Chapter 14

Universe 14

In the Earth year 2006 the war between the Decepticons and the Autobots came to it´s final phase.

During this time the Decepticon leader Megatron had found a ancient artifact, the legendary Creation Matrix, that was also known as the Matrix of leadership.

Long time ago the object was being held by the ruling Prime of Cybertron, but after the begin of the Great War, after Optimus Prime took over and started to form the Autobots into a force of destruction and tyranny, the ancient cybertronian Alpha Trion took it and hid it away.

Now, millions of years later it as being rediscovered.

A battle took place on a small planetoid, light-years away from Cybertron or Earth. It was the place where Alpha Trion had brought the Matrix all this time ago.

Megatron was however not the only one who had found out about the location. The information had also fallen into the Autobot´s hands and the wanted it for themselves, Optimus Prime taking himself to be the rightful heir of it´s possession and power.

So warriors of both sides were fighting over the legendary artifact. Air-warriors and shuttles were clashing in space while the two leaders met up deep inside the tunnels under the rocky surface of the lifeless orb.

Megatron found the object first but Prime took him by surprise in the process of taking it.

What followed was one of the most intense and ultimately the last dual between the old foes. For a long time none of the opponents was able to clearly got the upper hand but both took heavy damage.

Ultimately however the fight was not decided by the question who was the better warrior or by Megatron´s determination or Optimus Prime´s greed for the powerful artifact, it was another, completely simple, fact. A young Autobot named Hotrod who secretly wanted both the Matrix and the leadership for himself had followed them.

When he saw the chance as the two leaders had locked themselves into a standstill and were both damaged from their battle, he shot his weakened commander in the back. Normally Prime´s armor would easily be able to withstand such an attack, but in his state it was no longer any protection. The shot pierced right through his spark-chamber and Optimus Prime died through the hands of one of his own men.

Then he rushed forward to take the Matrix for himself. The wounded Megatron was not longer able to stop him.

But as he had the object in his hands and was trying to unlock it´s power he realized that nothing happened.

Ironically while this battle had been a Autobot victory it was also the beginning of the end for them.

As Hotrod returned with the Matrix in his hands he was taking leadership under the name Rodimus Prime, but some of the other officers used his inability to actually use the legendary powers of the artifact, which they didn´t even knew for sure if they actually existed, to doubt the "validity" of his claim for it.

Some of them like Springer, Ultra Magnus and Grimlock went out for themselves with their followers.

While Magnus for example was disgusted with the brutal course the Autobots had taken and wanted to end the war, Grimlock on the other hand thought the were not going far enough and wanted an even greater escalation.

A short time later a civil-war broke out between the different Autobot factions.

"Rodimus Prime" was murdered, shot in the back, a few months later by one of his closest advisers and friends Kup, who wanted to find out if he had more luck in using the Matrix. He did not.

Kup himself was assassinated shortly afterwards and the splintered Autobot army was decimating himself more and more.

In the end it were not their enemies that brought the Autobots down, but a destructive element of their own society.

A short time later the conquered planet Earth was being freed and their occupation came to an end. After a few more battles the Autobots were finally defeated and the war was over.

Ultra Magnus as the new Autobot leader surrendered and signed a peace agreement with their enemies, which included Decepticons and humans.


Universe 0, the year 2318

Ultra Magnus laid aside the data carrier with the information about this particular reality, it was like looking into a distorting mirror.

Somehow it reminded him of a episode from an old science fiction show from Earth he had once seen.

But it wasn´t so easy. This was not some sort of mirror-verse were everybody who was good here was evil and the other way around.

Alpha Trion had still been more or less the robot he had known from his own world. It was under Optimus counterpart where everything started to turn wrong. At least his own double had not been that bad, he thought.

The Autobots became corrupt while ironically the Decepticons were able to develop more of their positive qualities in this world.

