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Everything is better in song

Zexion stood and looked out the window. His antisocial, even more so than himself, younger brother was being sent to live with him because of his parents' tragic death. He sighed, wondering if the company would be helpful or harmful to himself. His head shoot up as a silver-haired boy, taller than himself, exited a cab with a few suitcases. He got up and opened the door, waiting for his 17 year old brother to reach the door.

"Hello Riku, still as antisocial as usual?" Zexion spoke, no sarcasm in his montone voice despite the choice of words he used.

"Hey Zexy," Riku said, smirking deviously. Zexion glared at the use of his hated nickname.

"I forgot that only Demyx is allowed to call you that." Riku said as he set his suitcases down pon entering the two bedroom apartment. "Is he still your oblivious crush?"

"Unfortunately," Zexion said as he returned to his spot on the couch. "I have few restrictions to place upon you. One, I do not care how long you stay out, nor where you go, as long as I wake up in the morning to see you; you are also not to be drunk, hung-over, high, or injured."

"Alright, anything else?" Riku said, hardly paying attention as he unpacked his things.

"You are not to refer to me as Zexy," Zexion spat the word. "Nor are you to touch any of my books without permission or bring someone here without my knowing; again I don't care who it is, it could be some whore for all I care, as long as they wont steal my possessions or harm either of us. Lastly, there will be absolutely NO SINGING."

"You go to a college for the arts, why do you despise singing?" Riku asked.

"Because everyone pales in comparison to Demyx," Zexion explained briefly. "And you must attend school every day you are well. I will not tolerate tardiness, cutting, or failing grades."

"Fine." Riku grumbled.

"Good, now good night; I have arranged a transfer to Never Was High for you, it shares the same campus as the college." Zexion said before retiring to bed.

- Separation (courtesy of Fuu) -

"I hate mornings!" Axel shouted as he entered his first period, art. Demyx, Zexion, and Namine followed. "We shouldn't go to school until like 2!"

"And get out at 2:30?" Zexion asked (Can anyone recongize with that?)

"Yeah, Defintely!" Axel shouted, before running over to their table to glomp Roxas, who was already sitting with Cloud.

"Just be happy that you have a lot of your friends with you in first period, they can hide you while you either sleep or molest Roxas." Zexion said.

"Yeah! I would die of boredom without Zexy in all my classes!" Demyx shouted happily.

"I envy your enthusiasm in the morning." Zexion said, covering his face with a fake face-palm to hide his blush at being Demyx- glomped.

"Quiet down so everyone can hear me!" the art teacher shouted as she entered. "I am your new art teacher, Ms. Yuffie Kisaragi, but, since I'm around you guy's age, call me Yuffie!"

"I want you all to draw the first thing that pops into your head to the best of your abiltity! Don't use too much energy, it's only the warm-up in First Period!" Yuffie shouted. Then she suddenly pointed at Cloud menacingly. "You better actually do something Cloud, this is not a class you can sleep in. You too Axel!" The phone began ringing suddenly and Yuffie dashed over to answer it.

"This is Ninja Yuffie of room 103!" She shouted into the phone. "You want all of them? Ok."

"Roxas, Axel, Demyx, and Zexion! You all have been called to the office!"

"Axel what did you do? Did you set the girls' bathroom on fire again?" Roxas shouted, waking the drowsy Axel up a little.

"I didn't do nothing!" Axel said, crossing his arms defensively.

"That was a double negative, Axel, you should really stay awake through English." Zexion corrected, dragging a worried blonde with him down the hall towards the office.

- Page break, y'know (guess who) -

"Congratulations, you've been accepted to the student council." Principle Ansem the wise said.

"But we didn't even sign up." Demyx whined.

"I'm sorry, but even if you don't want to do it, all of you need an extra-curricular on your record anyway." Ansem explained.

"Fine," Demyx said, making a pouty face that actually got a smile out of Zexion.

"The vice-principle, Xemnas, and his assistant, Saix, will escort you to the student council meeting, which they are supervising." Ansem explained.

"Follow me." Xemnas says, turning around with Saix right on his heels.

