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Next morning

I looked at Sesshomaru's peaceful face as I crawled out of his arms. It was two hours before dawn so it was an hour before Sesshomaru needed to get up and I knew he needed his sleep. His face looked angelic with his jaw slackened, his hair fanning around him with his bangs falling over his eyes, and his long eye lashes leaving shadows on his high cheek bones.

'Wow….he is so beautiful.' I thought 'I don't deserve him.'

Finally getting off of the HUGE bed I started to get into my fighting kimono.

Taking one last glance at the man…Demon I had fallen in love with I walked down to the dojo.

Walking over to the weapons rack I picked up the sword I had chosen the day before. Sitting down near the back of the dojo I started to meditate.

Darkness surrounded me for an endless time before I found myself in a garden full of flowers I had never seen before made of colors I couldn't name, but the beauty was amazing.

"Where am I?"

"Your inner soul silly." My own voice answered from beside me.

I turned to look at my inner demon. She looked exactly like me but her eyes were tinted red.

"You were in the missing parts of your soul before you ended here." She said answering my unspoken question."

"Oh…it is so beautiful here. This can't be my soul! It is far too pure."

"That is not true. There hasn't been a soul as pure as yours for thousands of years maybe more."

I smiled but didn't believe her.

Suddenly a very male voice spoke from behind me.

"It is true."

I turned around to see a man standing there. His hair was as black as mine and went to his shoulders with a few stray pieces falling in his face, his stormy gray eyes seemed to look straight threw me. He wore a deep blue Kimono with green stitching.

"Who are you?"

"I am Kurai Hikari. Call me Kurai"

"Hello Kurai ." I said bowing my head to him. "I am Kagome Aya Higirashi. It is a pleasure. But…Who…what are you?"

"I am the soul of the sword you now wield. You are my master." He said bowing to me.

"Why did you choose me?"

"Because you do not fight for yourself, but for everyone else. You are the purest soul I have seen since angels roamed the lands."


"Yes angels, they were humans with amazingly strong holy powers gifted to them by the gods, but after a huge battle 9/10 of angels died, so the surviving angels went and live with the kami's over 7 million years ago." Kurai said.

I nodded in understanding.

"The last to wield me was Suzuki Higirashi an angel."

"Higirashi?" I said shocked

"Yes. Suzuki is your Great- grandmother. Before she died she made Hisane Tashio Sesshomaru's Great- Grandmother her best friend, take me into the Tashio clan so I would make it to the next person I saw fit to wield me."

"Oh…" I looked up at him shocked

"Suzuki was the purest soul I have ever seen…till now."

"How did she die?"

"During the war between angels and demons, angels got greedy and thought all demons were evil and needed to be destroyed, much like humans do now, and Suzuki who was mated with a demon fought to stop the war. Her own people killed her."

"That's Horrible!" I said outraged.

"It was. That's why you were giving the power of a demon and angel, both holy and unholy, being that you are the descendant of a demon/angel coupling."


"When you wake up you might look different since by awakening me you have awakened your angel blood."

"What-" but was cut off.


She sat in the middle of an ice colored barrier her arms laid flat on her knees with her sword in her hands. But the really weird thing was she was floating 10 feet in the air with white with black tipped wings coming off of her back.

"Kagome!" I called again trying to get passed the barrier around her but it was just too strong.

"Huh?" she said opening her eyes and falling to the ground I ran forward and caught her in my arms.

"What the…?" She said as she looked back at her wings

'What the F-' I thought to myself as I looked at my back. Two wings the length of half of my body stretched from my back. They were white with black tips and if you looked close enough gold streaked through them.

"Okay… a dog demon with wings… that isn't weird…" I said

A soft chuckle was heard and I looked at the man/demon that caught me.

"Hey is it true…any way, why are you down here Sessho?"

"Ruki called me," He said motioning to the neko demon that stood a few feet behind him.

"Why….i have only been meditating for a little bit."

"Kagome, it is 4 hours past dawn. Ruki had been trying to get through to you for three hours. Then she called me. It took me an hour to get to you….what were you meditating for?"

I looked down at my hands which still held the sword.

"Kurai Hikari." I said.

I looked at my mate to be then to the katana she held.

'It choose her; although I never knew its name I know its story.'

"Dark Light."

She nodded. "Yep and apparently I am .00000000009 percent angel….and demon."

"And demon?" I asked.

'That can't be possible. A demon angel coupling makes a human…wait…' I thought thinking back on a scroll I once read on angels and demons together.

"…Angel and demon couplings were rare and of few, but those few demon/angel couples had human offspring because since both parents were exceptionally powerful kami didn't want any resistance against them being that the offspring would have both the strength and power enough to challenge the very gods themselves. It had been discovered that although the immediate offspring were human, that after many generations the powers of the original coupling would come back into a female descendant."

'Kagome is that special descendant...amazing!' I thought and looked at my mate to be. 'Is there anything ordinary about her?'