Decepticon, the name was still the same. Magnus knew the word came up at the end of the Golden Age, when the warrior line robots had lost the first Autobot-Decepticon war. At that time they had been turned into a at one side often oppressed but on the other radical and militant minority that was trying to undermine and destroy the society of Cybertron of that time.

On that background the name was all to fitting, if they were now "good" or "evil". Not that there had ever been a faction on Cybertron that was ever completely fitting to one of these terms.

In this other universe the Great War came to an end in 2006, years before it did in his and ultimately with less death and destruction. Planets like Nebulos or Paradron had been completely spared by this version of the war.

Still Ultra Magnus had just an uneasy feeling about this universe. He was used to his people being the "good guys" and the Decepticons as the first maybe evil and now at least more grey characters. The Autobots may not have been perfect, but neither were they conquering tyrants or liars who manipulated themselves into the good graces of other species only to ruin them.

He preferred this setting of the world.

And who knew maybe there was a world out there with the Autobots as the evil ones where things turned out even worse than they ever did in his.

Ultra Magnus was looking at the various data-cards before him that all described different universes. The majority of them was without life, some even without matter, only a few, relatively seen, were truly interesting.

One of the purposes of this organization he was currently under his command was to stop inter-dimensional crisis like the one they had just weathered, another one was the exploration of the multiverse and it´s various possibilities.

He could only hope that disasters like the ones he had just seen could in the future be prevented.


Galaxies away, in he part of space where the Decepticons had settled after the end of the Great War the contingent led by Galvatron and Cyclonus had returned a few days ago.

The Decepticon leader was sitting in the command chair of the transwarp-ship as his second in command approached him.

"I have here the summary of the information we received from the Autobot base", he reported.

"Very good Cyclonus", Galvatron answered.

Years ago he had practically been possessed by the idea of destroying every Autobot and for some time he had been nearly as insane as his counterpart who had been destroyed by the time-storm.

But the events, ultimately the Hate Plaque ans Unicron´s return changed his mind and his ways to some degree. Even he had seen in the end that the Great War had developed into a deadlock and a waste. Two sides of the same strength fighting without a end in sight, except total annihilation, one faction wiped out and the other possible so weakened that it would fall too. Of course he needed to be first brought back from madness to see that.

He didn´t knew how many of his counterparts in other realities had been lost to complete insanity until they finally destroyed themselves and everything around them and to be honest he didn´t want to.

Ironically in the end he got the Autobots out of his way just by leaving. His empire was now the dominating force in this galaxy.

The only question was would they continue the way of limited diplomacy and Cold War tactics or would they return to all out war one day. So far this strategy worked well and it wasn´t as if he and his troops didn´t have enough exercise whenever some wannabe conqueror, extremist species, warlord or terrorist came up to challenge them. Yes this way was so far far more promising of success.

"Our own exploration on this area is progressing as planned as well", Cyclonus informed him. "We have just established contact with a new universe. Our scout sonde is sending material."

"Good, let us see what is found", Galvatron replied.

The probe was beginning to show them pictures and readings of different planets and stars on the other side. It was a universe similar to their own, so far very promising.

But one reading was better than they had ever expected, one ship in a larger distance, but with obvious energy readings, they were different, somehow twisted, it was no surprise since this was an alternate reality, but it´s nature was still unmistakable, Decepticons.

Establishing a contact with their "brothers" would surely pay out.

After a short time they received a answer to their probe´s calls.

"This is Megatron, leader of the Decepticon empire, identify yourself", the message said.

Galvatron smiled.

"Megatron", he asked, "are you not a bit far away from Cybertron?"

"I don´t know who you are or how you know about our home-planet", came the reply. "This is a long range mission to find new energy resources for our world. Whoever you are, we would be glad to discuss a possible contact between our worlds and the trade of resources."

Meaning if you are a valuable target we will conquer you and take your energy for ourselves, Galvatron thought. His counterpart would soon learn that he was getting more than he had bargained for.

"We are very interested in such a `contact´", he said. "We have much to talk about."