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Lollipops & Love Stories

To Becca Chadwick; love stories all sounded the same. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl get married and live happily freaking ever after. In all honesty, Becca was sick of it. She would go to the movies with Ashley; and all Ashley wanted to see were the ridiculous rom-coms. Becca would honestly sit through a sci-fi movie with Stewart than watch the clichéd, stereotypical male fall in love with the sappy, hopeless romantic female. It sickened her.

Becca never used to be that way; just when she got into high school, and the guy she'd had a crush on, didn't reciprocate her feelings. She'd had a crush on Zach Norton for as long as she could remember; and he never had a crush on her. He asked her to Spring Fling; and she went with him. It was heavenly. And then nothing else happened. It totally sucked. But; when they got into high school, they had been partnered up to read Romeo & Juliet together. And that's when their love story started.

Becca walked into English that day. Not only did she hate reading; she didn't have anyone she particularly cared for in her class. Zach was though; and she often spent the majority of class sneaking glances at him, instead of listening to whatever the teacher was going on about.

"Class; we're going to start Romeo & Juliet today. You will have one partner for the duration of this; and you will have a project due. Now; to start with partners." Becca flopped back in her seat at this. Naturally, she would end up with someone who didn't want to do anything, and she would have to do everything herself. There was nothing more she despised than people who didn't pull their weight.

"Becca and Zach." Becca's jaw nearly dropped. She felt like kissing her teacher, which of course she wouldn't; that was disgusting and weird. But she got to work with Zach! That made her like this class a bit more. She looks up, and Zach grins over at her, causing her to smile back at him, feeling ridiculously dorky. The teacher hands out the books, and the class moves to be with their partner. Zach slides into the seat next to Becca; dropping his black backpack behind him, before glancing at the back of the book.

"This could be worse." He shrugs his shoulders indifferently as he says this.

"How? We're stuck reading Romeo & Juliet." Becca sarcastically tells him, with a roll of her aqua eyes.

"Well…we could be stuck with other people. I don't hate working with you." Zach glances over at his partner, and she nods in agreement.

"We should probably get started." She cracks open the cover of her book, flipping through the title pages until she reaches the first page of the play.

"Do you want a lollipop?" Becca looks up at his voice, her eyebrows scrunched in confusion.


"Do. You. Want. A. Lollipop." Zach repeats, enunciating each word, as if he was talking to a child. She shoves him slightly in response.

"Sure." Zach pulls out a bag, which is about halfway filled with various flavors of lollipops. She takes one, peeling the wrapper off and putting the candy into her mouth, the sour apple flavor filling her mouth. "Thanks."

"No problem. So, what exactly does this quote mean?"

Each day, Becca and Zach would sit in their English classroom, reading the play together, and of course; eating lollipops. Becca typically didn't eat candy like that; she shied away from it, since too much of the sugary treats would make her break out. And zits were most definitely unattractive. But Becca felt like she could make an exception.

As annoying as Becca could be, Zach realized that she wasn't too bad to work with. She did her work, and she did it well; though she didn't get straight A's like Emma or Jess, she most definitely didn't get Megan or Cassidy's grades, though Cassidy's were improving. She got mostly B's; but English was one of her stronger subjects, Zach noticed; she got above ninety on most of the quizzes and tests, earning her an A in the class.

Though she could be quite snarky, and downright mean, she wasn't like that all the time. She actually was funny, and had a good heart, though it wasn't quite obvious. As childish as this sounds; she was a bit like the Grinch; her heart was a few sizes too small, but it was most definitely growing.

"So, do you want to write the report, and I'll work on the presentation?" Zach asks Becca, shuffling the papers that are scattered on his desk.

"Yeah, I'll write the report, lazy." Becca huffs teasingly, and he shoves her arm at this remark.

"I'm lazy says the girl who made me throw her gum wrapper in the garbage because she was 'writing the rough draft.'" Zach makes exaggerated air quotes as he says this, and she rolls her eyes at him. "If you keep rolling your eyes, they're going to get stuck like that." He chastises, causing her to shove him this time.

"Shut up." Becca tells him, jotting down a few notes on her paper.

"Hey, a few of us are going to the movies tonight, do you wanna come with us?" Zach doesn't look at her as he says this, but he can feel her eyes on him.


"Me, Simon, Megan, Third, Ethan, and Ashley." Zach tells her, glancing up at her slightly. She chews her lip in thought, before smiling softly.



At the movie theater that night, Becca stands around, awaiting the movie decision. Ashley and Megan wanted to see a rom – com that just came out, while most of the other guys wanted to see some action one. Well, Simon said he didn't care; but that meant he'd sit through any movie as long as he got to sit next to Megan. Finally, they decide and go to buy tickets. Megan and Ashley had won; they were seeing the chick flick rom – com.

The teenagers moved into the movie theater, Ethan and Third followed by Ashley, Megan, Simon, Becca, and then Zach on the end. The first credits start playing on the screen as the lights dim. There's a rustling beside Becca, and she glances over Zach. He has a bag of lollipops and he grins at Becca in the dark of the movie theater.

"Want one?" Becca smiles and takes one, resting her arm on the armrest. She can hear Zach put the bag on the floor, and she feels his arm against hers. She smiles a silly little grin to herself, and settles in to watch the movie.

Maybe lovey dovey rom – coms aren't so bad after all…

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