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Chapter Three;
Little Answers

Logan gave Ebony half a smile then knocked again, even harder than before, on the door of 10C. After a fiddle of the door it opened and Camille frowned out at him. "Yes?"

"Can we talk?"

She sighed. "Logan, I don't m…" she trailed off with a frown. "Um, hi?"

Logan glanced behind him to Ebony who now stood glaring at Camille. "Oh, Ebony this is my friend Cam…"

"Camille Roberts, actress." Her eyes narrowed at Camille. "Your ex." She looked at him. "You're friends with your ex?"

Logan gave an awkward chuckle. "Yeah, I, uh…" then, ducking under Camille's arm, he shut the door in Ebony's face and leaned against it. "Have you met my new 'girlfriend'?"

Camille just laughed in his face. "Oh, and it begins…" but quickly her laughter died away and she frowned at him. "You're here to ask for my help aren't you?"

Logan's shoulders slumped and he gave a little sideways half-smile. "I could really use it, yes, even if I don't deserve it."

"You're right, you don't deserve it, but you can't use it either." Logan's frown returned. "You have to get rid of her Logan, not me, otherwise she'll just keep coming back."

"But she's creepy."

Camille shook her head. "You thought I was creepy, remember?"

"You're doing this to punish me?"

"No Logan, I'm doing this because this is Hollywood, you learn how to deal with rabid fans or you sink." Then, pulling open her front door, she smiled at a now-scowling Ebony. "Logan's got cold feet about jumping into a new relationship, see, he's not very good at them."

Logan gave her a sideways look. "I wasn't the one kissing your friend."

Camille continued on as if she never heard it. "But we've both agreed this is not my problem anymore so," then, with a wave, Camille shoved Logan forward, stepped backwards and shut the door on them both.

Ebony continued to frown at the door. "She sounds bitter."

"It's complicated." He glanced back down the hallway. "So, Ebony, how about we find Kendall and Jo again?"

"A double date! Sounds like fun!" Then, looping her arm around his, Ebony almost dragged Logan down the corridor. As they turned the corner Camille's door reopened and she glanced down the hall after them, leaning against the doorframe with a frown. Then, pulling her cell phone from her pocket, she began to dial.

"Where are they?" Logan paced the front lobby, waiting desperately for any sign of a familiar face, even Bitters would be good, but there were none. Ebony had taken a seat and was now fiddling with her Blackberry. Logan looked up as she gave a triumphant shout. "What?"

"500 hits since my last blog post."

Instantly Logan knew this wouldn't be good but opted to ask anyway. "Really, what do they say?"

"Well, I wrote that all of my friends from we-love-BTR dot ent should come to Cali and see how happy you and I are together." Logan tried to keep a neutral expression. "Unfortunately they can't all make it…"

"Shame." Logan failed to hide the sarcasm.

"But 15 people can."

"What?" He turned towards her. "15 people are coming here to meet me?" He suddenly felt overwhelmed and sat down in the chair opposite.

"Meet 'us' silly. And two journalists. We could be the next big story for Pop Tiger magazine – the singer and the fan. What a story, right?"

Logan's head sank into his hands. "This is not happening."

"I can't believe it either! It's amazing, right?" Logan glanced up and she was beaming. "If I make into a magazine then my parents will definitely let me stay here. I can move into the Palmwoods. We can see each other every day!"

Logan frowned. This was spiralling out of control faster than even he could imagine and he had no Big Time Plans to regain control of it. He needed an ally right now but all he had was…

"Now!" Logan looked up just as a net fell from the roof right onto Ebony. She'd stood and walked around the table in-between them, clearly in an attempt to come sit next to him, but halfway through the walk she'd been captured. She lay tangled in the net now and as Logan stood he saw who was behind it. Camille stepped calmly out from behind the front desk, wrestled the Blackberry from Ebony's grasp, and put a foot softly on the younger girl's stomach like a hunter on it's prey. Then she began to fiddle with the phone. "'Dear fellow BTR lovers. Re: my last post. I hate to tell you this but Logan Mitchell is, in fact, an awful boyfriend. He's indecisive, an abysmal dresser…"

"Hey!" Logan protested lamely.

Camille just held up a hand then continued typing. "… and despite his rather obvious talents as a singer and teen heart-throb, has a very awkward relationship with his ex. For that reason I am leaving LA behind to focus on a career Logan has inspired me to take on – relationship counselling. Wish me luck, oh and don't forget to buy BTR's next album. The new songs I have heard so far have been…'" Camille frowned. "How do you do capital letters?"

Ebony frowned. "The button next to the zero."

Camille grinned down at her prey. "Thank you." Then, with a flourish, she finished up her post. "'AWESOME! Hug hug, kiss kiss, Eb.'" She held the phone up to Ebony. "Is this Miami?" Ebony nodded. "Damn, I've always wanted to go there." She continued typing. "'Mood: excited. Listening to: Oh Yeah by Big Time Rush.'" Camille grinned at Ebony. "That's my favourite, what's yours?"

"Untie me."

"Oooh, don't know that one." Then, pocketing Ebony's Blackberry, Camille knelt down beside her. "Now, Ebony, here's the deal… Logan here has a knack for talking first and thinking later, so when he said all that stuff in the magazine, he didn't mean for you to come all the way to LA."

"We're meant to be together."

"Yeah," she smiled. "We'll let the ropes decide that." Then, pulling a small set of ropes out of a backpack sitting nearby, Camille first gagged then started to tie up the girl, the net still wound around her.

Logan managed to talk again. "Um, what are you doing?"

"Hog-tying her." Camille responded as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"A new role?"

She grinned. "Nope, just enjoy doing it." She stood as she finished and stuck in her fingers in the sides of her lips, a shrill whistle coming out, and Logan cringed. A few seconds later two large guys appeared and Camille pulled a bus ticket from her pocket. "Make sure she makes it to the 2:15 service." They nodded and picked the girl up as Camille waved her from the lobby.

"What are they going to do to her?" Logan worried, hoping they wouldn't hurt Ebony.

"She's on the next bus to Chicago. Great city. My aunt lives there." Then, without even a look in his direction, Camille walked away.

Logan paused for a second then went after her. "Hey, why did you help me, after what I did?"

She turned slowly, her arms crossed again, and Logan realised it was a defensive position after all. "You really hurt me Logan, what you said, but you were in trouble and I don't leave a friend in trouble." She shrugged. "You may be the smartest guy I know, but you don't understand how this town works, so since you need my help I suggest you stop calling me a stalker!" Then, with a half-smile, she walked away.