I always wonder why we do this. Why we fight one another. What do we gain by this? I know for sure that the humans only gain small metallic tokens to display to others, oddly shaped, but…fun to chew on. My human has never obtained these tokens. She is much too kind to force me to fight. Though the care she provides has made me strong, and my flames burn brighter. Little Pichu seems to have taken up most of her time these days, having been found splashing around in a lake just a few nights ago. The sodden little thing was soaked through to the bone, and still has not entirely lost its shiver despite being wrapped up in a thick blanket as we make our way through Ecruteak to the following city. We—well, Shiori—decided to pay a visit to the Burned Tower in Ecruteak, with a woven basket in her non-Pichu carrying hand. I wonder what's inside. Patiently, Flareon, Espeon and myself watched her fumble around by the ground trying to flatten out a blanket for us to sit on. The wind is a little stronger than usual, but she managed to get it after about a minute. She turns and smiles, but her eyes suggest otherwise. Flareon and I exchange a brief glance, but still, nothing is said. We settle down on the blanket close to her and Pichu is set between Flareon and I, to keep it warm.
"Are you guys hungry?" Shiori asks as she begins to remove three bowls from the basket. The flames on my backside flare up slightly, glad to hear the basket had food inside. "Yes, Shiori," I reply. "Took you long enough!" Pichu chimes in, and Flareon shoots it a glare. Such a rude little Pichu. "The least you could do is be grateful," Espeon growls, "she saved your life."
Shiori doesn't seem to notice the two of them arguing. I continued to watch her as she prepared our lunch, crushed berries over some…brown crunchy things. Not sure what they're called. I continue to watch her like a Fearow, until I notice her putting the wrong berry mix into my bowl. A whine escapes me, and I nuzzle her hand, startling her.
"What's wrong, Shiori? You're acting funny today…"
She looked up at me, her hand trembling. There was definitely something wrong. Espeon and Pichu stopped arguing almost instantly, and we gathered around her.
"I-I'm sorry guys, I'm not sure what's wrong with me today. It…just feels like someone's been following us. But don't worry, okay? Let's just have a nice lunch." She kissed each of us on the head, and went back to preparing.

I curl up next to Shiori's basket and watch Flareon and Espeon as they chase each other around the entrance to the Burned Tower, and Pichu as she picks flowers in the grass, perhaps to apologize to Shiori with. I watch over the three of them like a…well, I don't know what to compare it to, but I've always watched them closely. Even Shiori. But I've got to watch for something…else as well. Something that's worrying her. Flareon slides to a stop next to me, her fur fluffed up. "There's something in the tower!"
"What?" I ask and jump to my feet, flaring up like a match. "Where's Espeon?"
"In the tower, come on!" She chirped and started to run towards the entrance. Shiori's little voice makes my muscles seize up.
"Where you going?" She asked, and brushed her bright pink hair away from her face.
"Just to the tower. You can stay here. Don't worry." I nodded at the scarred building and give her hand a reassuring lick before dashing after Flareon. The moment I set paw inside the Tower, a horrible chill ran through every muscle in my body. Flareon seemed to have been effected in a similar matter and was moving much slower now, her fur and ears pressed against her body.
"Why did Espeon come in here, again?" I whisper steadily, despite trembling horribly.
"His curiosity got the better of him, and he said he 'sensed' something in here."
We continued on at a Slowpoke's pace through the tower, until the cold feeling got a thousand times worse. And two fire-types being cold? That just doesn't happen. Flareon was lagging behind me now, shaking far worse than I, but I ignored it in favor of trying to locate Espeon.
"Espe—" I began, but a horrible scream blasted through the entirety of the tower, followed by a horrible crashing sound, and wood breaking. "ESPEON!" The two of us cried and began to run in the direction of the noise. I knew that sound as well as I knew Shiori. It happened in battles all the time. Something threw him against a wall. But he was strong. This thing must be tenfold stronger.

We reached a point where the floor had been kicked up, like something had been violently thrown into it but also thrown backwards at the same time. We followed the broken floor slowly and stayed close to the floor until we reached a wall, with Espeon smashed against it.
Covered in blood and pinned to the wall with spikes pierced through each of his paws, blue embers danced at the end of the spikes.
"E-Espeon?" Flareon choked out, tears filling her golden eyes as she desperately paws at his hind leg. "E-Espeon, please…"
"R-Run…" He muttered through a mouth full of blood, eyes glazed over. He couldn't move. The spikes pierced each limb, his ears, even his tail. I stare up at him in silence, still trembling. What would do this? Spikes with blue flames…No Pokémon had an attack like that…None that I knew of, at least.
"No, we can't leave you—We WON'T—" Flareon said, and began to tug at one of the spikes with her teeth. But it wouldn't budge.
"I SAID RUN. Damn it! Don't be stupid, and just do what I tell you! GET OUT OF HERE NOW." He shouted at her with his last bits of energy, spitting blood. Flareon flinched as he raised his voice at her and only made the tears run heavier from her eyes. Gently I press my nose into her side to try and comfort her, but she pulls away.
"C'mon. We need to go." Like a wave, the panic crashes back into my body, and I tug at her fur. She's still staring up at him, his eyes like glass now. No life glowed through.

At a full sprint, we hurry out of the Burned Tower and back to Shiori, who was right where we left her with Pichu in her arms. She lights up at seeing the two of us, but that's snuffed out quickly.
"Where's Espeon?" She asks. Flareon doesn't look at her, massive tears spotting the picnic basket. Blood drops on her fluffy yellow mane. "Fl-Flareon…" She reaches out to her, looks at me, and I look away. There must have been blood on me as well, because she got the picture quickly.
"He-he's gone? How did this happen?" I shook my head. We don't know.