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It was the landscape of Oregon in North America, the forests around the Mount Verona, one of the most beautiful areas in the USA.

Out of place In this picture were the two giant robots standing at the foot of the mountain.

One of the was Galvatron, a Decepticon leader from the future, who had traveled from the year 2006 back in time.

The other was Ultra Magnus, the most powerful Autobot warrior of the current time. Both of them stood against each other.

"Magnus", Galvatron yelled.

Ultra Magnus had met this visitor from the future before. Like many others had he tried to stop him and like all of them he failed. He knew that Galvatron was a threat to everything on this world. His strength and firepower surpassed every Transformer known today, except maybe Omega Supreme, by far.

Galvatron came back to this time to change the course of history according to his designs and everybody who stood in his way was as good as doomed. What Ultra Magnus didn´t knew was that Galvatron had on top of that fallen into complete madness since the last time they had met and was now completely unpredictable.

The insane Decepticon raised his cannon up and fired. Magnus was able to dodge the shot, but only barely. The missed blast ripped a large glowing crater into the ground and send a great part of the forest into flames. This one shot already caused incredible damage and devastated the countryside.

Magnus had been able to avoid the his enemy´s first attack. But now Galvatron was tackling him in a wild rage. The raving Decepticon grabbed him and was holding him down. Ultra Magnus saw now the insanity in Galvatron´s eyes, something that wasn´t there the last time they fought. He was desperately trying to get his arms free and point his gun at his enemy. Galvatron´s expression was a mask of rage. Ultra Magnus was fighting for his life and he knew it.

Finally he was able to rip his left arm lose and punched Galvatron hard in the face. While the Decepticon was thrown a few metres back, he didn´t slow down and reacted instantly and aimed his weapon at Magnus again. This time however, the Autobot was faster. He fired one of his shoulder missile launchers at Galvatron from only a few metres distance and hit him square on the chest. The future Decepticon was thrown down by the shot and his chest was smoking and seemed to be dented in.

He saw that Galvatron was lying motionless on the ground, seemingly knocked out. It seemed nearly too good to be true. Had he really won? Ultra Magnus stood in the burning forest over his downed enemy and he checked his own state. He realised that his chassis was dented by Galvatron´s grip and that his armour was torn apart at several places. Against Galvatron, he knew, it was nearly a wonder that he was only that damaged.

Suddenly Galvatron awakened again with a loud scream. Before Ultra Magnus could react, he pointed his weapon at him again and fired. This time there was no chance to evade that shot. Like Galvatron before, he was hit from only a short distance. Magnus felt how the particle blast burned and ripped into his outer armour, destroyed several of his systems and caused maximal damage.

A few moments later, Galvatron was standing over the mangled form of the Autobot. Ultra Magnus was one of the few who were strong enough to survive even such a hit.

"You have fought well Magnus, very well", Galvatron told him, "my respect, Autobot. But in the end, it was not enough."

He aimed at the neck of the Autobot and fired. Ultra Magnus head was blown off and fall into the grass beside him, while his dead body sank downward.

Galvatron stood for a while over his beaten enemy and laughed.


Autobot outpost in the Katsh´ex star system at the edge of known space,

The earth year 2317 (time-line zero)

Ultra Magnus was sitting in his office on board the space station. He had visited this facility and it´s crew a few times in the last years. A few Autobots and Maximals who were permanently stationed here for a single reason, to find and observe parallel universes that were somehow influenced by time travel or inter-dimensional transfers.

As phantastic and at the first look, absurd this purpose was, it had proofed several times to be completely justified.

Magnus had just red just red the data of the last file he had seen. He had to say, it was very unsettling to read about your own death.


All this had all started with the invention of the transwarp technology by Galvatron.

No, Magnus thought, it had actually already begun before that. The appearing of the mysterious time machine in the year 2011.

Cabal, a dangerous energy creature from another dimension, had used Vok technology to create a machine that could manipulate time and space. To complete his aims, he changed the time-line and caused a temporal chaos. The complete disaster was only closely avoided back then.

This machine was rumored to have delivered at least a few inspirations for the transwarp engine.

The next thing was the arrival of a Megatron, Skywarp, Thundercracker and Ravage from a parallel universe, only a few months later. This event was followed by one of the most devastating conflicts in history.

At the final end of the great war, the Autobots, the Decepticons and the humans agreed to outlaw the transwarp technology. Because of the immense potential for misuse and danger. All the previous incidents more than demonstrated the threat.

In the following centuries there were countless examples of attempts to manipulate time or reality.

The Predacon renegade who had named himself after Megatron and had tried to realize a long forgotten last resort plan of the old Decepticon leader to go back in time and assassinate Optimus Prime while he was still lying deactivated inside the arc was only the last recent one of those examples. Ironically the original indicator of that plan would have never approved of that plan anymore. The Matrix, which Optimus was carrying inside him the entire time was after all the key to defeating Unicron and risking to damage it in the past was the safest way to help him to win. But obviously the Predacon Megatron didn´t knew anything about this.

His plans however were stopped by an Maximal team led by Optimus Primal. Optimus against Megatron, Magnus had to smile about that thought.

Another example was as, a few vorn back, a corrupt Autobot emirate named Karus had illegally traveled to a parallel universe and tried to cause an inter-dimensional conflict. He too was stopped by the Transformers of this world and the natives of the other.

And this was by far not the only incident of that kind, by far not. It were dozens. Renegades, extremist groups or simply insane outsiders, they all were tempted to use the transwarp technology to twist time or alternate worlds to their own wishes.

It was a temporal war. A war of frightening dimensions.

Magnus remembered one report in particular, one that frightened him especially.

In one of the parallel worlds, Galvatron had, like in their own, achieved the plan to travel back into the year 1986 to escape Unicron´s influence over him. But in that world, instead of destroying the prototype time machine after a failed attempt, he used it again. Galvatron, as well as that Cyclonus and Scourge, went back into their past and staid there. Through failure in one of their time travels however, they accidentally caused a violent time space anomaly called the time storm, that had nearly swallowed their entire universe.

That version of Galvatron was finally confronted by an alliance of Autobots and Decepticons from past and future. In the end he was was destroyed by the time storm he had caused himself. But not after slaughtering dozens of Autobots and Decepticons in a mad rage. Over the years he had spend in the past, this Galvatron was overtaken more and more by insanity and became that what Unicron from the beginning intended him to be, a living machine of destruction.

He had gotten himself killed and nearly taken his entire universe with him, Magnus signed. After Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge had been destroyed and swallowed by the time storm, the future they came from had been erased and replaced with another. The life and existence of trillion over trillions of beings, whipped out and replaced in the blink of an eye and with only a few dozen individuals ever even knowing it.

That was exactly the sort of threat they were dealing with.

In this story are several references to other works. That means on one side the marvel comics and on the other my own fanfics. The first half of this chapter is in fact a variation of Galvatron´s and Magnus fight in the comic story "burning sky", one where Galvatron kills Ultra Magnus. Also the last of the "examples" Ultra Magnus brings up is a description of the Galvatron arc in the UK comics. That means everything from target 2006 to time wars.

And there was of course the short description of the events in beast wars.

That was also mentioned were events from some of my other fanfic stories, time circle, Transwarp and evolution.