A/N: Okay, this is what happened behind the scenes of my original story "Project: VOCALOID." A parodized series that will develop over the summer along with the LIVE happening. However, this will be developed later on, possiby in the aftermath of the actual story or at least in the later parts. XD Still, send in your fanmail and get your surprising results!

Starring: Me! (Chiio-chan, the hostess) and all the characters in "Project: VOCALOID."

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What is "Project: VOCALOID/LIVE"?- A recorded series of behind the scenes in "Project: VOCALOID." Some chapters will contain mini stories, others will have the character interviews or their commentaries on scenes of each chapter. Their favorites, dislikes, opinions of one another... but basically fans can ask what they've thinking during those scenes, just ANYTHING.

Rin and Len? - Of course, they'll be starring here too.

Italics: The previewing of 'Project: VOCALOID.'

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"Project: VOCALOID/inLIVE"








01:01 AM


"Okay, everyone! Gather around, HURRY UP I SAID!" The beloved authoress gathered everyone around in complete order, ignoring the swinging cameras in the background and waving a yellow megaphone around. "RIN! LEN! STOP MESSING WITH THE REFRESHMENTS AND GET OVER HERE! BEJEEZUS, KAITO! QUIT PIGGING OUT ON THE REFRESMENTS AND GET OVER HERE!"

The entire cast rushed over to their assigned seats, clamoring on and about. The authoress sighed, flipping her black hair out and fixing her glasses. "It's about time I've gotten you all in order..." Kaito cocked a brow, hanging lazily in his assigned seat.

"... Seriously? A making in behind the scenes? You, 'mommy' dearest, have no life." Irritation rose in the young girl as she fought the need to completely erase the blue-haired moron from her awesome but hugely complicated story.

"I'll ask for your opinion when I want it," The authoress answered through calmly clenched teeth, "thank you very much."

Kaito shrugged in reply.

Sighing, the girl turned forward, a big smile on her face.

"Anyway! Now that we're all finally here together... I, the authoress of the sister fiction of this series, have officially decided to start a live happening behind the scenes of 'Project: VOCALOID'! But, this story will be later developed since due to the further finishings of the actual plot. But, this fiction will provide the bloopers, characters' commentaries, and live interviews from the real characters! Not to mention some funny extras later revealed here. This part of 'Project: VOCALOID' will provide comic relief... and such. You can even ask your characters whatever you want with your fanmail!" She gestured over to the entire cast, who waved.

"The main protagonists; Rin... and Len Kagamine!"

Rin shyly waved at the camera while Len smiled and nodded politely.

"Support; Kaito, Meiko, Miku and Mikuo Hatsune, Teto Kasane, Luka Megurine, Professor Kamui Gakupo, and Gachapoid!"

Kaito winked at the camera, sending a flashy grin. Meiko grinned while Miku smiled cheerily.

"Antagonists: ... Leon and others!" The villians nodded once before turning away.

"Minor characters; Nami Kagamine, Dell, Miriam, Akita Neru, Sonika, Gumi, Yuki Kaai, Iroha Nekomura, Akaito, Ted Kasane... and more others who will revealed much later on!" Everyone waved and smiled.

Len laid back against the chair, relaxing. "I can say this is all exciting, I can't wait for the plot to develop later on, that way I can get more spotlight than Kaito." Kaito, who remembered Len would have bigger roles in the story, glared at him.

"Shut up, shota! At least most people voted more for me in the beginning of the live poll! I'm the one who scored third place!" Len rolled his eyes.

"I'm twenty votes ahead of you. Choke on that."


"In any case, how shall we start this out?" Luka asked, looking around timidly. I simply beamed.

"I won't be the one taking the spotlight, it's all of you who will take the lead. I just write out what's news, and deliver the fanmail, that's all. Just answer future questions from fans out there and I'll help with the live scenes on each chapter, reviewing it with the selected characters~ okay?" I turned to Rin, smiling, "You do your best too, 'kay Rin? Lots of fans like you, y'know. Live up to that standard."

Rin blinked, then a small blush crept to her cheeks. She nodded furiously.

"Y... Yes!"

Beside her, Len smiled and patted her shoulder. "You'll do great, I'm sure." For a moment, Rin just stared at him, then a slow smile made its way to her face. Then, Mikuo rested an arm on her shoulder, smiling as well.

