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Kouichi's P.O.V

I hurried away from the group of laughing kids and got to work asking old friends where Bokumon and Neemon were. I finally got the information from a group of Poyomon when the other kids caught up to me. "Hey, man, I'm really sorry about that." Takuya said, putting a hand on my shoulder. I sighed and smiled at him. "It's cool, I'm over it." I said, because I really was. Davis looked surprised. "Really? Just a second ago you were really mad, now you already forgot about it and you're ready to move on? I was wondering about that when you got mad at Kari and then you came back smiling." he said, causing everyone to look at me.

I rubbed the back of my head and smiled. "Well, I guess I'm not mad because I know they didn't mean it. Kouji and Takuya were just remembering the happy moments when we were in the Digital World. Kari was just irritated, probably because of me yelling at her brother. I can't blame them for showing their feelings, can I?" I reasoned. Everyone stood there, soaking in my words. I decided to go ahead and walk towards the direction the Poyomon pointed to. I heard many footsteps coming up behind me after a while. I smiled when I felt arms wrap around my neck. "Kouichi, be a bud and carry me." Takuya whined. "I don't think I can walk another step without food." I chuckled and dragged my friend a couple of feet.

"You know," I started. "Bokumon should be making lunch by now. He might've even asked the Floramon to help out." I felt Takuya's eyes light up. "Do you think they'll make that soup?" he asked. Zoey made a disgusted face. "You still like that head soup?" she asked. Takuya nodded eagerly and let go of me. "Food, food, food, food!" he chanted running toward the home of our old friends. Pafumon's eyes glittered. "Food, food, food, food!" he piped, floating after the Warrior of Fire. I sighed and smiled. "Takuya! You're teaching bad habits to Pafumon!" I yelled, running after them.

In the house, Bokumon and the Floramon from the forest were placing bowls of soup on the table. Neemon sat down with Takuya and Pafumon by his side. "Ah, the rest of you are here. Takuya has explained that the human number in our group has increased ten fold but I never expected this much." Bokumon exclaimed. I was shocked, yet overjoyed. "You're coming with us?" I asked, sitting with Pafumon on my lap. "But of course! You all couldn't live with me and my knowledge." he boasted placing a bowl in front of Neemon, Takuya, and I. "Let's not talk about this after eating before we speak anymore about this." he said, motioning for everyone else to get seated.

Zoe's P.O.V

After eating two bowls of head soup, I was hungry, and saying good-bye to the Floramon, Bokumon cleared his throat and called toward the back of the house. "Angemon, come here." he called. And he came, glowing a light gold, the pink band that matched his father's on his wrist. "Yes, Father." he said, standing behind Bokumon. Bokumon waved toward us and he nodded. "Let me tell you of the events that we, the Celestial Digimon, have had to overcome before you arrived." he started. The lights dimmed down and a full color vision of the Celestial Digimon, Angemon, Angewomon, and Antylamon, sitting in the lush green forest playing with other Digimon.

"You had restored piece to the Digital World and everyone lived joyous harmony. Then a portal from the human world opened up. 5 children stepped out of it." The Celestial Digimon turned from their companions to see a swirling dark purple and black portal. 5 kids stepped out of the portal. Two looked like twin boys, they both had shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. One was a girl with long fiery hair and violet eyes. One was another boy, he had blond hair but it was whiter just like his pale blue eyes. The next kid was a girl with wavy black hair and red eyes. She looked at the Celestial Digimon and smirked. "We asked them why they would want to come to our world and they stated the were bored with their own." Angewomon stepped toward them, her mouth moved but nothing came out. The kids shrugged and spoke silently.

"We asked that they return to the place they belong but they wouldn't listen. They ran from us. We searched for them, but when we found them they had friends." The vision turned to the Celestial Digimon and the kids. They had new Digimon with them. Daemon, Fugamon, two PetitMamon, and a Lunamon stood by them. They battled with the Celestial Digimon and pushed them back and away. "We had to retreat. We thought of a battle plan and thought of you, we tried to contact you but accidentally contacted these children." he said, waving toward Takato's group. "So, we decided to just...extract you from your world."

