Disclaimer:  I don't own Digimon, any of the characters, any of the creatures, or anything, period.  I make no money off this, or at all some weeks, so no lawsuits please.  I also don't own any of the songs that I use.  Digimon: The Next Generation is a rewrite of the second season of Digimon.  The changes are sometimes small, sometimes massive.  Firstly, TK and his mother didn't move back to Odiba when season 2 started.  Instead, they moved to Tokyo, where TK continued adventuring in the Digital world.  Davis, Cody, and Yolei were still called as Chosen, but they and the original Chosen never faced the Digimon Emperor.  They may have dealt with some of his effects on the Digital World, but they never directly confronted him.  Then, roughly two years ago, a new Chosen named Ken Ichijouji came to Odiba and he and his partner, Wormmon joined the newer Chosen in defending the Digital World.  TK and Kari have stayed in touch over the years and have visited each other occasionally.  Please try to keep in mind that the ages of the original eight Chosen are based on their physical ages after prolonged exposure to the altered time filed of the Digital World when they first entered it.  Thusly, even though TK and Kari are in the same grade as Davis, they are technically nearly a year older than he is.  Please feel free to contact me if there's something you want to ask about, suggestions for the evolution of the story, or if you just want to comment on the story.  The ages of the Chosen are listed below.  Thank you.

            -Angel of Hope-

TK, Kari: 17- sophomores in High school

Davis: 16- sophomore in High school

Yolei, Ken: 18-Juniors in High School

Cody: 15-Freshman in High School (he's really smart and skipped a grade or two.)

Tai, Matt, Sora: 20-Seniors in High School

Joe: 21-Freshman year at college, medical school

Izzy, Mimi: 19-Seniors in High School


            "The Boys are Back in Town" by Everclear, album unknown

            "Brown-Eyed Girl" by Everclear, Songs From an American Movie, Volume One.