Chapter 5: Of Worlds and Things

Their hearts beat rapidly when her finger touched the edge of one of the rings. They had both anticipated something to happen. All that happened was a stillness and quiet.

"I thought the ring was supposed to take us somewhere," Hannah sighed as she withdrew her hand from the desk. She opened the journal to reread the entry by Lucy. As she looked more intently she saw a tiny written post script at the bottom of the page.

It read:

Professor Kirke also mentioned to us that each ring does something different according to the color. The yellow takes you out of this world, while the green brings you back. He told us as well that Eustace and Jill should be careful while handling them. They must make sure the green ring is with them at all times.

"So then that's why," Hannah slammed the journal shut in her arms.

"What?" Kyle seemed to study the rings as they lay.

"Well I touched the green ring, which brings you here," she pointed to where she was standing.

"So then the yellow takes you wherever this 'Narnia' is," Kyle deduced.

"Right," she smiled.

"OK then," he said as he waved his arm to have her tell more.

"Should we go then?" she quickly asked, as her hand reached toward the yellow ring. Before her finger touched it Kyle wrenched her arm away.

"Ow," she released the journal, it fell open on the ground.

"Why'd you do that?" she said through her clenched teeth. She furiously rubbed her wrist.

"I'm sorry," he said looking into her angry face, "I just wanted to be sure we have what we need, before we go. We wouldn't want to be stuck there with nothing." His reasoning was logical and she felt horrible for not thinking ahead.

"I accept your apology, but please don't do that again," her frown lifted from her face. "What should we bring then?"

"Well, food would be a start, maybe a change of clothes or two. Things like that," he replied.

"OK, and of course we need to bring this journal," she bent down to pick up the aged book.

"Yes, that has some information we could use," he then started to rummage through his belongings to find anything that would be needed on a journey. Hannah got the idea and began looking for useful items as well.

Soon they had each found an empty pack which they filled with a bit of food they took from their grandmother's kitchen. She was still fast asleep.

"So," Kyle said after they had gathered everything they believed they needed.

"Well after we put all of it on, we can go," Hannah said in low voice.

"OK, if you say so," he slung a back pack over his shoulder, and grabbed a pack at his feet.

Hannah picked up another bag, and stuck the journal into it. She grabbed the green ring and put it into her jean pocket.

"Are you ready?" Hannah stepped closer to where the yellow ring lay, Kyle also stepped forward.

"OK I'll grab it with a tissue here, remember the ring won't work unless your skin touches it," she grabbed a tissue she had found. They discovered that fact when Hannah accidentally touched it with her blouse while packing.

"Then I'll drop it into my hand, hold this hand," she put her hand toward him. He held her wrist with just the tips of his fingers. She rolled her eyes dramatically.

"If you aren't with me when we go, I'll come back for you, OK?" she whispered. He only nodded.

"Alright," she reached and picked it up with the tissue and quickly dropped it into her hand.


Everything suddenly disappeared before their eyes, and they looked up to see a light above them. It seemed as if they were in water and instinct took over. They quickly made it to the surface and clambered out. Their hair and clothes were completely dry, and they did not seem to have held their breath.

"That was weird," Kyle said as he sat by the edge of the pool. He slung off his packs and just breathed in the refreshing air.

"Kyle come look at this!" Hannah shouted, Kyle ran over to where she was and just stared. There were so many pools like the one they had emerged from. Hundreds maybe even thousands.

"Why are there so many pools?" he asked still a bit surprised.

"Well we came up from that one," Hannah said as she pointed toward the pool where Kyle had left his bags.

"You're saying these are all different worlds!" his mouth hang open in unbelief."So then this isn't Narnia," he continued.

"I'm afraid not."

"So what do you want to do, now that we can see our own world isn't the only world there is," he started to walk toward his things.

"Well we can begin over there," she waved her hand in a general direction.

"OK even so, how long shall we stay?" Kyle, seemed very logical for one who spent his time on the computer or video games.

"I don't know, I don't think our own time is the same as here." she walked a bit further to an adjacent pool and just peered in.

"Hannah come back here!"Kyle shouted, the quiet seemed to crack as his voice rang through the woods. Hannah quickly came back.

"We need to develop a system, so we can know to come back here to this pool," he continued, "And so we can remember what other worlds we have visited already."

Hannah just stared at her brother, in just a day he changed, he seemed to know so much about these types of things. She had changed though as well, not having a phone to hold or a computer to default to. She was very much pleased of the impact the trip had already made.

