Hi everyone. This is Saturn here! This is my first Naruto/Harry Potter cross-over that I have actually published. I have been reading a lot of them lately and I just really love the storyline... so I decided to make my own =3

I originally planned this story to be set in the fifth book of the Harry Potter series, but after writing about twelve chapters, each about five thousand words each, I suddenly decided to change it and make the story set in book four.

Let's see... just some general information. Okay, as you all know, this is set in the fourth book of Harry Potter. Naruto and the gang are now seventeen and eighteen year olds. They are ANBU.

The pairings will be:

Neji x Tenten (I love those two!)

Naruto x Hinata

I may add in more pairings later on (they are decided by the reviewers) but these two are definitely staying, although I'll try to keep the characters in character XP. I'll also try not to focus on the couples-get-together part too much, but I do like to have fun with them.

And, of course, my disclaimer. I know you've heard it many times: I do not own Naruto or Harry Potter. They belong to Masashi Kishimoto and J.K Rowling respectively.

And so, may I present to you: ANBU Mission: Protecting Hogwarts

Chapter One: Mission Request


It was raining in Konoha. Huge fat droplets of water fell from the sky and made deep puddles on the ground. It was strange weather. Konoha was normally sunny and bright. This rain made it dreary and cold. However, it did not affect any of the Konoha ninja. There were still the usual guards patrolling the border, and Kotetsu and Izumo were still keeping watch at the village gates, although they were under a shelter that gave them no protection whatsoever from the pouring rain.

A certain blonde Hokage sat behind her desk in her office, signing off paperwork. Well, attempting to sign off paperwork; she was making rather slow progress. In one hand she held a pen, and in the other, her usual cup of sake. Every now and then, she would stop and gaze out the window, bored and wishing for the rain to stop. It didn't help that the sound of water droplets hitting the roof made her want to fall asleep.

As she sorted through the piles of towering paper, she spotted an envelope made of some kind of thick, heavy parchment. She raised an eyebrow; Konoha, or any of the Ninja Countries, for that matter, didn't own paper such as this. A seal of a badger, lion, snake and an eagle adorned the letter and it was sealed with a sticky coating of red wax. There was only one place she could think of that had paper such as this one, along with its seal. Curiosity alerted, she carefully opened the letter and unfolded it.

Greetings to the Fifth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves,

I am Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am seeking your services to protect my school this year. A man by the name of Lord Voldemort is proving a danger to Hogwarts. I am sure that having ninja guard my school will help in the safety of my students. There is also a boy in particular I would like to have especially protected. His name is Harry Potter, and he is prophesised to bring down Lord Voldemort.

About ten to fifteen ninja will be needed, as the school is a large place. I will pay any amount of money to hire them. Please reply and if you accept, I will come and collect them in a week of you sending this letter back.


Albus Dumbledore

Headmaster of Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Tsunade stared at the letter for a few seconds, before the words 'any amount of money' caught her eyes and registered in her brain. A slow smirk spread across her face. Grinning, she called out to Shizune.

"Shizune! Call in Naruto and his team RIGHT NOW!" Tsunade yelled. A muffled 'Hai!' was heard on the other side of the door and she heard Shizune running down the hallway, her heels clip-clopping. Tsunade didn't stop smiling as she swivelled around in her chair, all other paperwork forgotten. It seemed as though the rainy day wasn't so bad after all.


Ten minutes later

"Ne, ne. Tsunade baa-chan, what's going on?" a teen in a fox mask grumbled. Naruto may have aged into a seventeen year old ANBU agent, but that didn't mean he had lost his disrespectful way of speaking to the Hokage. A vein appeared on Tsunade's forehead as she tried to stop her hand from pummelling his ass all the way to Suna and back. It seemed as though Tsunade had gotten better self-control over the years.

"Baka! We have to wait for the others," Sakura said, rolling her eyes behind her slug mask as well as giving him a hard whack upside the head. The third person in the room stood silent and unmoving behind his raven mask as he tried to tune out his teammates argument. Uchiha Sasuke had returned from his quest for revenge (don't ask me how, I don't know. Let's just say Naruto brought him back and now everything's fine, ne? I really don't want to explore the details) but like always, he was stoic and didn't often take sides in Naruto's and Sakura's fights, although he did still like to argue with Naruto, only for the satisfaction of watching Naruto get pissed in the first five words of the exchange.

