"Go ahead and go out to the car with Daddy." Hermione said, turning from the barn owl on the window sill, to her four year old son Xavier, running her fingers through his auburn curls while returning her attention to the owl and attaching her letter to it's leg. "Come on , Love, Alexander is already in the car." Hermione recognized the soft Irish lilt of her husband 's voice as he came up behind her.

"Just give me two minutes, I want to get this letter sent to Professor McGonagall I still want her to come for Christmas." Hermione replied, while still struggling to attech her letter to the owl.

"Why don't you just use magic for that?" He asked, raising an eyebrow while feeding the owl an oyster cracker.

"Because you said that I needed to try and do more things without magic." She said, in a rough interpretation of his Irish accent. 'To depended' you said, But I think your just jealous because I can do something that you can't." She said, jokingly.

"Since when do you listen to me?"

"I don't, oh forget this." she murmured after diving to the floor to retrieve the fallen letter, pulling out her wand and waving it over the letter watching as it a attached seamlessly.

"Yet no matter what I say, we still have random owls flying in and out at all hours of the day." he said with a smile, "Quinton Andrew Mcclaussen, you willingly applied for a job at a magical wizarding hospital and your complaining about owls?" she asked , mock shock evident in her tone. pulling him along towards the car where their twin boys were sound asleep in their booster seats.