Chapter 1: Happiest Place on earth Or NOT!

Hi….. well this is awkward…. So ya this is my first Power puff story so In joy and R&R! Yeah so I DON'T OWN ANYTHING BUT THE PLOT !( BTW the girls are 16 and the guys are 17!)



(Blossom P.O.V)

"BLOSSOM GET UP!" I heard my sister bubbles cry. My eyes shot up and flew out my window on the ground I saw my sister Bubbles crying. I slowly flew down to my sister. "Bubbles …Were is Buttercup?" I said as a loud sonic boom hit me. I fell down and turned my head. "BUTTERCUP!" I Screamed, there the ruffs stood. Butch had Buttercup in a head lock and Boomer put Bubbles on his shoulders, But where was Brick. Then it hit me, no really he hit me. I. looked up seeing BLOODY red eyes. I was Ticked by the way Butch and Boomer's snickers at me and my sisters.

I felt Rage in me. Then I had an idea. I looked over to Buttercup and smirked. She smirked back and Bubbles got the idea to. I stood up and looked at Brick and smirked. "You do know we can kick your crap any time right?" I said as I tried to put a lot of venom in my voice. He looked over to butch and nodded. I watched Butch try to punch Buttercup in the ribs but she slipped from him causing him to hit his crotch.

"OOOWWWWW!" Butch screamed as he fell to the ground as my green eyed sister punched Boomer in the ribs so that Bubbles could escape boomer's grip on her.

I turned to Brick with rage filling both of us. "COME ON BRICKHEAD ARE YOU GOING TO STAND THEIR ALL DAY?" I yelled at him. In a blink of a eye I was pinned to the ground. "In your dream pinkie." He growled in my ear. I had enough crap today so the only way to get him off was one thing. I can't believe I'm going to do this….but then again I can always do this. I smiled evilly and kicked him in the face with great force he flew back I stood up and ran towards him and punched his head. He was knocked out cold. I turned around seeing my sisters standing there with Butch and boomer on the ground. I smiled and walked over to them.

"Can we go back inside?" My blue eyed sister stared at me.

"Sure I think the professor wanted to speak with us." Buttercup said, as we started inside are home.

The Professor stood in the door way of his lab. "Girls," he said with anger in his eyes ," What did you do?" he stared at the boys outside.

"WHAT?" Buttercup said looking confused. I looked at the Professor and Bubbles looked well I don't know ether confused or on the brink of crying.

"Mojo jojo is in jail and he asked me to watch the boys." The Professor said as walked outside and examined Butch.

"But professor" I said ,"Why did Mojo ask you?"

"Blossom, I don't know just quit fighting and pack your bags." He said as he started to help Boomer up.

"WHAT YOUR KICKING US OUT?" Buttercup yelled. I looked at Bubbles she started to cry. The professor turned around with a confused look.

"No we're going to Disney World for a month." He said trying to calm my crying sister. Then Buttercups, Bubbles, and my pink eyes went big.

"MGM HERE I COME," She screamed ,"TOWER OF TERROR! ROCKEN ROLLERCOSTER!" Bubbles stop crying.

"ANIMAL KINGDOM!" She screamed to run into the house getting packed. I was really excited…. WAIT HOLD IT! We're does that mean the ruffs to? I Hope not. I looked at the knocked out brick on the ground.

"Professor," I asked as he turned at looked at me ,"Are the Ruffs coming to?" He nodded, CRAP! IM GOING TO THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH AND I HAVE TO BE WITH THEM? I sighed and turned around walking towards the house.

"Blossom," I turned around looking at the professor ,"Your leaving today, and I won't be there till Next Monday."My blood went cold today was Monday! A whole week just the ruffs and us….Crap why? Why me why now? Then I just nodded and walked towards the house.

(Inside the house)

"Bubbles hurry up!" BC screamed. You see me and BC got done 2 hours ago, And bubbles is still packing.

"Done!" I heard my sister say as she picked up her suitcase and came the down the stairs. I sighed in relief.

"Girls time to go!" the professor said as the ruffs where helping us with are suitcases? Now I'm Scared ! then in the corner of my eye Brick was smirking. I turned and looked at him and started to walk out the door. Bubbles was already in the car and Boomer was sitting by her. In the back was Buttercup being annoyed by Butch and then I get the front away from Brick. I climbed in the front seat was Brick sat next to Boomer. After the professor closed the trunk he got in and started the car. THEN we where off heading to the air port. Lucky it took 25 min. to get there. We stopped and hopped out of the van then professor gave us are ticks.

"Alright girls I'll see you in about a week AND Buttercup," My raven haired sister turned and looked the professor in the eyes ,"Please be nice!"

"YA! be nice Butterbutt!" butch said as Brick and Boomer just snickered. BC's fist's where about to make a very blood mess But the professor said BEHAVE! Bubble's touched BC's shoulder making her cool off a tad.

"Bye girls!" the professor said me and my sisters ran up and hugged him before he felt. After we watched his car drive off now its dooms day !

"BC what's your seat number?" Bubbles asked as Boomer looked over her shoulder.

"Seat 72," BC said ,"Yours?"

"Seat 34," Bubbles said upset ,"Blossom?"

"I'm 56." I said then a huge smirk came on his face.

