This is a new story I've been working on for sometimes. And this time it is about Alfrec and Arthur XD

In this chapter:

Alfred, who have a hard time sitting still, goes through some books while Arthur is on the phone. He then happens to find a green orb on the floor. When Arthur comes back, he make up a excuse for being at the bookshelf, and says he wanted to know more about the Middle Ages. Then at night, after being scared from a movie, he find that the orb had started to glow.

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It wasn't that he didn't want to visit England. It really wasn't.

It wasn't that de didn't liked London. He actually did, but he'd never tell anyone that.

It wasn't that he had something else to do. He really hadn't.

It was just that, every time he went there, there was this weird feeling in his guts telling him, no wait, teasing him. It told him that it knew something he didn't and he just couldn't put his finger on it.

America sat on the couch in England's living room. England was having his beloved tea, and America his coffee. Just like any other time he had visit.

He didn't listen to whatever England was talking about. In fact he was too busy trying not to. He had never told him this, he had never told anyone this, but he couldn't listen to England for too long. If he did, he'd get a hard-on, and there's no way he'd been able to explain that to him without making a fool out of himself. That was one of the bad side about being a nation that he liked whatever a very large part of what his people likes.

Like England's stupid accent.

Sadly, America still liked to listen to England. Not because of what he was saying, it was usually something boring, but because of his voice. It reminded him of the times when England told him good night stories.

Of course he had to listen, once in a while, so he could answer England; otherwise he'd be in an extremely bad mood and maybe kick America's ass out.

"What did you think?" England asked.

"I think the meeting was as stupid as it always is! A hero like me have better things to do." America said. He ignored when Arthur rolled his eyes.

"'cause you know, Iggy-"

"Don't call me that!"

" – I've could have done sooooo many other things-"

"Really how many times do I have to tell you-"

"-That actually will leading somewhere-"

"to stop using the stupid nickname you came up with!"

"Unlike the world meeting."

Then America heard something, something that not was from either him or England. Even though he seemed to make any noises and sound, at least angry ones. Oh crap, man! Don't say this place is haunted! That would be so typical England to live in a haunted house!

Oh it was just the phone.

"What's up with you?" England asked as he got up. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

America watched him as he walked out from the living room, and soon he heard him answer the phone.

Feeling slightly embarrassed he looked around the room. What? Anyone could have thought that England, and especially him, had something to do with ghosts.

America got up from the couch and walked around the room. He glanced at the books and photos England seemed to have everywhere, he usually did that when England was somewhere else. Some books looked pretty new, and he couldn't find one of the older ones he knew should be there. Weird. There was some new photos too, and all the old ones.

That was another thing he'd never tell England. He liked those photos.

Just as he turned around something fell, and a green orb rolled at his feet. As America pick the thing up to put it back in its place the green color got stronger. He stared at the shining orb. It was something in it, in different shapes and different types of green. Like a forest.

"Ah, America, that was France" England said as he came back into the living room. America nearly jumped three meters up in the air and quickly hide his hand behind his back. The glowing orb still in his hands.

"Oh, France... hehe what did he want?" America asked.

"O-oh, nothing, nothing at all"

"Then why did he call?" America asked confused. England just stared at him first, unsure on what he was going to say.

"Well, of course he wanted something; I'm just not going to tell you."

"Ah, of course" America said. England mentally smacked himself for saying that, and prepared for Americas attempts to make him say it anyway.
But America was too busy trying to figure out what he was going to do with the orb in his hands. He couldn't let England see it; he'd go crazy about America going through his stuff. And he couldn't put it back where he found it, surly England would notice if he put something on the floor. And he couldn't put it back in its right place since he didn't know where it was.

"What are you doing by the old bookshelf?" England asked when America had staid quiet for a long time, at least a long time for America.

"Oh, I was just looking through you books. I thought I was going to find some really old books." England frowned.

"Since when are you interested in books?"

"Eh?" America looked over to the books, and then to England. That was just great, of course he wasn't interested in them; he just wanted an excuse for him being by the bookshelf. And he still didn't know what to do with the damn orb. "Since, well you know, I saw this movie about the... about the..."

