Sion sighed deeply at the fiesty warrior's words.

I want to go after him...

He already has enough problems plauging his life, the war with the Gestalk empire, the betrayal of nobels living on his land and now, even Ryner has gone missing.

Looking at Ferris he asked, "you sure?"

Before adding in concernly, "no, before that, are you okay?"

He did not know what had happened to her, and it wasn't really his business to do anything about it. She had told him it was due to family problems and he had left it at that, even though deep down he knew it was a lot worse. Her tiny frame was almost completely covered in bandages, with whatever part of her body left exposed covered filled with bruises. The petite female also had her arm slung across her chest, looking very much like a fragile broken toy.

Yet the fire burning in her eyes were undeniably strong, the eyes of a person whose decision Sion knew he could not talk his way out of.

"Yes," her voice was strong, contrast to the way she currently looked, "that pervertic traitor had betrayed the dango team. I will find that pervert, beat his pervertic ass senseless then pull him all the way back here and make him regret ever messing with the dango gods."

Sion couldn't help but smile at the smug look on her face, "you know," he replied, while taking out a map of the kingdom, "you're just one person, and this place isn't exactly small, right?"

"I know... I just really hope that I..."

Ferris's voice trembled slightly as she said it but regained her composure in the next second and said mockingly, "whichever village's women that had been disgustingly ravaged and terrorized by some pervert, he would be there, and I'll go to every single one of them... I'll... and .. I'll .. I'll make him regret ever... leaving me."

As soon as she said those words she had tears flowing down her face. They made their way down to her nose then slowly to her mouth where they got caught by her bright pink lips.

The feeling of emptiness in her disappeared as soon as she said those words and as much as she was in denial of how she truly felt, she knew all along why she had been hurting so badly the past few days. And it was not because of her physical injuries.

Looking at Sion's confused reaction, Ferris replied without bothering to wipe her eyes, "Lord Astral, I'm different from all those other girls. I don't have a normal childhood like the rest, I don't have loving parents, friends I could hang out with, nothing. I have nothing."

"All my life I was trained to be a cold, ruthless and emotionless weapon. I went through hardship and vigorous training every single day in the dojo, crying myself to sleep on the hard wooden dojo floor, too much in pain to even crawl back to my bed. While the rest of the kids my age were playing in sandboxes."

Ferris sniffed, wiping the tears away with the sleeves of her loose blouse and smiled, "but I never once regretted it, I never blamed anyone for my predicament. I have such a loving brother, a cute little sister, and I when i had my first dango, when it melted in my mouth, my heart throbbed with such intensity I thought I was going to die."

"And yet, when I found out he left, he left with the promise that he would help me carry all my fourteen backpacks worth of tango... I just ...", she gripped the right side of her chest and whimpered softly, "it just feels so wrong and empty inside, it hurts so much Sion..."

A piece of rolled up parchment fly straight across the room in Ferris's direction, raising her uninjured arm, she caught it easily.

"That's the map," Sion said as he sat down and returned to his work, without as much looking up he continued, "now now, you better hurry ,cause if you don't bring him back I'll have to crush some dango shops around here."