"Sweeney Todd got to his feet, the smell of blood and must, assaulted his senses. He strode determinedly towards the large cast iron bake oven, he opened the door with a hair raising screech and the blaze from earlier that night was nowhere to be seen. Wordlessly he offered his hand to the auburn haired brown eyed maiden who was still sprawled out on the floor. "Death becomes you." He whispered, wrapping his arms around her corseted waist.

"As well as you, my love." She said, peering into his steely eyes, noting how his dark bloodstained hair shone in the pale light, before trailing her finger across what appeared to be a very deep gash across his neck, and popping it into her mouth, "catsup, very clever." She murmured, smiling brightly.

"Indeed." he said before meeting his lips with hers, in their first and last passionate kiss. Before breaking apart and stepping into the bright oncoming light.