"Do you realize we haven't been totally alone since you invited me to dinner?" Victor asked.

"I do. I'm sorry. Julie's home and Jen's being difficult. I keep wanted to call you but the phones at the house…" Maggie sighed.

"Maggie, we are totally alone. I don't want to talk about Jennifer or Julie," Victor said.

"Oh? Well, what do you want to do, Mr. Kiriakis?" Maggie asked.

Victor leaned towards Maggie. She smiled, as Victor kissed her.

"I feel like I can never get close enough to you. I never get enough of my Maggie," Victor whispered. Maggie sighed and shifted closer.

"I know. I just want to be with you. I'm sorry about Paris. I should've explained better. It was the distance from Salem. It wasn't you. I want you. I love you," Maggie said.

"I should've waited a little longer before inviting you for a weekend away. I just want you, not Maggie Horton. "

"Well, honey, you are dating Maggie Horton," Maggie laughed.

"No. I'm dating my Maggie. My Maggie is more sarcastic, blunter and more morally ambiguous. Maggie Horton would never be alone in a room with me. But my Maggie wants to spend alone time, possible naked?"

Maggie smiled. "You do realize my age. I don't look like a super model. I never did."

"Maggie…" Victor chuckled.

"I mean, I have scars and age spots…"

"Maggie, I've been daydreaming about your body for months now. Actually for years. I would glance at you at parties and envied Mickey Horton because he would be unzipping your dress that night. You, my love, are always the most beautiful woman in the room. And what makes you even sexier is you have no idea how sexy you are. I swear, when you were making coffee in jeans and a button-down shirt, I almost lost it," Victor said.

"The most beautiful woman in the room?" Maggie took a deep breath.

"Absolutely. I want you. Sweetheart, trust me." Victor kissed Maggie.

"Victor…" Maggie sighed as Victor unbuttoned her shirt.


"There's a queen size bed in the bedroom…."

Victor looked at Maggie. "You are amazing."

"Well, yes. That's a known fact."

"Are you sure?" Victor asked.

Maggie kissed him in answer.

"Maggie…" Victor rubbed his lover's back afterwards, "Are you o.k.?"

"Mmm-mmm. I'm absolutely wonderful. We should do that more often," Maggie smiled.

"That could be arranged. You are so…" Victor was speechless.

"I didn't disappoint?"

"No, you're, my love, heaven. Pure heaven. "

"I should call my daughters," Maggie sighed.

"That's a weird tangent. We had sex for the first time and you want to call your daughters," Victor said.

Maggie laughed and kissed Victor. "I'm assuming this is getting serious."

"Well, I thought we could just sleep together. We seem to do that well," Victor kissed Maggie.

"Are we dating anyone else?"

Victor's hands stopped tracing patterns on Maggie's back. "Are you planning on that? Because I'll tell you now, your boyfriend is the jealous type."

"He is? I'm not the one with a harem. When you got married last time, you seemed fine with having an affair," Maggie said.

"With you! I wanted to have an affair with you. Which I suppose I succeed." Victor kissed Maggie.

"So I know I said I didn't want go away but I had an idea. We could go to the Dominican Republic and get you a divorce. "

"Justin's working on it. Besides, I think Jennifer would kill me if I took you out of the country."

"Victor, I'm almost seventy. I think I can choose to go away with my boyfriend. Unless you don't want to…" Maggie bit her lip.

"I asked someone to Paris, if you remember. It just amuses me that you didn't want to go to Paris but are willing to go to the Dominican Republic," Victor chuckled.

"Well….you wanted me to be more spontaneous. This would be the most spontaneous thing I've done in a long time."

"Really?" Victor asked, brushing his hips against Maggie.

"Oh…well, that was planned. That was a spur of moment in buying the loft. But I knew we would be sleeping together today."

"Next time, could you give me a little more notice? I wanted to be the one with the surprises," Victor pouted.

"Well….you could cook for me. Or give me a massage. Or just kiss me," Maggie said.

"What torture, kissing my gorgeous girlfriend. Are you serious about the Dominican Republic?" Victor asked, dipping his head to kiss Maggie's neck.

"Ah…yeah…sure. Why not?" Maggie squirmed as Victor found the right spot.

"You don't need permission from anyone, like Sarah and Melissa or even Melanie? I don't want to answer to them as a kidnapper," Victor found another spot to kiss.

"No, I'm good…"Maggie groaned. Victor smirked.

"You are very good. Which is why we are going to stop so you can call the girls," Victor sat up and walked out of the bed, pulling on pants.

"Wait…what?" Maggie said, immediately missing Victor.

"No more sex until you make phone calls."

"Really? Is there any way I can change your mind?" Maggie stood up, as Victor sighed at the sight of his girlfriend.

"Sweetheart, this is me, trying to be good. I don't want to alienate your family," Victor explained as he wrapped his arms around Maggie.

"You are very good. I thought I was loud and clear about that," Maggie kissed Victor.

"Very loud," Victor chuckled, "Call your daughters. I'm going to take a shower."

"There's a robe in the closet. Will it be a cold one?" Maggie asked.

"You are impossibly cruel," Victor called over his shoulder.

Maggie rolled over in bed and smiled to herself. Life was good.