Title: Beautiful Savage
Author: Readingmama/Vampiremama
Beta: AcrossTheSkyInStars

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or any of its characters. No copyright infringement is intended.

Continuity: AH/AU
Rating: M – For sexy times

Summary: After getting lost in the woods on a camping trip, Bella finds a man who is living a different life. Can two such different worlds mesh when communication is nearly impossible?

A/N- Thanks to lmhsfan at FFA for giving me this wonderful title. Thank you to AcrosstheSkyinStars for beta'ing this beast…pun intended, and who also made me an INCREDIBLE banner that you can check out on my profile. And last but not least to Chartwilightmom, my ficpet, for pre-reading.

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Chapter 1

Tossing the last few things into her duffle, the petite brunette threw her bag to the door and headed back into her storage room for one more thing. Searching past the Christmas boxes and over the spooky skeleton from Halloween, she found what she was looking for.

She grabbed the sleeping bag just as her doorbell rang.

"Coming," she yelled as she raced back up the stairs to get the door. On the other side stood the man of her dreams; her first love. Ben Cheney.

"Hey, Bella," he said to her smiling face before leaning down and kissing her lips. Ben slid his hand around her waist and pulled her tight to him. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and Bella let out a little squeal when he accompanied this move with an ass grab.

"Ben," she scolded as she pulled back. "I have neighbors."

"I'm sorry, baby, you know you drive me crazy," his words poured around her and she couldn't help but smile.

Bella picked up her bag off the floor before Ben took it from her and lead her out to the car. Bella and Ben had both been looking forward to this for entirely different reasons. Bella hadn't been camping since she was a little girl. Her father had taken her when she was a kid every summer when she visited him.

She was a product of divorced parents and that meant spending the school year with her mother, Renee, and summers with her father, Charlie. When Bella turned fifteen, she didn't want to spend her summers away from her friends, so she told her dad she wouldn't be coming. He had hidden his sadness well but Bella regretted the decision almost immediately, for it was only two weeks later that Charlie had passed away from a heart attack.

Renee had never camped so it had been six years since she'd slept in a tent. The memories were bittersweet but she thought who better to create new memories camping with than the boy she loved.

Ben just wanted to get laid.

He had been dating Bella for over nine months and couldn't believe he had barely rounded third base. He thought if he could get her alone for a couple days, she would see it was a natural thing and blah blah blah….Ben needed to get laid.

Bella threw her sleeping bag into the trunk and hopped into the passenger seat.

"I made a road mix," she said proudly, holding up her iPod.

"Sounds great, babe," Ben answered, cringing inside at having to listen to two hours of whiny girl bands.

Bella had made sure she made a fair mix of music. She and Ben didn't always get along in that department so she created a mix of alternating songs to last them the trip. When Ben heard his favorite song come on first, he looked over and smiled at Bella, taking her hand.

"I love you, babe."

Bella smiled over at the boy driving. He wasn't what you would call handsome but he was pleasing to look at. His black hair had just been cut and Bella thought it was a little too short, but it grew fast enough that she didn't really worry herself with it. She kicked off her shoes and placed her feet on the dashboard, closing her eyes as they started their trip into the woods.

"Babe, we're here," Ben's soft voice rolled over Bella as he gently shook her awake.

Bella looked out and was amazed at the beauty before her. The trees looked lush and large and the mountains were off in the distance. She jumped out of the car and stretched her legs before noticing all the large roots covering the ground.

"Ben? Where do we set up the tent?"

"We have to hike in a little." At the desperation that crossed Bella's face, Ben continued, "Don't worry, it's only about fifteen minutes and it's flat."

Bella shot Ben a glance that told him he better not be lying. He chuckled in response and grabbed the bags out of the trunk. Bella took her duffle and slipped her arms into the straps like a backpack. It cut on her shoulders and arms a little but it would be manageable for the small walk. Hugging her sleeping bag in front of her, Bella followed Ben into the woods.

True to his word, Bella and Ben arrived approximately fifteen minutes later to the site. It was a small grassy area that was surrounded by three sides of thick woods and one side of a crystal clear lake. Bella smiled widely, she couldn't imagine any place more beautiful than the one she was now standing.

Ben watched her enjoy her surroundings for a couple moments before he grabbed the tent and started pulling out the poles to set up. Bella eagerly went to help him, but she promised a certain spot by the water that she would be back later with a book.

It turned out that Bella was more of an outdoorsman than Ben. When he fumbled with the tent, Bella stepped in and got it erect. She remembered her dad teaching her to find kindling to start a fire, and with Ben's matches, they had a fire going before the sun fell.

Bella looked through the cooler of food Ben had gone back to fetch while she made up the bed in the tent. She pulled out the steaks and seasoned them before placing the frying pan over the fire. Ben grabbed a beer and handed Bella a cooler as she cooked dinner.

