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"Okay, Nami," Chopper said "It looks like the Daft that was in your system is completely gone. You just need to take it easy for now." "Okay," the said Navigator said, leaving the medical ward for the upper deck of the Sunny, "I'm just going to the upper deck for some fresh air, if that's okay."

"Sure," Chopper agreed as he went ahead of her. "Nami is awake," the young Doctor announced to the rest of the crew. As Nami got to the upper deck, her nakama gathered around her, asking if she's okay.

Though, there is only one person that she didn't see within the group: Luffy. The said Captain was sitting on the side railing of the ship and, as he turned his head towards them, he had a pout on his face. He, then, got up and walked towards the rest of the crew.

"How could you do that to us, Nami?" he asked his Navigator, sounding upset. "What do you mean, Luffy?" she asked. "How can you betray us like that?" the young Captain shouted, "You thought that we weren't capable of defeating Shiki and his men, and, then, you left us? You should know us better than that. I'm very disappointed in you."

Everyone went quiet. "Didn't you hear the rest of the message, Luffy?" Usopp asked, breaking the silence. "What do you mean?" the said rubber man asked his Sniper, completely oblivious to the whole situation. "You idiot," Zoro said, "That message was, obviously for you." "Really?" Luffy asked again as he took out the Tone Dial with Nami's message. He, then, pressed the apex of the sea shell-shaped dial. "'Hey, guys,'" the message started.

"Luffy, what are you doing?" Nami asked as she tried to get the dial from him. "Listening to the message, obviously," he answered. "'I'm sorry, but, I'm leaving you guys to join Shiki's crew to be his Navigator.'" "It's not necessary anymore, Luffy!" "I don't care! I want to hear the rest of it!" "'I'm doing this for both you and the East Blue. Shiki said that, if I join his crew, then he'll let you both be.'"

The young Navigator took the dial away from her Captain and tried to throw it into the ocean, but Luffy started to chase her around the ship to get it back. "'I recommend that you don't come save me and go after Shiki. He's too strong for you guys, especially you, Luffy.'"

Luffy, then, grabbed hold of Nami and pulled her into a tight embrace and Nami blushed. "'I also wanted to tell you guys goodbye. But if you want to come rescue me, then it's your own lives that you're putting at steak here.'" The young Captain, then, puts his hand on his Navigator's cheek and pulled her face towards his, in which their foreheads are touching.

"'But, if you plan to do so, then here is my request:'" Luffy, then, pulled Nami into a deep kiss and she kissed him back. "'Please, save me.'" The message ended.

After seeing the movie several times, I thought that I should make an alternate ending for it. The first time that I saw it, I was sort of expecting a scene somewhat close to this. But it didn't. Oh well.