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Chapter Six: Stranger Than Fiction

A cool fall breeze rustled through the trees stirring the bushes and the undergrowth of the glade. Leaves fluttered by and caught in Touya's hair, he pulled them out with a grin. He was lying on a grassy incline underneath a large oak tree, enjoying the last few days of fall before winter finally set in over Unova.

"Dewott! Use Razor Shell!" he cried, N's Sandile was thrown backwards across the pavement, Dewott growled when N withdrew the sand crocodile. Touya had changed... his expressions were stone-cold and his tactics had become looser, as if he had finally let go of his consciousness and was fighting just for the sake of fighting.

With a loud cry Dewott landed back on the ground, he had jumped into the air when using the attack. The battle wasn't going to have a good outcome... at least not for N.

Touya leaned over, resting his head against Samurott's flank, Dewott had spectacularly evolved in their trek from Nimbasa to Driftveil City. Now a giant, Samurott purred calmly and nuzzled Touya's face, the Pokémon's cool skin relaxed the boy somewhat. He stared out over the serene meadow, flowers dotted the landscape and tall grass was growing everywhere. Every now and then he could see a mushroom move and he grinned, having fallen for Foongus' camouflage a number of times.

Sighing loudly, Touya yawned and scratched his head. He had already beaten Driftveil's gym leader Clay and was now just resting before continuing on to Chargestone Cave. Samurott gave a deep rumble and shifted, laying his head on the soft grass. Touya smiled and patted the water Pokémon on the neck; it's long and furry whiskers tickling his hand.

"Simi!" yelled Simisear, evading a rather nasty attack from N's Sigilglyph. The fire Pokémon did a flip in the air and landed on the other side of the strange Pokémon and blasted it with a liquid fire attack. Simisear easily took down Scraggy as well with a fiery charge.

N was quickly running out of Pokémon, his last one left was Darumaka, a small fire Pokémon he had recently met in the desert. Touya was showing no signs of his shy and childish side, anger was all N could see, anger and hurt. He felt a stab of pain, it was his own fault for this situation.

Getting to his feet, Touya tapped Samurott on the shoulder. "Come on," he smiled, a mere shadow of his normally cheery self. Samurott didn't like this different Touya, he was still caring and thoughtful, but he had thrown up an outer wall. The wall itself was invisible, oh yes, but if you knew him well you would be able to tell that something was wrong. Touya was cold, yet there was warmth, you just had to search deep enough to find it.

Samurott rumbled again and got to his paws, shaking himself and trotting up to Touya. The water-Pokémon nuzzled his trainer in the back with a slight purr, "rrrRrr… RRRrrr…" I don't like this Touya… go back to normal… he seemed to say. Touya grinned again and knelt in front of Samurott, hugging him about the neck, "Thanks bud… I'm just… not feeling right at the moment," Samurott gave a worried growl and Touya let go of his friend. "Lets go, Clay said he would give us that TM when we got to Chargestone Cave," Touya motioned for Samurott to follow him and headed down the rise and into the grass. Samurott heaved a sigh and followed.

N stood there, all of his Pokémon swept aside as if he was mere dust in the way. Touya was standing opposite him with Dewott, both of them had happy faces on, yet Touya's was half-hearted. He looked stunned, still angry, but stunned.

Approaching the two, N tried to give them his best smile, but it wouldn't work. "Well done Touya… as usual," he complimented, the boy just nodded. "Touya, there is a future I must change… for the sake of all Pokémon…" the young trainer got to his feet and adjusted the strap on his bag handing over his shoulder.

"I'm sorry…" said N, leaning forwards a little, Touya backed away. N winced but nodded, turning around he started to walk away. Then he suddenly glanced back and said, "I shall surpass the Champion. I will become an undefeatable opponent, and I will liberate Pokémon from all trainers,"

Touya didn't respond but rather kept his eyes focused on anything but N. "Touya… You're still my friend, right?"

At last the boy looked at him, N caught sight of the old Touya for a passing second and hope sprang up in his heart. Then the colder Touya returned, "The future is never pre-determined… maybe…" he muttered.