"I'm really glad we came," Bella said, smiling up at Ben. "Work has been killing me lately and…I don't know. I just don't think office work is my passion."

"What is your passion?" he inquired.

Bella shrugged. She had no idea what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She looked around and briefly thought if she could live out in the woods and be a hermit, that that may just be her calling.

They ate a meal of overdone steaks and potato chips while they talked a bit about Ben's job. He was three years older than Bella and an insurance salesman. He loved his job, and would become very enthusiastic while talking about it, but even that didn't make the topic interesting.

After three yawns, Ben got the hint and suggested they retire. Bella nodded and packed away the food while Ben took care of the dishes.

Bella unzipped the tent and crawled in, grabbing her pajamas from the top of her bag. She stripped down and threw on the flannel pajama pants and a tank top with an oversized sweater to top it off. Bella hadn't wanted to get cold so she had packed practical.

Bella had the blanket pulled up to her chin by the time Ben entered the tent. Bella had taken their two sleeping bags and zipped them together, giving them one larger blanket to snuggle in. Ben stripped down to his boxers and started to crawl in.

"Aren't you going to put something on? You're going to freeze."

Ben smirked at her. "I'll be okay."

Ben settled next to her and Bella could feel the heat leaving his body quickly. He inched in closer to her and suddenly she could feel his hips pressed tight against her backside. And he seemed to be happy to be there.

Bella felt his lips brush across her neck and it tickled a little, so she let out a little giggle. His hand came over her hip and ran under her sweatshirt until he touched the bare skin between her pants and top.

Bella jumped. "Shit, Ben. Your hands are freezing."

"Come on babe, help me warm them up." He dipped his hand into her pants and Bella let out a whiny moan.

"Ben, come on. I'm tired."

Ben stopped his hand but didn't remove it until he had taken a dramatically deep breath. He moved his hips back from Bella but he kept his torso spooning hers.

"Goodnight, Bella," he whispered.

Bella threaded her fingers with his, which were now resting on her stomach on the outside of her sweatshirt. She answered with a hushed, "Goodnight," and quickly fell asleep.

Bella woke up to the sound of the tent rustling and Ben stepping back inside. She smiled up at him and he gave a quick smile back. She watched him as he changed with a certain fascination. He pulled on the same pair of pants he was wearing the day before and she noticed the way the muscles in his legs moved. She had read enough romance novels to know she should feel something at the sight of her nearly naked boyfriend, but Bella had long grown out of the notion that she was a lustful woman. She loved the man in front of her and that was enough.

"See something you like?" Ben asked as he caught her staring. He took a few extra seconds to bring the shirt down over his abdomen. Ben was thin, and he wasn't overly defined, but men never seemed to notice any of their failings. It was one of the things Bella liked about him.

"My mountain man," Bella chuckled as she pulled herself into a sitting position. Even though Ben had seen her naked before, she wasn't comfortable being nude in front of him in this setting. She grabbed her shorts and a clean pair of underwear before bringing them under the blanket and performing the difficult task of changing while still sitting on her ass.

Ben shook his head but left her alone in the tent. He knew he would have his work cut out for him this trip but he had the perfect day planned, and at the end of it, Bella would finally be his in the best way. He loved her, but he was also a twenty-three year-old male, and at that age, love meant sex.

Ben had some muffins and orange juice out of the cooler by the time Bella was dressed. She came up beside him and leaned down, kissing him sweetly. After the quick breakfast, Ben started his seduction plan.

"I have a surprise," he started, and Bella narrowed her eyes. She usually wasn't fond of surprises but since she knew it would only involve the two of them, she decided to let it go. "We're going fishing."

Bella made a small happy noise as she jumped into Ben's arms. Fishing was another activity she had done a lot when she stayed with her dad and she had really missed it.

Ben wrapped his arms around Bella and smiled at the feel of her breasts pressed against his chest. When she released him he went to grab the fishing poles he had retrieved early that morning.

The two of them headed down the shoreline, until they found a nice grassy spot to sit, and casted their lines. Bella baited her hook like a pro but Ben was left struggling. After several attempts, Bella went to help. He snatched it away.

"I've got it."

"Okay," Bella said before turning back to her rod and sending the line sailing into the water.

Bella sat for a couple minutes enjoying the feel of the water's gentle tug on her line when Ben started shrieking profanities.

"What?" she asked, whipping her head to him.

"I fucking hooked myself," he replied, showing her a pinprick of blood on his finger.

"Really? Ben, you're going to scare the fishes."

Ben grumbled underneath his breath, so Bella put down her line and straddled his lap. She grabbed his finger and brought it up to her mouth and kissed it softly.


"Much," he answered before grabbing her hips and deepening the kiss.

Bella wiggled a little in his lap and Ben grabbed her ass in reply. Their kiss built until Bella had to break away for breath. Not wanting to stop, Ben latched his lips to her neck and continued kissing and sucking.