The two teachers went straight into the student council conference room, but as Zexion tried to follow, he was stopped by the security-in-training, along with Axel, Roxas, and Demyx.

"What do you want, lamemos?" Seifer, the group's self-elected leader, said.

"Elaborate." Fuu said.

"Explain yourselves, y'know." Rai said.

"They are new student council representatives, let them through." Saix explained, after returning to find the four boys.

"Fine, but I've got my eye on you." Seifer said, before turning to leave.

"Observation." Fuu says before turning to follow Seifer.

"What they said y'know." Rai says before going after Fuu and Seifer.

"There weird…" Demyx says, arms drooping, "And he said he was gonna put his eye on me; I think it would be all slimy and bloody!" Demyx than proceeded to freak out before calmed by Zexion.

"It's finally the day that I can say, I'm actually used to Demyx doing that." Roxas says, getting a giant glomp from Axel.

"You finally adapted, you are now a permentant member of our group!" Axel shouted, somehow following Saix with Demyx and Zexion while hugging Roxas tightly.

- We are breaking? OMG! (Demyx) -

"I would like to introduce the newest student council members, they will have effect on the next events occurring in the school." Xemnas says, followed by an introduction of the new members. "You all will receive a number based on your test scores and popularity. Higher numbers signify more popularity while lower number signify better test results. The more balanced members will be given a more centered number."

"Alright," Zexion responded, then proceeded to explain the concept to Demyx.

"Anyway, Zexion, your test school are outstanding and your popularity is surprisingly high. You are number 6; Axel, 8, Demyx, 9, and Roxas, 13, the highest number." Saix explained.

"Why is my number so high?" Roxas whined.

"Because every girl in the school, despite you being openly gay, said you were, and I quote, 'the cutest boy in the whole college who could make you melt with his pout and dreamy voice.'" Saix says. "And thus, your popularity out-weighed your test results substantially."

"This is so confusing…" Demyx mumbled, rolling around in the corner in fetal position.

"Demyx, calm down and listen to me explain it again…" Zexion says to Demyx.

"I'm here!" A feminine voice shouts as the door flies open.

"We do not need you to announce yourself like that every time, Marluxia." Another feminine voice grumbles from the door.

"I know Larxene but the school needs razzle dazzle, and many more sakura flowers." Marluxia snapped back.

"I have an idea!" Demyx said, finally understanding the number concept. "We should have a talent show!"

"It isn't a bad idea judging by where it came from." Larxene grumbles.

"Leave the mullet alone, it's a good idea!" Xigbar announced, breaking away from his conversation with Xaldin and his flirty looks towards Luxord.

"I don't know, would there be enough auditions?" Xemnas wonders aloud.

"This is an arts school, of course there would be auditions!" Axel shouts at Xemnas.

Demyx and Axel: Let's do it, let's do it,
Let's do it,
Let's do it, and do it, and do it,
Let's live it up
And do it, and do it, and do it, do it, do it,
Let's do it,
Let's do it,
Let's do it


Demyx: gotta feeling Xigbar ooooo hoooo

Demyx: That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good good night [x2]

Axel: Tonight's the night Demyx: Hey!
Axel: Let's live it up Demyx: Let's live it up
Axel:I got my money Demyx: I'm paid
Axel: Let's spend it up Demyx: Let's spend it up
Demyx: Go out and smash it Axel: Smash it
Demyx: Like Oh My God Axel: Like Oh My God
Demyx: Jump off that sofa Axel: C'mon

Xigbar: Fill up my cup Larxene: Drank
Zexion: Mozoltov Marluxia: La' Chaim
Demyx: Look at her dancing Axel: Move it Move it
Axel: Just take it off

Marluxia: Let's paint the town Larxene: paint the town
Demyx: We'll shut it down Xigbar: Shut it down
Axel: Let's burn the roof (XD)
Demyx: And then we'll do it again

Demyx, Axel, Marluxia, and Xigbar: Let's do it, let's do it,
Let's do it,
Let's do it, and do it, and do it,
Let's live it up
And do it, and do it, and do it, do it, do it,
Let's do it,
Let's do it,
Let's do it, do it, do it, do it

(Song is: I gotta a feeling by the Black Eyed Peas)

"Alright, we'll do the Talent show, but only if at least half of the council participates, even if they don't make it past auditions." Xemnas says.

