Link was a loser. At least, that's what the figure had gleaned from the day it spent searching Castle Town. He supposedly lived at the castle, but no one in the wealthy districts seemed to know or care where he was. The figure had escaped its prison to find this Link person, but it seemed there was no "great hero of Hyrule", as its captor had furiously and sarcastically described him.

The corpulent Lord Vance did not notice the one following him, nor did any of the Hylians he mingled with. Despite his weight, he was a social butterfly, his belly fat fluttering as he flew to every member of the privileged class he passed to discuss whatever stupid shit Hylians cared about, yet Link did not come up once in his many conversations. The figure followed him to the city's poorer market district, easily eluding the city's so-called guards.

If Hylians were such blind fools, would Link really be able to destroy its captor?

"Fresh milk!" a lyrical voice announced over the bustling crowd, and Vance's eyes lit up as they fell upon a young woman in front of a wagon with an insignia which read "Lon Lon". Long auburn-red hair framed a cute pale face, and as the sneak saw the large bust straining against her white blouse, it wondered with amusement where the milk she sold came from.

She smiled cheerfully at everyone who passed—not the fake smile of a salesperson, but one that made her more attractive—and the figure wondered if she even noticed that all her customers were men, or that they probably only came to her carriage to ogle her.

Naive twit. If something bad happened to her, it would be her own fault for being so unobservant.

Lord Vance waited for the line to diminish (or maybe his fat ass just needed a break from walking) so that she would be alone when he approached. "I would like a bottle if you please, Miss Malon," he said with a smile he probably thought was charming.

"Thank you, sir! Oh! You're Lord Vance, right?"

He bowed energetically, perhaps to hide how much older than her he was. "Ah, you remember me! I am a lucky man." Malon looked down, fiddling with her long skirt, and Vance took the opportunity to glance at the breasts which seemed disproportionate to the otherwise slender girl.

"Do you know where Link is? He sent me a letter over a week ago saying he was going on a mission, and since then I haven't seen or heard from him. I had hoped to find him here."

The figure resisted the urge to scream in frustration. If Link didn't even tell a pretty girl like her where he was, its search was hopeless.

"I do not, I'm afraid." When she clasped her hands in front of her dress sadly, he grinned to himself. "He takes you for granted, my dear. Would you allow me to keep you company and ease your worry for a while?"

To the figure's surprise, she glared at him, standing as tall as a short teenage woman could with her arms by her sides. "My answer has not changed since the last time you asked, Lord Vance. If that is why you approached me, I ask that you please leave."

Perhaps she wasn't naive after all. It was as though she saw right through him, just as the figure did despite having known of the lord's existence for only a few hours. Did she see through the other men who gawked too, and merely dismiss them as non-threats? Either way, it seemed that Malon was not like other Hylians.

"How can I convince you that I have only the best intentions? It's possible he hasn't contacted you because he needs some time alone to deal with the horrors of battle. Slaying the recent group of monsters has surely left him with some ugly demons to deal with."

Alarm widening her sky blue eyes, she raised a small hand to her heart. "Oh no! I heard about that. He dealt with them all by himself? Oh, Link..."

"He did. The princess has the utmost faith in him, but the boy has clearly become unstable—"

"How could you let him fight alone?!" she yelled, surprising the sneak once more. "Isn't it your duty to keep our knights safe?! Why would you endanger Link like that?"

Vance recovered from her sharp tongue quickly enough that it wondered how often he harassed her. "My apologies, miss Malon, but I have no control over which knights are sent to which jobs."

Neither spoke for a moment. Malon continued glaring at him as though peering into his soul, not paying attention to the din of the marketplace, but eventually she shrank into herself, though nothing could hide her from the aristocrat's hungry scrutiny. "Others have told me otherwise. If I didn't know better, my lord, I'd think you were trying to get him killed. Good day."

Turning her back to him cautiously, she led her horse and carriage toward the drawbridge leading out of town. The figure noticed that she still had inventory to sell, so she probably left because she felt uncomfortable around her "suitor". Given the way Vance watched her backside as she retreated, that was probably the smartest thing she could have done.

A man in plated armor stepped closely enough to him that only Vance and the once-captive could hear his words. "Malon has nice 'Malons'."

"Sir knight, I cannot believe you would speak so loosely of a woman!" Vance chastised, but his eyes were smiling, his anger at "the one that got away" momentarily forgotten. "Yes, she does." So much for knights and chivalry. Maybe this place deserved what the figure's captor wanted to do to it. "I had hoped to seduce her while Link was in the desert, but she is stubborn as the mules she raises. I do not know what the harlot sees in that peasant."

