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One Piece: Rise of the Pirate Queen

Prologue to a New Adventure!

A Promise to a family

The Start of a New Generation

"Yeee-ahhh! Why are we up so early?" yawned a young girl with dark browny-red hair only six of age as she rubbed her sleepy eyes along with a young boy with chocolate hair. The young girl was wearing a light blue shirt with a small smiling skull-and-crossbones wearing a straw hat on the upper left of her shirt and a white skirt. The boy wore a regular dirty white shirt with black pants and a wooden kendo stick on his side. They both stood on a grassy deck next to two older females waiting for something to happen.

"Yeah, the sun's not even up yet." complained the boy in a whiny voice having taken notice of the sun that had yet to rise on the new day. The little girl, with dark brown- almost black- eyes, looked around to see all of her family was up looking very solemn as well as tired as they looked out to sea. Both children were confused as no one said a thing. In fact, many of them were off to the side of the ship with great curiosity.

"Is something wrong?" asked the girl loudly hoping to get a response from someone in her family.

"No, there's nothing wrong Mika." The little girl turned to see a young women with short orange hair walk towards the young girl. The women then lowered herself to the girl's height giving the girl a soft smile. "We're just waiting for an old friend."

"Really? Who is it, mom?" asked Mika with a bit more energy at the prospect of meeting one of her family's friends. The women recognized as this girl's mother only smiled as she patted her daughter's head, the young girl relishing in the attention.

"You'll see soon." The women stopped patting her daughter's head, and returned to her seat next to a black haired older women close by as the men kept searching for whatever they looking for.

"Hey! There she is!" The two adults and two kids immediately picked up as the loud voice of one black haired teen wearing a straw hat pointed out to sea.

Instantly, many of the other members of Mika's family came bustling towards where the straw hat male stood. All of them looked out to sea, three excited-though for different reasons-, one uninterested, and two very curious. Each male was very unique starting with a green haired swordsmen with three swords, a black curly haired man with a long nose, a blond with part of his face covered a one curly eye brow, a blue haired man wearing a speedo and sunglasses, and...a large gorilla-like man and a living skeleton with an afro?

Haven't figured it out yet? Mika's family is none other than the (in)famous Straw Hat pirates. Her parents; Monkey D. Luffy and Nami. You may ask why Mika, or Monkey D. Namika- her true name-, and her friend, Akio, were sailing with the Straw Hat near the end of the Grand Line, where they would soon enter Fishman Island, then the New World. That's a story for another time, but for now let's return to back to the moment.

"It's been so long! I wonder how much she's changed!" shouted Chopper as he dropped from Heavy Point to Brain Point as he crawled onto the railing to see the ship.

"I'm sure she has grown into a beautiful young lady." smiled Sanji as he blew some smoke out as he eyed the incoming ship. The ship had a very Egyptian theme to it and easily beat the Thousand Sunny in size.

"Wow! Look at that ship!" The crew looked over to see Mika and Akio now on the railing as they beheld the ship. The crew chuckled simply enjoying the kids sheer amazement at the ship. Though their light chuckles could not last as they quickly remembered by this ship is here.

'It's for their own safety.' thought every crew member as the watched the kids as they looked over the Egyptian themed ship and pointed out certain features. The ship soon pulled up next to the Sunny, the crew and kids stepping back as the gangplank as lowered onto their ship. On the decks of the ship, a troop of guards were lined up along the deck facing the Straw Hats while three figures made their way off the ship and onto the gangplank.

"Hello Everyone!" shouted a sky blue haired women as she ran onto the deck of the Sunny, where Nami meet her with a friendly hug. "It's so good to see you all again."

"Mmm, you too Vivi." smiled Nami as she welcomed the young princess to the Sunny. Her guards, Chaka and Pell, stayed behind wearing content smiles as they watched the princess reunite with her old friends. From behind the adults, Mika and Akio watched the adults converse though wanting very much to join in, especially Mika as she impatiently fidgeted.

"You look well princess." spoke Zoro with a mild smile as he leaned off the wall and walked up to the two hugging women.

"How have you been Vivi?" smiled Usopp as he walked next to the women as they broke from their hug.

"We're all so glad to see you!" shouted Chopper happily as he jumped into Vivi's arms to which the princess caught him and gave him a hug.

"I'm glad to see you all too!" smiled Vivi as she looked at all the familiar faces from way back when she had been apart of the crew. Setting Chopper down, she looked at each crew member, she soon caught sight of one familiar face and two very unfamiliar. "You guys have some new members."

"It's nice to see you again Ms Wednesday." spoke Robin in a calm tone though wore a soft smile giving the teen a casual wave. Vivi gave a very nervous smile and wave to the former Baroque Works second-in-command, she had been informed by Nami earlier from her letter though it still seemed awkward to see a former enemy with her dear friends. Meanwhile the kids seemed intrigued with conversation and moved to get closer to the group.

"Vivi! Meet Franky and Brook!" Luffy quickly interjected and pushed Vivi up to the cyborg and skeleton. Following behind, the kids ran behind Luffy, the crew finally realizing that the kids were curious. Chaka and Pell also caught this action, which only further raised the question of why they were here. Meanwhile with the princess, she, though familiar with Luffy's antics, couldn't prepare herself to see living skeleton staring right back at her without eyes.


"Ow! Hello Blue Haired sis." Franky was the first speak allowing Vivi to try to get use to the idea of a living skeleton. Something they all, minus Luffy, knew would be needed. "I'm Super~ Franky." With that said, Franky went into his pose shocking the princess. Behind Luffy, the kids chuckled finding Franky's usual antics funny.

"Yohohoho." Now was Brook's turn to which the scare of the living skeleton had died down a bit, though still a bit scary. "It's a pleasure to meet you Ms Vivi." bowed the skeleton taking his hat in a gentlemen like manner. Vivi was naturally surprised at how gentlemen-like the skeleton was, which seem to ease her worries a bit as she watch he raise up to her level. "Ah! By the way, may I see your panties?"



"You fiend!" With Vivi in a mild case of shock, Nami and Sanji knocked the skeleton man down while Chaka and Pell yelled at him ready to draw their swords. The rest of the crew sighed at their oldest members antics while Luffy was laughing from hysteria. And he wasn't the only one. Vivi soon heard the sounds of a child laughing and turned to see the little girl, laughing much like Luffy, and boy behind her.

"That's so funny Brook!"

"And who are you two." Mika stopped laughing as she heard both her and Akio being addressed. Both she and Akio looked up to see Vivi now in front of them and bent down to their height. The woman's voice was soft and kind, much like Nami and Robin's when they addressed them.

"I'm Mika!" spoke the young girl as she stepped forward to the princess meeting eye to eye. "But my full name is Monkey D. Namika, but I like Mika better." Vivi blinked a bit as she believing she may have misheard. She looked up from Mika, only to see Nami wrapped around Luffy's arm much like a loving couple would and immediately made the connection. She then looked back down to the little girl with a smile

"That's a very sweet name." Mika grinned at her response, reminding her much of Luffy's own, and then looked over to the boy that had remained quiet.

"Uh?" spoke the boy sounding nervous as he looked away and back to the princess's eyes. Vivi found the action cute as she waited patiently for him to answer. "I'm...uhhhh...I'm Akio" finally spoke the boy as he closed his eyes though looking in her direction. Vivi found the boy's actions cute once again giving him a smile. "I'm Mika's friend."

"It's nice to meet you both." Vivi then stood back up, having finally been introduced to everyone. But now, it raised the question: Why was she here? She looked at all the crew members, all wearing smiles though she could sense a hint of sadness with them. Though the children we're oblivious to this.

"Are you really a princess?"

"How did you meet the crew?"

"What are you doing here?" Akio and Mika kept asking all manner of questions that would come into any kids mind, thought the last one was the most important for many reasons.

"Actually." spoke Vivi as she stopped Mika and Akio from continuing their barrage of questions. Vivi looked up from the kids to the crew as she looked both curious and concerned at the same time. "I would like to know what your parents need of me?"

"Mom? Dad?" Mika looked back at her family, seeing them be very quiet rather than loud and exciting. Akio had the same thought as well as he looked at the crew confused and a bit worried. For the longest time, no one spoke a pregnant silence that was unbearable for Mika. Eventually someone stepped forward.

"Mika. Akio." spoke Nami looking very solemn as she bent down to the kids level placing a hand on each of their shoulders. The kids looked confusedly at the orange haired mother wondering what she had to say to them that was so serious. "We...we are sending you to our home."

"Huh?" questioned the two kids as the tilted their heads to the left not sure what Nami was trying to say to them.

"But we are home?" said Mika not understanding what her mother was trying to convey to her daughter. Not even Akio was sure what the navigator was saying. Nami took a deep breathe, they were only kids after all, and looked back up to them.

"No, I mean our home in the East Blue." The kids' eyes widen as they had only heard stories of life in the East Blue from Sanji, Usopp, Zoro, and Mika's parents. Though Akio found it weird that the crew wanted to go back to the East Blue, Mika was just started getting excited.

"Really! We're going to the East Blue!" grinned Mika as she seem to be sensing a new adventure much like her father would. As she and Akio looked back, expecting to see the crew just as excited as Mika was, they did not seem excited or even happy. Confused, both kids looked back at Nami still looking grim.

"No." Nami shook her head causing the kids to blink confusedly. "You two are going to the East Blue." The kids' eyes widen as they finally realized what she was trying to say.