"So should we mark it with something? A piece of cloth?" she had barely finished when Kyle searched through his pack, he found a shirt he had brought, and began to tear it.

He set a strip next to the pool and put the rest of the torn pieces in a separate pocket.

"Wow that was quick," she began to walk toward another pool, Kyle followed her as he slung his pack on. They both stepped toward the pool.

"OK," she searched herself to see if she could find the yellow ring, to see that it was still clenched in her fist.

"Isn't that odd," she whispered to herself.

"What is it?" Kyle looked into her hand, and saw the yellow ring. She turned her face to his, "This was supposed to bring us to Narnia, but it brought us here, I'm still holding it. But I'm not going anywhere," she seemed very puzzled, and before either of them decided to go into another pool, they sat on the ground to figure this out.

The strange air seemed to get to them as they lay on the soft grass, staring up into the spacious sky the trees reached for. It seemed that they had been there for about two or three hours, when they had only been talking for about thirty minutes. They had somehow wandered off of the important matter to lay on their packs and daydream away. Slowly they began to forget everything with just the silence enveloping them. As each closed their eyes they forgot the reason they had come and began to feel as if this place was their home and they knew nothing else.

As they kept laying there something seemed to prick in the back of Hanna's mind, like something was amiss. Hannah rose from where she was and began to think more clearly. She soon remembered Narnia and other worlds. She shook Kyle awake.

"What?" he asked absentmindedly, his eyes were still shut to the outside world.

"Remember, 'Narnia' and pools and Grandma's house in England?" she was able to get him to open his eyes. He sat up and yawned.

"Are we still here?" he asked regaining consciousness.

"Yep and we still don't have an answer to the rings," she stood up and brushed herself off.

"Well," he began, now wide awake, "I think the rings might actually work the way they are supposed to," he said as he too stood up.

"What do you mean by that?" she asked as she slung on her bags again.

"Well the yellow ring brought us here, right?"


"So what I was beginning to think as we slowly dozed off, was that maybe the yellow just brings you to this place," he motioned his hands to the surrounding pools and trees.

"Anyways maybe the green ring leads you out of here," he just stood still.

"Well that sounds like it could be right," she shrugged her shoulders.

"Well we'll never know unless we try," he reached toward Hannah with his arm. She held his hand as she grabbed the green ring in her pocket. They jumped into the pool.

They seemed to sink inside of the pool into another world. A very dark world. There was no sky, no birds, no clouds, no sun, no stars, no moon it was a black canvas. The ground beneath them didn't have the feeling of any ground they had known. It was an empty space, and they were they only living creatures there.

They inched toward each other.

"Kyle should we leave?" Hannah shivered.

"Yeah, it's a bit creepy here, and I can't see a thing," Kyle blinked several times in the pitch-dark.

"OK," she grabbed the yellow ring and almost instantaneously they were back in the calm woods.

"Let's not go back there!" she said, Kyle nodded in agreement he bent down he removed his pack. He opened the pocket where the rest of the strips of cloths were, and laid one by the pool.

"I hope the majority of the worlds aren't like that," he got up and began walking toward another pool.

"Me too," she said while walking after him, "Try this one?"

"OK," they followed the earlier procedure into the pool.

Again the woods around them faded into the new surrounding. More trees were around them, but the air and grass had a different feeling, the sky showed that it was dusk. Kyle released Hannah's hand, and began to search the forest.

"Well this is a nicer place compared to that dark world," Hannah studied the flowers that covered the forest floor.

"It sure is," Kyle said his footfalls almost silent as we went about the trees.

"This might be Narnia," Hannah smiled as she neared her twin.

"This might just be," Kyle looked up into the patches of darkening sky, the stars emerging from the veil of the day.

"Narnia?" a voice from above asked, both looked up to where the voice was coming from.

"Where are you?" they asked in unison while they backed into each other to be safe from any danger.

"Well, I am right here," the voice seemed to float down with every world. They looked around until they saw an owl perching upon a nearby branch.

"Where are you?" they asked again, for the voice had ceased to make any noises.

"Can't you see me, or do my feathers camouflage me?" it asked, they turned to each other.

"You're an owl," Hannah stepped inches toward it.

"Well I sure hope so, I've been taught that was ever since I was a little owlet," he chuckled. "What are you? Never seen one of you 'round these parts," the owl asked.

"Well we are human," Kyle managed to say, shocked that he was even speaking to an animal.