"Kept me waitin'!" came a heavily accented voice; Touya and Samurott had finally made it to Chargestone Cave and were waiting outside. A huge gaping hole led into the cave but was blocked by a crackling barrier of what looked like webs.

Clay, the leader of Driftveil's gym, came walking up to the entrance where Touya was waiting. He took one look at the webs and inclined his head, "This here's a nest for an electric Pokémon called Galvantula. Why they made a nest 'round these parts I haven't a clue…" he muttered.

After Clay had gotten rid of the barrier, and left, Touya entered the cave. Samurott became edgy from all the electricity emanating off of the very rock. No wonder they call It Chargestone Cave, it's like a big magnet! Touya mused, returning Samurott to his poke ball so the water Pokémon wouldn't be bothered as much by the electric charge. All around the walls were blue and made the little hairs on his arms stand on end, giant blue rocks zapped and cracked at one another. A truly electrified cave.

Touya could hear the electric currents all over the place, but also something faint. Another sound below the crackling blue cave sounds, much like the wind. Touya perked up his ears, trying to keep alert. A sudden whistle rang in his ears and he froze, covering them with his hands and wincing. When he looked up there were two people standing with him, one was behind him and one was in front. They were both the same, white hair and ninja outfits. Moving with the grace of a feline, the one in front of him approached.

"...Come…" he said, his voice light and like a hiss. Touya tried to protest but the two mysterious figures took hold of his arms and ferried him around bends and corners in the cave. Where are they taking me? Who are they? What's going on? Touya's questions rambled off in his head, he struggled to get away but their grip on his arms was like iron.

They came around another corner and Touya's heart sank, N was standing on the edge of a dark chasm. I don't want to see him… he told himself. The two ninja's stopped in their tracks and looked at Touya. "...Go with Lord N…" they hissed, vanishing into the darkness to his bewilderment.

While Touya was in the midst of shock, N walked towards him and raised his hands with a smile, "Thank you," he grinned. "Those two were a part of the Shadow Triad, they're members of Team Plasma assembled by Ghetsis," N rambled, Touya was still in a state of surprise. "It appears as if it was they who set up the Galvantula nest…"

"N… what do you want?" asked Touya callously. N's smile dropped, is he still angry with me?

Putting his hands in his pockets, N leaned back onto his heels, "Are you still mad?" he asked his thoughts.

Touya looked away, "I won't lie to you, I am a little,"

N's face hardened but he accepted, at least it's only a little… He returned his attention to the chasm that showed more levels of the cave as you looked downwards. "Chargestone Cave… it's actually a nice place…" he trailed needlessy, "Now then, you realize you have been chosen Touya? Do you find this a surprise?" Touya blinked and nodded, indicated he did find it as a surprise.

"Mmn, it does. I told Ghetsis about you and your friends and apparently after that he used the Shadow Triad to find out about you…" Touya cringed, so the lackey of Team Plasma was doing a background check on him? How creepy…

Touya clenched his fists, "W-why N? Why are you so keen to know about me? Why does Team Plasma want me?" inquired the boy. N began to turn away, pulling his hat a little lower over his face. Because Touya… I… you… even his own comprehending vanished for a second.

Instead of answering, N just walked into the darkness, "Team Plasma will be waiting up ahead. Ghetsis wants to see what kind of trainer you really are…" I want to see too… Touya, I want to know how much you care about pokemon and how far your willing to go to protect your beliefs. That said, N disappeared in the shadows and left Touya to ponder in the blue light from the cave.

SMACK! A loud sound resounded from the wall where N had punched it, though pain was shooting through his hand he did not seem to care. He ground his teeth together and winced after a few seconds, peeling his hand from the wall and cradling it in his other.

Why am I such a fool? He asked not expecting an answer to his silent, internal questioning. N waited for the pain to abate before sitting down on a large boulder, Why is it that I can't stop thinking about him? Curiosity follows my every action, my every move. His hand feeling better, N leaned his elbows on his knees and hung his head between his hands, heart beating rapidly.

Giving a sigh, N rubbed his temples, I feel horrible for what I did, for keeping it a secret from him… but I had to know… I had to know if he was trustworthy. N glanced behind him at the dark tunnel that dug deeper into the cave, the stairs from which he knew Touya would come running from at any given moment. This is bad… if I start thinking like this, then the whole mission is for fail! N got to his feet and began pacing. But what can I do? It's not like I asked for this and it's not like it's about to vanish.