"Who else is coming?" Slug asked, finally deciding to end her squabbling.

"Let's see... Neji, Tenten, Kiba, Shikamaru, Hinata, Ino and I think Gaara," Tsunade stated, listing off the names.

"Nani? Gaara? But what about Shino, Choji, Bushy-Brows, Sai, Temari and Kankuro?" Fox shouted.

"Raccoon because I think he will be best for the mission, and Shino, Choji, Sai and Lee are on another ANBU mission. They may join you later," Tsunade explained. She didn't bother expressing the fact that she only invited Gaara to take part in the mission because she had a feeling that he wanted to get away from his paperwork. Gaara used to be a member of the Konoha-Sunagakure ANBU alliance squad, with Temari and Kankuro still in it.

"Yo, sorry we're late," came a sudden voice to Fox's right. He blinked and turned around to see an ANBU agent clad in a dog mask with a large white dog next to him. A blue haired girl in a cat mask stood beside the dog and murmured a soft apology on their lateness. A second later, two poofs were heard and an ANBU with long, chocolate coloured hair tied up in a loose, low ponytail appeared in an eagle mask alongside a brown-haired girl with two buns wearing a dragon mask.

"You smell like wet dog," Fox pointed out to the new arrivals. Dog sighed.

"Maybe because Akamaru is a dog and we've just been out in the rain," Dog said. A third poof was heard and the all-time lazy genius appeared in a stag mask. The door opened quietly and a blonde girl entered wearing a swan mask stepped in. Tsunade frowned.

"Now we just have to wait for the Kazekage," Tsunade sighed. "He should be here in a few moments." The ninja had developed a new transportation jutsu that enabled the user to teleport wherever they wanted, with the limit being around one thousand kilometres. Quite handy, although it drained a large amount of chakra and was used only if needed. It was called the '1000 kilometre jutsu'.

"I'm already here," a cool voice stated. Gaara appeared in front of the Hokage's desk wearing a mask of raccoon and carrying his usual sand gourd. "Good day to you, Kazekage," Tsunade said. Raccoon repeated the greeting.

"Hey Raccoon!" Naruto grinned. Raccoon turned towards him and acknowledged the welcome with a nod. "Where's Kankuro and Temari?"

"Kankuro is staying behind as acting Kazekage with Temari. If it's alright after the first few months, they might join us in the mission," Raccoon said quietly. "The only reason I am participating this time is because as the leader of Sunagakure, it is my duty to oversee any possible threats to the ninja world and in particular, Suna. This Lord Voldemort seems to be a danger." He didn't mention the fact that it also got him away from his paperwork.

"Good! Now everyone is here! I can start the mission debriefing," Tsunade said. "Now, you all don't know this, apart from Raccoon, being the Kazekage and all, but there are other dimensions other than ours." She paused to let this information sink in. Even with the masks, she could tell that their mouths were open.

"Other dimensions?" Dragon repeated.

"You mean the place we are going to for our mission is in another dimension?" Raccoon said. His jade-green eyes then proceeded to narrow. "Are you talking about the magical dimension?" Tsunade nodded, while the other ANUB looked on, clueless. Tsunade then went on about other dimensions (I'm just gonna skip all this) and then to the reason of the mission.

"So, basically, all you have to do is protect Hogwarts from Lord Voldemort. You could compare him to Orochimaru but one in the magical world. As well as protecting Hogwarts, you must guard the student Harry Potter for reasons I can't be bothered to tell you about. Dumbledore-san can explain it to you. This mission will last around about ten to twelve months, maybe more, maybe less.