If Malon were a harlot, she would have accepted the unworthy man's request. The figure began to think Malon was all right. It appreciated anyone who annoyed people it didn't like.

"Did I hear you mention Sir Link?" a young girl asked before a miniature crowd formed around the befuddled lord where Malon's carriage had been. "I desperately need a knight's help, and only he will do!"

Vance seethed, but apologized for not knowing Link's whereabouts before politely excusing himself, and the crowd dispersed upon realizing Link was not around. It seemed Link had more friends among the peasants than he did among the knights and nobles; just as mostly men took interest in Malon's business, the crowd asking for Link was composed mostly of women, and it wondered if Link was a playboy or an innocent like Malon before deciding it didn't matter. It needed to use Link, not get to know him, and with barely contained rage it fled the scene.

It was tired of getting nowhere, tired of hiding, tired of covering its fear and anger with private jokes about how fat and stupid Hylians were. It had enough power to kill everyone here and would do so if it meant finding Link, because the fate of far more than just this city rested on Link's shoulders. It entered the Temple of Time, empty and sacred, and examined a sword protruding from a stone pedestal.

The Master Sword, the ultimate weapon. If it couldn't find Link, it would make do with the blade which supposedly had the power to banish evil. Legends said that only one with courage and unbreakable spirit could pull it from its resting place. Strong with purpose, it touched the hilt.

And screamed. Its hands burned long after it retracted them, and it yelled in fury at the arrogance the goddesses had in declaring it anathema. Everyone, not just it, would benefit if the captor died, so why wouldn't the sword consent to be its killing instrument?

"That was a stupid thing to do," a voice deadpanned.

It spun to find a tall woman speaking in an intimidating baritone. Despite her silver hair, her muscles showed that she was not yet old, and her sudden appearance indicated that her short hair and tight clothes were intended for stealth. Apparently not everyone here was worthless, and already it began considering how best to use this to its advantage.

Its captor would regret teaching it how to manipulate others.

"I've been tracking you since you phased into town. You reek of dark magic and killing intent. Who are you? Speak quickly, or you will never speak again," she said evenly, as if stating a fact rather than issuing a threat.

The figure did its best not to grin wickedly when it noticed the symbol of the Sheikah, guardians of the royal family, just below her neck. If it couldn't use Link or the Master Sword, there was still one other person its captor feared.

"Princess Zelda is in danger."

It didn't unnerve Link when he, Nabooru, and Abia entered the great hall to an even larger audience than last time. Hundreds of red-haired women stared at him: some with scorn, some with respect, and some with an amorous yet predatory gleam in their eyes, which were somehow more expressive than the eyes of any Hylian. Aveil and Samiyah seemed not to notice the newcomers, however, as they discussed something at the other end of the long table.

"Thank you for bringing him. You may go now, Nabooru," the middle-aged red said curtly without looking away from her queen. Nabooru shrugged, letting her superior's attitude roll off her like water from the oasis, and his brow furrowed as she left calmly. First Ladina, then Abia, and now Samiyah...Why didn't anyone respect her? In the alternate timeline, Aveil had only been queen while Nabooru was trapped at the temple. What changed that in this timeline?

Those not distinguished enough to have a seat at the table stood shoulder to shoulder in the crowded room, and as he wondered whether they came to see what would happen to him, something pinched his buttcheek. Spinning quickly, Link was shocked to find a white old enough to be his mother retracting her hand with a grin.

"I liked you better with your shirt off. You should walk around without pants next time."

Unable to form a response, he turned his flushed face and went with Abia, who sat with the other purples. "Go stand with the whites," one of them hissed at him, turning up her large nose. "This area is reserved for warriors."

Abia opened her mouth, but he cut her off. "Very well," he said pleasantly, but before he could leave a white greeted him enthusiastically.

"Hi, Link! When did you wake up?"

The purples glared at Gelbooru when she squeezed past others to stand next to him, smiling brightly. "You have to earn a place here before you can come near this table."

To his surprise, Gelbooru put her hands on her hips instead of shrinking away. "I will earn a place here." She turned to him, smiling again. "Abia told me how you fought for her and Nabooru. She said you fight for others." He looked at Abia in surprise, but she averted her eyes, uncertainty taking the place of her usual confidence. "You're amazing, Link! You're the kind of fighter I want to be! You all were wrong about him, and you're wrong about something else too." She regarded him with hopeful eyes, and he tried not to let his wander. "Have you been to places other than here and Hyrule? I mean, have you seen the Zora?"

