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"I won't stop!"

"Naruko, use your head for once! Training yourself to the point where you collapse will only hurt you! You rarely even eat anymore! You're going to kill yourself!"

Naruko ignored her pink haired friends advice and continued gathering her chakra for the rasengan. She wanted to join her sage mode chakra, wind chakra, and the Kyuubi's together to make the Rasen-shuriken stronger but it was a long and difficult process. She needed to catch up to Sasuke quickly, before it was too late.

Sakura stared at her friend in anger, worry, and regret. If she had never made her make that stupid promise then she wouldn't be doing this to herself. She had given up on Sasuke a long time ago and wished Naruko would do the same. Watching her start to use the fox's chakra was the last straw. She knew the dangers of it and Naruko did too. Using her medical chakra to protect her hands, she charged forward and grabbed Naruko's hands to stop her.

"That's enough-"

They both suddenly screamed in pain and jumped apart. Sakura saw her hands were slightly burnt from the fox's chakra and the wind chakra had cut her hands. She started to alleviate the pain while looking to Naruko. She panicked on sight but was unable to move to aid her friend.

Naruko was in a more serious problem. The mix of sage mode chakra, wind chakra, demonic chakra, and medical chakra was hurting her. The chakra that was originally in her hands was now spreading across her body much like how the cloak formed. She screamed as covered her whole body and the Kyuubi roared in her mind.

Sakura looked on in horror as the mixed chakra's slowly covered her friends entire body. The multi-colored chakra blended together until it turned so bright she had to cover her eyes. There was an explosion and Sakura was thrown across the field where Naruko had been training and crashed into a tree.

Dazed from the explosion, Sakura shakily got up and looked around for her friend. She started to panic when all she saw was a crater from the explosion. Running into it she looked around frantically. "Naruko? Naruko, where are you?"

Tears formed in her green eyes as she saw no sign of her. She looked down at the center of the crater and saw what looked like a bunch of symbols. She stood there, numb with shock, until she felt Kakashi's chakra signature appear and a large hand was placed on her shoulder. Looking up into the concerned eye of her former sensei, she finally broke and cried into his shoulder.

Kakashi held onto his student as she cried. He rubbed soothing circles in her back as he tried to calm her down. "Sakura, what happened? Where is Naruko?"

Sakura slowly calmed herself down enough to answer. "I o-only wanted t-to stop her from training herself to exhaustion. She was trying to blend sage mode chakra, wind chakra, and the Kyuubi's chakra together into the Rasen-shuriken. I used my medical chakra to grab her hands and stop her but it somehow backfired. I jumped back and tried to heal my hands but the mixed chakra's started to c-cover Naru before it glowed and there was an e-explosion. The only thing I can find are those s-symbols."

She was crying again by the end of her tale and Kakashi could only hold her as he started to take her to Tsunade. 'Naruko, where are you?'


"Aang, are we going to get to the western air temple soon?"

"We're almost there guys, just a few more minutes."

Everyone groaned as Appa continued flying. They were all in bad spirits since the failed invasion. They just wanted to get to the air temple and rest.

Appa suddenly groaned and jolted to a stop, causing everyone to grab onto his saddle. Aang quickly steadied Appa so he was still and they looked around to see what had caused the bison to stop. They saw what looked like a small white dot about the size of a fist hovering in the air and it was growing. It continued growing until it started to take the shape of a human. As the shape stopped growing it started glowing brighter and brighter until no one could look at it. There was a loud bang that had everyone covering their ears but that did nothing to block out the agonized, feminine scream.

When the sound and light faded they all looked up. They saw the form of a teenage girl, head thrown back and her mouth open in a soundless scream surrounded by long yellow hair. She hovered in the air for a moment longer before she started falling at a rapid pace.

Aang's eyes widened and he steered Appa into a dive. Everyone grabbed onto the saddle as they raced to the ground in an effort to get below her. Haru reached out and grabbed her arm as they finally got under her and pulled her into the saddle. Aang pulled Appa out of the dive and steered him back up to a safer height.

Toph, fed up with not knowing what was going on, exploded. "Will someone please tell me what just happened?"

No one knew what to say. How could they explain that a girl just appeared in mid-air, unconscious? Teo answered Toph's question before she could get any more frustrated. "A girl just appeared in the air."

Toph blinked. "Yeah, I kind of got the girl and air part from the scream and the fact that we dived down to catch her."