"What?" spoke Akio as he looked past Nami to the crew to see if this was just a joke planned by the crew. Unfortunately, that was not the case. All of the crew remained silent, even the usually excited Luffy wasn't even smiling his usually happy-go-lucky smile. He then looked back at the navigator as he still wasn't able to accept the fact. "Why?"

"Well, you see-"

"No." Nami stopped as she heard the soft whisper of her daughter and looked towards her. The girls short hair was having a shadow effect of her eyes, much like Luffy's hat would do so when he was angered. Nami immediately recognized that her daughter wasn't taking the news well.

"Mika." As she reached out to hold her daughter, Mika stepped back from the hand.

"No." This time the girl spoke a little louder and sounding a bit more angry as she continued to step back. The entire crew looked worried as they slowly approached the young girl they all came to love over the two years after she was born. "No!" Unfortunately, Mika continued to back away her pace getting faster. The crew looked hurt seeing the little girl back away from them like they were the villains they had fought.

"No! No! NO!" Finally, all hell broke loose as the shadow covering her eyes disappeared revealing her teary eyes looking hurt. "I don't want to go! You can't make us!" yelled the six year old girl as she tried to run hoping to hide so she wouldn't have to leave. However, Robin stopped her using her Hana Hana powers to keep her in place. The little girl tried to wiggle out, but couldn't budge an inch. "I don't wanna go!"

"Mika!" Usopp ran to the girl and immediately took her into his arms. Immediately, the hands disappeared allowing the long nosed sniper to pick her up, though she instantly tried to struggle. "I'm sorry, but we have no choice!" struggled Usopp keeping Mika from wiggling out of his grip.

"Please Mika, try to understand." assured Chopper as he walked up in front of the two while in Heavy Point trying to calm down the little girl. "It's becoming more dangerous to have you kids on board."

"No! I don't care!" cried Mika producing even more tries and struggling even more.

"Oh Mika." gasped Nami as she covered her mouth as she looked on the scene with tears slowly forming around her eyes. She soon felt a hand on her shoulder and looked back to see her husband trying to reassure her.

"Mika, we are going into the New World once we stop off at Sabaody Archipelago." stated Brook as he too joined the reindeer-gorilla in trying to convince the young girl to listen to them.

"The New World is full of strong opponents." Zoro soon joined in though loving the aspect of a challenge was more concerned, for once, in the safety of the crew's most precious nakama. The girl still didn't listen as she still struggled against Usopp's hold.

"And full of Super mysterious creatures." exclaimed Franky now also joining, who drew a rough picture of a weird monster with tiger-like features and on fire (hint, hint). Mika took a quick look at the picture, but only for a second as she returned to thrashing about.

"So!" shouted back Mika to the crew as she still thrashed about. "You guys are the strongest crew ever!" That definitely hit the crew hard. It wasn't easy telling probably their biggest fan that they were not invincible, especially for Luffy as she saw him, as her father, to be the strongest in the world.

"I'm sure we are to you Mika dear." spoke Robin as she calmly approached the girl somehow having an affect on her mood as she slowly began to stop thrashing. "We just feel like it won't be safe for you two. We can't always be there when you're in danger." From where Akio stood, he saw that great amount of concern that the archeologist had for Mika, and even him as she gave him a quick glance.

"We're strong! Right, Akio!" The boy heard his friend speak out, but didn't, no, couldn't answer Mika's question. Even though he had only been with the crew for a while now, having spent time with crew, and even learned a few things from them he definitely felt stronger. But after their latest incident he didn't feel so sure anymore. Unfortunately, Akio's unresponsive answer only mad his friend even madder as she tried once again to escape Usopp's hold.

"Mika-swan, please understand this is for your own good." stated Sanji trying to also comfort the little girl thrashing about. To the side, Vivi had just been watching and waiting patiently as the family tired their best to get their little girl to leave for her own safety. The princess found it like as typical as any with the Straw Hat crew. If only Mika could see it that way too.

"Please Mika, we don't want you to leave." said Chopper sounding very heartbroken though trying to be tough. Surprisingly, Mika seemed to have calmed down as she finally stopped thrashing and screaming. Believing they had done their job, the crew breathed a sigh of relief...that wouldn't last longer the five seconds.

"WHY DO YOU ALL HATE ME!" With one burst of energy, Mika screamed out as loud as she could tears flying from eyes. It was almost like being in a loud hurricane, one that could do more emotional than physical. The whole crew now looked heartbroken, Akio was in shock, but their were only two people that stood their ground firmly.


Mika immediately froze hearing her name, her tantrum slowly subsiding as she heard her parents speak. Still standing behind the rest of her nakama as they turned, Mika could see that her mother and father, usually loving and caring of her, made a look that very much showed that they were upset with their daughter for what she said. Many of the crew was frozen in place, causing Usopp's hold lessened around the small child though Mika made no action to escape. In her mind, she was both baffled and scared for she had never heard her parents yell at her with such anger towards her. It scared her...it scared her a lot. She immediately returned to crying seeing as there wasn't much she could do at this point. Meanwhile, her parents, now looking more worried than upset, slowly walked over to their crying child. Seeing he was no longer needed to hold the child, Usopp gently sat her down and moved away with the group allowing Luffy and Nami to comfort their daughter with some peace. Once reaching her, they both dropped to Mika's height and both gave her a caring hug, to which Mika returned.

"Mika, please. We all love you. But we can't put you or Akio in any more danger." said Nami sadly trying her best not to become emotionally herself. The only response from Mika was just a very loud sniff showing she was still sad.

"Mika, we are only doing what's best for both you and Akio." stated Luffy trying his best to be the father that Mika needed, instead of the usual 'Fun' dad he was. He was also meet with a large sniff, but their little girl soon spoke up.

"But... But" whimpered Mika trying to fight back. She instantly hugged her parents back, trying to her best to be strong like her family. "I don't want to leave again. I want to be their when dad becomes the Pirate King." Loosening her hug, Nami moved herself so that she could see her daughter, still in tears, but trying her best to stop them.

"We know." stated Nami with a sad smile and her own tears on the verge of spilling out. "But after what Buggy almost did to you both." Nami said, but couldn't continue trying to force her tries back from recalling that painful memory. Luffy immediately went to reassure his wife placing his treasured straw-hat onto her head. Feeling the familiar straw-hat on her head, Nami seem to gain the strength needed to be strong.

Meanwhile, Mika was having her own hard time as she recalled exactly what her mother was talking about. Not only a few days ago, the Straw Hat Crew ran into a weird collaboration of Foxy and Buggy. But as usual, their plans failed time after time until Buggy saw the crew's two new members. She wouldn't admit it out loud, but she was terrified when Buggy's hand with a knives projecting out of them came flying straight towards her and Akio after both were struck by Foxy's Noro Noro beam. If it wasn't for her father taking the attack, they both could have lost their lives. She remembered that Chopper had to do surgery on her father, how painful it was waiting to know if he was better, and seeing her mother worry.

"Please Mika, listen to your father and mother. Your parents always know what's best." Mika watery eyes then turned to the newcomer aboard the ship. Vivi had remained silent for much of the tearful battle, but now she needed to be just as much of a support as the Straw Hat crew was for her. With Luffy and Nami taking a step to the side, Vivi approached the young girl with a reassuring smile. "I'm sure sending you and Akio away is hurting them as much as it is you."

"R-r-really?" said the girl through the tears. The blue haired princess nodded as she gestured back to the crew. Mika followed looking at each of her family members one by one. All looked sad, not a single smile and none looked relieved that she and Akio were leaving. It was especially so with her parents. Now Mika was starting to feel bad about what she earlier as she looked down to the grassy deck in shame.

"I'm sorry." It was quiet, but it was just enough for the whole crew to hear immediately turning their grim looks into forgiving smiles. The happiest, of course, were her parents. Vivi left Mika to her parents as they took another try at getting Mika to cheer up

"Don't worry Mika, Vivi is an old friend of ours. You can trust her." smiled Nami to Mika as she brought her daughter into a solo hug. A soft smile grew on Mika's face feeling her mothers warmth. She could always trust her mother, but still just couldn't just leave.

"But what about all of our adventures."

"Maybe you can have your own adventures with Akio. You'll be seeing a lot of new places that you two can explore." chuckled Luffy trying to lighten up the mood. Nami sent Luffy a very scary glare that Luffy instantly flinch from. Though Nami didn't like what her husband was suggesting, she knew that her daughter would probably do so anyway.

"It won't be the same." sniffled Mika as she looked up to her father with sad eyes. It was not like Mika didn't think Akio was any fun, quite the opposite actually, but she knew her father and family would always make it funnier.

"Of course not!" Mika's eyed widen in surprise as she looked at her father. "They'll be your and Akio's adventures!" finished Luffy with a big grin bringing Mika's smile out. Nami let go of Mika, allowing the girl to immediately run to her father giving him a tight hug that he immediately returned.

"That's my girl." smiled Luffy as he placed his hand on his daughter's hair ruffling it while they hugged. After a few moments, they released and Mika went back to her mother, who embraced Mika in another hug.

"I promise we won't be away for too long this time." whispered Nami into Mika's ear replying with a happy nod.

