AUTHORS NOTE: HEY PEOPLE! If you are reading this you most likely have read Tail and Hunted Tail, if you haven't I suggest you read those first or you will be confused lol. Ok now I wanna explain why I'm rating this M. I don't write sex scenes, but I will suggest things and I'd rather be safe then sorry lol. I hope you guys enjoy Mated Tail:)

P.S. This is eight months after Hunted Tail ended.

Chapter 1. Joy Swim. Deans Pov.

The Colt isn't a legend; it's real, and it can kill any supernatural being. Dad contacted us a week ago, saying that he needed our help. Apparently a man named Daniel Elkins had it, but he was killed by something supernatural and the gun was taken. When we met up with Dad in Manning Colorado he told us who stole it; vampires.

"How are we supposed to get in there?" Sam asks as we look at the map.

"Their in an abandoned cottage by this river." Dad says, pointing to the outskirts of town. I look at the map for a few moments, then behind me.

"Wait, is that the river right there?" I ask, pointing towards the running water visible behind the trees.

"Ya." Sam answers after looking at the map again. He looks me in the eye, "are you thinking what I think you're thinking?" I take off my over shirt.

"Yep." I walk to the Impala and open the trunk. I throw my shirt inside and grab my water proof bag, filling it with a machete and dead mans blood.

"Wait what is he doing?" Dad asks Sam, not used to hunting with me as a merman. I slam the trunk shut and back to them.

"I'm going to swim to the back of the house and grab the gun; their going to be asleep anyway and its not like they would expect a merman to grab the damn thing." Dad looks uncomfortable and Sam gives me a bitch face.

"That is a stupid idea Dean!" Sam exclaims.

"Do you have a better one?" Silence. "We're losing day light here Sam." He sighs, and starts to take off his jacket. "Sam what are you doing?"

"I'm not letting you go alone Dean."

"Boys!" Dad yells to get our attention, "this is a stupid idea."

"How is it a stupid idea? We sneak in there and grab the thing." I explain.

"No, you're going in there defenseless." I look him in the eye. "Now here's a better version of your plan. Dean, you swim there and me and Sam will come in the front If they wake up we will distract them while you grab the Colt." I look Dad in the eye and think the plan over. That actually is a better idea I guess.

"Fine." I walk through the trees and to the waters edge, dropping my water proof bag onto the ground. I look behind me to see Sam and Dad walking towards me, but Dad's a little more distant.

It's been eight months since Dad hunted me and everything's been different ever since; he isn't comfortable around me anymore. When we met up here I could tell he didn't want to be alone with me and even before then he had trouble talking to me on the phone; if I even mentioned my tail he would be uncomfortable. Even though his semi cold shoulder hurts me the way he reacts to my tail hurts even more.

He accidentally walked into the bathroom while I was having tail time a couple of days ago. We were looking for more information on the vampires and I decided I needed a break. He came into the bathroom to tell me about something he found, and when he walked in he looked at my tail for one moment then to the wall. While he was telling me about them sleeping during the day he wouldn't look at me, he just leaned against the sink and looked at the shower head above me.

I thought that when he left Bobby's those eight months ago that he would react better to this whole thing, I mean I can see that he's trying to accept this but its hard for him. I know I should be used to this, I mean he's a fucking hunter for gods sakes, but I just wish he could have accepted this whole thing like Bobby did.

I strip down to my boxers and sit down on the ground, my feet in the water. I take off my necklace and breathe in a sigh of relief as I feel the familiar tingle of my legs turning into the tail. I close my eyes momentarily and enjoy the feeling the water on my tail. When I open my eyes I look behind me.

"You ready dude?" Sam asks. I nod then look to Dad. He's looking at my tail and I can tell he's deep in thought.

"Dad?" he shakes his head slightly, then gives me a half smile.

"Your phone's in the bag right?" he asks, and I nod. "We'll text you when we get there, we should be about thirty minutes."

"That works." I scoot closer to the water, then drop into it. I turn around once I'm in the water and grab my bag from the ground. "You said that the leader would have the Colt right?"

"Yes, and he should be in the back of the house." I nod again and push away from the land and get deeper into the water, fighting the slight current from pulling me to the right.

"Be careful Dean" Sam says, and I give him a smile.

"Aren't I always?" he rolls his eyes and I dive down into the deep river, feeling the energy of the water as I swim.

Twenty minutes later my head breaks the surface and I look at the cabin. The windows are covered by tarp to keep the light out. I swim towards the land and drag myself up onto the dry ground. I open my bag to grab one of the towels to dry myself off. After I'm dried off I put my necklace on and my tail turns into two legs. When I finish getting dressed I hear my phone vibrate in the bag.

We're out front. Ready when you are. The text reads. I grab my machete and a vial of dead mans blood, putting it in my pocket.

I'm going in. I text back, then quietly walk towards the open back door of the old cabin.

When I walk inside I see vampires sleeping everywhere in the large room and bottles of cheap whisky. I look to my right to see a door with a sheet over it. I pull the sheet back to see two vampires in a bed, and the Colt on the bedside table. I look behind me to the front door to see Sam; he gives me the thumbs up. I nod then head into the vampires den.