"The conditions surrounding this will be that you all are to remain in full ANBU gear, including masks, armour and weapons. If, after the first two months or so, you think it is safe to reveal your faces, do so, but only if you are sure. If not, remain masked. Dumbledore-san will explain to you the rules of the castle. Is that clear?" After receiving nods from her agents, she sighed and leaned back. Raccoon stepped forward and whispered something quietly in her ear, so quiet that even the rest of the ANBU, with their highly trained senses, could not catch. Tsunade nodded.

"Alright, Fox will be captain for this mission, Raccoon second-in-command and Raven third-in-command," Tsunade finished. She handed each of them scrolls. "This is important information on the mission. I will also expect you to send a mission report to me on the first day of every month by owl, Fox, which Dumbledore-san will help with as I don't know how to make birds travel from one dimension to another."

"You all have one week to prepare. Bring as many weapons as you can and all your ANBU gear and say goodbye to everyone etc. Clear?" The ANBU nodded. "Dismissed."


One week later

The ninja had gathered silently in the Hokage's office. The rain had finally cleared up over the course of the week, and now the usual sunlight filtered in between the occasional puffs of clouds.

Without warning, an old man appeared in front of them. The ninja jumped and tensed up, kunai instantly appearing in their hands. Tsunade waved at them to put them away.

"He's our client," Tsunade said. Fox turned to the old man, opening his mouth to speak but then finding himself unable to because he had finally registered the eccentric clothing that the man wore. To put it simply, he was wearing a purple dress.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Fox crowed. He doubled over, holding his stomach with tears leaking out of his eyes. "YOUR'RE WEARING A DRESS! HAHAHAHA!"

"Baka!" Sakura yelled and hit his head. That shut him up instantly. She bowed to the old man.

"Gomenasai. My friend is a little stupid sometimes," she said nervously. The man's eyes twinkled and he smiled at her.

"No matter, my dear," the old man laughed. He turned to the rest of the group. "Good day to you all," the man said. "My name is Albus Dumbledore, or, as you people say it, Dumbledore Albus." Recovering from her annoyance at Naruto, Tsunade welcomed him.

"Greetings, Dumbledore-san," Tsunade smiled. "It had been a while."

"Tsunade-chan," Dumbledore beamed. "It had indeed been a very long time." Before the two adults could get into an all-out conversation, Swan cleared her throat.

"Er, yes, of course, the mission," Tsunade said. "Well, Dumbledore-san will take you to Hogwarts by portkey. If you read your mission scrolls, you would know what they are. After that, you know what to do."

"Please put a finger to this," Dumbledore said, holding out a lamp. "It will activate in about one minute." Curious, the ninja stuck a finger on the lamp while feeling extremely idiotic. Finally, the portkey began to glow.

"Good luck and don't die," Tsunade grinned before they were swept away.


From now on

Italics: Japanese
Italics: also when something is being emphasised.
Italics: when someone is thinking
Normal: English
I trust you guys to tell the difference between all the

The ninja slammed onto the ground rather ungracefully for people of their rank. The only ones who managed to stay upright were Raven, Eagle and Raccoon, although the said three were swaying slightly. Muffled shouts and complaints came from the undignified heap on the ground and Dumbledore chuckled as he watched them try to untangle themselves.

"Swan, you pig! You're on my leg!"

"Argh! Akamaru! Get your furry butt off my stomach."

"This is troublesome."

"Fox, your hand is on my face!"

"I can't breathe! You're on my chest."

"Dammit Slug! Your elbow is jabbing my ribs."

"Your scrolls are squishing my arm, Dragon."

"This is really troublesome."

Raven sighed.

"This is going to take a while," Eagle murmured. Raccoon twitched in annoyance as he began to use his sand and unceremoniously lifted all the members from the pile and dumped them on the ground a few metres away from each other.

"Will you stop acting stupid?" Raven finally hissed. "Fox, you're supposed to be captain and yet you insist on acting like a child. Even an Academy student would know better." Fox winced at Raven's choice of words.

"Always so blunt," Fox mumbled.

"Everyone! Look!" Dragon cried excitedly. The other ninja followed her gaze and found themselves staring at a huge castle, a dark silhouette against the night sky. Dumbledore smiled.

"Welcome," he said, "to Hogwarts."

End chapter.

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