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A warning now: This epilogue does contain some sex...or whatever you want to call it. If it makes you uncomfortable, don't read it, I won't mind. All you have to know is that Lyra and George live happily ever after xD

The bright rays of morning slid in through the window, over a young woman, lighting her hair to a silvery gold. As if in response to the warm touch, the woman smiled faintly, moving through the room to study a photo framed in warm coloured wood on the dresser. It was of seven red and white people standing around a large silver cup. The seven of them were grinning and shifting in the photo. The sunlight travelled over to a pair positioned on the side, beaming at the camera. Their arms were slung over their shoulders and they leaned into eachother with an ease that comes only of a long partnership.

"What are you doing?"

I didn't turn at the voice, choosing instead to continue studying the image in front of me. "Just thinking about that day in July," I replied absently.

"Wednesday 15th July 2002, to be exact." George came up to wrap his arms around me from behind, dropping a kiss on my head. I leaned back into him contentedly. "The day you said yes, and England won the Quidditch World Cup-but not in that order."

Laughing softly, I pulled away, spinning around to kiss him. "You forgot our retirement, Weasley."

"Hush, Harp, I'm trying to seduce you here," replied George, his hands squeezing my waist.

"That's not very gentlemanly," I whispered against his lips, suddenly breathless.

"My dear Harp," murmured George, deepening the kiss. When he slid his lips down to my neck, I shivered, leaning into him. His arms tightened around my waist, and he pulled me back over to the bed. "You should know by now-I'm no gentleman."

"Aren't you?" I whispered, my voice breathless, as his hands roved over me through my nightgown. "Now I'm disappointed."

"We can't have that, can we?" murmured George in the same tone. His hand traced a pattern over my thigh.

My breath hitched as his fingers slipped upwards. He paused, his lips quirking in that familiar mischievous and irresistible smile. "Feeling better?"

I gasped as his fingers skated over my skin. "No," I managed to say, "still disappointed."

George chuckled, his breath caressing my neck as I shuddered under his touch. Somewhere along the way our clothes had been removed, but at that very moment I couldn't remember when. "George." The whisper was feather-light under the soft breathing, but George heard it easily. He pulled his fingers away. There was silence, broken only by a single sudden gasp. George stopped to stare at me, his eyes overflowing with a love that left me breathless. I saw my own yearning reflected in those amazing blue eyes, just another feature of the person I loved.

"George," I mumbled again, brimming with emotions.

He laughed, his eyes lighting up with an expression of such joy that I'd come to treasure over the years. It was an expression that had been rare since Fred's death, but was returning more and more with time, and it stole my breath away every time I saw it. "Hush," he whispered, pressing his lips to mine. His hand cupped my face as he deepened the kiss, beginning to move again.

The world everything focused down to that moment of us together. All I was aware of was George's arms around me and his eyes burning into mine as we strove to connect, to unite together. It happened quite suddenly, an explosion of fireworks as if we were the only two living beings in that moment of time, two stars suddenly colliding and melting together. George buried his head in my shoulder with a groan, and somehow I knew he could feel it too.

At last George lifted his head, pressing his forehead to mine. Our harsh breaths mingled and mixed above my mouth. "Happy now?" George whispered, panting.

In reply I pressed my lips to his, trying to tell him the only way I knew how. I tried to pour everything I had ever felt and was feeling into him. I don't know if it worked, but George started at the contact. Finally, when I pulled away, our mouths still brushing, I buried my face in his chest with a half laugh, half sob. "Yes," I whispered, feeling my lips curve against his skin. And as I lay there, I knew that I had spoken the complete and utter truth.

I'm always happy with you. The unsaid sang between us, sparkling in the sunlight, absolute and beautiful with its truth. It was a mark of the things that had passed, the sacrifices that had been made, and the struggles which had been fought. And even for this one golden, perfect moment, it had been worth every minute.

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