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Chapter 13: Mark. Sam's Pov.

"They've been out there for a while." I say as I finish towel drying a plate. Bobby turns to look at me.

"You're brothers grieving Sam, give him some time." Bobby answers as I open the cupboard to put the dry plate away. "You're thinking too loud son." He says after a moment of silence and I sigh.

"I said some things to him Bobby…and I just wanna make sure he's ok." He nods his head.

"Just remember this Sam." Bobby starts, turning the faucet off and turning to face me. "Everyone grieves differently."

"But he wasn't showing any kind of emotion Bobby!"

"But his man knows everything that he's bottling up inside; don't you think Jay can help him through this?"

"But I'm his brother!" I slam my mouth shut after that phrase escapes and I mentally slap myself. I wasn't supposed to say that!

"Sam; are you jealous of Jay?"

"What no! I don't have a problem with Jay; I'm glad that Dean was able to find some to love him."

"But you feel like Deans pushing you from his life and replacing you with Jay." Bobby finishes, seeing through me like a fucking pro. I shrug.

"Dean loves you like his brother that he raised from the age of four, and he loves Jay like a Lover; you can't be replaced Sam."

"I'm just not used this Bobby, I'm used to Dean coming to me with his stuff you know…and I feel like a shitty person thinking about all this." He crosses his arms over his chest.

"You're not a shitty person, but Dean just needs some time ok? I know that you both lost your father and that's horrible, but Dean had a little bit of a different experience than you with the whole 'you're gay so you're not my son anymore' thing the demon pulled." I let his words sink in and I nod.

"You're rig-" I'm cut off by a loud screaming coming from somewhere outside; Deans screaming. "What the fuck?" I drop the towel to the ground and run outside, Bobby hot on my tail. "DEAN?!" I hear movement coming from the woods and I start running at full speed, fear entering my chest as I get closer to the trees. What if someone found out about Dean and decided to hunt him down?

"DEAN!?" Bobby tells from behind me, worry laced in his voice.

"What the-" I start to say as I break through the main grouping of trees towards a river. I stop in my tracks as I see Jay and Dean passed out in tail form, both with peaceful expressions on their faces.

"Holy shit." Bobby gasps; staring right at Dean, and I move my eyes to try and see what he sees. Once my eyes land on Deans hip right above where tail meets skin my breath catches in my throat. Where there used to be nothing, now a red patch of weird squiggles is burned into his skin.

"Is that a…"

"I think that's a mating mark." Bobby says quietly, and I move my eyes to look at their hands, identical matching silver bands on their ring fingers.

"Dean did it." I say quietly, watching as Dean snuggles into Jays bare chest.

"I didn't know mated Mer's wore wedding bands…" Bobby trails off, and I shrug.

"I know that Jay wanted to give Dean a choice." I whisper, not wanting to wake them up. "And I think this is Jays way of showing that he's equally committed in their…thing."

"Atta boy Dean." Bobby says, and I can't help the smile that makes its way onto my face.

I'm not used to not being one of the central people in Deans life anymore, and I wish Dean would share things with me, but Dean deserves this…He deserves to be happy, and I'm glad that he'll have Jay with him for the rest of his long life.

The End!

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