He nodded, fearing he wouldn't be heard over the crowd murmuring about the scene he and Gelbooru had caused just by standing near the purples. He didn't come here to disrespect anyone's traditions, but she blocked the only hole in the gathering. They nearly touched in the confined space, and as he started to sweat from the body heat of the gathering, he wondered why everyone wore so little. Didn't they know the power women had over men when they showed skin?

"Do many people love each other in those places?"

"I've seen happy couples in almost every culture." Except for the Gorons, of course, but he didn't even know if women or couples existed in that culture. He resisted the urge to frown as he pondered when he was last happy with his "relationship".

"I knew it!" she exclaimed. "It does exist! Everyone thought she was crazy, but my mother always told me that she and my father loved each other very much. Thank you, Link. You don't know what this means to me." He stiffened as her arms came around him. Abia's eyes widened, some whites from across the room cheered, and Link blushed, unable to act with so many people watching. Her skin felt warm even through his tunic. "One day, after I become a fighter, I want to find my parents...and maybe find love like they did!"

Her use of "love" cut him deeply, and he suddenly felt miserable. He didn't have the heart to tell her that love was not enough to guarantee happiness, and abruptly he realized that he could not live this way forever. He could not keep getting depressed every time Gelbooru, Aveil, Nabooru, or anyone else delved into his personal life. He had to make a change.

"Hey, Link..." she began, somewhat more subdued. "Since I know you're lonely from our shoving match, do you think you can show me around Hyrule one day, after we're allowed to go there again?"

As a white, Gelbooru did not have the privilege of wearing makeup as the purples and reds did, but that didn't mean she wasn't beautiful. As she pulled back from the hug to stare up at him with her hands clasped in front of her heavy bosom in a pleading manner, her expression and small nose reminded him of Malon.

Abia scoffed, wearing her minimal makeup proudly. "To think that anyone would want you is foolish, Gelbooru. Men want a strong female partner, and that is certainly not you."

Link's suppressed a laugh. "Actually, most men would probably kill to bed with any Gerudo, white or purple."

Even those who had turned their noses up at Link looked at him bewildered. "That makes sense. We are beautiful beyond compare. But does it make no difference whether people are strong in your kingdom?" one inquired.

"It makes little difference to Hylians whether someone is a warrior. Most of us don't dream of being fighters. Instead, we dream of finding love, starting a family, and making enough money to live comfortably."

"What an inane dream," Abia said callously before asking in a gentler tone, "Why did you become a knight if that isn't what your people desire?"

Gelbooru turned toward her in confusion. "Because he fights for others, not for himself. Aren't you the one who told me that?"

"Gelbooru, if you wish to attend this meeting, you must go to your assigned section," Samiyah barked from across the room. Gelbooru's bravery finally wore off, and with a jump and a small squeak she slipped back into the crowd where Link could no longer see her. "I now ask for silence from everyone not seated. Link, could you come here?"

The speed with which the women surrounding him stepped away to form a path alarmed him. Despite not being queen, Samiyah held great power to so easily control so many people, and he considered the possibility that the Gerudo experienced far less dissidence than Hyrule's royal family did. Each person took a turn staring as he walked past, and he felt almost too weak to move. He had never been under this level of scrutiny at the castle, not even when a lord chastised him.

"I didn't expect you to be walking again this soon," Samiyah stated bluntly as he sat across from her. "You must have a high pain tolerance." Link refrained from telling her that he had experience with these exact same injuries in the alternate timeline.

"You're finally awake," Aveil purred beside her elder. "We have so much to talk about. I'm glad you decided to clean up for me."

Link hid his shock at her appearance. She wore considerably more face paint than she had last time he saw her, and her flowing hair looked like it had been brushed. But what stood out most was the fact that rather than a red top, she wore a green one that matched his tunic. Had she cleaned up for him, like he had for her? He dismissed the ridiculous thought, but not quickly enough to prevent extra blood flow to his cheeks.

Angrily deciding he had been embarrassed enough today, he pushed the conversation forward. "You mean to talk about allowing Gerudo into Hyrule?"

Samiyah frowned thoughtfully. "I no longer despise all Hylians after meeting you, but your people may never accept us. For now it would be best to see if any men can come to the desert as you have instead of going out to search for mates ourselves. That way, we can protect ourselves in case something happens."

