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A Dangerous Woman by Cheshire

"She's a dangerous woman."

That statement, made in a dank, backlit cellar of a bar had probably been uttered hundreds if not thousands of times. But this time, the recipient of the news was not daunted by the prospect. If anything, he was encouraged.

"Trust me." Chakotay leaned back, putting some distance between himself and the informant's stale breath. "I'm aware of her…abilities."

"No, man, no. Y-you don't understand." The informant leaned across the table, clearly nervous to even be discussing the woman in question. "She's killed more people than the Myropian virus."

Chakotay moved his drink away from the man's fidgety grasp. Having never heard of the Myropian virus, he was unimpressed with the comparison. "And has that killed a lot of people?"

The man actually paled, swallowed convulsively, and slumped back into his side of the booth. "Only wiped out an entire planet," he muttered sullenly. "No survivors."

Chakotay could easily see the haunted look in the man's eyes, and he had to admit the comparison did not sit well with him. But he had a role to play and he hardened his expression. "That's exactly the kind of contract I need carried out. So, if you want to get the other half of your payment, I suggest you arrange the meeting for me."

The man looked nervous again and his eyes quickly scanned the occupants of the bar, causing Chakotay to wonder if the woman in question was actually in the room with them at that very moment. But the man nodded quickly. "Tomorrow. Same time. She'll be here. You sit here in the booth. Don't approach her, man," he added quickly. "Even if you spot her, if you think you see her…don't go up to her. If she's willing to take the job, she'll come to you." His eyes flicked around the room again before putting his hand on the table. "Now, give me the crystals."

Chakotay reached into his pocket and withdrew a small vial of the powder blue crystals the man so desperately wanted. He dropped the vial into the outstretched hand but then clamped his hand over the man's wrist, pinning it to the table, not allowing him to withdraw. "Those crystals cost me a lot of latinum. Don't make me come looking for you."

The informant had actually flinched back as if he could escape without his hand. "I won't. I won't. She'll be here. You'll see."

"She better be." Chakotay released his hold and watched the vial quickly disappear into the fold of the man's clothes. Picking up his glass, he slammed back the last of his drink and then stood to leave. "Don't disappoint me."

For the first time since he'd slid into the booth, the man actually appeared cocky. "I work for her. Not you." The arrogance faded as quickly as it had appeared. "You don't scare me."

"But she does?" Chakotay countered.

The man snickered and shook out one of the crystals into his palm, apparently unable to wait any longer. "If you have any degree of self preservation, she'll scare you too."

Chakotay watched for a second as the crystal was quickly ground into powder on the surface of the table but turned away when the man leaned forward to inhale it. Making his way toward the exit, he noticed that at least three tables had emptied of occupants in the short while he'd been in the booth. He wondered if any of them had been her or if she was watching him even now. The door leading outside slid open at his approach and, with a last glance around the bar, Chakotay felt a small tendril of fear coil in his gut.

Because the truth was, that in some respects, Kathryn Janeway had always scared him.