Chapter One

"Orochimaru?" A soft but strong voice whispered from the darkness.

Orochimaru looked around, remembering the voice from long ago.

"Where are you?" Her voice called out to him. Orochimaru could hear the pain and sorrow in it. "Please forgive me. I love you."

Orochimaru cried out as he sat up in bed. Screaming, he grabbed the closest thing throw-able and threw it at the door. The glass shattered as it collided with the wall. The woman's voice echoed in his mind.

'Why, why the fuck am I remembering her now!' He thought.

A single knock came from his door. "Lord Orochimaru, I sorry if I'm disturbing you, but I have received some rather odd Intel."

Orochimaru glared at the door since Kabuto stood behind it. "Come in."

Kabuto entered and nodded in respect. He carried an envelope with a broken seal. He quickly crossed the room and handed it over. Orochimaru yawned as Kabuto lit another candle, giving more light to the dark room.

Orochimaru opened the envelope and began to read through it with mild interest until a certain name caught his eye. Setting up, he reread it much more slowly. "Wake Sasuke up and tell him I'm leaving for a few days. Stay with him and move to the next hideout."

Kabuto was stunned but nodded. He left. Orochimaru quickly dressed. He walked through the underground passages. His thoughts returned to the dream. It couldn't be a…

Madara stood leaning against the doorway. He then walked slowly over to the crib with carefull steps. Looking in, he smirked beneath his mask at the child. She was sound asleep. His future for the Moon-eye plan.