Regardless of whether Samiyah's trust was an act as Nabooru had said, he did not want to leave the desert on this note. He came to repair their races' relationship, not to encourage further isolation. "Samiyah...There are good people in Hyrule, or else I never would have sworn to protect my kingdom. There is more to us than cowards who would take advantage of someone in need, just as there is more to the Gerudo than a man who tried to take over Hyrule."

"Perhaps," she replied evenly, "but there is not enough good in Hyrule for us to ever be safe there. We may try differently in the future, but for now I would like to officially request that any willing warriors from Hyrule come here. If they are judged worthy, we will use them, and then they can leave and we will keep to ourselves once more."

"We have a warrior right here," a purple at the table interjected. "Let's use him!"

"Over forty of us have already judged him to be worthy," another spoke up, encouraged by her sister's outburst. Link stiffened when she looked at him expectantly.

Younger than Nabooru, Aveil did not wear her jewelry or beauty as effortlessly, but when she lowered her voice to a seductive tone, her words were just as effective as the Spirit Sage's. "They have a point. Would you like to mate with forty of us?"

As if there were an answer to that other than an emphatic "YES!" Coming from Nabooru, the question would have been harmless teasing, but with Aveil he could not be sure. The knight of Hyrule struggled to keep his thoughts focused on Zelda and his mission, but when a foot gently massaged his calf under the table and Aveil smiled at his stunned expression, he recalled the feeling of her body against his during the long talk they shared.

"This is not something any of you should desire!" Samiyah snapped loudly enough to quiet the rising uproar. "There is nothing fun about sex. We're only doing it to preserve our race." Remembering his suspicions that she had been raped by Hylian diplomats, Link kept the stories he'd heard of how great sex was to himself.

"I think it will be fun!" a voice from the whites protested happily, and he felt faint when he realized it sounded like Gelbooru.

"You think that because you are a virgin. There is nothing fun about sex," Samiyah repeated without turning to whoever spoke. "We're doing it to preserve our race, and that's all men are good for. Isn't that right, Link? Isn't sex only enjoyable for males?"

He resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Did she truly expect him to call himself worthless? "I wouldn't know."

His answer silenced the large gathering more effectively than Samiyah's orders, and the pause in discussion gave him time enough to realize his mistake. A sea of golden eyes widened as the surprised older woman asked, "You are a virgin?"

Link gulped and nodded, not trusting his voice, but the people here did not laugh at him for his lack of experience as his fellow knights sometimes did. On the contrary, Aveil's smile widened and many of the women bore into him with more interest than before, and though it embarrassed him, it also strangely aroused him. Would Zelda ever look at him like—He banished the thought.

"I'm happy so many of you like our guest," Aveil announced for all to hear, "because I have something special to say about him. Link, it's unfortunate that you did not wear blue today. It would have made this moment perfect." His eyes widened in horror. Surely she wouldn't. She had promised not to. "Link's stay has been a constant controversy, but now I can tell you with complete certainty that he is the Fierce Deity incarnate."

Her older sister said nothing at first. No one knew how to react, least of all Link. It was absurd that she proclaimed him a god when he couldn't move his arms, absurd that someone would proclaim that at any time. He did not face the crowd, afraid of what he might find in the expressions of the women he knew. Had his progress in earning Abia's trust been ruined? Would Nabooru be disgusted with him for this after he just promised never to lose his humility?

"Aveil, perhaps it's too soon to make such a judgment," Samiyah tried, but the queen proceeded confidently.

"It is not too soon. He proved he has the spirit of a Gerudo when he crossed the haunted wasteland. The mark on his hand and the fact that he used the Silver Gauntlets are proof of divine connection, and he is the only person who has ever successfully resisted Twinrova's possession spell. Finally, he confided in me that he came upon Oni's mask and bonded with it. None outside the desert know that Oni's spirit was sealed in a mask."

"You promised not to mention that," he growled quietly. Constant temptation he could handle, but not this breach of trust. He felt more violated than he had when the white pinched him.

"I'm sorry, but my sisters have a right to know that Oni has returned. Having said that…I see the wisdom in your advice, Samiyah. I have accepted that he is Oni, but I understand that not everyone is convinced. That is why I will fight him again in front of everyone once he has healed so you can see for yourselves."

