The ground shook as the water was splashed away. Hydreigon and Haxorus both were pounding each other as they went further and further down, the water being pushed farther away. As Haxorus bit Hydreigon's main neck, Hydreigon's two other head used Flamethrower on Haxorus, burning him. Haxorus shoo it off and clawed the right head of Hydreigon, fighting back as he then kicked Hydreigon down onto the ground. Haxorus began climbing upwards, but the lava slowly poured down the hole. Haxorus used Screech to halt the lava, severely slowing it down.

But Hydreigon would not be defeated so quick, so easily. He got back up and grabbed Haxorus by the tail, dragging him down. Haxorus snarled as he clawed his claws into the ground, digging into it as Hydreigon attempted pulling him back. Haxorus continued forward, slashing through as he tried shaking off Hydreigon, but to no avail.

Hydreigon was simply too much for Haxorus to handle, as he used his two side heads to hold back the axe faced dragon Pokemon from escaping. Haxorus decided to trick Hydreigon and fall back, damaging Hydreigon. The ground shaking, some of the sea water fell down into the hole, with the molten magma still flowing down slowly. Hydreigon fired a powerful Draco Meteor upward, blasting away the incoming lava and water. Haxorus proceeded to choke Hydreigon, holding him by the main neck as his two side heads snapped at him. The unstable ground shook even more.