From there, the little girl went to each crew/family member individually and gave each one a special good-bye and a hug. Going in order: she asked Zoro to stop fighting with Sanji, the green haired man replying with a very gruff, "I'll try" and a forced smile for assurance. For Usopp, she said that couldn't wait to see what new inventions he will have and asked if he would stop lying so much, though she stll didn't the know the difference yet. Added to her good-bye, she asked for him to tell Sogeking good-bye for her.(Like father, like daughter) To Sanji, she asked the same as she did with Zoro and told him that she couldn't wait to try all the new food he would make. Unfortunately, that caused Sanji to hug on to her more and had to take Zoro, Nami, and Luffy to get him to let go. To Chopper, all he got was a big hug and many "You're so cute, I wish I could take you with me." sentences before adding that she hoped that he will be a great doctor that, "the little kids won't cry when they see him" that made him faint from all the attention and embarrassment. To "Auntie" Robin, she asked if she would try to get some cool story books for her to read with Robin asking the same to her. To Franky, she asked that he keep on fixing the Sunny, and that he started wearing pants. (Everyone got a good laugh out of that.) And finally Brook, she promised that she would bring back knew songs for him and that he stop asking for panties. He only gave an "innocent" yohohoho.

All the while, as Mika said her good-byes, Luffy and Nami took notice of Akio looking like he was feeling left out. They could somewhat understand. Although Mika had done everything in her power to get Akio to feel like family, and the crew did like him and do anything to protect him, he still felt like an outsider. Luffy looked at Nami and vice versa, a silent communication took place between the two. It was soon broken when Nami gave Luffy a smile and a nod. Luffy smiled back and left his wife's side and walked over to the lonely boy.

"Akio, can we talk?" The boy jumped hearing Luffy speak to him and quickly turned to see that straw hat wearing captain address him. He wasn't sure what he wanted, but Akio nodded in agreement. Luffy then beckoned him to follow as he rounded the corner away from the group. Once Akio and Luffy were out of sight, Luffy spoke again.

"I've got an important job for you." Akio stared up at the adult with wide eyes as the captain looked down on him with a confident smile.

"W-What." Akio was flabbergasted. Here Luffy, the strongest person he ever knew, was giving him an important job. He never been asked to do something other than just behave, but the look on Luffy's face showed that whatever it was it was serious

"I want you to take care of Mika for us, but mostly for me and Nami." Akio looked at Luffy confusedly. He had always taken care of Mika when the crew wasn't around, though he could always count on the adults to actually save the day if something went wrong. He figured that this was no longer the case, since they were soon going to be separated.

"B-But what can I-I do?" Despite Akio's obvious nervousness, Luffy's smile grew bigger as he placed a hand on his shoulder trying to reassure him.

"You can help her when she's in trouble. When she needs a friend." said Luffy calmly, though quickly began to chuckle as he added another part to his sentence. "Or a partner in crime. Shishishi."


"Just make sure she's happy when we see you guys again." Then, from out of nowhere, Luffy pulled out a straw hat and placed it on his head. It looked very much like Luffy's straw hat, but instead of a red band going around the top there was a blue band with a Hawaiian flower pattern. With Luffy taking his hand off the hat, Akio looked up and took the hat off looking upon it with amazement.

"Akio." The young boy looked away from his new hat and back up to Luffy, still looking down on him with a grin as he asked a question. "Do you have dream?"

Akio blinked in confusion."I've never really thought about it." said Akio as he looked at his feet bashfully. He knew that all the crew had some sort of big dream that kept them going, even Mika had a dream. But Luffy's question perplexed him. He never really thought of anything to fight for, well other than his friend. He took a deep look at his life from living on his home island to meeting Mika and the rest of the Straw-Hat Crew to the death of his mother and finally when he joined the crew on their journey. And through it all, he found the only thing he could think of.

"I want to be strong. Not just for me, but for Mika so she can depend on me when she's in trouble. And for any of my nakama that I will have." stated Akio somewhat unsure, but also confident giving Luffy the answer he needed.

"That sounds good." grinned Luffy as he ruffled up the boy's hair, which he found somewhat annoying. The two then left from their spot to see Mika and the rest of the crew looking towards the cabins waiting someone to come out. Both males looked confused at what they were waiting for until they saw Zoro come out with two suitcases.

"Are those ours?" asked Akio as he walked next to Mika still holding his hat. Mika took notice of her friend next to her, and even more so of what he got.

"Wow! Cool hat Akio." spoke Mika in awe as she raised the hat up to get a better look. Akio didn't let go of the hat, but allowed her to look over it. "I bet it be cooler if you wore it." Mika then pulled the hat over Akio's head and roughly placed it on his head. She then stepped back to see how it looked on her friend and nodded happily.

"Perfect! You look so cool, Akio." Unbeknownst to Mika, her comment made the boy blush a bit causing him to pull the hat down to cover his blush. When she finally noticed Akio's weird action, she blinked in confusion while Robin, having observed the whole scene, softly chuckled to herself.

"Do we have everything they need?" asked Nami back to the crew as they brought out two luggage bags probably filled with some of Mika and Akio's stuff. With Akio joining Mika, they both looked surprised that they were already ready for them to leave.

"This should be it." stated Zoro holding onto the suitcases, one brown and one red. At this point, Chaka and Pell walked off the gangplank and took the suitcases from Zoro, and brought them aboard.

"Did you need anything before we go kids?" Akio and Mika looked over to Vivi as she made sure that the kids weren't forgetting something that was important. With Akio holding onto his new hat and Mika not really sure what she would bring, the kids nodded.

"All right, then it's time to-"

"WAIT!" yelled Luffy interrupting Vivi,causing everyone to look at the captain looking somewhat frantic. Seeing his crew and friend notice him, Luffy smiled and ran off into the cabin. After some very loud noises of glass breaking, books being thrown, and some swearing (Robin effectively covered the kid's ears) Luffy came back with a grin and holding something behind his back as he walked up to Mika.

"We have something for you Mika." Luffy then handed his daughter two objects placing them in her hand. Looking at the objects in her hands, she saw a colorful conch shell and a silver necklace with a gold colored, pebble size pendent, shaped like a mikan wearing a straw hat with the Straw-Hats jolly roger on it. It was the most beautiful pendent she ever saw.

"That one's from me and Nami." smiled Luffy as he pointed to the pendent, seeing as Mika was most interested in it. "Open it."

Mika nodded and open the pendent to see its contents. Looking over the pendent, she was surprised at what was inside. Inside she found were two pictures; on the right was the entire crew with Mika and Akio in a group picture smiling. She remembered that day, her mom had been acting weirdly that day, but it was a very happy day. But the one left was the one that caught her attention more. It was a very nice and, oddly enough, organized picture of Luffy and Nami from their wedding day. Both were smiling and looking down in between them. There in the middle of the happy couple was a smiling Mika, who had taken interest in the quick photo shoot and wanted in. Mika stared at the pictures, those were the happiest times of her life. She looked up to her parents, both looking proud as they saw their daughter wearing a big smile though her eyes were tearing up from happiest. Seeing the look on his friend's face, he looked over her shoulders to see what she was looking at.

"Whoa." said the boy amazed at the contents inside the pendent.

"See, now you have us where ever you are." spoke Nami as she pointed to the picture of the crew then to their wedding picture. Mika looked up to her mother curiously while her mother took the pendent and necklace placing it around her neck. "It looks beautiful on you dear."

"Really." spoke Mika as she looked at the pendent now around her neck.

"Yeah! And that's not all!" added Luffy as he brought back the conch shell. Mika looked confused at her father, wondering why a shell was so important to keep, until she saw him push down on the apex of the shell.

"Hey, is this thing on." Mika and Akio jumped back in shock hearing Mika's father's voice come from the shell.

"Of course it's on, Luffy." Usopp's voice.

"Hurry up Luffy, we want turns, too." Sanji's voice.

"Okay, okay. Hey Mika! Hey Akio! It's me, Luffy, the next king of the pirates. Shishishi. Anyway, we all wanted to give you guys something to remember us by so here it is. We all miss you guys and we'll see you guys soon." Mika and Akio smiled as tears also fell from their eyes.

"Here Nami."

"Hey! I thought I was next?" Zoro's voice. In the the background, both could hear a loud whack that made both kids chuckle.

"Hi Mika." Mika's mother.

"It hurts that we have to be separate like this, but I know that your strong and will pull through,your just like your father. And you also have Akio and I know that he can be there for you. Akio, I know that you've had a hard life, but try to live your new life without regret and I want you to know that you always have family with us." Akio smiled finally feeling like he belongs. He turned to Mika, who also turned to him, and shot each other a soft smile.

"Grrrrr. Hey Mika, keep doing, you know, whatever your doing." Zoro's monotone voice in the tone dial gave him an angry glare from Nami, not completely happy with his recording.

"Oh, Akio. Keep on training, and I don't just mean in sword fighting. Try to explore other fighting skills and find one that fits." As Zoro's recording ended, Akio looked at Zoro, who casually standing to the side. Feeling Akio's stare, Zoro opened his left eye. Akio gave an understanding nod and Zoro just casually nodded.

"Hey, my turn. It is I, the Great Captain Usopp, gracing your lonely moment with tales of..."

"Oi, Oi, just get on with it!" Sanji's voice again.

"Oh, fine. I'll miss you Mika and Akio, who else on this ship is going help with my inventions or play pranks on the others."

"Oi, Oi." shouted various voices. Both Mika and Akio chuckled remembering the various pranks they had played on the crew.

