Hey, guys, I just wanted to let you know that I am still alive! Haha I know I've been gone for such a long time with the promise to update, so please forgive me. As most of you know (if I've said so in previous update posts—I can't recall because I'm so exhausted lol)…I was in nursing school from September up until…yesterday! AHHHHHHH. I finished nursing school!

It's definitely a weird feeling to be able to say that I've completed nursing school, to know that I'll never have to freak out over nursing exams (except the NCLEX which I've yet to take and will after I complete my senior practicum in the coming three weeks, etc.). Looking back, I have very fond memories of the people I met and the friends I'll keep. I do have memories of those I couldn't stand (and won't ever be able to stand), and I've realized you meet quite a vast diversity of people in such a program. You learn how to really bitch it up when you need to! LOL.

Anyway…I just wanted you to know that I truly do appreciate how you have stuck around waiting for an update and waiting for the story to progress (those of you that have…I don't know if anyone's dropped off? LOL). So I wanted to inform you that I will be continuing "Daydreams." It hasn't died yet, and it hasn't ended. There's still more I want to do with it, even though I don't exactly know what the plot of the story is just yet…ah….well. Anyway, that's what I wanted to let you know.

I have definitely decided to continue the story, and I'm hoping to pick it back up with a new chapter in the next few weeks. We'll have to see, though, as I have a convention to attend this weekend, and after that I'm going into nightshift in the ICU! Intensive Care, here I come! D Oh Jesus, be with this poor, crazy ex-nursing student!

Haha, really, guys, thank you. You're continued support has been nice, to see the periodic favorite come through in my email and whatnot. I'm excited to get back to "Daydreams," and I hope you're just as excited for more updates.

All my love,


P.s. if any of my readers are also nursing students, here's a word of advice: just believe in yourself. YOU CAN DO IT. You're going to get angry, get upset, get hurt, and cry, but it's all worth it in the end. It's a profession that only so many are able to enter. We are joining a part of an elite crew of people. I was given my RN necklace by my mother, also a nurse, on the day of my final exam. You will do this. You will get through this. If I did it, you can, too.

And if any of my readers aren't nursing students, I believe you guys can do what you want to. Just put your mind to it and believe in yourself! :D