School Days

Me: The sequel to my previous one-shot, Sick Days. I would suggest reading that first so that way all the stuff in this makes more sense. There isn't much romance mostly friendship but that might change. Now my co-host, Kouji!

Kouji: What?

Me: Disclaimer, please.

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Chapter 1 - Horrid Memories

Kouji's P.O.V

I sat in my window seat in first period, staring at the clouds. I didn't feel like listening to Mr. Hanabi, my fairly likable but boring math teacher, go on and on about 'probability'. I was barely listening, catching just enough to not get in trouble if I'm called on, and heard today we would have 3 new students.

'3 new students?' I thought turning to look at the front. I heard the door slide open and in walked 3 familiar faces. The first was a girl with long blond hair and perky green eyes. She wore a white skirt and boots and a pink short sleeved T-shirt. She waved at the class and happily introduced herself,"Hi, my name's Zoe Orimoto. It's nice to meet you, I hope we can be friends."

The next student was a boy with messy brown hair and matching brown eyes. He had on a black shirt with a red flame on the front and tan cargo pants. The goggles that dangled around his neck swayed as he shifted on his red converse. "My name's Takuya Kanbara. Nice to meet ya." he said smiling.

The next student made my heart skip a beat. His face was a kinder, gentler mirror of mine with slightly shorter hair. He wore a dark green jacket and a black shirt underneath with black cargo pant. He hopped a little on his green converse. "My name's Kouichi Kimura. It's nice to meet you all." he said in a smooth voice.

A wave of whispers hit the classroom. "That boy, he looks like Minamoto-Sama." said one of my fangirls. "I wonder if he's cool like him too." said another. "Okay who would like to sit next to the new students and show them around, starting with Orimoto-Chan." Mr. Hanabi asked. A lot of the hands that shot up were boys, Mr. Hanabi picked the only girl. "Thank you Saruka-Chan. Orimoto-Chan, this is Midori Sakura." Mr. Hanabi introduced.

I liked Midori, she was nice and smart. Somehow she had natural green hair that were in two pigtail that went to her shoulders and dark brown, almost red in the light, eyes. She was pretty short, almost 4 feet. She wore a pale pink short-sleeved T-shirt and a knee-high red skirt with brown loafers. "Hi Orimoto-San! Sit right here." she said, waving to the seat next to her. Zoe graciously took the seat and asked her to just call her 'Zoe'. "Okay then you can call me Midori!" Midori answered cheerfully.

"Now, who wants to guide Kanbara-Kun?" Mr. Hanabi asked. Michio Tomiichi, a nice guy from the soccer team, raised his hand. He had messy pale blonde hair and green eyes. He wore black basketball shorts and a white T-shirt with white sneakers. "Me, I'll show him the soccer club, we need new players!" he said. "Thank you Tomiichi-Kun. This is Michio Tomiichi, Kanbara-Kun." Mr. Hanabi introduced the two.

"Okay now is there anyone who'd like to help Kimura-Kun learn the rules of the school?" Mr. Hanabi asked. Kouichi smiled out to the class. He shot out the usual waves of love when he was trying to make a good impression. Many hands shot up. The girls (and boys) they belonged to looked crazed. 'He'll get killed.' I thought, calmly raising my hand as well. "Ah, Minamoto-Kun, thank you for raising your hand. This is Kouji Minamoto." Mr. Hanabi replied once again shooing Kouichi to his seat.

Kouchi sat to the right of me and waved, smiling. I felt irritated, why didn't he tell me he was coming? I stared straight at the board and grumbled to myself the rest of class.


I dragged Kouichi to the courtyard along with Zoe and Takuya with their escorts. "Why didn't you guys tell me you guys were transferring?" I yelled at them. "We wanted it to be a surprise?" he half asked, shrugging. "Well why'd you-" I began before getting cut off. "Onii-Chan!" shouted a voice across the courtyard. A boy, probably 6 or 7-years-old, ran up to Kouichi. He had short raven black hair with his bangs swept over his left eye, both of which were dark, dark blue. His was a bit taller than Kouichi's waist. He wore a white T-shirt and black shorts with white sneakers.

"Onii-Chan." he called, tackling Kouichi. Kouichi fell down and laughed patting the kids hair. "Hello Nakamura-Kun, why aren't you at school?" Kouichi asked, looking at the kid with kind eyes. "There's no school today for me. Teacher's conference day." the kid piped happily. My eyes narrowed. I didn't like this getting too close to my brother. "Kouichi-Nii who's this?" I asked glaring at the kid who, surprisingly, glared back.

