This is my first Toy Story fanfic and I'm really super excited! This was (in an offhand way) inspired by the song 7 Things by Miley Cyrus...which I do not own and of course the wonderfully amazing Toy Story characters (especially Jessie, Woody and Buzz) that I do not own. This story has been saved on my computer for about a month because there's been constant errors when I tried posting but finally I can, so enjoy!

It wasn't very often that Jessie went to someone for advice. Usually she kept her problems inside her own head, especially those frightening ones that no one else should ever have to face. But there comes a point when everyone's problems bubble over and they are forced to ask someone for help.

That is what happened to Jessie.

Normally, she was just the hyperactive cowgirl on the sidelines, ready to play, but lately she'd been feeling differently.

Last week, the toys had received a message from Barbie and Ken, informing them of their upcoming marriage. It was on this day that Jessie sat down and really looked at her surroundings. Everywhere there were toys, some playing, some talking, but what really stood out to her were the couples.

Mr and Mrs Potato Head carefully taking inventory of their parts.

Trixie and Rex doing a victory dance after beating the latest video game.

Then she thought of Barbie and Ken at Sunnyside who were probably snuggling on a pink couch while watching a movie on a pink television, talking about how much they both love pink.

Even that was better than nothing at all.

For the first time Jessie felt lonely. Not the kind of loneliness that one feels when they are completely isolated from the world, but the loneliness one feels when they are stuck on their own amidst a crowd of thousands.

It wasn't hard for Jessie to quickly swallow that thought and join Hamm's poker game, but every night since, it had returned as she lay awake, fighting off nightmares.

The day after, Bonnie left Jessie on the shelf where she kept her princess toys before she left for school.

As soon as Bonnie was gone, Jessie sprang to life taking a good look at the strange toys, which had not moved.

"Hello?" Jessie called.

No answer.

"Helllllooooooo!" Jessie shouted, waving her arms in front of their faces.

A beautiful princess in a yellow gown covered in bows and sparkles daintily turned her head and said in a musical voice, "Calm down dear, we were holding our poses."

Jessie was confused. "Why would you want to do that? There's a whole world down there that you've never seen!"

Another princess with big, sleepy eyes and a ruffled pink dress said, "But why would we do that, when we have everything we want up here!"

Jessie couldn't believe this. "No you don't! You're left in each other's company all day and you have nothing up here, until Bonnie gets the princes on her wishlist."

The last princess, who had red lips and pale skin said, "But that's all we could ever want; our Prince Charmings."

"What's a Prince Charming?" Jessie asked. This whole conversation was completely useless to her, but she was so interested in the strange ways of these princesses.

Yellow dress answered. "That one person you know will never give up until they find you and will always choose you. They're loyal and brave and your best friend. Sometimes they are the most infuriating people you know, but it's the fact that they can get under your skin that means they know you the best. You can trust them with anything and talk about the silliest things, but they mean the most."

Pink dress continued dreamily, "and you leave them absolutely breathless."

Red lips finished, "and they can fight the fact that they love you, but never truly believe it."

Yellow dress laughed. "But once they do, they'll never stop telling you!"

Jessie laughed. "Well it looks like I know who my Prince Charming is! You know he's so perfect and I spend every day with him."

Pink dress looked at her curiously. "Who would this lucky young man be?"

"My horse; Bullseye."

All three princesses giggled in unison. "That's not a Prince Charming, darling. That's a pet."

Jessie frowned. "Then how do I find him?"

Red lips smiled. "You don't."

Pink dress took over. "You just know."

Yellow dress finished. "Maybe that's why you other toys run around down there, you might just be hoping to stumble upon perfect love."

Jessie hated that the princesses acted so superior to her, just because they had Prince Charmings. Turning around Jessie retorted, "Or maybe we think there's more to life than waiting around."

Descending down the shelf, Jessie couldn't help but let the words of the princesses get to her. It only made her feel lonelier. To rub it in, Woody had called another meeting and Jessie stumbled right into the middle of it.

"...and that's why you don't try to eat other toys. Choking isn't just for humans..." Woody trailed off, but Jessie wasn't listening.

She kept walking until she saw Buzz trying to saddle Bullseye.

"What do you think you're doing?" She asked angrily.

Buzz prepared to answer when he saw who was talking to him and lost his train of thought.

Jessie was so tired of Buzz not talking to her. They were good friends and had been through a lot together already, but it was like none of that ever happened.

But as much as he irritated her, Jessie had to admit she still liked him, even if it was the tiniest bit. In the toughest of times, he was strong and caring and knew what to say.

Maybe he was her Prince Charming.

As easily as that thought was brought into her mind, Jessie squashed it and buried it under a multitude of other thoughts to keep it from ever coming up again.

Buzz snapped her out of her trance by clearing his throat and saying, "Woody wanted me to saddle up Bullseye so he could make a big exit from the meeting."

Eager to get away from Buzz, Jessie rushed a quiet apology and walked away before he could say anything else.

