InuYasha Fan fiction Sesshomaru/Kagome

Disclaimer: i do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters...'Tear'

The cool damp wind blew through the trees causing me to shiver.

'Damn it Inuyasha, the least you can do is tell me your leaving for god knows how long and I have no way of going home!' i think as I curse the half demon.

Sango and Miroku had taken Shippo to the slayers village in an attempt at rebuilding it. I had decided to stay with Inuyasha and look for the shards, but the half breed had other plans because while I was getting water for ramen he just up and left.

I knew it was Kikyo, I felt her spiritual pressure as she entered a nearby village; I knew Inuyasha was going to go after her it was just a matter of time.

'Grr, if only he actually asked or at least TOLD me I wouldn't be so mad but Noooo he had to just run off.' I shivered again then survey the area sending out my aura, suddenly I froze I knew that youki…Sesshomaru.

I try to think of a reason to make my curiosity go away but no reason came to mind so I headed towards him.

Once I got to the clearing I saw him leaning over something a worried look replaced his stoic mask.

"Sessho...Sesshomaru?" i whisper knowing he heard me.

He looked up at me and I saw he was leaning over a very pale Rin.

I looked up at my brothers miko her eyes totally missed mine and landed on Rin.

"What happened?" she whispered.

'Should I tell her…she is the half breed's miko.'

'Yes but she is a miko maybe she would know what to do with Rin.' My Inner demon resorted


"I was patrolling when I came back I found her like this and Jaken unconscious, why do you ask Miko?"

"I…I don't like the way she looks she is too young to look anything close to that pale…"

"Hnn…what do you want Miko, if you don't answer I might not spare your life"

"I...It looks from here as if she has been poisoned…or cursed…I might be able to help…" she said taking a step forward I growled at her.

'Cursed…let the miko take a look, she is a miko after all' my demon said

"Hnn…" I say giving her a 'come here' look.

She did once she got about 3 feet from me and Rin she fell to her knees.

"Miko!" I ask

"OHHHH, RIN!" she says moving past me and placing a hand on Rin's chest, I saw the miko wince in pain. I saw the look of pain on her face as she took in Rin's pale face and dull eyes that remained unfocused.

"Miko, what is wrong with her?"

"She…I saw a Dark miko place a curse on her…Her very soul is being torn to shreds every second… I do not know if I can save her…But I will try, Sesshomaru I need you to be at least ten feet from this spot including Ah Un and Jaken, DO NOT come close till I am done, I do not know what will happen to her…or me for that matter…"

I nod my head once and motion for Ah Un to pick up Jaken and I walk to the edge of the clearing but still in sight.

"Rin I know you can hear me, this might hurt sweetie but it'll be okay, alright?"

Rin who hadn't responded to me in a half an hour responded "Okay…Ka…Kagome…just don't do…anything that will… hurt you."

"Okay Rin" she said then added too low for Rin to hear "I'll try…You know me well"

She then placed her right hand on Rin's heart and her left on her own.

'Miko, what are you doing'

A bright ice blue light erupted from under the Miko's chest and a very pale orange from Rin's. I watched as the blue traveled from the Miko's left hand to her right where it was pressed to Rin's. The flow of the blue went straight into Rin's chest.

'That must be part of the Miko's soul she is giving to Rin'

Five minutes later I see a healthy color return to Rin's skin and eyes and the orange glow under the Miko's right hand grew brighter I then look at the miko and watch as her blue dims way past that of Rin's previously.

"Miko?" I ask as she pulled her hand away from Rin.

"I am fine…I am just…tired… but Rin's okay" and with that she fainted.

I get behind her just in time to keep her from hitting the ground. Her heart beat slowed by the second and her breathing labored.

I look at the women in my arms, the women I met four years ago and tried to kill. She just wouldn't die then, or any other time…but now the smell of death covered her earthy natural scent as I almost saw her soul withering away.

'Miko what have you done?' I think then remember what she said.

'I do not know what will happen to her…or me for that matter…'

'She had said Rin's soul was tearing…but that means right now the Miko gave her part of her soul…but if I remember right the miko already had a large amount of her soul already missing…if so the miko will die without her soul!' my Inner demon said

'I can't let the person be it a miko or not die after she saved Rin…'

'Then SAVE HER!'

'How…I know.'

"Sesshomaru…" the miko whispered "Is Rin okay?"

"Miko…you should care more about yourself than others…"

"I know I am dying…is Rin okay…" she whispered again much lower this time I almost missed it.

"This Sesshomaru won't let you die." I say then I bring her wrist to my mouth biting into it she gasped in pain as I sucked a little of her blood. I then release her wrist and cut my own letting my blood flow before bring it to her lips making her drink it. I then giving her a quarter of my powers to temporarily heal her soul and share a quarter of her pain with me.

Almost immediately I felt overwhelming pain, I felt as if I was being torn in two and I wanted to cry out. I let a startled gasp instead.

'This is only a quarter of her pain!' I look down again at the girl in my arms, how much pain did she go through on a daily basis for my Stupid Hanyou brother? He put this girl… this selfless creature in enormous amounts of pain to keep a Dead miko "Alive" in a clay body.

I wanted to tear him to pieces so badly I felt my eyes bleed red.

I quickly stomped on the emotion reining in my demon.

I heard her heart beat slightly pick up pace but it didn't change the smell of death still covered her, but less potent.

I move to Ah Un lifting Rin off the ground and placing her on his back and motioned him to grab Jaken and the girls yellow…bag.

I then return to the girls side and lift her into my arm with mokomoko's help, I was surprised at how light she was, almost lighter then Rin and she was a full grown women.

When I picked her up she snuggled into my arm luckily she was a small build and I only needed one arm to carry her.

Then I looked up at the sky and inwardly laughed at the thought 'a blue moon for something that only happens once in a blue moon, how fitting'

Then I took off on my cloud with the miko in my arms towards my castle of the west.

Me: You like?

Sesshomaru: Who cares if they like it, women, it is your story, not theirs.

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Sesshomaru: This Sesshomaru cares not, but if you keep pestering the readers they will.

Me: I hate it when your right you arrogant ass.

Sesshomaru: That's because this Sesshomaru is almost always right

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Sesshomaru: 'Gulp' You wouldn't.

Everyone else: She would.

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