Because I'm weird. And Susangel was having something similar to withdrawls so I wrote this up for her in 30 seconds on my iPhone since she jokingly said she'd "read anything, even if it was someone going to the bathroom!"

And, since I'm fucking weird this is what happened. In other news, looks like we can post again! Huzzah! And in other other news, I'm going to sign up for the Dean/Cas Big Bang challenge over on LJ (requires a fic of 20k words and such). I'll need a beta and some more people to poke at me on messenger and or email and tell me I don't completely suck.

Any takers?

I'm friendly, I swear.

So...anyway, enjoy my drabble.

"Dean…" Cas' voice was quiet and hesitant, which was something Castiel was not.

"What's up Cas?"

"I…um…" Dean looked over to Cas who was shifting from foot to foot, he looked like a four year old doing the 'potty dance'.

"Oh my God, seriously?" Cas nodded, a faint blush creeping up his cheeks. Dean looked over to Sam who was watching everything with a bemused expression on his face.

"He's your angel dude."

"Please Dean, I really need to go and I don't understand…"

"Fine. But not a word from either of you!" Dean stormed into the bathroom, dragging a blushing angel behind him.