Bella liked kissing Ben; it felt nice to her, but in order to really enjoy herself, she had to concentrate. She really had to focus on his lips on her skin, where his hands were and….

"Ben!" she cried out.

"Yes," he replied but his face turned to shock as she leapt off him.

Bella grabbed her pole just before it was dragged into the water. She reeled the line in, and in a couple minutes, she was holding a seven pound trout. Ben looked at the flopping fish and hoped Bella knew how to cook and clean the thing. He hadn't really expected to catch anything but Bella looked so happy and cute holding her trophy he couldn't help but feel happy about it.

Bella spent the next hour cleaning and prepping the fish so they could eat it for dinner. Once she was done, she was up to her elbows in slime and smelled like a…well, fish.

"I need to change," she said to Ben, heading to the tent.

"No," Ben shouted, stopping her just in time. "You cannot go in there with those clothes on, babe, the tent will reek."

Ben offered to grab Bella some clothes out of her bag. He took a few moments to search through in hopes that she had brought something sexy. He was a little disappointed to see her regular cotton bras and boy shorts. He grabbed another pair of shorts and a tank top and headed back outside.

Bella had stripped and hung her clothes on a nearby tree, venturing into the chilly water to clean off. She liked the feel of the cold on her skin after working in the hot sun. When she saw Ben come out with her clothes, she was feeling fresher and a little feisty.

"Come on in, the waters fine." She tried to make her voice low and husky but it just came off sounding silly. It didn't seem to matter to Ben, though, who had stripped in record time and was flapping in the breeze as he ran into the water.

Bella watched as Ben dove under, and she screamed when she felt him brush up along her leg. He came up, sliding his chest against hers. Her nipples were sensitive from the cold water and the feeling made her a little breathy.

Ben leaned into her and pressed his lips to hers. Bella had never been naked at the same time as her boyfriend. It had always seemed safer that way; easier to stop herself from crossing that last line. She didn't know what she was waiting for, but she knew it was something.

Ben's hands roamed up over her breasts and Bella's back arched, pushing her hips into his. Ben let out a moan as his hardness was finally getting some attention.

"Wait," Bella cried out.

"What is it, babe?" Ben asked, kissing her neck softly and running his hands up and down her arms.

"Don't you think we are getting a little carried away here?"

"No," he answered simply.

"Ben," Bella whined a little, pulling out of his arms. "I do not want lake water in my coochie."

Bella watched as Ben swam towards the shore and sighed. She could see he was getting frustrated with her but she had to follow her heart, and right then, her heart was telling her to stop.

Bella appreciated that Ben was trying to ease the tension of the situation by being extra sweet for the remainder of the day, and by the time they had finished their fish dinner, Bella felt much better.

Of course that only lasted until they were in their tent. As soon as Bella lay down on the air mattress, Ben was on top of her. He kissed her with a sloppy mouth and his hands wandered roughly.

"Ben?" Bella squeaked.

"Hmmmmm," he answered, clearly not listening to her.

"Ben, what has gotten into you?" She tried to push him off but he kept his strong body on hers.

"Bella, come on. We love each other. Why can't you give me this?"

Ben had just answered his own question but didn't even realize it. Bella thought the act shouldn't have been something she gave but something they shared, and Ben had never made it feel like that. Feeling like you owed someone sex never made you want to pay up.

"No, Ben," she said firmly as she pushed him off.

Ben rolled over and groaned, he felt rejected and humiliated and he lashed out.

"Come on, Bella, don't be frigid."

She looked at him and saw the anger in his face, and couldn't find a trace of the handsome boy she loved. Moving to stand up, Ben grabbed her and tried to pull her to him, maybe even to apologize, but it was too late. Bella felt attacked, and she kneed Ben in the family jewels and escaped the tent.

Ben was a few steps behind her as she stumbled across the campsite.

"Babe, I'm sorry, just come back."

"You stay away from me, Benjamin Cheney! I mean it."

Ben took another step towards Bella, and with her adrenaline so high, she turned on her heel and ran. She darted through the trees swiftly and quietly, trying to get away from him. Bella ran until her legs cramped and her lungs burned.

When she stopped, she tried to listen for the sound of Ben chasing her, but all she could hear was her heartbeat and her labored breaths. When those calmed, she found she had another problem. She had no idea where she was.

Then she started to doubt herself. Why had she been so scared of Ben? He had just been wound up and upset but did she really believe he would hurt her? She doubted it. She looked around and headed back in the direction she had come. Only it didn't take her long to figure out nothing looked familiar.

"Ben," she called timidly, hoping he was close.

She strained to hear but the only sounds were the crickets.

"Ben?" Her voice was louder and she was rewarded by a rustle in the trees. She walked towards the sound but stopped when she heard an inhuman growl.

The next thing she knew, Bella was on her back, staring up at a pair of feral eyes.