"Do your best, Rin-san."

The blush on Rin's face grew, which didn't go unnoticed by Len, who scowled and slapped Mikuo's arm away from her shoulders. "You don't get to do that until later on! And I don't even want it to happen even if it is a recquired scene!"

"Okay! Starting with the first backstage moment of Chapter 1: Damned Escape! Starring Rin!" Immediately, (the authoress who could be described as a hopeless pacifist) dragged the blonde into the second part of the backstage lighted with a huge screen, colorful lights, and a comfy red-plush sofa sitting in the middle of the room.

"Ah... miss authoress?" Rin asked in a soft voice as she was forced to take a seat on the giant plush-red couch, "what am I supposed to do again?" The hostess smiled.

"Ignore me, pretend I'm not even here. This is just like in the special features in movies, how the actors comment on how they felt during certain scenes, in this case... we're starting with you, at the very beginning."

Rin blinked.

"... Ah."

The authoress popped in the first film and immediately, the familiar linings flashed on the 62'' flat screen.





Chapter 1:

Damned Escape










Berlin, Germany

02:03 A.M.

Takashi HQ; Main Lab


In the darkness of the giant room, a single, bubbling reactor stood in the center. Inside the reactor, however, was a girl… parts of her body covered in iron armor.


The calming hiss of her breathing would indicate others that she was still alive, only asleep.

Of course, for a long while now...

Rin sighed. "I really didn't enjoy being inside that reactor, it was so uncomfortable and too hard to breathe. I still can't imagine why we were in Germany when this was recorded." Then came the part when glass was shattered, she winced. "... That wasn't comfortable either."

She then proceeded to break down the wall as the water poured out, enabling her comfortable movement. Leaping from the giant reactor, she landed onto the cold, marble ground. Immediately, she ran for the door. Suddenly, two silvery armed robots landed before her, from the ceiling. Not expecting the surprise, she backed off, only to have two more land from behind.

The four drew their pistols, aiming. The girl drew in breath, grabbing one robot's arm and busting it to pieces. Alarmed, the others began to fire, though she quickly swung the machine in front of her. Bullets shattered into the gray exterior, and the robot shut down. She suddenly leaped, drawing large blades from the gauntlets she wore. Spinning her body in a twisting motion, she split her target in half, bolts and screws flying.

The remaining robots fired at her torso, she quickly ducked, swinging her lower leg to their weakest point, their 'heels', which shattered. And she slew them.

"How did you learn to fight like that?" The authoress asked, looking incredulously at Rin. She smiled, embarassed.

"... You taught me."

The girl blinked, then remembered. "Oh. Well, you looked so good out there." Picking up the remote, she flicked it to 'fast-forward', stopping at her favorite part of the chapter.

".. Miriam?" At mention of the name, the project snapped.

With a furious, inhumane cry, she charged towards him. The man kept his smirk, pointing directly at the target.

"Fueur!" Harkinian bellowed, the sounds of guns going off at his command. The girl leaped, the armor protecting her. Swinging her leg, concealed blades flew from the base of her boot. The blades drove clean into the programmed machines, electric currents suddenly flared from the core of the blades. "..!" The machines sounded before collapsing to the ground.

Rin cringed at the memory of having to re-do that scene over and over again until it was perfected, which took hours until the authoress was satisfied.

"I'm just as stubborn as you are, Rin." The authoress stated, as if reading her mind.


The project took a sharp intake of breath.

From the shadows of the entrance, a figure stood amidst. A tall, handsome man walked into the light. He had pale, unkempt blonde hair and sharp green eyes. A deep frown creased his mouth. The project felt a boiling feeling towards this man as she watched him approach.

Leon Takashi, her father.

With a sharp glare towards Harkinian, he said. "Were you planning to hurt her?" Fumbling for words, the burly shook his head vigorously, murmuring in embarrassment Turning to his daughter, a cold smile grew on his face.

"L-... Leon-san was actually pretty scary in that scene." Rin admitted, shivering. It had taken her a lot of courage to appear defiant.

"My daughter… Angelface.." Leon approached with a sickeningly gentle tone. Disgusted, the project took a few steps back, holding out her weapons. "What are doing up so early, honey? You know you're not supposed to wandering and about.." Leon drawled, removing a specially-created rifle from behind him. Then, he stopped.