Katara suddenly noticed the girl was injured. "Haru, give her to me. She's hurt!"

As Haru handed her over everyone took the chance to actually look at the girl. She had long yellow hair that went to her waist and tan skin. There were also whisker-like scars on her cheeks. She had full lips and an angular face that, combined with the whiskers, gave her an exotic appeal. Her clothes on the other hand were the weirdest things they had seen. Some kind of red dress that was up around her neck with no sleeves, but both sides of the legs were slits that started around mid thigh, like Katara's water tribe outfit. There were designs of some kind of golden flower on the lower half (Chineses style dress). She was wearing black shorts under the dress that were visible from the slits in the sides and a pouch was strapped onto her left leg. Tied around her waist was a black headband with a strange leaf on it and a necklace with a green crystal was around her neck. She was also wearing knee high boots and elbow length finger-less gloves, both black.

Katara bended some water on her hands and put them on the visible part of the girls arms. They were covered with burns and gashes. The girls face suddenly crumpled with pain as she screamed and started to thrash around as soon as Katara touched the wounds. She jerked her hands back and stared in shock.

"Katara! What did you do?" Sokka yelled as he reached out to still the girl.

Katara glared at her brother. "I barely touched her! How could I have done anything?"

The Duke was staring at the girls arms whike everyone else got distracted by the siblings. "Uh, guys?"

"You're the only one who touched her. Who else could it have been?"


"I'm the only one who touched her? So did Haru, genius!"


Everyone turned to the little boy. "What!"

The Duke quickly spoke before they got too angry. "Look at her arms!"

They looked at the girls arms and expected to see the injuries but instead saw each wound slowly, one by one, knitting itself together until there was only pink skin left behind. They stared in fascination as the largest wound closed itself. A groan had them all looking at the girls face. She was turning her head and her eyes slowly opened. They were all looking into the bluest eyes the had ever seen. Not Katara's and Sokka's ice blue but the deep, rich blue of the ocean or sky. They were hazed and couldn't seem to focus on anything.

"W-Where am I?"

The girl soon passed out before anyone could answer her.

"Will someone tell me what shocked you all silent, please? This is really frustrating you know."

"The girl's wounds just healed themselves in a few seconds without Katara even touching her, Toph." Aang said as he steered Appa to the ground and turned to everyone. "Appa's getting tired so we need to walk the rest of the way. Katara you can stay up here with her and make sure she's okay."

Toph, The Duke, Haru, and Sokka climbed out of the saddle, the latter helping Teo. Katara took some bandages out of a bag and started to wrap up the girls arms in case there was still some damage but couldn't think of much else to do.

She noticed the pouch strapped to the girls thigh again and took it off. Bitting her lip, she nervously looked at the girl. It would be an invasion of privacy but there might be something about who this girl is or where she came from. Making a decision, she unclasped the bag and opened it. Her brows furrowed as she rummaged through the contents. There were lots of strange knives but most of th eroom in the pouch was taken up by four scrolls. Bypassing the weapons, she pulled out the first scroll and opened it. It looked like a map, but it was all wrong. There were no four nations, but rather tons of other ones. The land was shaped all wrong, too. Looking at one of the larger nations she saw the same symbol that was on the girls headband on it. Looking around the country she saw it was called the Land of Fire.

"Guys there is a map in her bag and it shows she is from some place called the Land of Fire but I don't think she's Fire nation."

Sokka jumped up into the saddle and pulled his sister away from the girl. "Not Fire nation? You just said her home is called the Land of Fire! It's too much of a coincidence! It could be some slang term for Fire nation or something."

Katara glared back and held the map in front of her brothers face. "Does this even look like our map, Sokka?" Throwing the map at him she turned to Aang. "Aang, do you know if there are other worlds or something besides the Spirit World? That map doesn't show our world."

Aang scratched his cheek as he thought about the possibility. "...There might be, but I would have to ask some of the spirits to be sure. But Katara, do you really think she could be from another world?"

"Twinkletoes, use your head. She appeared in the sky."

"Plus I don't know of anyone in the four nations with yellow hair." Teo added.

"Woah, wait. Your telling me she has yellow hair? Seriously?"

"Yeah, Toph. Her hair is really yellow. Hey guys, lets talk about this later. We're here." Aang said with a smile on his face.

They looked around but all they saw was a ravine.