"Hey, Mika. It's Sanji. I hope that when we meet again, you will have grown into a beautiful mellorine like your mother. And Akio, DON'T YOU DARE HURT MIKA-SWAN OR THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY, but be good." Mika laughed hard while Akio just started to sweat hard.

"My turn, my turn. It's me, Chopper. I'll miss you guys a lot! The ship won't be as lively without both of you. Stay healthy, Mika and Akio." Chopper's voice.

"Hello Mika. Hello Akio. I hope that both of you keep your curious natures, it always makes life more interesting." Robin's voice.

"Ow! Yo, little sister Mika and little brother Akio, remember to always have a SUUUUPPPPEER day!" Franky's voice

"Yohohoho! We'll all miss you little ones. Your laughter is more musical than any song that I can play. My heart is breaking by the fact that we must part. But wait, I have no heart to break. Yohohoho! Skull joke!" Brook's voice and lame joke. Despite the joke being lame, both kids couldn't help but laugh.

"Yosh! Is that everyone!"


"Then there's only one thing left to say."

"Whatever rode you decide to take Mika and Akio."

"WE'LL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU, NO MATTER WHAT!" shouted the entire crew, both from the shell and in person. Both kids looked away from the conch as the whole crew was now around them wearing proud smiles leaving the kids speechless.

"Hey Mika." whispered Akio to Mika causing the straw hat crew to watch them curiously. "I think maybe you should tell them." Looking back at Akio, it took Mika a few seconds before realizing what her friend was speaking about. She smiled and nodded in agreement looking very excited.

"Tell us what?" asked Nami as she stared at her daughter curiously. The little girl looked around the ship until she found what she needed. Grabbing Akio's hand, the two kids ran over to a nearby barrel, the crew and princess watching with great interest as Mika climbed on top of the barrel with Akio keeping the barrel from tipping as she climbed.

"Mika?" spoke the crew as they were still not sure what the little girl wanted to say.

"When I get older." started Mika loudly as she wore a large grin that easily rivaled her father's. "I'm gonna get my own nakama and sail with them across the Grand Line and beat you guys and then I will become the first QUEEN OF THE PIRATES!" exclaimed Mika so that Oda himself could bear witness. Everyone on the ship looked shocked, the pure determination of this little girl could only be rivaled by her father's. The look in her eyes meant that she meant business, just as Akio's own eyes shown the same determination, but for helping Mika achieve her dream.

"Ahahahaha!" The crew looked to the side to see Luffy laughing out of pure excitement with Nami shaking her head though wore a proud smile. Mika lost her grin as she now looked confused at why her father was laughing. "That's my girl!" laughed Luffy as he walked up to his daughter, picked her up, and set her down next to Akio.

"You're...you're not mad?" asked Mika somewhat bashful as she looked up to her father, still wearing his grin.

"Why would I?" said Luffy as he bent down to Mika and Akio's height and ruffled both their hairs. "That's an awesome dream!"

"Really!" said Mika, wearing the look of excitement on her face, and Akio, looking like he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"But you got a long way to go before you can take on the king."

"So do we hun." stated Nami with a sly smile as she gave her husband a soft pat on the back. Luffy replied with a soft chuckle. Nami then turned to her daughter giving her an approved smile. "I know you'll make it, sweetie."

"Really mom!"

"That's a SUUPPER dream!"

"Yohohoho, looks like we have a future rival!"

"Yeah!" cheered Chopper getting caught in the excitement, but soon realized something and instantly turned shocked and concerned."Wait! I don't want to fight Mika and Akio!"

"Come on Chopper. We have to protect our title." stated Usopp as he bent down trying to get Chopper to calm down.

"Che. The better be strong." stated Zoro as he leaned against the cabin. "Once we get it, the only way anyone is gonna get our title is after we're dead."

"Shut up, Moss-head." intruded Sanji yelling furiously at the green haired swordsmen then switching to his love mode. "If I was the king of the pirates with a cute daughter like you, I would just give it to you, my sweet mellorine."

"Oi, Oi." shouted Luffy not pleased with Sanji's comment. Robin just mildly chuckled, just as much interested in challenge set by her 'niece'. All the while, Mika watched her family seeing that they all were supportive of her dream. Akio was just the same, but knew better as he acted much like Zoro looking smug.

"Thanks everyone!" smiled Mika and joined by Akio. All of the crew smiled back at their little nakama looking very much proud of them. Even Vivi couldn't help but feel some pride in these little kids. However, her moment ended as she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see Chaka as he whispered into her ear.

"Princess, we need to be going before someone sees us."

"Oh, alright." She didn't want to separate this family, a family that she herself once had the great pleasure of being apart of. But she knew that they were doing this for the kids, and, although she had only just gotten to know them, she wanted them to feel like she was also family. Causally she walked next to Luffy and gently gave him nudged.

"Huh?" Luffy turned to see Vivi was now next to him looking sad.

"Luffy, I'm sorry, but Chaka says we need to go." said Vivi concernedly and somewhat ashamed for ending this moment. Luffy quickly lost his smile when she spoke, but nodded seeing as she was right. The sun was now raising over the horizon, if any marines were out they could see the royal ship with the Sunny. He then turned back to the cheerful crowd and walked up to the kids. Everyone went silent as they all knew what was about to come.

"Mika, Akio, it's time to go." The two kids turned to the captain. Both looked at each other, looking very hesitant, but the both looked back at Luffy giving a sad nod.

With the time of the kids departure come forth, the kids gave their last hugs and good-byes to the crew. Once they finished, Mika and Akio then began the solemn walk towards the onto royal ship along with Vivi.

"Thank you for doing this Vivi." said Nami just before the princess could walk with the kids back to her ship. Vivi just smiled and gave the older women a soft hug.

"We're nakama aren't we." Hearing on their conversation, Luffy gave a soft laugh and nodded with Nami at the princess's statement. With that said, the princess soon joined the kids.

As they all walked, Brooks began playing Bink's sake on his violin playing with a happy tone giving the kids a happy send-off. Once the group had crossed the gangplank and were on the ship, the guards lifted the board and lifted the anchor to the ship as did the Straw Hats. As the two ship separated, the Straw Hat crew began waving good-byes and reminding both kids and the princess to stay well. Both kids and Vivi waved back yelling "We will." and "See you soon". As time past, the ships soon sailed further and further from each other until finally the royal ship could no longer see the Sunny. Once so,Vivi left with Akio to show the kids around the ship, however, Mika stood at her spot staring into the distance where the Sunny was. After a few minutes, Akio came wondering back looking for Mika when he realized that she had not joined him and Vivi.

"Mika." The little girl didn't reply, she just continued to stare out into the blue. It worried Akio a bit seeing his friend not move an inch or even smile. Just stand there like frozen piece of meat. But Akio wouldn't have it.

'Mika is best when she's happy.' With a new determination to snap Mika out, Akio approached the girl ready to annoy her as much as she did him when he ignores her.

"I'm okay, Akio." spoke Mika just before Akio could do anything annoying to her. Having been frozen in place hearing Mika speak, Akio reeled back with sigh seeing that he could never one up Mika.

"You sure?" asked Akio seeing his plan ruined. Mika nodded and turned away from the horizon giving the boy a soft, yet sad smile. Then, out of nowhere, Mika gave Akio a hug surprising the young boy, but returned it nonetheless.

"Hey Akio, could I ask you something?" Finishing their hug, the two separated with Akio looking at Mika curiously, wondering what his friend wanted to ask.

"Do you wanna be my nakama?"

And from there the makings of a great pirate crew began. As they traveled the Grand Line, Mika and Akio got to know Vivi very well while they journeyed to Alabasta Kingdom and then Cocoyashi Village in the East Blue. And soon enough, Vivi became like family to both children. However, with happy times they always tend to go south fast.

One week later, the royal escort had reached Alabasta port, but weren't greeted by the greatest of news.

"NO!" One week after the kids departure, they were now docked at an Alabasta port. The whole ship could here the denial of the little girl they all had gotten to know. The girl, obviously Mika, was currently in a room with Vivi and Akio as well as some guards as they brought terrible news."My father and mother aren't dead! And neither is our family! They're way too strong to die!" yelled Mika throwing a crumpled up newspaper at the guards that brought Princess Vivi the paper.

On the newspaper, it had read that the Straw Hat pirates, along with many other rookie crews, were attacked by the marines in an effort to arrest Luffy, and by excuse the others, for assaulting a Celestial Dragon. An act punishable by an intimidate dispatch of marines and an admiral to subdue the assaulter. It was said that the crew then fought a tough combination of Bartholomew Kuma -one of the Seven Warlords-, Admiral Kizaru, and said admiral's nephew.

"Mika, calm down!" spoke Akio as he ran next to his friend currently staring daggers at the guards. He quickly grabbed the newspaper, flattened it, then quickly read through it. "See!" Akio then pointed to a sentence on the newspaper, a picture of the fleeing pirates just above it. "It says that the crew disappeared, not dead. So they're still alive." said Akio hoping this would calm his friend down. And it did. Mika immediately stopped yelling and looked more closely at the lines Akio was pointing to.

"Phew!" Mika immediately relaxed as she blew a sigh in relief. "That was scary." Mika was now calmed down allowing Akio to relax as well. However, Mika wasn't done as she puffed her cheeks and looked at the guards disdainfully. "That wasn't a very funny joke." All the adults in the room sweat-dropped as the girl, though innocent in nature, was oblivious to what the newspaper really said as was Akio, though had some knowledge.