Despite how flustered he was, he knew staying mad would accomplish nothing. She could not erase what her sisters had heard, and if Oni was this important to the Gerudo then they did have a right to know. "I'll look forward to that. I've always used pain and anger at the world's injustices to push me in fights, even during friendly spars." When he was just a little boy against the world, loneliness and rage at the Great Deku Tree's death had driven him. The faces of everyone who suffered drove him forward, compelling him to endure just one more attack, lash out just one more time. "You are the only person I've ever fought who can bring out my skill without bringing out my pain. Fighting you was…fun."

She gave him the same excited and flirtatious grin which preceded their last battle. "Gerudo can evoke many emotions from a man. I'm glad you can be yourself around me. I find it strange that you preached freedom at the oasis, yet you exercise such restraint."

Such was the way of Farore. "None who let lust and fear control them are free."

"You should teach us more about freedom. In exchange, I'm sure there's much we can teach you. I understand that some of us have already tried."

Link stuttered in embarrassment. "I-I need to leave soon," he deflected. "When I meet with my king, I'll stress that a pair of insane rogues were responsible for the moblin attacks on Kakariko, and I'll inform him of Samiyah's request."

"Don't worry about her request. I have another idea on how to increase our population that I'd like to share with you later, and I've already sent our spies to retrieve a potion for you. I know you're sick of going to the temple by now, but I ask for your help once more in dealing with Twinrova before you leave." Link nodded. "Once you're healed and the witches are gone, Yumn, Nailah, and Abia will accompany you into Hyrule."

"No one can come with me. They would be imprisoned for entering Hyrule."

"We will talk about that later if you really are...Oni," declared Samiyah. "We have already lost Oni to the sands of time once, and we won't risk harm coming to him again. The goddesses of Hyrule are the ones who harmed him in the first place, and I will not trust his safety to their subjects."

"You won't trust them? The entire reason I came here was so our people could start trusting each other!" Samiyah glared at him for raising his voice at her, but he did not back down.

The queen smirked. "We can discuss it later. For now, this meeting is over. I grant you permission to wander the fortress without escorts. Don't be afraid to see me in private if you have any...private concerns."

She stood, and everyone immediately began pouring out of the building. Link tugged at his collar to release the heat produced by the crowd and by his nervous state and stood as well, wincing as his lungs expanded against his damaged ribcage.

A purple several years younger than he blocked his path once the others had left, determination marking her features. "Come see me when you're better, Oni. I know that Gelbooru, Abia, and Nabooru are your favorites, but I can fight much better than a weakling, a bitch, and a traitor!"

Link opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out as he recognized the golden eyes boring into him. She stared with as much desire as she had shown before in his imagination, and he was just as helpless now as he had been then. His pulse quickened and his jaw went slack before the one who was literally the girl of his dreams. He doubted his body would ever cool down now, even if his collar disappeared.

Emboldened by his speechlessness, she continued. "Our spies have shared their knowledge of sex with me. I was disheartened when you rejected me last time..." Last time? Was she the one who broke into his room the other night? He willed himself not to remember the way she had tucked his hand between her breasts or the way her dream counterpart's warm mouth caressed the most sensitive part of his body. "...but now I realize that I was simply seducing you the wrong way. You like women who take what they want instead of offering themselves to you."

"Your sisters are not those things you called them," he said at last, too eager for an escape to wonder why she labeled Nabooru a traitor. "And they're not my favorites. They're my friends."

The girl invaded his personal space to pounce on him, but gasped in pain just before reaching his lips as someone squeezed her arm roughly. "You have to earn the right to say you're better than someone," Abia seethed, pulling her younger sister away from him with ease. The girl glared at her, blood dripping down her bicep due to Abia's fingernails, but submitted to her dominance by holding her wound and retreating.

"Thank you," he said, hoping Abia didn't think he was trying to make people worship him after what Aveil had revealed.

"Whatever. I'll see you later," she replied moodily before leaving, and he sighed. At least she didn't call him scum as she had before.

His heart still pounded from the encounter as he ventured toward his room. Since it had been too dark when the girl visited him the other night, he had never seen her face clearly before having the dream. Did that mean his dream about her pleasuring him was real somehow, that his vision of the Fierce Deity at a destroyed Hyrule Castle and his vision of the blue woman were real?

