Gaz." "Smarter than you. You can't even think of a good comeback." "Shut up!" "Leave me alone and I will!" "No! You're my sister! I can't leave you with that...that thing!" "You can't tell me who I can and can't be friends with Dib!" "No, but I can tell you to stay away from that alien since I am your BIG BROTHER!" At this point Gaz was so furious at Dib, but she knew he was right. He was only going to break her heart, so why did she bother with Zim? After all, he threatened her life multiple times by now, so why did he even bother with her? Why did they even bother with each other? Suddenly she felt something wet slide down her face. She turned away from Dib and felt her face. She was actually crying. No, she couldn't be! Why was she getting so worked up about this? It's not worth tears. Dib noticed her crying and put his arm around her in a supportive manner.

"I'm only looking out for you Gaz, because you're my little sister. I love you, and I don't want you hurt." Gaz nodded, then went off to find Zim. It's time to find out what's really going on.