However, on her way out of the room, Jessie walked right into Woody, who had a determined look on his face, like he was trying to find something.

"Have you seen Buzz? He screwed up my meeting!" He asked angrily.

Jessie couldn't help but smile. Woody was such a drama queen.

"Yeah I saw him; he was saddling up Bullseye for your meeting or something."

Woody assumed his leadership position that made Jessie want to burst out laughing. "I needed Bullseye for my big finish! I had a song planned and everything!"

By now, Jessie was on the floor laughing.

Woody looked frustrated, "What? WHAT! That was the perfect meeting!"

Jessie smiled widely. Woody never failed to make her laugh. The direction their conversations went was pretty ridiculous, especially when Woody started glorifying himself. He'd never admit he was less than perfect.

Hmmm...what if Woody...

Before Jessie could even finish the thought, she mentally kicked herself and buried it under whatever thought she could possibly think of.

Hey, that book was purple.

Slinky had exactly 16 metal rings.

There were six levels on Bonnie's shelf.

That paper over there...

Jessie hadn't realized that she was looking in a bunch of different directions, jumping up and down and spinning in circles trying to cover up the unwanted thought until Woody put his hand on her shoulder.

Refocusing on Woody, Jessie started running away and shouted, "Bye Mr. Big Shot! Don't beat up Buzz too badly!"

"Later, Little Miss Ants in her Pants!" Called Woody.

And that is why Jessie sat inside Dolly's "office" today.

Whenever a toy needed advice, they went to Dolly. It got to the point where Dolly had found the perfect little basket in the corner to call her office and acted the therapist to every toy in Bonnie's room.

Jessie sat with crossed legs, across from Dolly and stared at the bottom of the basket.

Dolly asked Jessie, "What was it that brought on the thoughts about Buzz and Woody, why not Hamm and Slinky?"

Jessie thought for a moment before answering, "I think it's because they were my first friends when I got to Andy's and they're the toys that I like being around the most."

"Is that it?"

Jessie could think of a couple more reasons but stuck with. "We're also the ones who have been mostly affected by leaving Andy and we're kind of the ones in command."

"But there must be something more..."

"They fit the best to what the princesses told me." Jessie finally admitted.

"So this is being judged from what the princesses told you?"

Jessie hated admitting things to people. Grudgingly she muttered, "I kind of have a little crush on Buzz, and I kind of sort of like Woody."

Dolly smiled, "Ahhh there it is."

Jessie blushed. "But it's the smallest thing you've ever seen! It's the size of the space you would have left if all the Peas in a Pod plus four more stuffed themselves in Potato Head's butt."

"So who do you like more?"

Jessie thought and thought and thought. This was the first time she'd ever considered picking one over the other. All three of them had been really good friends since she'd met them and they were so different in the best ways.

She thought of the cute way Buzz looked down and shuffled his feet when she was around or how Woody puffed out his chest to showcase his Sheriff badge...

And how Woody would tell her anything, but Buzz would withhold anything that could hurt her...

She felt like if her life was a party Woody welcomed her with open arms and Buzz made sure she left happy.

"But that's the thing Dolly; I love them both as friends and like them both as more."

Dolly said, "Why, Jessie, I think you just started a love triangle without knowing it."

"Just tell me how to get over it." Jessie complained.

Dolly contemplated her options. "Well it seems like you're on the search for this Prince Charming figure to cure this loneliness, but you don't want to hurt them. So you have to make the decision yourself. Might I suggest making a list?"

Jessie was getting frustrated. "How is a lis-"

Dolly held up a finger. "Make a list of fourteen things for both Buzz and Woody consisting of seven things you like and seven that you dislike about them. Then it will be easier to figure out which path you'd like to follow."

Jessie climbed onto Bonnie's small desk and noticed how rarely it was used. Dust was everywhere, but other than that it was spotless. Digging through the drawers, she located a pencil and small piece of paper which she divided into two with a straight line.

She drew another line across that line, creating four sections. At the top of one she wrote Buzz and labelled the other Woody. For the rows she wrote good and bad.

An odd feeling overwhelmed Jessie, which she recognized as guilt. Guilt that she was doing this behind everyone's backs, guilt that she couldn't even tell Bullseye and guilt that she was judging Buzz and Woody like they were entries in a competition.

Determination built inside of her, she couldn't wait like the princesses; that was a fate she would never allow herself to succumb to. Now the idea was planted in her head and she needed to try it.

Obviously, there were many doubts she faced as she tossed and turned the previous night, but she realized she could make it work with Buzz or Woody.

Jessie knew there was already something between her and Buzz, as Mr. Potato Head constantly made fun of them; and she and Woody had been steady flirts since the beginning.

And as far as hurting one of them would go, she had no intention of getting too close to either one of them over the course of this mini project, so it would be like destiny brought her to him.

Folding up the paper and shoving it into a small corner inside the desk, Jessie smiled to herself.

She could handle this as flawlessly as a princess.

Well, maybe not.

After all, Jessie was no princess.