No. He wouldn't let someone…do that while he was trying to court Zelda, and he wouldn't let anything happen to his home. But then again, the longer he stayed here the more he realized how unhappy he was, and Gelbooru had just helped him decide that he had to make a change in his life…

His arms throbbed, and he set those thoughts aside as he happened upon the large doors leading into Ganondorf's bedroom. He had spoken to Aveil about not letting fear take control, but he had done exactly that when Samiyah first showed him the Gerudo king's old room. Presently he decided to start taking his own advice. By learning more about Ganon, he could hopefully learn more about the Gerudo.

The hallway outside and the room itself were abandoned, lavish but dusty as though no one had been here since Ganon's disappearance. Old papers littered a desk made of fine wood from somewhere far away, and Link was surprised to find messages written in ancient Hylian, a language he was sure the Gerudo did not know. Did Ganondorf write these? Had he purposely written them in a way his sisters could not understand?

At once he was grateful to Zelda for making him study the outdated language during his knightly training. He wasn't fluent, but he recognized many of the words and wasn't surprised to see "Triforce" appear several times. He was surprised, however, to find several other legends which spoke of great power in the forms of Majora's Mask, something called the Four Sword, and the Fierce Deity Mask. Focusing on the last one, he began reading.

It seemed that the three creation goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farore banished Oni to the mortal realm over a disagreement about how best to watch over it. After that, the Goddess of the Sand saved him from dying in the desert, and together they gave birth to the Gerudo race. The Gerudo built two magnificent structures: the Spirit Temple to honor the Sand Goddess, and a building whose name he could not decipher to honor the Fierce Deity. But when the mortals surrounding the second structure began worshiping Oni more than the three creation goddesses, those goddesses punished Oni again, sealing him in a mask and separating the "wicked" part of the world from Hyrule, the land which followed the goddesses.

The story ended with a caveat: the reincarnation of an ancient demon and the true reincarnation of Oni would one day come to the Gerudo, both claiming to be Oni. If the Gerudo believed the demon, it would lead to their ruin, but the passage did not say what would happen otherwise.

Hanging from the wall, a sword as massive and intimidating as its owner suddenly caught his attention. It seemed a normal broadsword except for the tip, which looked more like the wide blade of a war ax than the narrow end of a sword. It made the weapon heavy at the end, a foolish design for a swordsman, but Ganondorf wasn't just a swordsman. He was also a powerful wizard. Link thought that perhaps such a design allowed it to better channel mana, magical energy, and he reconsidered what he had read.

Ganondorf thought that magic made one godly. Given his ambition, it was no surprise he took his quest for power beyond the realm of the Gerudo, who knew little magic. The passages detailing the Triforce took up so much less space than the others that Link wondered if he had only decided to search for the Triforce after failing to locate the Fierce Deity Mask.

He didn't know how much time he spent studying the notes, but out of nowhere an assault on his mind nearly made him vomit. Sensing the same dark power which troubled him at the Spirit Temple, he replayed Nabooru's warning in his head.

I feel like something bad is going to happen soon. I've been sensing magic a lot lately, even though the witches aren't here.

He was unarmed and injured, but that didn't matter; he had to protect the Gerudo. To his confusion, however, whatever had been the source of the magic he felt disappeared, but he still sensed that someone intending to kill him had entered the room. Despite his back being turned to the door, he knew an arrow was coming toward him, but he was simply too weak to dodge or call upon the protection of Nayru's Love.

It pierced the back of his left shoulder, and blood dripped onto the floor, bringing new life to the room. He cried in pain as his already hurt arm became totally useless. Whoever shot him knew his armor was weakest in the shoulder and that he was left-handed.

"You made our queen trust you!" a familiar voice behind him hissed. "You made me trust you!"

"Samiyah?" he asked, feeling faint.

In hindsight, it made sense that Gerudo would be skilled archers. The sand limited movement, which gave fighters with long-range weapons an advantage, yet he hadn't seen a single bow during his time here. Had they intentionally hidden their archery skill from him?

Killing intent radiated from her, and he somehow knew that many others in the once-abandoned hallway wanted him dead as well. What was happening to him? He had never had vivid dreams or been able to sense magic prior to his trip to the desert, and no matter how honed his instincts were from battle, he should not have been able to feel when someone wanted to kill.

Link didn't resist as she grabbed him. He wouldn't have, even if he had been healthy enough to do so. She was behind him, but he wouldn't have seen her anyway, because currently all sense of time had escaped his senses. The recent dreams, the current and alternate timelines, and the killing intent blurred together nauseatingly in his mind's eye until he no longer knew where and when he was. What was happening? Who was he? Sir Link? Hero of Time?

...Fierce Deity?

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