"Um, Aang? There's nothing here." Sokka said.

Toph stepped forward and her eyes widened. "Yes, there is. It's amazing!"

They all climbed back on Appa, Sokka still looking suspiciously at the girl. They flew down into the ravine and gaped at the upside down air temple. They landed near a fountain in a square and started unpacking. When they had a bed set up for the girl, they gently took her out of the saddle and placed her down. Teo, The Duke, and Haru left to go exploring while they rest sat at the fountain.

"Aang, what are we going to do now? You need a fire bending teacher for sure now."

Aang turned away, not wanting to have the conversation, and saw the girls eyes slowly opening. Glad for a change in topic, he jumped up. "She's waking up!"

Sokka and Katara glared at Aang, but turned to the girl. Startling blue eyes once again looked at them, brows furrowed in confusion. "Who are you?"

They just stared at her as she spoke, no one able to find their voice as the name of her homeland flashed in their minds. Her eyes were still hazed but as they cleared up she suddenly shot up and disappeared. Sokka yelled and Katara, Toph, and Aang snapped around. The girl was behind him Sokka, pinning one of his arms behind him, the other holding a weird knife to his throat. Her eyes were watching them all with suspicion and anger. "Where am I and who are you people? Where is Sakura?" She growled.

They were all too stunned and scared to answer. They had never seen anyone move that fast. Toph didn't even fell her. Aang knew he needed to make sure Sokka was safe and took a small step forward, raising his hands to show he meant no harm. "My name is Aang. That's Katara and Toph and you have Sokka. You kinda fell out of the sky after an explosion and we caught you as you fell. As for the last question, we have no idea who you are talking about. You were alone when you came. Now can you let our friend go and answer some of our questions?"

It was silent as he finished talking. Sokka was staring with wide eyes at them and was sweating. He felt the edge of the strange blade against his throat ease up and almost sighed with relief when it disappeared completely and the girl backed up. He ran over to his friends and turned around quickly to watch the new girl.

She was standing in some kind of battle formation that looked similar to a type of bending stnace with the knife held in front of her and was watching them all with such intensity that he felt powerless and nervous under her stare. Even after Aang's assurance she didn't seem to trust them.

"Lets just sit down and have a calm and rational discussion. We answer your questions, you answer ours." Katara reasoned.

The girl stared at them for a second before giving a curt nod of her head and stiffly sitting down, loosening her grip on her knife and laying it on her lap. They sat down across from her and Toph decided to break the silence first.

"So, what's your name?"

Blue eyes snapped to her and observed her, taking in the fact that she was blind but somehow able to know her surroundings, before answering. "My name is Uzumaki, Naruko. Or Naruko, Uzumaki. It is customary to introduce your last name first where I come from, but I'm obviously not there anymore." She said with a wry glance to her surroundings.

They waited for her to give more information before realizing she would only answer what their questions asked.

"How old are you?"


"Where are you from, Naruko?"

"My village is called Konoha, located in the Land of Fire in the Elemental Nations."

"Elemental Nations? Like bending nations?" Sokka asked.

Naru looked to him with furrowed brows. "What's bending?"






Everyone stared at the girl with wide eyes and open jaws. It did soothe some of their fears that she was fire nation if she didn't know about bending and confirmed Katara's theory of another world, but it was still so bizarre seeing someone who knew nothing of bending. Naruko seemed nervous under their incredulous stares and the blank look that had been on her face vanished, only to be replaced by a nervous one.

"Um, did I say something wrong?"

Aang was the first to snap out of his shock and hastily reassured the girl, waving his hands around. "No, no, you said nothing wrong. We were just surprised you didn't know about bending. It's kind of common here."

Naruko seemed to have relaxed a bit with them as her face softened and she smiled a little. "Okay, but can you tell me what bending is?"

"Um, well certain people are born with the ability to bend one of the four elements – water, earth, fire, and air – to their will, pretty much. I'm a water bender, Aang's an air bender, and Toph is and earth bender. I'd think it'd be easier to give you a demonstration, though."

Katara followed her statement by uncapping her canteen at her hip and bending the water out to float in the air in between them. Smiling softly at the childlike wonder that was visible in her blue eyes, Katara flicked her wrist and the water flashed out around the girl and back into her flask.

"That was water bending," Katara motioned to Aang, "Aang, show her something."