"You are right Mika, that wasn't a very funny joke." spoke Vivi mildly sending the guards a silent message: Be careful what you say. "Please be careful about you jokes."

"Hai, Princess. We are sorry for our bad joke" apologized the guards giving a bow to the princess.

"As long as you know that you were wrong. You're forgiven." smiled Mika smugly everyone in the room once again sweat-dropped at her attitude. Soon after, the guards excused themselves and returned to their duties aboard the ship.

"Although." spoke the princess as she looked at the newspaper Akio had handed to her. Both kids looked curious at the princess, as they had learned to listen to almost every word she said. "I wonder what happened to them."

"You don't think they're in trouble, do you." Vivi looked at Akio, seeing the worry on his face. She could understand what he, probably Mika, were going through. She often worried about her country, family, and friends almost everyday. However, she wasn't sure what to say to him, and luckily she didn't have to.

"Of course not!" Vivi and Akio looked towards Mika as she wore a huge grin on her face looking confident and proud in whatever answer she had. "I bet they're playing hide-in-seek with the meanies until they leave and then they'll be on their way. Shishishi." laughed Mika with the innocence that any kid could have at this age. However, that was far from the case with Akio as he looked dumbfounded by Mika's answer while Vivi just gave a soft chuckle.

"I bet you're right." smiled Vivi deciding it was best to play along with what the little girl believed instead of telling her otherwise. "Do you want play another game?"

"Yeah! Let's play hide-in-seek like dad and mom and everyone else!" shouted Mika with excitement as she pointed to the newspaper in the princess's hand. Vivi chuckled and gave a nod agreeing with Mika's game choice with Akio, although still dumbfounded, also agreeing.

"Yay! You're it Auntie Vivi!" laughed Mika as she ran outside dragging Akio behind her looking very confused. Watching the kids leave,Vivi seemed to be a bit shocked having been called an "Auntie" at the young age of eighteen. However she let it slide. Mika was just too cute. Before the princess started her search for the kids, she returned her attention to the newspaper and remembering that her friends had disappeared.

"I hope you're safe." whispered Vivi sounding worried as she got up ready to go searching for the kids. Before she left the room, she whispered one last part. "For more their sake, as well as mine."

In no time flat, the proper documents for traveling to the East Blue were made and after a quick ship change, the royal ship left Alabasta and heading towards Cocoyashi and the East Blue. The journey was, by Mika's standards, "more boring than watching Zoro sleep" though Akio was just glad that nothing too dangerous happened. The trip had at least one interesting twist, for a quick trip the princess decided cross through the Calm Belt with a ship with sea paddles and a seastone bottom. And soon...

The village of Cocoyashi was having another peaceful day. It had been so ever since they, and the entire island, were freed from the clutches of Arlong and the Fishmen pirates. As per usual in the afternoon, many of the civilians were out fishing be it for business or fun.

"Hey Yosaku, look at that." This day, a black haired man wearing sunglasses sat in a small dingy named 'Bounty Maru' with his friend, a buzzed cut haired man wearing a red head gear piece, as he caught sight of a large ship in the distance. As both men watched as the ship got closer, they reeled back seeing it grow exponentially.

"Holy crap!" shouted the man named Yosaku almost tipping the boat over along with Johnny. "That's a huge ship!"

"It must be some noble or something!"

"Yay! I wonder what's their business with Cocoyashi Village?" Both then looked at each other, both looking extremely worried. Immediately forgetting their fishing, the two men quickly rowed back to the port hopefully in time to warn the people.

And it was, for soon enough the Egyptian themed ship landed at Cocoyashi's port. Beforehand, a crowd had been gathering all suspicious of the huge galleon sized ship. Stepping out of the crowd came the local law enforcement, Genzo along with Yosaku and Johnny armed, and the local mikan farmer, Nojiko, having decided to speak on behalf of the villagers and figure what was going on. With the plank lowered from the ship, a troop of guards came marching down taking positions to the side of the board. Following behind came down two well-toned men, one with black hair and one wearing purple paint around his eyes, and a young women with sky blue hair. While the former bounty hunters tried putting up a brave face in front of the impressive men, Genzo and Nojiko were observing them cautiously wondering what business they had. The two men and women soon stepped off the board and approached the crowd, separating themselves from the guards much like the Cocoyashi group with the villagers. With the two men standing to the side, the sky blue haired women stepped forward and scanned the crowd as if looking for someone before she spoke.

"Hello, I am Princess Vivi from the Alabasta Kingdom located in the Grand Line." The crowd of villagers immediately gasped in awe and shock as they conversed amongst themselves. However, the Cocoyashi talk group remained firm, though the princess's opening sentence seem to shock the bounty hunters turned fishermen. "And these two men are my guards, Chaka and Pell." Both men nodded affirming their positions to the villagers. "I wish to speak to a man named Genzo and a women named Nojiko."

"That would be us, Princess Vivi." spoke Genzo stepping forward a bit and giving the royalty a small bow being respectful while Nojiko just stepped forward while smoking a bit. "What business do you have with us?"

"We are just here to drop off a special package from your sister." answered Pell for the princess though not moving an inch from his spot. Nojiko and Genzo blinked in surprise, and the crowd once again began mumbling to themselves now more about what Nami had sent them. Only Johnny and Yosaku seemed surprised.

"Big Sis' Nami?"

"My sister?" questioned Nojiko not sure if she could believe the princess. None of them knew much of Nami's adventures with the crew beyond the Enie Lobby incident. The last news from Nami that anyone had heard was that she was getting married to her captain and had a little girl.

"Yes, your sister." confirmed Chaka giving the crowd a nod. There was a pause as the people waited for whatever 'package' Nami had sent them to be brought from the ship, but none did. Instead, the princess just smiled and spoke looking towards the ground in front of her, confusing the Cocoyashi crowd.

"Okay, you two can come out now." spoke Vivi looking as if she was talking to no one.

"Who are you talking to-" Before Genzo could finish, from behind Chaka and Pell, came two small figures, one girl and one boy, walking from behind the guards and stood in front of the princess. While they stood in front of Vivi, the girl wore a big, goofy, smile and the boy with a nervous smile. The villagers seemed perplexed at the arrival of the two kids, Johnny and Yosaku even more so, while Genzo and Nojiko just stared at them seeing something familiar about the girl.

"Go on, introduce yourselves." said Vivi to the children as she nudged the two forward. Akio looked back to the princess looking quite nervous, though quickly looked back at the crowd giving them a small wave with his nervous smile.

"Uh, hi. My name is Akio."

"Hello everyone!" exclaimed Mika with a grin clearly not affected by the same nervousness that her friend had as she ran forward and stood in the middle of everyone's attention. And that she had, as everyone looked at her with confusion and an interest of what she was doing. "My name is Monkey D. Namika, or Mika, for short." Silence struck the whole crowd. Everyone stared at the little smiling girl, the crowd with their jaws dropped, Johnny and Yosaku even more so, and Genzo and Nojiko just speechless as the looked at the girl who had just proclaimed herself as the offspring of Nami and Luffy.

"M-Mika?" gasped Nojiko pointing at the little browny-red haired girl, whose grin only got larger as she nodded her.

"I can't believe it." spoke Genzo looking down on Mika.

"Well believe it!" exclaimed Mika pumping her fists in the air. "I'm Mika, daughter of the next pirate king, and soon to be the first pirate queen."

"Eh?" shouted the whole crowd as they looked at the girl unbelievably. The girl nodded once again, and then ran back past the guards and to the princess and her friend. She grabbed hold of Akio and then brought him to the front.

"And this is my first mate, Akio." Being reintroduced as a pirate-in-training, Akio waved to the shocked crowd and gave them an innocent smile. Once again the crowd was a buzz with comments and questions.

"I can't believe we're seeing Big Bro Luffy and Big Sis Nami's child!" shouted Johnny as his and Yosaku's eyes grew to the size of dishes.

"My word." spoke Genzo amazed at what the little girl just said.

"Definitely Luffy and Nami's Kid." chuckled Nojiko as she walked up to the travel group. Seeing the women walk up to them, Mika immediately separated herself from the group and met the women before reaching the guards. For a moment, both just stared at each other not saying a word between the other until finally.


"You're Aunt Nojiko, right?" asked Mika curiously as she looked over them older women before her. Nojiko just gave a soft chuckle and nodded as she through away her cigarette as she dropped down to Mika's height. "My mom told me all about you! Do you really own a mikan plantation?"

"Yep." winked Nojiko making Mika even more excited. "In fact, those mikan trees on that ship our from our plantation."

"Really!" Nojiko laughed as she saw the stunned face of her now identified niece. At this point, Vivi saw it fit to deliver the second half of this delivery. The princess walked up towards the two family members, Akio joining her once she reached him, as she brought out a letter. Breaking from the family moment, Nojiko notice the princess and stood back up causing Mika to turn around to see them. Once they finally met, Vivi handed the older women the letter with a smile.

"I guess the letter explains." stated Nojiko to the princess with some bit of know-how. The princess nodded allowing the plantation farmer to take the letter looking over it once seeing her name on it. With the letter delivered and her mission complete, Vivi crouched down to the kids height though looking very sad.

