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Pairings: mostly ikari and soulsilvershipping (DawnPaul and LyraSilver) with some contestshipping (MayDrew), cavaliershipping (DawnGary), and folkloreshipping (LyraMorty). Many various other pairings will appear, but will not be focused on.

Notes: I have fallen in love with Pokemon shippings, specifically ikarishipping and soulsilvershipping! I don't even remember now why I started reading Pokemon fics...lol. Anyway, I have been working on this story for a while now; I already have 11,000 words. I want to finish my current stories of course, but I decided to post this to see if people are interested.

The story will be split into at least two, maybe three parts. The first part will be a collection of chapters on Dawn and Paul's history, leading up to the present, this prologue.

Summary: -high school setting- They were friends, close friends...just friends. And that's all they ever would be. At least that's what Paul tried to tell himself. But watching Dawn and Gary make out was frustrating him more than it should. Of course, Lyra's matchmaking skills and Drew's flirting tips weren't helping either.

- Prologue -


Why did he always have to be so frustrating? Shouldn't he, her best friend (well, best guy friend; May and Lyra were her best best friends), be happy for her? She finally managed to get a second date, something she had been attempting to do for some time now.

It wasn't that boys weren't interested in her. Rather, she apparently scared them off on the first date. Dawn had never had a first date go right. Until now.

But all Paul could do was scowl as she excitedly told him how the date had gone last night. Romantic dinner…candles…dessert…a walk home, holding hands…a kiss in the rain and goodnight…and a request to go out again. Dawn's eyes lit up at the mere memory of it. She wondered if it was the happiest moment of her life.

It had certainly been better than what was currently going on in front of her. Paul's arms were crossed as he tried to tower over her; he did look very intimidating. But not to Dawn, not entirely at least.

She had known the 'big brother' act was coming. Paul always gave a short, but albeit, speech, whenever he discovered she had a crush on someone. It was usually the same advice, warning her not to fall to hard because she would get hurt. Paul was always right; until now she'd managed to chase off 9 potential boyfriends. But not this time. This time she had a second date!

And yes, she guessed that she had somewhat expected another tidbit from the peanut gallery. What she hadn't expected was for him to be so upset. Paul knew how much Dawn wanted a boyfriend; why couldn't he just be happy for her? They were supposed to be best friends! Why was he blowing his lid over something that was supposed to be wonderful?

True, May had told her that the 'older sibling' was usually very protective of the 'younger sibling.' May herself had grilled three of Max's dates (and had not been satisfied with any of them). But while May was being protective, she hadn't thrown a fit. She had congratulated Max on finally dating Molly Hale, his latest and longest crush. She was happy that he was happy.

Why couldn't Paul be happy that Dawn was happy?

Ok, sure, she admitted to herself, Paul is not the type to be excited and dance around in a circle. But she knew he was a person on the inside, capable of feeling human emotions, and capable of being a friend. Where was the nice guy who had offered her his shoulder after being rejected all those times?

Paul continued to scowl and say nothing…so far. Dawn knew him well enough to know that he was planning a speech. Paul always planned out what he was going to say, one of the reasons he was so calm and witty all of the time.

Dawn squeezed the large stuffed penguin she had in her arms. Paul had won it for her at the carnival last year. It was probably her favorite plushie. She stared at it to avoid his intense glare.

She knew Paul was cold, sometimes heartless even, but… I thought we were past that?

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