People have forgotten the true myths of the past. They now tell fantasy stories of beautiful princesses, wand-waving fairies, daring sword fights, and happily-ever-after endings. That the beings they have smothered into all-righteous creatures were originally so different, that they could not have been the same being they once were in the past.

That fairy's, are not as they appear in story-books. They were not the light, butterfly-winged sprites, that parents read about to their children at bed-time; Humans have forgotten the true face of the Fair Folk, but a child has not, they believe in myths and fairy-tales from the moment they are born.

Children are mischievous, innocent, and Robin Goodfellow was suddenly longing for a child of his own. A very uncharacteristic feeling for a hobgoblin such as him. However, Lord Oberon, King of the Fairies, always had something for the Puck to do. Some lesson to teach a poor troublesome mortal, and even sometimes other fairies (including Queen Titania).

So, because of this. The only way for him to have a child with out looking for a bride, would be to find a changeling. Stealing a human baby right from under the parents noses, and then put a wooden block in its' place would be a wonderful trick indeed.

Oh, he has tried so many times to steal a baby. But, every time he would get close enough. He would suddenly be filled with second thoughts. What would his Lord and Lady say? Would they even let him keep a child? Could he even be the kind of father he wanted to be?

It was questions like these that kept him from taking that cute, gurgling, bundle of fun. The Puck knows the many joys of a mythical life. But, he soon realized that a child is the one joy he must be forever bard.

But even if he wanted a child. The forest was no place for a mortal baby and he has come to accept that fact. Even so, he will continue to appear in a child's dreams and fantasy's; loving them will all his heart from a far off distance.

Happy Valentines Day