"Human, hmm human," the owl muttered, "Never heard of one of you."

"Oh that's OK, but we have heard of you before, an owl," Hannah said.

"Yes, but I think we have already established that," he seemed to smile faintly.

"Yeah I guess so, but I don't know what kind of owl you are. Would you mind telling us?" Hannah restated.

"Oh of course, I am a Barn Owl," he fluttered closer to where they were. "You two seemed frightened, I can hear your hearts beating fast."

Hannah then became aware of it and began to try to calm herself down. Kyle did the same, after all they seemed to be in safe company.

"Not to be intrusive or anything but do you have a place for us to stay for the night?" Kyle asked after a brief moment of silence.

"Not nocturnal are you, huh," he mumbled. "Well my hollow is just up in that tree," he twisted his head upward, "But I'm afraid you won't be able to fit in there," he laughed.

"Do you know of a place we could stay just for the night?" Hannah asked.

"As a matter of fact I do," he began, "Actually it is directly underneath the tree my mate and I stay in."

"Thank you so much," Hannah became more tired at the thought of a place to stay, the darkness surrounding them also helped her become exhausted.

"Just follow me, humans," he said testing the new word he learned.

"Oh you can call us Hannah and Kyle," Hannah said.

"Alright if you say so, Hannah and Kyle," he said as he flew to the entrance in the tree.

"You may stay here if you wish," he said landing directly beside them. They ducked inside and found that it was most comfortable, though it lacked beds and blankets.

"Is there something that you might want? I am going hunting with my mate tonight, we haven't any chicks, so we would have time to get you something." he said in a most hospitable manner.

"I don't know, but I think we will be fine, we brought some food ourselves, but thanks just the same," Kyle answered.

"Alright, I'll come back and check on you and make sure no one will come to disturb you," he said as he turned his back to them waiting to depart into the sky to his mate.

"Before you leave can we know your name?" Hannah asked.

"Oh of course, I'd forgotten that," he chuckled once more as he turned to face them, "My name is Gold-Dusted Evening, but you may call me Dusty."

"That is a very beautiful name Dusty," Hannah said with a grin.

"Why thank you, would you like to know the name of my mate? She'll come with me to check on you two, as well." he said with his dark eyes glittering.

"Oh of course," Kyle said. Hannah's eyelids were slowly closing, but she fought to keep them open.

"Her name is Rose Feathered Dusk," he said, "but she goes by Rose, well before I go, make sure you keep inside of here, no telling what could be prowling around with everything going on 'round here. Just keep quiet and out of sight and you'll be fine."

"What has been going on around here,?" Hannah yawned.

"Well, I don't think I have time for that as of right now, but I can tell you at dawn," his voice seemed to become a whisper.

"Oh, OK," Hannah managed, "I wish the best for you tonight."

"Thanks, and goodnight to you, Hannah and Kyle," he spread his wings and silently flew into the darkness that seemed to swallow him as he flew further.

"Maybe this is Narnia after all," Hannah whispered as she took off her bags to use them as a pillow. She took out a tee-shirt to grab both rings to stick them in another bag which she threw in front of the entrance. With the same shirt she laid it across her arms and slowly fell into a deep sleep.

Kyle though couldn't sleep he felt as if something was keeping him awake, a thought of danger.

He stood up inside of the tree, and shivered as he peered outside of the hole. He saw what was keeping him awake, shining eyes staring straight towards him. The moon reflected its sharp teeth, its lips being drawn up to expose its fangs. More eyes and teeth seemed to join it, their padded feet making soft noises upon the resilient grass. He slowly withdrew his head back into the comfort of the hollowed tree, but he still felt the urgency to wake his sister. He crawled over to Hannah, and shook her shoulder with enough force to wake her. She woke with a start, and was about to speak, but he covered her mouth with his hand to keep her from making any noise.

He pulled Hannah to the edge of the hollow, so that they could remain unseen, and motioned with a finger to his mouth to keep quiet. The animals began to howl, and every second they seemed to become louder. Hannah figured out what was happening. The tension became so great, tears began to roll down Hannah's paled cheeks. Kyle was desperately trying to think of a way to make the creatures leave, his eyes closed so tightly a tear ran down along his nose. The back packs were out of arms reach, they were near the entrance, the rings inside of them.

The face of the animal, a vicious wolf, scarred and ragged, broke through the darkness, and into the entrance. Kyle just held his breath as the wolf inched closer, it's breath upon their skin.

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