"Yes!" Axel and Demyx shout as they high five. Demyx and Zexion look at each other before walking past the two.

"Have fun auditioning Axel." Roxas says evilly as he exits the room. "And no, your talent cannot be burning things and cannot involve fire in any way!"

"Who made them the judges?"Demyx asks, pouting.

"I did,: Xemnas says, magically appear behind the two and scaring the crap out of them. "They, and Saix, will be the judges for the talent show; the most intelligent council members other than myself."

-This is as break that separates the sections, obviously. (Zexion)-

"You have to audition like the rest, Axel!" Roxas shouts, exasperated with his boyfriend.

"How 'bout you Dem; you banging one of the judges?" Axel remarks shamelessly.

"Come on! You to are going out on a date, now!" Roxas says dragging Demyx and Zexion towards Axel's car.

- This is a time skip line…. Can I get paid now? (Larxene) -

"Roxas was scary Zexy! Why did he have to be so scary? It was almost as bad as LArxene when she learned that she wasn't gonna get paid!" Demyx whined, holding onto Zexion as they waited for their food to arrive after ordering.

"He was very forceful, but I have to admit, he got me on a date with you when I was too nervous to ask myself." Zexion said, blushing by the end of the sentence.

"You wanted to ask me out?" Demyx asked, having completely forgotten about Roxas, who was making out with Axel in the car, in the parking lot.

"….Yes…" Zexion said, suddenly Demyx pushed his lips against Zexions. Zexion flinched from the surprise of being kissed, but started kissing back. Demyx rubbed his tongue against Zexion's teeth, trying to pry them apart.

"Hey, no PDA in my restaurant!" The chef, Cid, shouts from the kitchen. Zexion and Demyx quickly part, blushing fiercely.

"You too are so cute! But no cheating in the talent show, you have to be honest even though he's your boyfriend Zexion." Their waitress and classmate, Rikku, said. "I'm gonna sing for the talent show!" She placed their food on the table before running off.

-These sections are insanely short…. THEY NEED MORE FLOWERS! (Guess who) -

(Imagine: They both have gotten back to their house and are singing this the old fashioned way, split screen with them sliding down the wall in the center)

Zexion: I don't know what's wrong with me
Demyx: I've been foolish as a fool can be
baby, I can't sleep at night
Zexion: and I lost my appetite

Demyx: Went to the doctor but he don't know
it's getting to where it ain't funny no more
Zexion: tell me baby what am I gonna do
I believe I'm in love with you

Demyx: I believe I'm in love with you
Zexion: tell me baby that you love me, too
Demyx: I can't fight it, baby I decided
I'm in love with you

ZexionI guess this time I realize
for you baby I got eyes
Demyx: come on baby and give me a chance
all I need is your romance

Demyx: you know what I've been tryin' to find
baby baby you're just my kind
Zexion: I'm tellin you baby I'll be true
I believe I'm in love with you

Demyx: I believe I'm in love with you
tell me baby that you love me, too
Zexion: I can't fight, baby I decided
I'm in love with you

(Song is: I believe I'm in love with you by Bonnie Raitt)

"You're totally head over heels for him Zexy." Riku teased.

"I know…. And don't call me ZEXY!" Zexion responded.

"Just saying, you should know by now." Riku says, before heading towards the door. "And, I may be staying at a 'friends' tonight. I got a date."

"How did your date with Zexion go?" Namine asks politely.

"It was great! We kissed and he let me pay for the dinner then we pulled and Akuroku and made out in the car." Demyx says, happily and uncaring about the large amount of information he gave out.

Namine blushes, "G-g-good for you Dem"

I plan on making this a multt-chap, but if no one reads I wont! I was fun to right and putting the songs in makes it even more fun. Also, this author doe not know me but I absolutlely love her writing, IrkenRuler13 is the main inspiration for this and the special page breaks and musical theme is inspired from (not ripped off from) her story Hardcovers and Paperbacks.