(A/N: Let's now introduce our young heroes! Part two of chapter one!)

Introduction: Part two: Jay

Theresa watched as Jay paced back and forth on the roof of the Brownstone, their dorm. "Jay will you please calm down."

"How can I calm down? Cronus is still out there and we're nowhere close to figuring out how to send him back to Tartarus." He continued to pace. They had been fighting Cronus for three years now, it was tiring and he saw what this was doing to the others.

"Jay maybe you should go sailing, that always calms you down." She told, but she understood his pain.

He went to her side and held her tightly. "You may be right," He pulled away slightly, "Let's go see who wants to go to the beach." She nodded and they headed into the recreation room.

Herry and Odie were playing video games on the couch when Jay and Theresa walked in. "Where are the others?" Jay asked.

"Neil was in his room. He probably caught his reflection in the mirror again." Odie stated without looking away from the game.

"And Archie and Atlanta?"

Herry answered, "They said they were going to the movies."

"Well Theresa, and I are going to the beach do you two want to come?"

"Yeah I could use some fresh air. Odie how about you?"

"Yeah let's go."

Herry and Odie stopped playing their game, and got up to go get ready. Jay went to Neil's room to tell him about their trip while Odie contacted Archie and Atlanta about their trip to the beach. "Archie and Atlanta said they would meet us there after their movie was over." Odie stated as he came up the stairs.

"Alright." Jay and the others were just waiting for Neil now.

Archie and Atlanta had beaten them to the beach. "Hey you finally arrived!" Archie called from his one on one volleyball game with Atlanta.

"Sorry Neil caught his refection in the mirror again." Theresa called as they unloaded Herry's truck.

When they had gotten everything unloaded from the truck, Jay began to set up his boat for sailing. "I'm going sailing; who's coming with me?"

"I will." Theresa raised her hand.

The others looked at each other and knew that they should give the two some alone time.

"I'm going to work on my tan this time." Neil stated as he lay down on his beach towel.

"Uhhh, Herry and I are going to play some beach volleyball with Archie and Atlanta. Right guys?" Odie asked and the others nodded.

"Alright, we'll see you later then." Jay and Theresa set off.

While the others burst out in laughter. "Ahh that was a close call." Atlanta sighed.

As their games went on and the sun began to set; Archie and Atlanta sank into the sand after a very large set of volleyball games. Herry and Odie began making supper, and Neil had acquired a very nice tan.

"Theresa the sun is setting we should head back" Jay and Theresa cradled in each other's arms as they lay in the boat.

"Just a bit more." She kissed him.

He laughed and spoke against her lips. "The waters are dangerous at night, and we should head back before Herry eats all of the food."

"One more kiss…" She was glad she could see this side of him without worry. When they finally tore themselves apart, he fixed the sail so they could ride with the wind back to shore.

Arriving on the shore Jay and Theresa saw the others eating, everything looked as peaceful as when they left. "Ah! There back! Jay! Theresa! We left you some food!" Atlanta called.

The ground began to shake then, and once again their day off had ended. A giant came out from behind another boat as did three others. This could only mean that Cronus was somewhere close by. Jay looked around trying to find the time god, but he had no luck.

"Guess we should deal with these lackeys first." He mumbled.

Herry easily dispatched of two of the giants. Archie and Atlanta were dealing with one. Jay and Theresa, with a bit of luck borrowed from Neil, found themselves watching the giants as they ran away.

"One can never find good help now-a-days. I guess if you want something done you should do it yourself." Cronus appeared in front of the seven heroes his sickles in hand.

"This ends today Cronus!" Jay yelled. "For three years you have haunted us but no more!"

"Well then you should have killed me while your girlfriend made me mortal. But you are right about something this does end today." Cronus smiled and watched as Jay and the others flanked him. "Same old tricks again Jay? Really, don't you get tired of losing every time?" While Cronus watched them flank him, he summoned all of his powers and just when the young heroes were about to attack him, he sent the power outwards creating a vortex which sent them off into another dimension. However, one factor that Cronus didn't count on was that the vortex sent him with them.

The world was spinning. Jay opened his eyes to see him and his friends falling in some strange colored vortex. They were unconscious. "Guys!" He called out but his voice was lost.

Neil opened his eyes next, and screamed. "MY HAIR IS GOING TO BE RUINED AFTER THIS!" His selfish cries woke up Theresa and Herry next. Which was lucky because the vortex was about to vanish.

Jay called out again, hoping this time they could hear him. "GUYS CREATE A CHAIN OR WE'LL BE SEPERATED WHEN THIS IS OVER!"

Herry grabbed Odie and joined arms with Neil. Neil then joined arms with Theresa, while Theresa grabbed Atlanta and tried to wake her up. "Atlanta!" The other girl did not stir, she cried out again, "ATLANTA!" The scream awoke the stunned huntress. She smiled at Atlanta. "GRAB ARCHIE, WAKE HIM UP BUT DON'T YOU DARE LET GO!"

Atlanta nodded, and reached for him, but he fell out of her reach. "Theresa, give me your hand and extend your arm!" She told the girl next to her and Theresa did as she asked. Atlanta tried to grab Archie, and once again her reach fell short. "ARCHIE!" Atlanta called for him while reaching for him.

Archie awoke at the call of his loves voice, but he didn't understand the situation right away. He looked around for Atlanta, and saw her reaching for him and he grabbed her hand.

Atlanta told Archie to grab Jay, and when he did they all linked arms strongly and tightly so that no one would get separated when the vortex disappeared. Odie, who had finally awoke was calculating how long that would take. "One more minute..." Everyone tightened their grip and linked hands just in case.

Jay laid out one final command before the vortex disappeared, "DO NOT LET GO NO MATTER WHAT! AND HANG ON!"

The vortex disappeared and the young heroes crashed into an unknown land.