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Blood red hair and moss green eyes. Those were the only discernable features of the woman snoring loudly beside me. If you could even call her a woman through the incessant sounds she was emitting. I didn't know her name, and the size and shape of her was of little consequence, but I chose her tonight, because she had two very unique features that could NOT be confused with any other color. One didn't look at her hair and think, "that's sort of an orangey-red; it could very well be her natural shade." No, it was as red as spilled blood and there was no doubt that it came from a bottle. No one would look at her eyes and mistake their colour for greenish-grey or even hazel. They were green no matter how you looked at them, because they were coloured contacts and could depict no other shade.

It was because her hair was red (not brown) and her eyes were green (not a russet shade of mahogany, so deep you could lose yourself completely in them) that I decided to give her a whirl. It seemed logical that, unlike other girls, I wouldn't look at her in the midst of passion and suddenly find that her hair had turned brown and curled into a bushy mess or that her acidic green eyes had morphed into a doe-like brown filled with enough vulnerability to make you physically double-over. That perhaps I would remember this girl's name in the few shuddering moments afterward and it wouldn't be her name whispering across my mind, nearly making a full verbal debut through clenched teeth and into the space between me and whoever it was beneath me.

Alas, it would appear that I am ruined for all women, because tonight, like so many others was filled with thoughts of her. Ironic that it only takes one woman to ruin an entire gender, but there it is. I, Draco Malfoy, have officially sworn off women due to the stupidity and callousness of one, lone female.

Fuck you too, Karma, Dearest.

The redhead next to me stirred and made an odd gurgling noise in the back of her throat that interrupted her snoring for the briefest of moments before she settled and the diesel-engine-like sound of her slumbered breathing began again.

I glared at the back of her helmet of pin-straight, crimson hair as though I could simply make her vanish from my sight with nothing but the well-aimed depth of my now-consuming hatred for all females…well, almost all.

The thought occurred to me that I could actually banish her from my bed with a simple reach into the bedside table and a well-aimed flick of the wand, but then her stupid, incessant voice popped into my head with a nagging, "Draco! It's not fair to use magic on muggles! You can't do that!" Out of sheer masochism, I added the little gasp she always made after I followed up her little scolding with a simple, "make me."

I smiled at the memory. It was a small smile, but it was there before I could consciously halt it. I traced my fingertips along the edges of it before it faded away. Like everything else in my life.

The useless false-ginger stirred again; this time, giving a little cow kick that landed square on my ankle. I stifled the curse that bubbled up in my throat, because Malfoy conduct prohibited such language, and it came out a growl. I reached down to rub the offended appendage, half expecting her to wake-up and start apologizing. She should've (filthy pretender), but she didn't.

Hermione would've.

I winced as a lance of pain shot through my chest at the mere thought of her name. Apparently, I needed to have another chat with my subconscious, because I thought we had agreed that she would forever more be referred to as her. My subconscious had yet to get that memo and liked to issue little reminders of the fact that while I refused to speak that she-devil's name aloud, I hadn't forgotten it. Touché subconscious, touché.

I suddenly felt filthy in bed with the flame-haired girl and her naked hip peeking out from the tangled array of covers…and her name still fresh in my mind. I stepped from the bed on my recently bruised ankle and readied the shower for a long overdue cleansing.

I let the water run down my back while I braced my forearms up on the porcelain in front of me. I was probably causing a water shortage somewhere with as much hot water as I was using, but I really couldn't give less of a shit. And fuck her for making me aware of such things! Why did she have to change my perception about bloody EVERYTHING! Sure my views pre-her were a bit small minded, but so was everyone else I knew. And then….she had to come along and change all that; to the point where I couldn't stand the single-mindedness of my peers. People I had called friends for years of my life were now virtual strangers and for what? So that I could be completely alienated from everyone? Even people I just met? I looked back towards the bedroom that housed the insipid 'redhead'…Apparently so.

When the wound was fresh, I believed that was her plan all along. That she wanted me to understand what it meant to be different. To alienate me as a punishment for years spent tormenting her and her little band of gryffindorks, but no. There had been no underlying motive to what she did, which made it hurt all the more. How pathetically Gryffindor of her to work without an ulterior motive.

I slammed my fist into the porcelain and let my hand throb in pain on the cool tile. I stared at it for a while before I realized it didn't really hurt all that much. Not compared to her.

She was pain and she hurt like hell.

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