I saw Tai's eyes flash as the lights came back on. "So we're only here by accident? We weren't really needed?" he shouted, standing up and knocking down his chair. Pafumon started to whimper and Kouichi glared at Tai. Uh oh, this isn't gonna be good. Thankfully, Angemon noticed and waved at Tai. "There is a reason for everything, Holder of Courage. I am sure you all have a role you must fill, that is why I ask of you to stay and fight along side us." he assured him. Tai sighed and replaced his chair. "I'm sorry for my outburst." he muttered, excepting the answer. Bokumon and Neemon got up and went into the kitchen. They pulled out a whole bunch of bags.

"We, thankfully, packed enough bags for everyone. Come along we must go now." Bokumon urged. We picked up the bags. "Were are we going?" we asked. "To Seraphi-Angemon's Castle. That's where those heathens boarded, they took it over!" Bokumon answered. "No way! They are going down!" Takuya shouted, cracking his knuckles. We all fanned out the house heading toward the forest.

The forest walk was long and tiresome and I sighed in relief when we decided to set camp for the night. Kouichi surprised us all with how well and quickly he assembled a fire. "We didn't really need it when I came to the group before." he explained when we asked why he didn't show us before. Kari sat with her Gatomon on her lap and snorted, crossing her arms. "Agumon could have made a much better fire." she muttered. I glared and she matched it until Pafumon floated between us. "Auntie Zoe? What do you wanna be when you grow up." he asked, coal colored eyes glowing. Well, I guess he's as random as his 'mother'. I thought for second and finally found the answer. "I think I want to be a singer or a cook." I said, then thought even more. "No, I want to be a cook more."

Takuya's eyes lit up. "I know exactly what I want to be, a soccer player!" he said, smiling. Kouji thought, too. "I want to be a kendo master." he said. Cody's eyes lit up. "You like kendo, too? My Grandpa says it teaches patience which I'll need if I'm going to be a lawyer." he said, receiving, and ignoring, glares from his group. J.P. said he want to be a cartoonist, T.K. wanted to be a writer, Izzy a computer technician, Matt an astronaut, Tai a representative for Japan, Joe a doctor, Mimi a cook, Ken a detective, and so on and so on. When it got to Kouichi he thought for the longest time. "Kaa-chan, you told me what you wanted to be already so you don't need to say it again." he said, floating down to lay on his lap. "Eh, I wanted to know though." T.K. and Davis whined, earning an elbow in both their sides.

Kouji looked at his brother. "C'mon, just tell us." he prodded, making his brother laugh. "Okay, okay! I want to be a pilot." he said. "A pilot, why?" Kouji asked, not expecting the answer. "I don't know, maybe because I like the sky." he said, looking up dreamily at the sky.

T.K.'s P.O.V

I watched Kouichi look at the sky and frowned. "Why can't he look at me like that?" I thought. It made me remember a song I heard once. I started mumbling the words under my breath and Mimi and Zoe's eyes lit up. "I know that song!" they shouted in unison, prepping themselves to sing.

"You say if you could fly,
You'd never come back down again,
You only have eyes for;
that blue, that blue, that blue sky!

You're too young to understand just what real sadness is
And you're just old enough now,
to grasp what pain can be like
Even these feelings that I have for you, deep inside
Can only be expressed with meaningless words.

As you awake from your dream,
your youth, into an unknown world
Spread your wings as wide as you can, take to the skies!

You say if you could fly,
You'd never come back down again,
You only have eyes for;
that blue, that blue, that blue sky!

You believe you will find,
what you seek if you can endure,
Keep trying to break free...

To that blue, to that blue, to that blue sky!
To that blue, to that blue, to that blue sky!
That blue sky, that blue sky, to that blue sky!" they sang with each other. Their voices sounding in perfect unison for one gentle moment.