"About what?" England didn't seem angry, and he had a nice tone in his voice. America glanced over to a painting above the fireplace. In painting was an old farm, with horses and pigs and other animals and old-fashioned tools.

"Um, about the..." America glanced over to England, to the painting and to England again. "Middle ages."

England looked surprised at him.

"Oh, well, I don't have any book from that time here, and most of it you wouldn't be able to read. But I should have some books about the time in question..." England said to himself.

"That's nice..." America said as England's words sank into his head. "Wait you actually have something from that time, but not here? Wow that's sooo cool, man. Don't you have something here? At all?"

Just think about it; swords, knights, maidens, all sort of stuff. America was so lost in his own thoughts about it that he didn't notice England when he walked over to the bookshelf.

Alfred, who still had his hands behind his back, smiled nervously as he put his hand in his pockets. At least now he didn't have to worry about

England finding the glowing orb.

"Hey, what do you mean 'you wouldn't be able to read' I'm the hero, a little text wouldn't be any problem for me!"

"Well I don't think... reading isn't the problem... wait a little..." He took one book, it looked pretty new to America.

"I think it was this book..."

"Seriously, what are you talking about?" America asked as England went through the pages of the book and found a piece of paper.

"Ah, here" England said and gave the paper to America. "Sometimes when I have nothing to do, I re-write some old text so they won't disappear."
"Disappear?" Alfred raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, real old paper can very easily fall apart"

But America wasn't listening anymore. Instead he stared at the paper.

Cædmon's hymn
Nu scilun herga hefenricæs Uard,
Metudæs mehti and his modgithanc,
uerc Uuldurfadur, sue he uundra gihuæs,
eci Dryctin, or astelidæ.
He ærist scop æaeldu barnum
Hefen to hrofæ, halig Sceppend;
tha middingard moncynnæs Uard,
eci Dryctin, æfter tiadæ
firum oldu, Frea allmehtig.

"Is this English?"

"What? No it wasn't called English then. Would you like some coffee?"

"Sure. Wait, you have coffee? And you haven't told me that before?"

America continued to stare at the paper. How the hell could this be where English came from? Some of the words he couldn't pronounce, the word he did recognize he didn't know if they meant the same as now, and he didn't even know who to say one of the letters. Still he memories every word, thanks to him not being able to stop staring at it.
It looked like a completely different language.

"America, are you okay?"

"What, yeah I'm okay."

"So, are you still interested in the middle ages?"

"Well, yeah, you know in the movie, they had all kind of cool stuff, like weapons and torture things, and knight and stuff. But they all spoke English in that movie."
He hear England chuckle.

"Yes, but it kind of depend of when in the middle ages you are thinking about... and to make a film with an old type of English that no one understand isn't the brightest idea, don't you think?"

After that he had heard England going on and on about the middle ages, which he again hadn't been able to listen on without thinking about his accent in a way that was not okay, but he still listened to everything the man said, he had somehow convinced England into watching one of the horror movies he had brought. Not his brightest idea he realized.

Now standing in front of his bed he tried not to think about the movie, but it wasn't easy with all the noises in England's house. He had been in his room for about ten minutes and had been on his way to asked England for company at least five times.

As he took off his jacket he remembered the orb. It glowed sharper now and he could see more of the forest. And then he saw a green spot moving, which was a miracle since everything in orb was green, and the spot seemed to grow as it came closer. Soon he could see a tine body, with green skin, and a green dress. He could also see green hair, and a face. It almost looked like Tinkerbelle.

Then he realized that the... what ever it was made its way out of the orb. How the hell could that even be possible. Soon he was surrounded by a green light.

The floor and walls disappear and soon he found him self levitating and the green something flying in front of him. Yeah that's right, the damn thing had wings. And she was smiling at him...

End of chapter one.´

The text that I've used is called Cædmon's hymn and is, according to my English teatcher, the oldest text written in English. not that it seem to be english. The texts is from the year 654 or something (I've lost my copy of it, so I cannot give you the translation)

I have just got to say; if you are from Sweden, Norway or Denmark, try reading Cædmon's hymn out loud. and you might understand something because the languages dates back to the time to Viking times and it is acctually understandable if you are reading it in a scandinavian language.

Good bye~