"Oh, this is Shino Nakamura, he's a first grader that went to my old school. I watched over the kids a lot so I played with him and his classmates." Kouichi explained. "Oh? Well since he's only in the first grade he should go home before it gets dark." I sneered. Nakamura stuck his tongue out and turned to Kouichi with a sickly sweet smile. "Nene and I made you lunch, but she somehow got lost." he said, looking around.

"I'm over here." a small voice spoke out. Everyone but Kouichi jumped. We turned around to see a small girl about Nakamura's age. She had golden straw colored hair in two small pigtails and grey eyes. She had on a white T-shirt and a green overall dress with white tennis shoes. "Nene-Chan, how have you been?" Kouichi asked. She blushed and smiled. "Okay..." she replied sitting down next to him. She held up a small lunch box. "Oh thank you! How about you two share the one I packed by myself." Kouichi said swapping the small lunch box for the one in his backpack.

I got irritated for a second. I glared at the troublesome kids and sighed, sitting down with the others to eat lunch.

*After Lunch*

I was showing Kouichi around the school when Charlie Care bumped into us. Charlie Care was an American boy that came to our school 2 years ago, he was part of the Martial Arts Club I joined. He had shaggy black hair and green eyes. He wore his martial arts garb.

"Hey Koji! Who's this?" he asked immediately. "This is my brother Kouichi. Kouichi this is a member from the Martial Arts Club." He waved at Charlie with a small smile. Charlie's nice but he's much too straight forward, that's why I had to resist the urge to punch him after the wrong question slipped out his mouth. "I was about to go see Mike at the Kendo Club. He's been looking forward to see new matches...Hey, I got an idea, why don't you two have a match? Ya know, just for fun." Charlie blurted.

Kouichi's eyes sparkled dangerously. This meant he liked the idea, and after what happened a couple months ago, I couldn't let him get a weapon of any kind fall into his hands. "H-hey, Kouichi, let's go to the Music Room. You'll probably like playing violin in there, the acoustics are fantastic." I practically screamed, shoving him away from Charlie. "Can't we have just one match? It'll be fun!" he cheered, grabbing my hand and following Charlie to the Kendo Club.

*Kendo Club*

I suited up in my Kendo gear then 'borrowed' some of the other members gear to protect my body with the extra layers. I inspected the bruise on the left side of my rib cage. It was from Kouichi's last episode and grew from the size of a golf ball to the size of a baseball by the end of the day of said 'episode'. I walked out the dressing room looking pudgy from the extra clothes.

Kouichi sat on the bench across the room in his regular clothes twirling a kendo stick. "Okay then." Mike, Charlie's little brother, started. "Let's begin the match between Kouji and Kouchi. Ready...start!" I eyed Kouichi who mere gazed at me with doe-like eyes and a soft smile. He walked toward me slowly, eyes scanning and analyzing my every move.

He swiped at my left rib cage and successfully hit the spot my bruise was, most likely causing it to grow even more. I clutched my side and knelt down. "I give! I give!" I shouted, removing my helmet. Kouichi sat down next to me and started to remove my shirt. "Wha-what are you doing?" I, unfortunately, squealed. He didn't look up and continued to remove my clothes. He finally finished the last layer and stared at my wound.

I was correct when I said it grew, it was now slightly larger than the size of a baseball. He poked it roughly, drawing out a pained groan from the back of my throat. He looked at me with slightly glossy eyes and slowly started to smile. 'Oh fuck!' I thought. 'I know that smile.' I shot a look at all the spectators. "All of you get out now!" I shouted, finding a way to scramble up and run toward my backpack. I pulled out my cellphone and conference called Zoe, Takuya, J.P., and Tommy.

As I fumbled with my phone, Kouichi bounced to his feet. He skipped toward me at a leisurely pace smiling. I curled myself against my backpack praying that someone would pick up and that the rest of the kids would leave. I heard a perky voice on the end of the phone. "Hey Kouji! Is there something wrong you rarely call." Zoe practically sang into the phone. "Zoe! It's 'Sick Day' all over again. Please, for the love of all that is good in life, send help!" I shouted frantically into the phone.

"Oh oh! Just try and keep alive until I gather everyone." she replied before cutting the connection. Right after the phone call ended, I noticed Kouichi wasn't walking in front of me. I panicked and searched for him on my left and right. I snapped my head behind me and saw he wasn't there either. Then, I felt something hard smack the back of my head and I blacked out.

Me: Whoops, didn't mean to make it a single P.O.V but I guess it'll change after the second chapter. Also if your confused about the episode mentioning and stuff like that, read my other story 'Sick Days'.