Behind the screen of the helmet, he saw something.

Her eyes…

Her blue eyes… were filled with rage.

And utmost loathing.

'No…' Leon's eyes widened in shock, staring agape at the sight before him. "Impossible! It can't be..! Your heart..!" Seeing his open display of shock, the project took this chance. She sprang for the portal like a wildcat.

"Uwaaah... miss authoress, this is scaring me a bit."

'No…' Leon's eyes widened in shock, staring agape at the sight before him. "Impossible! It can't be..! Your heart..!" Seeing his open display of shock, the project took this chance. She sprang for the portal like a wildcat.

"NO!" Leon shouted, chasing after her. Beams of nuclear blasts shot past, which she narrowly dodged. Panting, she opened the glass screen door, locking it behind her. "NO!" Reinforcements charged in, but it was too late now. She was getting away. "STOP HER! WE MUST NOT LET HER ESCAPE!" Leon roared in Japanese, frantically commanding the machines.

With one word, the G.P.T portal could easily send teleport her body to any place she wished to go. She just had to say where.

But… what other place was there for her to go?

Then, everything starting to shake. She turned, her father was pounding at the door with a crazed expression.

"Uwwaaa~hah!" Rin squeaked, grabbing one of the favored couch pillows and hiding her face behind it, comical tears building up in her eyes. The authoress, however, laughed as the girl continued to peek through shyly at the passing scenes.

My dearest, Japan is the most wonderful place in the world.." A soft, flowing voice suddenly spoke to her. Her eyes widened. A picture of a woman with long beautiful yellow hair and a shadowed face came to her mind.


"DESTROY THIS MACHINE!" Her father ordered in a furious voice, trying to hack the connections.

"Japan.." The girl whispered, and immediately the G.P.T. operated.

"Destination accepted." A computerized voice stated.

"NO!" Unfortunately, this time, Leon managed to break the glass. In desperate attempt, he fired at the control panel, but missed and ended up shooting the back of the girl's helmet.

"Nnn... why can't Leon-san be more like Miriam-okaa-san or auntie Lola?" The blonde girl mumbled, exaggerated tears spilling from her eyes. "Miriam-okaa-san and auntie Lola are much nicer..." She flinched when she witnessed herself writhing on the ground in pain.

Electricity danced around the base of the helmet, she could feel its shocking, penetrating impulse. Beads of sweat formed her forehead, running down the side of her head. "Nnngh… Nnngh!" She tried to grasp onto something, but to no avail. Her brilliant blue eyes dulled into a dark, murky color. Her other senses began to numb, and her breathing became raspy.

"Aaah... aaaaah...!"

Another head-splitting sensation clouded her head, she let out a bloodcurdling scream that silenced her father's shouts.


Then, everything went white. The pulsing sensation stopped, her mind starting to go blank.

"100%..!" A whooshing blast fired the engines below, her father's screaming protests were useless now… Wearily looking past, the last things she saw, was her father's angry, helpless face.. A flash of blue light….

Then, her head collapsed to the ground.

Ba-bump, ba-bump…

Ba-.. bump…



"And that's the end of chapter one!" The authoress announced, smiling. "What'd you think?" Rin, who was curled up on the couch slightly, slowly lifted her head. Her eyes were red and puffy from fear.

"... Nn."

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad." The girl said, rolling her eyes, "Leon's a lot nicer than he looks, you know that. He's just... well, serious in actuality."

"Leon-san rarely smiles." Rin pointed out, sniffling.

"Well... yeah, but you know he's a softie on the inside, just like Kaito. You like Kaito, right?" Rin tilted her head sideways.

"... Yes."

"You see?"

"But oranges are better."


Rin exited the room, rushing back into her chair next to Len and Mikuo, who she was practically glued to in effort to avoid Leon in most ways as possible. Meanwhile, the authoress was ducking another swinging camera.

"All right! The first scenario is done~! The live interviews will start later on when we get enough feedback from the loyal fans! With their fanmail... and such. Also though, Len will be starring on his commentary in the next chapter... because the second chapter has to do ENTIRELY with him."

Len smiled and saluted at the camera.

"Please give some feedback."

Everyone waved at the camera.