As I walk into the bedroom I look at the floor, trying to see if there is anything that I could step on that would make sound. Seeing none I slowly walk over to the bedside table. I reach out for the Colt and I grab it with my right hand, but as I go to lift it up I feel something grab my left wrist. I whip my head towards the bed to see the lead vampire's eyes open, his hand grabbing my wrist. I pull my hand out of his grasp and take a step back, pointing the gun at his head. He puts his hands up in surrender and sits up; swinging his legs to the side of the bed but not stand up.

"You're not human" he states, staring me in the eye, "you smell horrible." I chuckle.

"Oh I don't know." I switch the Colt to my left hand and grab the machete from its satchel. "I don't kill normal people or drink blood, so I guess I'm more human then you now aren't I?" he smiles, and I hear a scream from the other room. "Shit." The vampires mate wakes up and the lead vampire lunges for me. I bolt to the side, and as I do I bring my machete up and through his neck. When his head hits the floor his mate screams in rage, the look in her eyes is one of pure anger and loss. She runs to attack me.

"I'M GOING TO RIP YOU APPART!" she screams as I dodge her attack. She goes for me again and throws me against the opposite wall. As she walks around the bed I grab the dead mans blood from my pocket and pour it over the blade, just in time for me to cut her in the leg with it. She's affected by the blood almost instantly, and when she falls to her knees I cut her head off. I pull myself up from the floor and run into the main room of the house where another vampire comes at me. I cut its head off with ease and look for Sam and Dad.

"Did you get it?" Dad asks after decapitating a redheaded vampire. I show him the gun and he gives me a small smile. I look around to see the rest of the vampires dead all over the floor.

"Where's Sam?" I ask, and before Dad can answer Sam comes through the front door covered in dirt. "What the hell dude?" he pants and glares at me.

"One of the vampires liked to wrestle." Dad laughs and I roll my eyes. "Did you get it?"

"Yep." I hold the gun up again for Sam to see and he smiles. "Now can we please get out of here?" I ask, walking over to Dad and handing him the gun.

"Yes, but we need to take care of all these bodies first." He answers and I nod.

"Why don't we just take the bodies that are outside and bring them in here; we can burn the whole house." Sam says, wiping some of the blood off his face. Dad looks at him for a moment before nodding. With Dads final look to both of us we started the task. We grabbed all the bodies and heads that were outside, dragged them into the old building, then torched the place. When the whole house was ablaze we decided to clean the blood off of us with sanitary napkins, not wanting to scare people if they saw us. After I got all of the blood off of me my phone vibrated. I smiled when I saw the number and looked at Dad and Sam to make sure they wouldn't hear me.

"Hey Jay." I say quietly, walking towards the woods.

"I see that your hunt vas a success." He states.

"How do you know?" he chuckles.

"Vhy don't you come to the river and find out?" Of course he's following me to make sure I'm safe. I hang up my phone and walk towards the others.

"Hey since this hunt is pretty much over I'm going to have some tail time, I'll meet you guys back at the motel later." Dad looks like he wants to protest but Sam stops him.

"You defiantly deserve it dude, have fun." He says with a grin and I look to Dad.

"Ya, have some fin time." He says uncomfortably.

"Tail time." I correct and he chuckles lightly, nodding. I walk away from them and around the burning building. When I make it to the waters edge I see Jay waiting for me.

Since he left Jay kept his promise. Right when he left Bobby's he called me the next day. After that we talked on the phone everyday. When we got the chance to see each other we would swim around, go to movies, or go to dinner; normal dating stuff…well minus the tails part. Lately though he's been following me around on dangerous hunts; he wants to be there incase something happened to me. I tried to tell him that I was a good hunter and could protect myself, and his reply was 'its my job to make sure you're ok'.

"Hey." I say as I sit down on the grass and take my necklace off, putting it back in the bag. I drop down into the water and he comes up to me.

"Hey yourself." He pulls me into his arm and brushes his lips against mine. When we pull apart he grabs my bag, puts it around his shoulder and takes my hand in his.

"Where are we going?" he pulls me under the surface and starts to swim.

"Just relax." I roll my eyes, but listen to him anyway.

"You know" I say a few minutes into the swim, "you need to stop following me on hunts; I can take care of myself."

"I knov you can." He pulls us towards the surface to a wooded area. We swim over to the land and he pulls himself up, reaching out to me once he's sitting down. He pulls me up and into his side, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. He takes my bag off his shoulder, places it down, and opens another bag that was waiting there. "Beer?" I laugh and kiss him on the cheek.

"You're hopeless you know that?" I take the beer and chug half of it down.

"Yes but you knov you love me." I roll my eyes, saying nothing. We are silent for several minutes, enjoying our surroundings and each other. "So I vas thinking."

"Would you like to share?"

"I vant to hunt vith you." I look him in the eye.

"No, you want an excuse to make sure I'm safe." He gives me a small smile. "You know I'd be the one protecting your ass right?" he rolls his eyes.

"Nope." We finish our beer and lay on our backs, looking up into the sky. He tightens his grip on me and our tails move in sync with each other in the water. I look up to his vibrant green eyes again and sigh, feeling content and never wanting the moment to end.

END OF CHAPTER 1! You like it? You hate it? Ok so I know it ended a little abruptly but its 2 in the morning and I wanna get this up there. Also I wanted to end it like this so you get two main ideas. 1. The Winchesters are hunting Yellow Eyes and 2. Jay wants to hunt with Dean.

Next Chapter. Deans Pov. Dean sneaks away to see Jay again, but someone follows him but who?