"Hey pinkie!" Brick said walking over to me." I'm 57." NONONO! NOT HIM NO PLEASE SOME ONE ELSE!

"Hey BC," Butch said walking to my raven black sister and put his arm around her shoulder ," I guess Im your plain bubby." Then buttercups eyes went wide.

"NONONONO I WOULD RATHER DIE!" BC said yelling at Butch.

As the two started to get in a yelling fest I started to watch my other sister.

"So bubbles your 34…seat I mean..uh." boomer said blushing a bit. Bubbles just smiled.

"Ya are you 35 Boomer?" She said smiling. WOW! Really bubble really why? Just then are flight was called.

We got on the plain I took my seat followed by Brick. Great just great! I grabbed me hot pink Iphone and listened to Dream on dreamer By Cascade

The autumn rain is falling down
Through the clouds, hits the ground
Wash away traces in the sun

I looked over seeing Brick staring at me then smiled I tried to smile back but epic failed by the way he just keeps on staring What's his problem?

Yesterday, so far away
They disappear, love was here
I close my eyes to be with you again

Ya right with him Ya please! This song is not helping!

You're still alive, the world is in your hand

Ya after I killed you with a kiss! Then he just blow up! No warning and then died its be 8 years I'm guessing I'm not sure O well!

Dream on dreamer
And the sun will always shine down on you
Keep on dreaming
It's alright, feel alive

Dream on dreamer
And the world keep spinning around and around you go
Don't stop dreaming
It's alright, we're alive
(We're alive)

I light your name across the sky
I'll be with you 'til the end of time
Don't wake me up, I'm reaching for your hands

Pleas wake me up I'm so tired.

I'll never go to break your heart
No matter if you're near of far
Just close your eyes to be with me again

You're still alive, the world is in your hand

Dream on dreamer
And the sun will always shine down on you
Keep on dreaming
It's alright, feel alive

Dream on dreamer
And the world keep spinning around and around you go
Don't stop dreaming
It's alright, we're alive

OK I'm done I'm sleeping now I turned off my Iphone and put it into my hot pink bag.

(2 hours later)

"Hhmm?" I said as I opened my eyes and I was leaning on something hard and warm….WARM? I looked up and saw brick his head was on mine.

"brick!" I said softly was possible

"Brick!" a little bit louder

"BRICK!" I said his eyes shot open and a very scarlet red blush covered his face.

"Umm! Look were here!" he said as he shot up from the seat. I stood up to as I grabbed my pink bag he grabbed his red back pack, we both weakly smiled. I stood up and waited for him to move so we could keep going he did. As we got off I guess we were the last people. Cause my sister's with their arms crossed…Great!

"Hey ready for the parks?" BC asked smirking.

"Ya where are we staying?" Bubbles asked. Just then this lady with very light brown hair and hazel eyes walked up to us.

"Are you the Power puff and ruffs?" She asked with a smile

"Yes Ma we are indeed!" I said

"Well you are staying on Disney soil come on the bus is waiting and here are your magic passes." The lady said giving us these awesome passes.

"Thank you!" We all said as a chorus. The lady smiled and led us to a bus we sat on the bus three to a seat Yes! We sat a cross from each other the ruff on the left and us on the right. Then some old Disney cartoons came on.

"MICKEY!" bubbles she said in a high pitched voice that the dogs could hear.

"Bubbles!" I said smiling.

"All Star Movies!" the bus driving said. I looked at are passes I Said 'All star movies resort' on the pass.

"Come on!" I said was my sisters got up the ruffs followed us out of the bus into the awesome resort. Pools, arcades, and a big eating cafeteria it had all the Disney movies hanging around the cafeteria. Then we went outside the pool was huge it had Sorcery Mickey on a rock with water going everywhere.

"I'm so tired where not going to a park tonight sorry BC." Bubbles said. I looked at are passes it said toy story room. We walked around trying to find it.

"YO! Pinkie I'm tired are we there yet?" Brick said running up to me. I looked to my left and saw a huge Woody in front of rooms.

"WHERE HERE HAPPY?" I Said running up the stairs heard to room 209 on the middle floor bubbles of course was already in are room and the ruff were all ready in there room. All are lugged was in are room.

"Ok so what park are we going first?" I asked in the dressed in the bathroom. I put on A light pink Dress and sat on the middle bed, Bubbles on the right, and BC on the right.

"Well I'm going to MGM!" BC said laying down turning on the TV and watching Harry potter and the half blood prince.

"Well I'm heading to.." them buttercup started saying.

"I KILLED SIRIUS BLACK I KILLED SIRIUS BLACK HE'S COMING TO GET ME!"She sang really loud. All of a sudden Butch started pounding on the door yelling "SHUT UP I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!"


"So any way I'm going to …" Again BC singing

"AAWWW Tom is so cutie as a little boy!" she said staring intensely at the TV. Bubbles and I exchanged are glace and smiled.

"Ya Animal Kingdom!" Bubbles said hopping into her bed.

"I'm heading to Magic Kingdom in the morning…. Night BC!" I said as I started to sleep…I swear I heard her say 'In the morning the ruffs are in a VERY big surprise.' Haha I love my insane sister.

Well what do you think? I hope you liked it and I'll try to update! Please R&R Have a bless day bye!