I saw Kouji smile at his brother's direction. "That describes you perfectly." he said, only to find Kouichi wasn't there. I looked up and, to my horror, Kouichi was at the very top of the giant tree we were resting under looking out to the sea of green leaves. "Kouichi Junsui Kimura, get your ass down from that tree." Kouji shouted in panic. Kouichi snorted. "Alright, alright." he said, moving toward the tree trunk. Then he slipped. A scream rippled threw the group, Zoe, as he fell. We all ran toward him, even though we knew we wouldn't make it. Even Angemon was too slow.

Then, in a sort of miracle, Pafumon caught the back of his shirt in his teeth and floated him gently to a lower branch. He laid on his 'mother's' head and fell asleep in exhaustion. Kouichi was able to climb from his place in the tree and dodged a swipe from his brother. "You. Idiot." Kouji seethed, aiming a kick at his head. Kouichi easily dodged it and caught his leg. "Calm down, Kouji." he soothed. Kouji still looked furious and kicked at his brother with his free leg. Kouichi let go of the first leg and caught the other, making his brother fall on his face.

"Calm down." he said once again. Kouji popped up again and glared at his brother. "How can I be calm? You fell down a tree!" he screamed. I saw Matt nod. "Even though it wasn't your fault that you fell, he's worried about you. I mean it's natural for an older brother to feel protective over his younger brother. Laughter burst from Kouichi's team, except Kouichi and Kouji. Kouichi stared at my brother. "B-but I'm the older brother!" Kouichi insisted. We went silent. "You're kidding right?" Matt finally asked. Kouichi shook his head firmly. "That's strange, you have a younger aura than Kouji, I just assumed..." my brother mumbled. Kouji glared at his brother. "That's because he's extremely stupid." he muttered.

Kouichi elbowed his brother in his ribcage. "Say's the A/B average child." he said. J.P. chuckled and shook his head. "Now, now Kouichi, we can't all be good at everything like you." he said, tousling the shorter boy's hair. Zoe chimed in,"Yeah. I mean you play the everything instrument, you can play the everything sport, and you're so smart you get a 100 on everything." Takuya and Tommy decided to put in their two-cents too,"Most species adore you and you have a wonderful personality. Yeah, you're not perfect." Kouichi frowned. "Never said I was perfect." he muttered. "Oh, but you are." I thought, knowing the same thought was crossing Davis' mind.

Davis' P.O.V

Wow, Kouichi truly is perfect! We all rolled out our own sleeping bags in a tight circle around the fire. I'm so lucky because I set mine next to Kouichi's before T.K. got there. Pafumon likes me, thankfully, and snuggled up to me the whole night. The next morning, day 2 of the Digital World, he even rode on my shoulder. "Pafumon, if you get tired of Davis you can ride on my shoulder." T.K. said, teasing me. Pafumon huffed at him and said,"I don't collaborate with the enemy." T.K. looked so baffled I had to laugh. "The enemy? Why am I the enemy?" he asked. Pafumon snorted. "You like Kaa-chan, if Kaa-chan realises you do he might like you and pay attention to you. He might even give you more attention than me, so I won't let you near him." he retorted before Kouichi came toward us.

"I'm sorry Davis, is Pafumon bothering you?" he asked, taking said Digimon into his hands. Pafumon snuggled into the crook of his 'mother's' neck and purred. "No, no we like having him around, right Veemon?" I reassured him, turning to my partner. Veemon nodded and stated,"It's like having a baby brother." Pafumon's eyes twinkled. "If Veemon's my big brother is Davis my Tou-chan?" he asked. All three of us, T.K., Kouichi, and I, choked. "Pafumon..." Kouichi started. "Y-you don't need a-" I cut him off, blurting,"Yeah, it does." Kouichi looked at me and T.K. glared. "D-Davis, what are you talking about?" Kouichi asked. I smiled, nervously, and rubbed the back of my head. "Well, if you're off doing something, Pafumon should have someone to stay with until you're back." I explained.

Kouichi finally relaxed. "Well, if you put it that way, I guess you are Pafumon's Tou-chan." he said, making T.K. choke silently behind him. I smirked at my rival, marking a point for me on my mental scoreboard.

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