"Looks like this is good-bye, you two. Please be safe." Both kids nodded and quickly went in to hug the princess. Vivi was slightly shocked, but quickly embraced the two kids still looking sad and a bit pained.

"Bye, Aunt Vivi. We'll come to see you when were out at sea." said Mika cheerfully trying make Vivi happy.

"By princess, thanks for protecting and taking us here." said Akio with a smile trying to do them same as Mika. The hug soon broke allowing Vivi to stand back up and retreat back trying her best to remain emotionally strong. The kids then took their bags and walked over to their new home, but not before looking back to Chaka and Pell.

"Thanks for playing with us!" waved Mika to the guards replying back with their own wave. Though Akio's good-bye was a lot different from the cheery captain-to-be.

"Thank you for sparing with me. Next time we meet, I will be stronger." bowed Akio respectfully causing the two men to stop waving and reply to the boy with in confidence.

"We'll be waiting." With that said the guards followed the princess's lead as they head back towards the ship. Before getting too far away, Vivi quickly turned around and looked at Nojiko, who immediately eyed the young women in interest.

"Please take good care of them."

"Of course, your highness." smiled Nojiko adding a gracious bow.

"Sniff, So touching." In the background, Johnny and Yosaku were brought to tears at the scene. Ignoring that, Vivi smiled, nodded to the older women in acceptance, and then followed her guard as they all returned to the ship. Mika and Akio kept waving good-bye to the group as they set the sails and launched out, heading back to the Alabasta Kingdom.

When the ship finally disappeared from view, the villagers immediately began getting to know their two newcomers as well as asking how Nami was doing. Many people introduced themselves as this or that, the most memorable being Genzo: "Call me Uncle!", and Johnny and Yosaku: "We'll be your Big Bros!". But all gave Mika their praise for what her parents and crew did for them. Both kids were amazed at the story of the defeat of the Arlong crew by her father's crew, which at the time consisted of only her father, Zoro, Usopp, and Sanji to free her mother and bring her back to the Straw-Hat crew. As day turned into night, the kids were finally tired out. Thus, Nojiko led/carry them to their new home. Seeing as the kids were too tired to take any interest of her plantation at the moment, Nojiko laid them into their new beds allowing them to sleep peacefully. As the two kids slept, Nojiko decided to open the letter Vivi had given her from Nami. Cutting the letter open, she took out a folded piece of paper, unfolded it, and read it thoroughly.

Dear Nojiko,

I'm sorry if this is sudden, but could you take care of Mika and Akio. Everyone in the crew feels that, as we get closer to the New World, it will become more dangerous for the kids. And what almost happened to them sometime ago, we couldn't bare it anymore. Please take good care of them, they have big dreams so try to give them as much of a chance they can get. Don't worry, I'm sure they will be a big help to you when the mikan grow in. Also, if it isn't too much trouble, Mika would like to visit Luffy's home, it's called Windmill Village, and I left some markings of where it is if you have to sail. Also, as one final wish, try to keep Mika from mentioning her last name around people. We don't want the marines coming for her. And try to help Akio, he's very interested in finding his own style. Thank you so much. Hope to see you soon.

Love, Nami

Nojiko smiled as she finished reading her sister's letter. She placed the paper down on the table and walked to the room she left her niece and friend. Peering through the crack in the door, she could hear her niece snore loudly while Akio was quieter. However, both had big smiles on their faces, which put Nojiko in a good mood. "Geez, what a troublesome sister and brother-in-law I have."

For the next few days, Mika and Akio explored the whole village and the plantation. Visiting with the townspeople, playing tricks on Genzo (Nojiko didn't mind honestly), and, just like Nami said, they helped Nojiko with collecting the mikan. Eventually, Nojiko started taking the two to the library. They still needed to learn, even if they didn't like it. But to appease their 'oppressor'-as Mika called her aunt-, Mika found a history book about pirates, while Akio looked at various martial arts books and eventually found one that peeked his interest. After reading through it and finding this new fighting style cool, Akio began his personal training, but that's for another time. However, these good times did not last long.

"Well, today the day ain't it." said the local doctor, Dr. Nako, to Genzo as the two sat around taking a drink from the bottles of sake.

"Ya, let's hope that the world doesn't go to hell after this." said Genzo grimly as he took a swig out of his own bottle.

"You see kids. This is a good example of what not to do with your life." The two older men looked off to the side, to see Nojiko pointing to them and speaking loud enough for them to obviously hear. While the two old men glared at her, the soft sounds after laughter could be heard behind the mikan grower. Currently, Nojiko was having Johnny and Yosaku carry her groceries while the kids were laughing behind her.

"Oh, be quiet girl! Can't we spend our last days in peace." frustratedly yelled Dr. Nako as he took another drink from the bottle. The laughter soon stopped, as they all took great interest in the old doctor's comment.

"You're not dying." said Nojiko with an unconcerned look.

"Yeah, what gives old man?" added Johnny sounding concerned.

"The execution of Portgas D. Ace is today." While the comment blew other Nojiko, since she was not familiar with what went on outside the island, Johnny and Yosaku seem to immediately get shivers. "And you know that Whitebeard going to raise some hell to get him back." replied the doctor solemnly. This Nojiko had heard before, Whitebeard was the strongest man in the world. He valued his nakama much like Luffy does. Executing an important member of his crew like this would mean war. However, she didn't care, this war was far from them and would probably mean nothing other than many causalities. But what no one noticed was the looks on Mika and Akio's face. One that showed a great amount fear.

"W-What about Ace?" The adults looked down at the kids, finding it odd for a child to address a pirate by name. Nojiko and the former bounty were shocked to see that Akio looking almost fearful and nervous and even more so of Mika.

"I guess you kids wouldn't know, but a guy named Blackbeard turned "Fire Fist" Ace into the marines."The kids eyes widen even further causing the adults to definitely find this action odd. "Today they are going to execute him for his crimes." finished Genzo though looked curiously at the kids wondering why these two kids looked so grim about a pirate they most likely never heard of. His interest increase when he saw Mika tightening her fist and a tear form in her eye.

"I say, good riddance." yelled the doctor sounding a bit drunk. Everyone minus the kids looked at the doctor worried that he may something that could send the kids over the edge."That kid was always a problem, even before he joined Whitebeard. His fire powers did tons of damage, and scarred just as many. It would be in the best interest of everyone that he be-"

"STOP TALKING BAD ABOUT MY UNCLE!" Everyone froze as the piercing scream of Mika quickly silenced everyone. As they all looked at the girl, their faces were shocked to see tears falling from her eyes. Of course, they were even more so by Mika's statement. Akio instantly wanted to cheer Mika up, before she could break down, but before he could Mika ran off with tears still falling down.

"Did...Did she just say?" spoke Yosaku sounding flabbergasted and baffled. He wasn't the only one, all the other adults seemed just as confused.

"Ace is Luffy's older brother." The adults turned to Akio, shocking the adults again as he also had tears, despite his best to hold them back and look strong.

"No way!" shouted both former bounty hunters in shock as they looked at the young child.

"Mika was really close to Ace, even though she only met him a few times." stated Akio still trying to be strong. Though he wouldn't admit it openly, he also thought of Ace as an uncle. Even if he only saw him once.

"I had no idea." said Genzo completely dumbfounded as he sat back in his seat staring at the ground in shame.

"Boy, Nami. You really married into an interesting family." thought Nojiko out loud with a bit of huff though more with a smile. After a few minutes of silence, Akio began walking in Mika's direction. Before leaving the group of adults the doctor called to him.

"Akio!" The boy stopped and looked back to the doctor as he sat up from his seat while trying to get his attention. "When you find Mika, tell her I'm sorry." Akio nodded his head and then ran leaving the adults behind to discuss. He knew exactly where Mika would be.

Out on the outskirts of the village, there is a hill and in this hill lies a grave marker. Buried here is Bellemere, adoptive mother of Nami and Nojiko and a former marine. Here lies a great women, who did everything in here power to give her daughters everything they needed. Now in front of the grave was her granddaughter, crying quietly. Mika would never get to know her, but from the stories that Nojiko, Genzo, and her mother had told her, she held a great amount of respect for her and wanted to aspire to be like her; strong and caring. During her time here, Mika would come to her grave every evening and talk to it either about her life, how her mom was doing before she left, or other general stuff. Not too soon after, Akio joined her sharing the same respect as Mika did for former marine. Even though, it often reminded him of his own deceased mother. But he knew that this place was Mika's most favorite spot in the whole village. And as he approached the grave, he saw Mika huddled by the gravestone. He hated always being right when came to Mika. Nonetheless, he would always strive to help. As he got closer, he heard Mika's cries.

"Please save Ace!"

"Mika." Hearing the her name, Mika slowly turned to see Akio fully revealing her tears that had yet to stop. It pained Akio to see Mika sad like this, especially since it was her nature to always be cheerful. "Are you okay?"

"No." Akio could expect as much, he was only barely holding on himself. There was a long silence between the kids, causing Mika to look back to the grave. Though this time, she seem to be able to stop crying. However, her crying was replaced with a single question as she asked Akio."Ace will be okay, right?" At first, Akio was shocked by the question and remained silent no knowing how to answer.

"I don't know." spoke Akio knowing fully that Mika probably wouldn't like that answer. However, he did have something that could help Mika, even a little. "But this Whitebeard guy is said to be the strongest in the world, right? I bet that he can save Ace." said Akio hoping that the little information he picked from the adults conversation could help.