Aang smiled and nodded before jumping up and forming his air scouter. He watched Naru's eyes widen in wonder and smiled as he let the scouter disappear. "That's an example of air bending. Toph, you're up."

Toph smirked. "Just letting you know that yes, I am blind, but I can use earth bending to see by feeling the vibrations in the ground. Oh! I can also bend metal."

With that, Toph punched the ground. Naru jolted in surprise as a portion of the rock beside them rose from the ground. No longer able to hold it back Naru burst.

"That is so awesome! Do you not have a fire bender though? I mean, you have the other's so why not fire?" Naruko said as she cocked her head. She had relaxed around them now, no longer wary of any enemy attacks at the sight of abilities not native to her home.

Aang's, Toph's, Katara's, and Sokka's smiles dimmed as they thought about it. Sokka answered in a depressed tone. "We have been at war with the Fire Nation for a hundred years. They wanted to control everything so the Fire Lord at the time used the power of a comet to wipe out all the air benders. Aang was the only survivor. He's the Avatar – someone who can bend all the elements – that's why the air benders were attacked, to make sure there was no Avatar to stop them. Katara and I found Aang a few months ago frozen in an iceberg with Appa, the bison. He had been frozen for a hundred years and knew nothing of the war. He needs to learn all the elements before the comet returns and the current Fire Lord, Ozai uses it to destroy something else."

Everyone was silent as they thought of their predicament. Naruko looked around sympathetically at their sad faces before trying to distract them. "Okay, I'm sorry for your loss, Aang. I know how you feel but is there anything you want to know about me? Like what I can do?"

Aang recognized the change of subject and went along with it. "Yeah, you called your home the Elemental Countries, what's with that?"

"Where I'm from there are ninja villages and each village is in a different country. I'm from the Leaf village in Fire Country but there are other main countries like wind, rock, lightning, and water. There are also minor ones like rice, sound, and iron. The ninja in each country tend to use jutsu involving the element of their country but ninja can have more than one elemental chakra."

"Wait, are you saying you're a ninja? And what's jutsu and chakra?" Sokka asked.

"Yes, I am a ninja and jutsu are the name of some of the techniques we can use and chakra is like our energy source and powers our abilities. There area elements to our chakra, too. We have wind, fire, lightning, earth, and water natures to our chakra. I'm a wind nature and a fire one. Some people can combine two elements and make a secondary one like wood or ice but it's really hard to do."

Everyone looked shocked at the knowledge that people could at least manipulate more than one element and even combine them.

"What kind of abilities do you have?" Toph asked eagerly.

"Well I can walk on water, trees, walls, and I can make clones of myself-"

"Show us! Please!"

Naruko smiled at Toph's eagerness and could see it mirrored in her companions faces. "Okay, hold on a second."

They watched as she brought her hands together in a cross before saying "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" Smoke surrounded them on all sides and when it cleared, their jaws dropped as around twenty replica's of Naruko appeared. Sokka jumped up and poked one of them and jumped back as his hand touched it.

"They're real!" He said in disbelief.

Toph smiled deviously. "How many can you make?"

The original, or the one they assumed to be the original since she was the only one to move, put her hand on her chin. "Um, the largest I've made is a few hundred but I've never actually tested how many I can actually make." Naruko answered, enjoying the shocked look on their faces as she dispelled the clones.

"You're your own personal army!" Sokka said as he fell back down in shock.

Naruko shrugged and stood up to walk to one of the pillars. " I guess. Now I'll show you what else chakra can do." With that, she walked straight to one of the pillars and without breaking stride, went straight up the side and even onto the ceiling above them. Looking down, or is it up? at them, she laughed out loud at their faces. It was just to funny seeing someone who, for once, didn't know what a ninja could do. Stopping the flow of chakra, Naruko flipped and landed back on the ground. "You might want to close your mouths before you catch a fly."

Toph shut her mouth and whooped. "You and I are going to get along great!"

"Thanks, I-" Naruko's eye's suddenly narrowed. She and Toph turned at the same time to face Appa. Naruko's voice went cold. "I know your there. Come out."

Appa suddenly moved to reveal a boy around Naru's age with shaggy black hair a little past his ears, amber colored eyes and a scar on one side of his face, dressed in red and black clothes. Naruko was slightly shocked at the venomous reactions of her new companions as they all got in battle stance with their arms ready to bend at a moments notice.

"What are you doing here, Zuko?"

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