Waiting for Touya had given N some time alone to think, to think about what he really meant to N. What does he mean? N brooded, Well, he's kind, thoughtful and cares for everyone else before himself. He's bright, shy and acts rather adorable most of the time. But what does he mean to me?

The answering thought was simple, a three syllable word that summed up all of N's conflicting reasons; everything.

His actions and heart decided, N turned to face the tunnel. He could hear distant footsteps getting closer… closer…

You mean everything...


To me.

"Why does this cave have to be such a maze?" muttered Touya, climbing the stairs of yet another passageway. He had finally fought his way through literally ambushes of Team Plasma grunts and was ascending the stairs of what he hoped to be the way out. His hopes were dashed to pieces when he reached the top and found another tunnel.

Stepping over the top step, Touya doubled over to catch his breath, leaning his hands on his knees. After three seconds or so he fixed the strap on his bag again and walked forward. All this electricity was putting him on edge, but that wasn't all, it was the idea of seeing N repeatedly was making him feel weird. I'm not sure exactly why, but I don't know what to think anymore. Touya scratched his arm, eyes trained on the floor for the moment.

A rapid change in the atmosphere roused him from his thoughts and he scanned his surroundings warily. His eyes lingered on the shred of light at the end of the tunnel, blocking his way out was none other than N. Green hair appeared bluish in the light from the cave, his eyes seemed almost gray.

"N…" said Touya quietly.

"Touya I…" N began, stopping himself in midsentence, "So many views and opinions mix together and the world becomes gray, it is unforgivable. Only when Pokemon are separated from us can we truly see the colour in the world… that is my dream," he inspected the necklace hanging about his neck for a second before going on, "You must have a dream too Touya, right?"

A puzzled look came upon the boy's face but he confirmed, "Yes,"

Sweeping a strand of hair to the side, N brought out a poke ball, "Then show me what kind of dream it is, with a battle?" Touya unexpectedly showed uncertainty, as if he didn't want to fight. "What is it Touya?"

"I don't want to…" he whispered.

N cocked his head, "What?"

"I don't want to fight you N," claimed Touya, N at last saw the fear in the other's brown eyes. His own gaze softened.

"Touya, is your dream worth defending?" he pried, Touya mumbled a small 'yes'. "Then why do you not want to fight for it?" N strode up to the boy and looked him in the eye. He could see Touya on the verge of tears, is this what's been making him so cold? Pent up anger? Or is it fear? N considered.

Wiping his face of invisible tears, Touya sniffed, "I don't know, I just don't want to fight you I guess…"

N gave him a warm smile, "Touya…"

You mean so much to me…

"I…I want to tell you something…" N found it hard to find proper words for his thoughts. "Touya… I…" the other trainer glanced up at him, the old Touya was back again. N's face flushed, enough is enough! I don't care about what my conscience says right now! Breaking down the barrier to his morals, N took Touya's hand in his and knocked him against the wall. Touya let out a sharp, surprised yelp and flinched.

"N? What are you do—" he was cut off sharply when N pressed his lips against his own. Touya blinked in bewilderment, face turning a bright red all the way up to the tips of his ears. It wasn't a harsh kiss, nor was it a brush. N was gentle, soft and careful, Touya shook violently, struck dumb.

N's lips were strangely cold, yet it was not an unpleasant feeling, Touya's mind seemed to come to a screeching halt for those two long seconds. The distinct feel of his lips, the colour of his hair, the green of his eyes that had never before mesmerized Touya like they did now.

Almost as quickly as it had started, N pulled away and Touya came back to reality. He leaned there, perplexed, before shoving N roughly away from him. "W-w-wha-t-t w-as tha-that!" he stammered, mouth not working properly anymore.

With a slight flush, N looked away, "I-I'm sorry Touya…" he spun about and started to leave.

Touya chased him, "N! W-wait!"

N looked back at the young trainer, "Touya…" he said the name as if it were a precious syllable, "I… I'll see you later…" and with that he was gone in a swish of green hair and white. Touya remained standing where he was, too shocked to even follow.


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