A.N: The moment right before the King and Queen set off their lantern, the part where the King cries, is probably the most heartbreaking part of the movie for me. It's so sad and sweet and tender all at the same time! And I can't help but tear up along with the King. I start crying as soon as that scene comes on screen, like it just has to show her fixing his Coronian royal crest and I'm already sniffling.

So, this little ficlet is about their thoughts throughout that scene. It's just too sweet to ignore! And it's also, one of my top favorite scenes from the movie.


The Queen sighed. Well here we go again, she thought as she adjusted her husband's royal golden Coronian sun crest. It had gotten stuck behind the front folds of his satin robes on their way up to the castle's front balcony. They stood just inside the front entrance, waiting for the guards to open the double doors and then they would let loose their solitary lantern, just as they always did every year on Rapunzel's birthday. It would be followed by thousands of others as every other person in the kingdom released their own lanterns after the King and Queen's.

The Queen's gaze followed her right hand as she brought it up to the King's left shoulder, wishing to adjust the blue gemmed chain of his crest, but then stopped when she saw his face. He looked completely fallen, filled with sorrow and a crushing sense of hopelessness. His gaze was adverted to the floor and his crisp blue eyes were brimming with unshed tears.

She frowned empathetically and cupped his cheek, feeling the soft bristles of his graying brown beard underneath her fingertips. It's okay . . .

He leaned into her touch as a lone tear escaped from his right eye. But, it's been so long . . .

She gave him a soft, tender smile as she brought her left hand up to softly brush away his tears with her thumb. Her green eyes shone with promise. We can't give up hope.

He sighed. I know . . . Giving her a small smile, he took her hand from his cheek. Thank you.