For a while, Mika didn't answer, but eventually she moved, standing back up, and turned to Akio. Seeing his friend's face fully, Akio smiled. Although Mika felt slightly better, the smile on her face the best proof of that, she couldn't help but continue to cry. Seeing this, Akio did the only thing he knew he could do for Mika. He gave her a hug, and instantly Mika latched on to him crying her soul out. Not too far, Nojiko watched the two not wanting to ruin their moment. Soon enough, Mika felt better and left with Akio, and later Nojiko, back home. For tomorrow, the worst would come.


That was all people of Cocoyashi Village could hear. No one talked, no one laughed, all that the people did was do their business with sadden faces. Since the News Coo dropped off the newspaper and was read earlier that morning, Mika hadn't stopped crying. It had been too late for either Johnny, Yosaku, Genzo, Dr. Nako, or even Nojiko to stop someone from reading the newspaper out loud in front of Mika. Ace had been rescued, but had died in battle by Admiral Akainu. As sad as it was, it was made even worse. Luffy had somehow made his way into the war and did everything in his power to save Ace only to be saved by him from Admiral Akainu. It was said the he was heavily wounded and had mentally collapse seeing his brother die, but the worst was that many of the papers had declared him dead. It was far too much for little Mika to handle. Her only response was to run back to Nojiko's house and lock the doors allowing no one in as she cried the most she would probably ever do. Both Nojiko and Akio just waited outside the house, though Mika wasn't the only one crying. Akio was shedding his own tears for Ace and Luffy, two men he had admired and looked up to. Nojiko did her best to cheer both them up, but only got through to Akio, Mika was obviously a much harder case. To make matters worst, Mika has suddenly become homesick and went into a fit of panic for her family, though mostly her parents. Having heard the news in the morning, Mika had cried for almost the entire day. A feat the townspeople would find amazing if it weren't for the reason why. Eventually, Mika's crying began to quiet down until it would finally stop. Using her house key, Nojiko and Akio entered the house only to find Mika in her bed sleeping, but still crying.

It was night time when Mika woke up, feeling as tired as ever despite the sleep. As she looked around in her darken room, she could only see a light coming from outside her room as well as the sweet smell of delicious mikans being cooked. Mika slid off her bed, taking the bed sheet with her, and walked towards the source of the light. As she carefully opened the door, she looked around before walking out fully. Nojiko was cooking and Akio was sitting at the table reading a book. Slowly, Mika walked out of her room. Hearing the door creak and some footsteps, Akio immediately turned around to see Mika finally up.

"Mika!" Slipping out of his seat, Akio rushed to Mika's side looking extremely worried for his friend. Hearing his shout, Nojiko smiled and turned to see the little girl wrapped in a bed sheet with a life-less look in her eyes.

"Good evening, Sleepy. Did you have a good nap?" asked Nojiko in a somewhat cheery tone, though really concerned for the girl's well-being. Mika replied with only a nod as she held onto the sheets that were wrapped around her. This did not bode well for Akio, now becoming even more worried for his friend.

"Oh, are you hungry?" Mika nodded her head relieving Nojiko somewhat. Nojiko immediately got back to work on dinner while Mika silently walked to the table and took her chair followed by Akio. Having finished their dinner, Nojiko brought their steaming plates out and served each of the kids as well as herself. After thanking Kami for the food, Akio and Nojiko began eating while Mika just stared at her food. Nojiko sighed as she looked up from her plate to see Mika had yet to eat. She didn't bother her for a while until she heard the little girl mumble.

"Mika?" asked Nojiko concernedly believing she had heard something from the little girl. The same thing went for Akio as he stopped eating and looked at his friend.

"Home." whispered Mika barely audible her face etched with sadness.

"What?" asked both diners as they leaned in more trying to her what the little girl was trying to say.

"Home." said Mika louder looking a bit more angry than sad. The two residents looked at each other confused. Weren't they home?

"Mika, this is our home-"

"I wanna go to dad's home!" Akio flinched back as Mika yelled back at Akio looking furious. Nojiko sighed, the girl's attitude was as bad as her mother's at this age. But luckily, she had the perfect solution for this situation.

"It'll take a while." The two kids looked back to their new caretaker as she continued to eat though wore a large smile on her face."But we can go to Luffy's home." Akio gasped in surprised while Mika's furious facial features softened into shock.

"Really?" Nojiko nodded to the little girl as she ate clearly hearing the little girl's uneasiness.

"Would I lie to my cute niece and her friend." Mika shook her head and quickly dug into her food. Akio was surprised at how quickly suddenly went into her food, though lacking the usual gusto it once had.

'At least she's eating.' smiled Nojiko and Akio both having the same thought as they ate their dinner in peace.

It would take about week and a half to eventually make their way to Windmill Village. In that time, everyone worked to either find a round-trip ride to Windmill Village or worked on paying someone to sail them to it. Even Johnny and Yosaku joined in once they caught wind of their goal. The hardest worker by far was Mika, doing every job she can to see where her father was born and raised. While the kids tried to do miscellaneous jobs that most kids worked, Nojiko did her best with selling her mikans at "fair" prices.

("No way am I paying for these, they're way too expensive."

"Come on! The demand for mikan is high and my mikans are the best! So take it or leave it."

"Grrrrr. Fine!"

"Thank you! Come again soon.")

As did the two former bounty hunters with their fishing business. And soon enough, they had acquired the money to board a cargo ship that made rounds at Windmill Village and Cocoyashi Village. With Johnny, Yosaku, and Genzo seeing them off, Nojiko and the two kids sailed off to Luffy's hometown. It would take the trip three days, but to Mika she could wait. As they traveled on the ship, the kids made some extra money helping the crew out and learning some valuable skills. Three days soon passed by in the blink of an eye and the group finally made it to Windmill Village. However before they took port, the group saw another ship also docked. It was a marine ship, one that Mika clearly recognized and instantly infuriated her.

"HEY, GARP!" With the ship docked, the three were about to get off when they heard some shouts from inside town. From Nojiko could see, there was a very large women with long, orange, curly hair and a big, masculine face beating up some big old man wearing white. It seemed as she, and the old man, came from the bar as she walked out of said bar pulling out a large club.

"HOW DARE YOU COMEBACK LIKE THIS!" shouted the orange haired women furiously as she attacked the man. Nojiko flinched back seeing the attack, though the old man seem to have no problem with it. Also watching, Akio was captivated with the fight that was occurring in town. Neither one noticed that Mika's mood, once incredibly excited some minutes ago, had done an one-eighty.

"Garp!" yelled the crowd all in shock and confusion. With the group walking off the ship and onto land, Nojiko was sure to keep the kids in her eyesight not wanting them to get caught in the local scuffle.

"Huh. I wonder what's wrong?" questioned Nojiko, not expecting an answer from anyone. Akio wasn't sure for himself, but currently Mika wasn't in a right state of mind. With her face hidden by her hair, her aunt and friend failed to see the of rage on the little girl's face. While Nojiko redirected Akio to side, she didn't notice Mika as she kept walking forward.

"Mika?" Nojiko looked at Akio in confusion than to Mika, or at least where she thought Mika was. Nojiko looked back to Akio as he seemed to focus on something. She looked herself and found Mika, slowly making her way towards the crowd and picking up a broken piece of wood. Both immediately feared the worst and rushed to Mika hopefully to stop her. Unfortunately, Mika slipped through the crowd now blocking the two.


"Hero of the Marines my ass! Go to hell! You old bastard!" yelled the orange haired women as she beat up the man known as Garp, once a proud hero of the marines for having caught the Pirate King. While the women continued to attack him, he refused to fight back. Meanwhile the woman's underlings were trying to calm her down. However, a young barmaid with black hair soon stepped in front of the women. Around the same time, Mika broke from the the crowd looking even furious as she gripped the board.

"Stop it, Dadan!" yelled the barmaid causing the older women immediately stopped in mid-punch.

"...Makino..."said a concerned Garp covered in bruises and bleeding as he looked up from the ground. While there was a pause, he sat himself back up sitting on the ground now as he watched the barmaid speak on his behalf. However, he left his guard down for a little girl to take advantage.

"Garp couldn't-" ***WHACK*** Everyone went silent as they all heard the sound of a board breaking. Dadan and Makino looked back behind them, while the crowd simply gasped, as they all saw the most shocking sight ever.

While the attack didn't really hurt the old marine, due to marine training and all, but when he turned around to see his attacker, he nearly had a heart attack. His eyes widen in shock as he saw standing right in front of him was a six-year old girl with browny-red hair wearing a small yellow dress. The girl looked furious, a rage that could challenge the devil himself. Crowd was in shock and the marines under Garp were immediately preparing to take action against the little girl, but Garp halted them from doing so. As he looked at the little girl, not sure if he was seeing her right, the girl breathing heavily in rage with small beads of sweat falling from her face.

"You!" spoke the little girl as she seem to be gathering all of her energy to say something to the former marine. The crowd wasn't sure what or why she was doing this, even Makino and Dadan weren't sure. Finally, the little girl finally spoke up."You! You! STUPID OLD MAN!" screamed Mika as loud as she could trying to show him her angry and rage. Everyone to cover their ears hearing the girl's scream, all except for Garp, who still looked at the girl in shock. When she finished, Mika then slammed into Garp and began her own beating session, shocking everyone. Finally breaking through the crowd, Nojiko and Akio stopped in their tracks as they saw Mika beating up the former Vice-admiral.

"WHY! WHY! WHY! WHY!" repeated Mika with every punch she threw at Garp, tears falling from eyes along with each punch. Though she wasn't doing much damage to the old man, it still felt good to her as Garp still hadn't responded back.

"Little Girl!" shouted Dadan and Makino as they were about to come to Garp's aid. Before the could move in, they both caught two newcomers running in doing the same.

"MIKA!" yelled Nojiko and Akio rushing over to stop Mika. While Mika ignored it her friend and aunt, Garp had caught the name and put two and two together.

"WHY DID YOU KILL ACE AND MY FA-humpf!" Before Mika could let slip her secret, Garp quickly covered her mouth before finishing her sentence. The sight confused both the townspeople and the marines as they watched the scene unfold. Garp quickly looked around to see if anyone caught what Mika had said, and luckily no one seemed to have paid attention to the girl's last sentence.

"Garp! What's the meaning of this!" Garp looked to the side, seeing the mayor, Woop Slap, push through the crowd looking furious and confused. As he kept Mika from escaping, he looked behind him to see the two people that spoke Mika's name and immediately went into action.

"You two come with me!" commanded Garp as he pointed to Nojiko and Akio. Both looked at the marine confusedly not sure what he wanted with them. Before either one could ask, Garp immediately turned the other direction pointing to three more people. "Makino, Dadan, Woop Slap! You too! On my ship, NOW!" All the civilians that Garp pointed to quickly nodded. The crowd soon dispersed as the group moved back towards the harbor, the marines following behind their leader. All the while, Mika was trying to break through the marine's hold.

"Sir! What are you-"

"I want every marine off my ship, NOW!" Before the marine could speak his qualm, the vice-admiral roared his command frightening the whole marine group.

"Hai, Sir!" yelled the marines frightened and soon began tripping all over themselves to complete Garp's order. The group waited outside Garp's ship for a few minutes as the marine flowed out of the ship.

"Sir, your ship has been cleared." reported a marine officer looking incredibly nervous as he stood in front of Garp.

"Good. No one, and I mean no one goes on or near that ship until I say so. Got it!" ordered Garp to the marine. The young marine nodded quickly in acceptance and began commanding the other marines to set up a perimeter. Far away from the ship. Garp then lead the four adults and child onto his ship with Mika still struggling in Garp's arm. Once on board, they made their way into the interior of the ship and into the prison ward. Once in the ward, Garp set the little girl down. Only for her to kick him in the shins then run behind her aunt as she stared daggers at the marine. While the adults, at least the ones that knew Garp, stared in shock, Garp simply ignored the attack and checked the surrounding area. Seeing that no one was here and there were no Transponder snails, Garp got down to business.

"Why is she here." Looking to the tan skinned women seeing as she was the one he could identify as the one bringing the little girl here. Nojiko wasn't sure how to respond at first, the only real experience she had with marines was that asshole Nezumi, so she spoke politely.

"Sir, she wanted to-"

"Now hold on a minute!" Nojiko was quickly silenced as the old man stomped forward looking as angry as he was confused. "What is the meaning of this, Garp? Why did this little girl attack you! Who are they? And why are we holding a meeting in your ship!" As the old man yelled, he pointed to the group that had come from Cocoyashi village. Both Dadan and Makino also nodded their heads wanting the same answers causing the old marine to sigh.

"Fine. That girl," Garp then pointed to the little girl hiding Nojiko receiving a tongue sticking out from the girl. "is the daughter of my idiot grandson, Luffy." Makino, Dadan, and Woop Slap were instantly speechless eyes widen to their full size. All three looked down at the girl, they could see Luffy in her, especially in her glare as she stared back at Garp.

"By the way, who are you two?" asked Garp pointing to Nojiko and Akio.

"I'm her first-mate, Akio." said Akio proudly as he looked back at Garp determinedly.

"I'm her aunt, Nojiko." stated Nojiko gesturing to herself. "I'm from Mika's mother's side." The Windmill village blinked in surprise. Though Garp didn't mind the aunt, the 'first-mate' made Garp see where Mika was heading in the future. Woop Slap was about to have a heart attack, but Makino stared at the young girl, who also stared back indifferently.

"Wife?" asked Garp confusedly as the last time he checked Luffy wasn't married. Looking at the women, Nojiko nodded in response causing the man's eyes to widen in surprise.

"Luffy's married!" gasped both women as they looked back at Nojiko in surprise. Nojiko stepped back, slightly shocked at the women emotionally exploding at her, but nodded nonetheless.

"Hold on!" Everyone stopped as Woop Slap suddenly reentered the conversation looking very frustrated. "Luffy's only been gone for two years now. How could he have a kid?" stated Woop Slap looking towards Nojiko hoping for an answer.

"Actually." spoke Makino taking her eyes off Mika as she raised her hand up a bit bashfully. "I would like to know that as well."

"Ask Him!" pointed Mika with bitterness in her voice at Garp. All the adults looked to Garp, unsure how he would have a hand in Mika's birth.

"Later." stated Garp gaining severally glares from the women, which he ignored. He had more pressing matters to address. "Right now I wanna know is why are you here and how they got here?"

"They were brought over by a friend." Garp raised an eyebrow in suspicion as Nojiko failed to answer who had actually helped the Straw Hats get these two kids to safety. However, he shrugged it off since it probably wouldn't matter as Nojiko continued. "And Mika wanted to see where Luffy lived."

"Heh, guess you wanted to see your father's life, eh?" asked Garp as he looked down at Mika still hiding behind her aunt.

"Don't talk to her, you old fart!" While Mika didn't reply, her glare was enough for her, Akio got in between Garp and Mika acting as if protecting the girl. Garp chuckled at the boy's spunk, but quickly turned to the adults in the room.

As he promised, Garp explained what was going on and how things came to be. The most important was how he happened upon Mika, kidnapped her, then trained her for theoretical four years. Needless to say, the adults were appalled with Garp and his decision, though decided to let it slide for his sake. He then lead on to say that no one outside the village could know that Mika was Luffy's daughter. After much explaining and many harsh words (The kid's ears were covered once again.), everyone called it a day. Makino offered up her home to Nojiko and kids while Dadan went to tell her subordinates the news. In the next three days, both Mika and Akio got meet and see the village which their captain/father lived in. Luckily, Garp made it easy for them by having the marines patrol out in open waters. Everyone in Windmill Village and Mt. Corvo was ecstatic, as well as shocked, to meet Luffy's daughter. They even threw a party for her, Dadan's group included. Everyone also got to meet Akio and Nojiko, which on her part meant explaining Luffy's wife. The best part was Mika was finally smiling again, she was still sad, but the party in her and her family's honor made everything much better, especially with hearing the many stories of her father's exploits when he was a kid. And it only got better from there.

"Yes~! I knew it! I knew it! My Dad's Still Alive! YAY!" screamed Mika with joy as she and Akio ran through the street both excited and cheerful.

On the fourth day of Mika's stay in Windmill Village, the News Coo dropped off another newspaper revealing to the world that Monkey D. Luffy still lives. Everyone in the village rejoiced at the news, and threw another party. And like the last one, it was full of excitement with both Mika and Akio learning more about Luffy. Nojiko and Akio were finally happy that now all of Mika's sadness had disappeared and replaced by her cheerful smile. However, as Nojiko looked over the paper, she saw something particular on Luffy's arm. Taking a closer look, all she could see was 3D with the D crossed out and a 2Y placed underneath it. She wasn't sure what it meant, but she was glad that Luffy was still alive.

It would be two years later before any news of the Straw Hats surfaced. By that time Mika and Akio had gone back and forth between Cocoyashi Village and Windmill Village thanks to the help of a kind stranger they rescued, and who would later become their nakama. They both spent many weeks on each island learning new things everyday. Today they were currently at Cocoyashi Village, Mika, now 8, was running through the village with Akio, now 9, exclaiming news that her family had finally reappeared after, what Mika called it, the "Ultimate Training Session of a Lifetime!". Of course, they also began their own training as well. Mika had finally forgiven her great-grandpa enough to actually allow him to train her again along with Akio, to which Garp took an interest in when he discovered what martial arts he had taken up. Though he still hope that the two would be marines (Hey! A man can dream, can't he.), he still trained them much like he did with Luffy and Ace, only more hands on and focusing a lot on Akio's material arts. Both Makino and Dadan enjoyed having them around, much like how Johnny, Yosaku, Nojiko and Genzo did. In that same year after the Straw Hats reunion, Luffy had finally achieved his dream. He found the One Piece and was now the second Pirate King. But it didn't end there for his adventure, Luffy soon issued a challenge to the world to come and take his title and treasure, bringing the 'New Age' into full bloom. Both Mika and Akio were psyched about challenge and quickly began to work even harder to one day defeat the Straw Hat crew. For soon, in 9 years time, both Mika and Akio would set sail and begin their GRAND ADVENTURE!

Author's note:

Version two: Yo! And the adventure begins. Will Mika form a powerful crew to dethrone her dad? Who knows? Oh wait. I do! But I'm not telling. And now, I wish to call upon the hundreds of thousands of One Piece fans and ask: Give me your opinions and ideas? A lot of things are gonna happen in this story, and I want ideas from all One Piece fans out there.

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